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Shadow Lovely

Author's note: upon the day of her release from the society she is sent ot camp for prolonged training. Brilynne...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: upon the day of her release from the society she is sent ot camp for prolonged training. Brilynne is unaware of the real purpose for this but soon relized after an attack threatins the camp and they all look to her to fix things.  « Hide author's note
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They say that life is the fruit that will bare on; but I guess they never realized the things that could go wrong. Maybe they didn't study enough or maybe they just didn't care. So now what? Am i stuck like this? will I never get to see the after effects of my life?
They say that when you die you will see your life flash before your eyes. I guess they've never died. That would have been much better then what I was given. I've considered the option of my past pain and knowing that I will lose all of the people that I love, over the simple fact of brutal pain. It seems to me an easy choice. Then again I tend to forget that this world is not always the most fare or lodgic.
Some might say that the new life I have been given is a second chance to make things right. In some way I can't see it that way. I have never wanted to watch my family parish away. That's the thing about this second chance situation; your family takes the blame. They have to be "allimanated" so that there is no chance of them ever seeing you again. They fear to much to mix the two worlds.
There was once a girl. She was so very young, young enough to almost be extinguished herself. She begged and pleaded with the council to leave her family be. That she would never even be close to them. Her pour fradgile frame shook and her eyes poured tears. I have never seen the council be generous to anybody, but they assured her the best. I was appaled. It angered me to see that a little girl could win the life of her family but that mine had to die for me. Soon enough though the council came through. Her family died a week later. Sooner then any other before. I don't know what ever happened to the girl; she came up missing about three weeks later. The council had wanted to teach her a leason but they only turned her against them.
Some are to weak to handle this life. They won't last over a week before they are gone or dead. It is like a game. You must always please the council and never bend the rules. There are laws for reasons, they tell us. The "society" is more of a dictatorship then anything. It's always about the council and how you can please them.
Right about now you probably hate this life and place. It's really not all that bad. Once you are so old and have been through the many layers of games you are appreciated more. The council sees it as, " If they can make it through the harsh games that we put them through, then they can make it on their own."
To bad for me though. Females never get to stay in the society after a certain age unless your a healer or care taker. They have no use for you. You're just taking up space. You probably think that I'm crazy for wanting to stay after all the brutal pain and suffering of the council and the games. I have a token though. Zak.
Zak is a guard in the society. He watches the walls of the city. This is one of the most important jobs to have in the society. It means that the council believes that you have potentual. He was almost killed though, about two decades ago. When he stumbled upon me; more like I stumbled upon him.
It was a freak accident. He was standing watch on the north side. He was taken aback when I came stumbling, bloody and dragging limbs, out of the nearby woods. It was only his instinct that got both of us into trouble. He knew that I would have never caused a threat up against him; ecspecially in my condition at the time. He only thought of this though after he attacked. After his bite stopped burning he looked down into my wounded face and began to cry. I could not understand this mans strange lodgic. He would have let me die out in the woods but he could not now that he had infected me. He was under law to bring to the council any "strays".
He drug me into the large corridore of the meeting hall. He stood me up and whispered in my ear that I needed to at least appear strong. He begged me and pleaded with my silence the whole way to the judgment room. Right before we went in he looked upon me and said, " Please love, don't give them a reason to kill you or me. You are worth so much more then just your hyde."
The council was not easy to face. They judged both of us with extreme contence. Zak was up before council for changing someone. He of course is not a changer so there for it in most cases means certain death. To his and my luck the coucil found some kind of potental in me. They let me live in their world.
There is very strict rules on a persons place in the society. If you are assigned a position, you are forbidden to wait upon anothers place of business. For instance, a changer can not guard a gate or heal another being; they can only change a person. A guard is only to guard the welfare of the society and has no abligations to change a person or harm one unless in harsh pursuit to protect the city.
Zak and I are one of the very few couples in the society. The coucil frowns upon it for the exact reason of the seperation of male and females after a certain age. They do on occasion like to see the sweet love between the couples. They marval at the ways that we help eachother and how we never really fight.
Life in here is pretty simple. You just do what the council asks of you and don't ask questions. In time you will see that they can be quite understanding and soon they grow to care for you, although they would never admit it to your face. You would have to know the council to understand the way that they are. They tend to be very complex and not outspoken. They keep to themselves unless they are in the mood to punish or baster one of their creations.
The thought of leaving the city is quite heart wrenching for me. For the past twenty years this life is all that I have known. My simple human memories have long vaporized with my death. I know not what to do with myself in the modern world. I guess that is where things get complicated. I think in that moment of realization is when the plan began to form, or at least the outer lacing of it. It seemed my only option to survive. Little did I know that this so called brilliant plan has been vanished at the spot.
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