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Incantation: Sorceress

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Incantation: Sorceress Ch.1

Sasha sat next to me in a crowded coffee shop. The noise drowned out all signs of our conversation, so we talked freely. I took a bite of small pastry and listened intently to her. “The meeting tonight is important, Naomi. You have to make sure you follow all the rules-all of them. No talking back, no fighting, nothing. Promise me you’ll be on your best behavior. At least try to be,” she sighed. I smiled innocently and took a swig of my coffee, black, before I answered.
“Fine. But you have to tell me what all of this is about. Why does the coven need to meet with me? I haven’t done anything wrong lately; they have no reason to call me out in front of everyone for what I’ve done in the past,” I argued. People were starting to look at us strangely, so I lowered my voice and motioned for her to follow me out. We stood abruptly and left the coffee shop. A blast of cold wind assaulted my bare arms. Pulling on my leather jacket, I led Sasha through a few winding streets before ending up at my apartment complex. I flashed my key at the doorman, keeping my head down to avoid being recognized.
We climbed the stairs in silence. Once we were in the privacy of my apartment, I continued my rant. “Who do they think they are anyway? Just because they are members of the coven doesn’t mean they can rule my life! I can do whatever I want, and none of you can stop me!”
“Naomi, calm down! This meeting has nothing to do with them wanting to control you, but it does have to do with your future. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet, believe me I wish I could. But for now you’re just going to have to trust me when I say this will benefit you greatly in the future. Can you do this for me?” she pleaded with me. I submitted without another thought. “Good. Now come on, we’re going to get you fixed up for tonight.”
“What do you mean ‘fixed up?’”
“Oh come on Naomi, did you really think you could meet the coven looking like you do?” she snorted. I glanced in a mirror, not understanding how I looked bad. My strawberry blonde hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and my choppy bangs hung loose on my face. My leather jacket was worn, but my top was probably worse for wear. It hung in shreds at the bottom from too many battles against the dark magics. Shrugging, I followed her into my bathroom and obeyed her every whim until I was gazing at myself in awe.
Sasha had let my hair down from its bun and had styled it so it hung freely down my back in waves. The band my mother had given me the day of my first demon kill sat proudly on top of my head, its swirling designs framing the jade teardrop that dangled in the center of my forehead. She had forced me into my formal warrior’s outfit: my winged shoulder plates, armored chest plate, and belted shorts, topped off with grey boots that came up to mid-calf and were surprisingly good in combat. After a bit more prodding, she had finally convinced me to let her cake my face with makeup. To my pleasure, she only lined my eyes with dark eyeliner and left it at that. My eyes looked stunning, the eyeliner doing an excellent job of picking up the gold in my hazel eyes.
“This is ridiculous Sasha! No one is going to be able to take me seriously in this get up. Plus, how are we even going to get to this place? I can’t exactly walk out of the apartment looking like this. The doorman would probably call the cops!”
“Who said we were walking?” she laughed. The air around me chilled and I cursed under my breath. The ground beneath my feet moved, blurring as we teleported to the coven headquarters. I stumbled slightly when we landed, but righted myself instantly.
“I’m gonna get you for that, Sasha,” I whispered to her. She smiled. Cautiously, I scanned the room. It was huge, used for balls and feast whenever the occasion arose. Twenty of the coven’s most influential and powerful members sat at a long table. They examined me curiously, and I stiffened under the weight of their gazes. I lifted my head proudly and addressed them directly. “I assume since I’m here you already know me, but I’ll introduce myself anyway. My name is Naomi, and I’m here for-well I don’t know that part. Would any of you like to answer that for me?”
“I suggest you remember who you’re talking to before you continue, Naomi,” An older man warned. I nodded my apologies but kept my head up. “We need you here, quite simply, because you’re one of the best warriors we have, no matter how undisciplined. We are losing the war against the demons, Naomi. Over the past year we have lost more than a hundred of our finest warriors in the battle. It’s time for you to join the fight,” the man sighed.
“I understand, sir. I’m ready for this; I won’t let you down. Just tell me when-” an explosion erupted behind me, cutting me off. Screaming, I flew through the air and landed next to the motionless body of Sasha. I immediately got back up, moving to protect the coven members. Demons flooded the room, surrounding me. I flipped my hidden blade from my boot. A demon sprinted at me from my left, and I turned in time to stab him in the heart, using his momentum to force the blade through his armored skin. He crumpled to the ground and his body dissolved into ash.
A woman snarled at me, baring dagger-like fangs. While I was distracted with her, a burly man came up behind me and grabbed me, pinning my arms to my back. The woman dug her nails into my skin and bit my neck. The pain ebbed throughout my entire body, but I managed to knee her in the stomach and free myself. I plunged the knife into her, enjoying the little scream she made before dissolving like the one before her did.
“NAOMI!” I heard Sasha scream. I whirled around to kill the demon attacking her. I saved her just in time, but in that second I noticed the bodies of the coven scattered around me. My stomach lurched and I shouted for Sasha to leave before she too ended up dead on the floor. She disappeared in a burst of mist and I relaxed.
Realizing the only thing I could do, I gathered up my magic. It swirled inside me, and flames shot from my fingertips. In a burst of light and flame, the room around me exploded once more. My body, which was weak from the woman’s bite, burned and blistered. Distantly, I heard myself scream as the flames licked my body. I fainted, falling to the ground limply.
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Journie said...
Jan. 27, 2012 at 7:43 pm
Ooo, interesting idea but it seems like it needs a little more complexity, just a little something to make it stand out more. But, otherwise, its fantastic!

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