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Problems Of a Ten Year Old Girl

Author's note: Creative writing class.
Author's note: Creative writing class.  « Hide author's note
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I think my life is pretty normal for a ten year old girl. I have a mom, a dad, and I am going to have a baby brother. That's what I thought anyway.
My mom... she works all the time. But since she is pregnant she has to stay home and rest while my dad works. My dad is a police officer, and he would never let anything happen to me or my mom. My baby brother is going to be named James and he is due this December. It's so exciting! And my name is Karen. Some of my hobbies are art and writing, I also love reading.
Reading to me, takes me into my own world that I love. When I come home from school, I usually curl up on a couch and read until it's time for supper.
“Karen, come here right now!” yelled my mom. “ I thought I told you to clean up your room!” screeched my mom again.
“I told you like a million times, I'm doing my homework, I will do it after!” I explained impatiently.
“No! You will do it now!” Mom said again, this time a little bit more angry than the last time.
“But Mom! Can I do it after I only have a little bit more!” I complained adding drama into my voice.
“Oh! Don't you play Miss Drama Girl on me, Missy. Up to your room!” Mom pushed again.
Yep, this is my life. Usually when I have a fight with Mom she comes walking up to my room looking sorry for it and she says sorry. Then I tell her sometimes sorry isn't good enough. Then she says, “I'll go make you some cookies!” I usually get what I want like an apology that I usually don't deserve and some homemade cookies, my favorite! So I guess you learned a little bit about me.
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kingofwriters said...
Feb. 6, 2012 at 4:30 pm
I really do like your story; even though it's the first one you ever wrote, it had a good plot and I liked the ending! You're right; this isn't one of your best stories (THE BEAST, The Caller), but for your first one, it's great! Keep on writing! :)
writerfreak21231 replied...
Feb. 12, 2012 at 2:35 pm
Thank you! It means a lot!
RainbowGirl replied...
Jun. 26, 2012 at 7:31 pm

I feel like this would be a good story if you went back and slowed it down.


The doctor needs to be a bit more realistic. He wouldn't just say "your baby died in your stomach!" he'd say something like: "you had a miscarriage" or something a bit more proper and he would say it quietly because this is devastating news and he has a personal connection with the mother.


Another thing too is that if Karen is personally narrating the story she wouldn't know a... (more »)

RainbowGirl replied...
Jun. 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm
Oh and one other thing too-- she's driving a toy truck-- they would be able to catch up with her because those things go like 15 mph tops :P. They don't need to call the police XD. I would say because you have dramatic license that you could in theory get away with that but I think that's even a bit too far-fetched for a story or a movie.
RainbowGirl replied...
Jun. 26, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Umm... okay and another thing because I just finished reading the book.


If the baby had "died" in the mum's stomach they would have taken it out that very day. They would have done a surgery and removed the miscarried baby because keeping it in the mum's stomach is EXTREMELY dangerous so the end-point of this book is practically impossible.


Over all, this book is too short for the plotline and if you went back and expanded it and followed my other tip... (more »)

Free.Me.Maybe. replied...
Jun. 30, 2012 at 9:45 am

Thank you for your advice! And thanks for reading! I was younger when I wrote this, so yes, it isn't my best work. But thanks for the feedback! 


~ Free :)(:


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