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Reunited in the Sky

Author's note: I wrote this story while thinking about life and family. Everyone has secrets; sometimes these...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this story while thinking about life and family. Everyone has secrets; sometimes these secrets end up harming someone emotionally and mentally. However, they can also hurt physically.  « Hide author's note
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Fear of Letting Go

Trevor and I rolled our eyes again. This action set off another round of uncontrollable, boisterous laughter that seemed to make the house tremble. We scooped eggs and bacon onto our plates and sat at the dining table. We began eating and Mother and Father continued their conversation.
“Now, what were we talking about?” Mother asked. “Oh, yes. What was so funny?”
“Dear, you know how I like to enjoy life. Life comes along and it seems as if it will last forever. Each day passes by and we never question whether there will be a tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday Lilly was born and it has already been three years! I would like to enjoy every minute I have living, laughing, and loving,” Father said. “No one knows when death will come. It could be tomorrow or next week. Why not enjoy every pleasure life offers?”
“I never really thought of it that way,” Mother replied. “I do not believe that any of us will be going anywhere soon. We have enough money for food and clothes. Our children have the privilege of visits from Dr. Rummington when they are sick. Life is good and the future looks bright. My heart tells me that nothing terrible will happen.”
“I agree. Well, I must be getting ready. I cannot be late for work,” Father said.
Mother got a plate of bacon and eggs, sat at the table with Trevor and me, and waited for Father's departure. He gathered his hat, keys, and a few socors, avaritia, and a handful of abdomia from the money jar above the stove. After cleaning his breakfast utensils, he strolled to the door. Mother walked over to him and they met in a warm embrace. They stared at each other, locking eyes. They stared deeply into the light, sapphire orbs that attracted them to each other. Neither could decide when to let go. Mother pulled away first, knowing Father could not be late. However, I could tell she did not want him to leave.
“Stephanie,” Father murmured.
“Yes?” Mother inquired.
Father kissed her softly. “ I love you,” he said.
“I love you too,” she replied.
Father turned towards the door but turned around. “Trevor! Matthew! I love you both! Behave for your Mother!”
“Yes, Father!” We replied in unison.
“Oh, Father?” I asked eagerly.
“Yes,” he quickly yelled.
“May I go to the fountain today?”
“We will see,” he said. “Goodbye.”
Father once again turned towards the door. In one swift motion, he opened the door, exited, and shut the door snugly behind him. A few seconds passed before Mother swung open the door and clattered down the stairs after Father. I was surprised by the spontaneous action and I sprinted to the door way. Trevor followed behind me. As I watched Mother speed towards Father, Trevor kept breathing down my neck.
“Will you stop?” I said.
“What?” He asked. “Do you mean this?”
Trevor breathed in deeply before blowing onto my neck. He exhaled so intensely that saliva followed and coated my neck.
“Trevor!” I yelled.
Trevor galloped away, gleefully singing his victory song. I wiped the saliva off my neck and rubbed my hand against my pants. I made a mental note to seek revenge later. I looked back to the street and spotted Mother and Father embracing each other once more. They hugged for ten minutes before Father raced away. Mother skipped home humming. She acted like a giddy schoolgirl for the remainder of the day. Although my parents should love each other, I think they love each other too much. I wonder how angry Father will be when he notices he is ten minutes late.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 21 Next »

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ajinks33 said...
May 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm
How long did it take you to write this?

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