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The Clown Statue

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We woke up tied together in a large room that looked sort of like the inside of a circus, but also an underground casino. Aunt Amy was staring at the leader of the clowns like she recognized him. He was with one of the clowns that was in our house, discussing something I couldn't hear. Nick was looking on-and-off from the two guards at the back door and around the room. I could tell that he still hasn't found an escape route. None of us have.
The leader and the clown from the window finished talking, and the leader approached us. He opened his mouth to speak, with his gloomy and depressed starry expression static. He had a low voice, one you wouldn't expect an ordinary high-pitched clown to have. Somehow, he seemed angry, but not so much evil.
"Where are they?! Tell me!", he asked in a false threatening look. "I don't know. Who are you talking about?" Aunt Amy asked. "You know who! Your beloved sister and her husband!" he yelled in his grunted voice. "I don't know! They should have come back from the concert by now!" Aunt Amy remarked, trying not to sound scared. "Who are you?" asked nick, suddenly, with a slight hesitation after he said it.
The clown leader slowly stepped closer to the tied up Nick, stared at him with his evil glance and the black scar running down his eyes, and told him "Your creepiest nightmare.", and began laughing hysterically with all the other clowns in the room. While they were talking, I was looking around for a way to get out of this beat-up joint. I already have my plan set up and prepared.
Nick and Aunt Amy fell asleep, but I waited. Patience is key. All the clowns went to eat, so the plan looked fool-proof now. But it wasn't. They left one huge clown that was much more tough-guy body guard than clown. About an hour and a half later, the body guard was told that he could rest and there was a video camera set up in his place. Perfect.
I was in the back of the tied up bunch, turned away from the camera. I had to find out whether it was just video or audio too. I made it look and sound like I sneezed. I'm pretty good at that. "Bless you!", said the now barely awake Nick. Two minutes later, guards. Just as I suspected. Only video. They saw him talk but didn't know what he said. That gives me the opportunity to tell Nick and Aunt Amy my plan, and two minutes to run.
"Nick, don't talk. The camera can see you, but not me. Do you remember the necklace that grandpa gave you for your birthday?" I asked. Nick looked down at his necklace. It was a golden dagger that resembled a shark tooth. "I want you to slowly remove it and drop it near me." Nick slowly and carefully tried to detach the necklace, but it wouldn't budge. Then, the dagger started glowing! It slowly began vibrating in place, the gradually started emanating a strange humming sound. I knew it wasn't just a necklace. When he gave it to Nick, he told him to always keep it with him in case of an emergency. Too bad gramps is dead now. He died in a car crash 2 days after Nick's birthday. Nick doesn't like to mention it.
The dagger flew off of the necklace and made a clean cut through the wire. Nick picked it up and I woke Aunt Amy. We had two minutes. "Run!", I yelled. We ran out the door. "Wait.", Nick said as he stopped directly out the door. "What?", Aunt Amy said like she was in a hurry. I got to the door, and realized what he meant. There were 5 hallways stretching out in every direction, every one of them so long that they all ended in darkness. "What do we do now?! The guards will be here soon!" We started hearing footsteps approaching from all directions, like an army.
"Nick! Can you... Nick?" I said, confused. Where did he go?! He was here a second ago! "Aunt Amy, where did Nick g... Aunt Amy? Aunt Amy!"
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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kookie98 said...
May 3, 2012 at 12:23 pm
why cant i see the rest of the book? i only get t see the first chapter why is that?

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