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Omega (Section Two)

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The Unlocking

I opened my eyes and realized that the earth was still shaking. I looked out the window and saw a harsh golden beam of light erupt from the ground. “Chris”, I said without realizing I had no proof that it was Chris. But it was. I was sure of it.
Everyone raced out of their classes and huddled outside the school. I walked over to Cameron and Alec and said, “C’mon, we’ve got to make sure that Chris and his family are alright.” They all agreed, probably having the same feeling I was. I had forgotten my bike, so I told them to go ahead, that I would catch up later.
I wanted to get there quickly, but I didn’t know how. Then I felt that breeze, as if it was reminding me of the moment in my semiconscious. I willed myself, felt the breeze grow. I used all my concentration and suddenly felt what seemed like a mini tornado lift me off my feet; and then it was all over and I was back on the ground. I looked around and saw that I was at Chris’s house, or what was left of it. All that was left was bricks and two-by-four. I saw a hand sticking up out of the ground. I reached for it and pulled Chris out of the rubble. “Chris,” I yelled, “Are you alright?” Chris’s eye flickered open and I saw that they were a harsh gold. The same color, I realized with a start, of the beam of light that had destroyed his house.
“Elijah? What the hell are you doing here? Wait a second. I can see. I can see!” Chris yelled out, but he paused when he saw where we were standing. “Where am I?” Chis asked. “You’re kind of, well, home. Was anyone else here?” I asked in an awkward silence. Chris answered, “No. My brother and sister are in school, and my parents had gone to get some food.”
I let out a sigh of relief and told him, “Thank goodness you were outside when the explosion hit, or else you would have died.”
Chris looked at me and said in fear-stricken voice, “I-I was in the house.”
My heart thudded and I asked, “How can that be?” He replied, “I don’t know. I was watching television when I heard this weird noise. When I looked around I still couldn’t find it. Then I finally realized- it was me. I was making a strange noise like a timer, and then the house blew up. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground.” He tried to walk over to me but fell. That was when I saw the blood. A deep gash ran across his leg, staining his pants leg a dark red.
He shuddered and said in a croaked voice, “H- help me…” and fell unconscious from loss of blood.
“Don’t worry Chris, help is on the way.” I muttered to him reassuringly. Although it would take too long for the police or ambulances to get here. I tried to travel by tornado again, but my fear clouded my mind. My friend was bleeding to death, and I could do nothing.
Suddenly something hit the ground in front of me. I picked it up and realized it was some kind of fruit. The word ambrosia popped into my head, so that’s what I decided to call it. Even this small piece of fruit radiated power. Then it hit me- ambrosia was the food of the gods, it could heal wounds and burn mortals with a single bite. Just like the drink of the gods, nectar.
So this was the final test. If I ate ambrosia and it healed me, I could give Chris some ambrosia. I reached down and cut my hand on a shard of glass. Then I wiped off the ambrosia and took a bite. At first, there was nothing. Then, power rushed through my body, any injuries on me instantly healed. I felt like I could run a marathon. I truly felt godlike.
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readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 2:30 pm
Again, I like the idea, but I think it just needs...MORE. You never explain the ambrosia (unless you do later) and there's other stuff that really just needed to be explained. You have this great idea, but I think you need to let the audience in on a few of the minor (but necessary) details.
readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 2:31 pm
((oh, and sorry, I meant to give it four stars :S oops. Why does it sometimes ask to submit, and sometimes it does it right away?!?))

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