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A Hero's Rain

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A Mission Accepted

chapter three
Axe walked through the rain feeling good, he walked having adjusted his cloths slightly so he would appear like just another common man on the street. Axe loved the rain, it was about the only preference he hand on anything in this world, things just always seemed so much better with rain. as he walked through the ran, Axe noticed some movement on top of the buildings near by. Axe watched as a shadowy figure jumped over to a near by street light from a building and slid down, “you just think your so great” Axe heard Selsha say once she slid all the way down the street poll. “a little desperate for attention are we, Selsha” Axe replied to Selsha “jumping around on rooftops, i believe its very clear which one of us thinks more of themselves” Selsha let a anger mutter come from her mouth with that. “how can you just follow there orders” Selsha said stepping closer to Axe “your like a robot doing what ever they say when ever they say it, look at us Axe where better than they are, they should be following our orders” “where only as good as we are because they trained us that way” Axe replied “i listen to them because its my purpose in life, its what i was born for, what where you born for Selsha” with that Selsha seemed to be a little taken back with that comment. “it looks like i am being sent to London” Axe heard Selsha say trying to change the subject “there is a weapons dealer there that needs killing there” with that Selsha turned around and ran towards a near alley way where she would most likely continue her odd method of traveling. after Selsha was gone, Axe continued his walking. in less than a few minutes, Axe arrived at the safe house John was talking about. a small hotel, Axe had been to many places like this and had discovered these places to be secret staging bases for agents. Axe walked into the hotel and up to the large man at the counter, “nice night” Axe said to the man “a perfect night for fishing it would be, what fish do you fish my good man” with that the man at the counter took one of the many keys off a near by wall and handed it to Axe without a word. Axe took the key and walked up the stairs to room six according to the number on the key, which was a six. Axe always found secret codes and messages to be so odd, the one he just used with the man down stairs at the counter was a code to tell the man that he was a agent and needed a place to stay to night. Axe always remembered all the codes of every safe house, it made his job very easy if he desperately needed a place to stay or to lay low for a while. with in a few seconds, Axe reached his room which was on the third floor and was not very clean, Axe had yet been to a safe house that was not so filthy. once Axe was in his room, he proceeded in safe proof the room with his own kind of security. of coarse these places had security, even if they did not look it, but it was better to be safe than sorry, sorry people always ended up dead. Axe went around the room planting special security items around the room like sensor by the door and single window so if anyone came in he would knew about it, he also stuffed the bed so it looked like some one was sleeping in it, Axe never slept in beds. “that is the place where every first shots when they come in the room” Axe thought “its much safer to sleep where people can’t spot you”. once Axe was done setting up his own security he layed down by the bed and proceeded to go to sleep, sleep came very easy to Axe as it always did, he never understood why similar people with his type of job had trouble sleeping and horrible dreams. Axe had not had a dream for years but when ever he did have one it was always the same one, a dream of light, nothing else but light.

Axe woke up very early the next morning, a few hours before he needed to be out of here. the first thing Axe did was inspect the room again, in the past Axe had paid dearly for a assassin or thief getting into his room while he slept. after he inspected the room and found no one and nothing tampered with, Axe changed into some new cloths that where in the rooms closet, some brown pants and a grey shirt along with a blueish black jacket. before Axe changed into the cloths though, he went into the room bathroom with its old and cracked mirror, Axe inspected some of his wounds from his last mission. usually Axe forgot about such wounds and usually they will get infected if you forget about them. Axe had a few bruises on his body and a few cuts here and there but nothing serious, Axe had not been seriously hurt for many years now. in truth all this very dangerous work bored Axe now, nothing forced him to use his full potential, it was all just so easy now. after Axe was ready he opened the sealed letter John gave him and examined its contents. at first when John saw what was in the letter he felt very confused, there where pictures of him. after a few minutes Axe read in the information in the letter and discovered that the man in the pictures was Jimmy Blake, a senator in Washington causing a lot of political problems, apparently he was slowing down some kind of special project John had going on there. as Axe looked at the information he still felt very shocked, the man looked just like him with dark black hair and a German features, the only differences where Axe was much more fit and the man named jimmy wore glasses. in the information it said that Jimmy was born twenty six years ago on June fifth in 1990, that is when Axe was born too. in reading the information Axe discovered that Jimmy was born with a twin brother, the brother died shortly after birth. Axe had remembered John telling him when he was a kid that they took him from his family, a mother and a twin brother, Axe never thought he would be sent on mission to kill his twin brother like this letter told to do. with a slight moments pause, Axe grabbed his things and quickly took down his security around the room. most people would think Axe crazy for accepting a mission like this but this was his mission, Axe felt a little odd about it but treated it as just another mission that needed doing.
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Tara1 said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm
nice... definitely wanted to read more
Winged.Living.Free. said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Zelous-Arrow-Shade replied...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:27 am
thanks for your comment, i enjoyed it. please feel free to comment on anything you would like to see in the book or happen, it is still a work in progress and i need more idea's.

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