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A Hero's Rain

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No Matter The Cost


“lets take them both and be done with it, John” said the skinny old man in the room, a man at least sixty years old. to tell the truth John, who was the only other person in the room, did not know how old the man was. John was thirty five years old and he had met the old man only ten years ago when he was promoted to his current position. “what are you waiting for” the old man said appearing confused as he pointed to the two young male babies on the table in front of us both, the reason we where here. “things like this can’t be rushed my friend” John said to the old man “a decision like this must be decided very carefully” “what is there to decide” the old man replied “you are going to take them both aren’t you” with that John leaned closer to the table and took a deep breath. “taking both children would complicate to much General Hencork” John said to the old man as he stared at the two baby children sleeping in front of him “the mother will not suspect one child missing with herself all drugged up and the staff paid off but surely she will know if we take both of the babies, the agency is good at covering things up as we both know but sometimes its better not to tempt fate” with that General Hencork gave a grunt and made some angry mutters but did not say another word on taking both children. “my purpose here is not to steal children away” John thought to himself “its to find the best and brightest, its to find the perfect subject for my experiment that the president finally okay-ed me for, the Brave Solder project” with that John returned to staring at the two babies in front of him, the two twin babies. too most people the two babies would appear the same for they where identical but to John they where completely different, in one child John saw a great future, the boy would do as he was told and he would be perfect for the experiment. in the other boy John saw something more, he did not see perfection nor qualities that would serve his purpose but he did see something that the other child did not have, a inner will. most people would think John crazy for saying he sees a great will with in a new born baby but John had never cared what others thought, “this one” John said as he pointed at the young child with a inner will “this is the one we shall take” with that John backed away from the table and started to walk away. “i will add him to the other selected individuals” the old man said as he moved to pick up the child John had pointed too “with this boy it makes three patients for the experiment, how many children will we take for this project John” “where not taking any more” John replied “i have found what i was looking for, if the others fail the project than this child will succeed, he will succeed”.

chapter one
Axe breathed and pressed his back to the wall as he hid from the guards patrolling the building, Axe was dressed in a black body suit for camouflage, so it was rather easy to hide in the ten story building all dark with nights shadows, not that Axe needed the suit to hide him. Axe had been trained to appear invisible in a huge parking lot with thousands of people all looking at him, staying out of site in a dark shadowy building was easier than breathing. with that thought Axe stopped himself from breathing as one of the guards patrolling the hall came close to his spot, the man would have seen him if the light around faded before it reached Axe’s spot. the guard paused as he stood right in front of Axe, the guard seemed like he thought someone was near by. with a nervous face, the guard gripped the rifle in his hand harder and he leaned closer to Axe. Axe was not discovered yet but he had learned long ago that it was better to revile your self before all eyes are upon you. as he still held his breath with in, Axe quickly stepped from the shadows safety and crashed his fist in the guards throat, a perfect spot to hit if you don’t want your enemy to scream out in pain. right after the first attack, Axe gave no pause as he took hold of the guard and threw him against the wall of the hall. with that the guard fail unconscious, after that Axe leaned over to a near by window to see if any one out side had heard his little fight. seeing that his cover was not yet blown, Axe turned around and proceeded through the building to complete his mission. his mission was to steal intelligence on some top secret information from some international terrorists, Axe was deep in Germany in the terrorists main hold, a lot of people thought it impossible to get into there home like this without dying or starting a war but Axe was very good at accomplishing the impossible. Axe ran through the halls of the building with great speed, it was very easy for Axe to navigate the building for he had studied the blueprints many times. Axe ran with speed and silence down a hall to the room at the end, the room with the information he needed. right as Axe opened the door he raised his left hand, which was holding his gun, and shot without seeing where he was shooting. the gun had a suppressor on its head so the shot Axe fired was very silent and produced almost no sound at all. a second after Axe fired the shot, a body fail down in the room, it was a guard. Axe rushed into the room trying to ignore the dead guard and he went straight to the computer. Axe knew that the computer had high level encryption security and would take a hacker days to brake its security walls but he did not care, Axe had over come much harder security with much less time before and he could do it again. as Axe worked his skills on the computer, he listened for any approaching foot steps. it was interesting to him that he no longer needed to remember to listen for danger, it had become a secondary thing to him, like breathing. listening is how he knew that a guard was in here and by listening even harder he knew exactly where he was in the room. with in seconds, Axe over came the computers security with a few different hacking tricks he learned a while back. with the security down, Axe quickly located the information he was looking for and started to download it into a portable USB device, Axe did not even look at the information he was downloading. it was not in his orders to know what he was downloading, if who sent him wanted him to know what was in this computer than they would have told him to look at it. once the information was completely downloaded, Axe safely hid the Usb in his left shoe and moved to leave the room, his mission was done. with a seconds pause at the door to check if anyone was out there, Axe silently opened the door and left the room. now back in the shadowy hall, Axe put away his pistol and grabbed a handful of little balls in his left pocket as he swiftly walked through the hall. the balls where the size of marbles and had the same texture but they where nothing of the sort. As Axe ran, he dropped a little marble on to the floor every twenty steps. nearing the stairs of the building, two man walked out of a near by room, Axe had not heard them and apparently due to there surprised expressions, they did not know he was here either. in the moment of surprise, Axe quickly punched the first man in the chest and ducked the other mans attack with the hilt of his rifle. Axe would have used his pistol to kill the two guards but they where too close and in truth Axe did not need a weapon to kill people, his body was a weapon. after ducking, Axe slipped out a small dagger that was hidden in the sleeve of his arm and he sunk it into one of the guards necks. with one of the guards dead, the other guard raised his gun towards Axe to fire. Axe quickly bent down out of fire from the mans rifle and stabbed the mans foot with another dagger, with the dagger firmly stabbed into the mans foot, he screamed out in pain and tried to move away but could not with the dagger nailing him to the ground. in the moment of the guards pain, Axe quickly stood up and punched the guard in the face, knocking the mans rifle in the air. after punching him, Axe caught the rifle and swung it with the hilt heading towards the guards face, the sure force of the impact broke the guards skull. after killing the two guards, Axe proceeded down the near by stairs.

after getting to the bottom floor, Axe stopped at the end of a hall right before the front door. many people with skills like Axe would find a more discrete way out of a place like this but Axe was not like other people, his way of doing things where special. with a slight pause Axe noticed that there where four guards right by the front door and more on the other side, “lets see what they got” Axe thought to himself as he polled out his pistol. while holding his breath, Axe turned the corner of the hall into the room before the front door. right as Axe turned, he raised his gun forward and fired twice killing two of the guards. at this moment the other two guards tried to ready there rifles to fire at Axe but they where too slow, Axe killed them as easily as he killed the other two guards, with two easy shots to the head. “apparently they did not have much” Axe thought to himself as he changed his guns ammo “i suppose i should not have hoped for much though, ain't no marksman better than me or many people who can make four straight consecutive head shots in a row” with that Axe calmed his thoughts to hear if there was any unusual movement outside by the other guards, there was a lot of moment with raised voices and incoming footsteps. judging by the sound outside there where many guards, there would be no way Axe could out shoot them all with out dying himself. with a smile Axe grabbed one of the little marbles he hand in his hand earlier and rolled it towards the door, the marble neared the door right as it started to open. with a relaxed expression, Axe raised his gun forward a little bit and shot the marble right before it hit the door. with the shot a huge explosion erupted and consumed the door in a mass of fire, Axe could hear the guards that where going to open the door screaming out in pain. taking a deep breath, Axe quickly moved through the burning wall of fire with a roll and out side into the cold snow. right as Axe was out of the house, he rolled into a half raised pose and shot two people near to the flames. after shooting the two guards, Axe swiftly moved out into the yard. the yard was at least fifty feet wide with a count of randomly walking guards of thirty two, “luckily there where no guards in the watch towers around the yard” Axe thought “i took care of those fellows earlier” with that thought Axe moved out of the way of incoming bullet fire and tackled another guard to the ground. after tackling the guard to the ground, Axe stood up and grabbed the guard by the throat with his arm, intending to use him for a human shield. “hold your fire” a guard a few feet away said to the other guards gathering around Axe, “let the man go” the same guard said as he still pointed his rifle at Axe, all the other guards still pointed there rifles at Axe. “so much for compassion among fellow guards” Axe thought “if they shot they would kill there friend here”, “if you don’t let him go” the same guard said with a nervous voice “then we will have no choice but to kill you both” with that the guard Axe was holding started to plead for his life. “have anyone of you ever seen what happens when you corner a wild animal” Axe coldly said to the group of guards as he took out a small circular remote. with a slight pause, Axe pushed the little button on the remote. the guards seeing what Axe was going to do moved to start shooting but they where too late, in a huge sound of destruction, the building Axe had just came out of blow up in a rage of fire and flame. the sure force of the explosion sent the guards to the ground, Axe only remained standing because he braced himself for the explosion. “hopefully you will be more careful of the animal you choose to corner” Axe said after he knocked out the man he was holding. before the guards around could get to there feet, Axe took one of the rifles on the ground and prepared to finish his mission, no matter the cost.
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Tara1 said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm
nice... definitely wanted to read more
Winged.Living.Free. said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Zelous-Arrow-Shade replied...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:27 am
thanks for your comment, i enjoyed it. please feel free to comment on anything you would like to see in the book or happen, it is still a work in progress and i need more idea's.

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