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Dark Angel: Star

Author's note: without my friends Alaska and her friends would have never have had there story told. They...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: without my friends Alaska and her friends would have never have had there story told. They encouraged my on when i thought that it wasn't good enough to keep writing even though i had a ton of ideas for it.  « Hide author's note
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prelude/Chapter 1

By: Flamestar
‘It’s so cold.’ a small scared voice whispered in Alaska’s mind
Alaska’s head snapped up and whipped side to side looking around her little room, “Who are you?” She demanded
‘Help me, please.’ The voice begged, ‘It’s so dark and cold. I don’t like the dark.’
Alaska looked around again scanning the dimly lit room. There was a slight draft coming from the cracks in the cottage walls, but it wasn’t freezing. “It’s not that bad.”
‘Help… Oh no! He’s coming! Help me, please!’ The voice wailed
"Alie! Alie!" Alaska exclaimed jumping to her feet remembering her little sister's voice at last. "Hang on Alie, I'll find you!"
‘Hurry, I don't think I can...’
No answer
“Alie, I will find you!" Alaska exclaimed as a small voice whispered to quite to hear
‘That’s all I needed to hear.’
A small red star was appeared behind her bangs and burned into her skin.
Chapter 1
“Alaska! Are you okay?” Her mom exclaimed bursting into the room
“I’m fine mom, but my door doesn’t look so good.” Alaska answered flatly looking at her door witch was barely hanging onto the bottom hinge.
“Oh… sorry about the door, but you’re okay and that’s all that matters now.” Alaska’s mom said glancing guiltily at the door, “I don’t what I’d do if I lost you too.”
“Mom, Alie is fine.” Alaska said trying to comfort her as pain flash through her eyes
“No she isn’t fine.” Her mom sobbed, “She’s missing and could be dead for all we know!”
“Alie is fine. I was just talking to her. She is alive.”
Hope flared in her mom’s sad blue eyes for a second, and then was gone.
“Bellalison has been missing for five years. You couldn’t have been talking to her. You must have been day-dreaming again.” Her mom said shooting down the little scrap of hope that she had.
“But, mom…”
“Don’t you dare ‘but mom’ me!”
“Then how do you explain…”
Then a long shadow was cast into the room, and then joined by a dozen or so more. Alaska and her mom looked up and froze. Her mom gasped and Alaska put up a protective arm.
“Don, the dark angel.” She snarled
“Ahhh… a fighter. Are you a warrior?” Don said motioning to his warriors that stood beside him
They quickly ran into the room two picked up her mom and threw her on Alaska’s cot. Alaska tried to get to her mom, but two warriors grabbed her arms and threw her to the ground. She tried to fight them off but soon a couple other warriors came and pinned her to the ground.
“So are you a warrior?” He said hovering over her face.
As he reached his hand to her fore head she mustered enough courage and spit in his face. He recoils and then slams his hand into her forehead. She screamed in pain as his hand connected with her mark.
“So you are a warrior. Why must you women make things so much harder then they need to be. Now I have to look at your mark little warrior. Someone for the dark’s sake cover her mouth!” Don ranted
Another soldier kneeled next to her and put a firm hand over her mouth.
“Now, let’s see now.”
He brushed aside her bangs to uncover the red star. Her mom, Don, and the soldiers all gasped in fear, horror, awe, and respect.
“Release her. Then be gone.” Don ordered, “Captain how long has it been since our last red star?”
“Since our last angel apprentice about three years ago” He answered
“Who was before that?”
“Me. Warrior captains Bo, Blackstar rank three.”
“What happened to the last one.”
“He died shortly after his angel failed and died. The poor lad lost the will to live.”
“Thank you. You may go now.”
“You’re lying!” Her mom exclaimed, “Don, you sent your warriors to kill him while he was taking his test!”
“Shut up women!” Don exclaimed, “How dare you speak to me like that!”
“Leave her out of this!” Alaska exclaimed
“Oh yes. Now little warrior, do you know where this angel in training is?”
“No, I don’t and if I did I wouldn’t tell the likes of you!” Alaska snarled
“How dare you not tell me where she is, you disrespectful girl!” Don said slamming his thumb into the middle of her star
Alaska screamed.
“Stop please, you’re hurting her!” Alaska’s mom commanded her Alaska’s cot
“Take her form the room” Don commanded, but removing his thumb from her star
He motioned to the warriors, which had grabbed her when he used his thumb, and they released her. She crumpled to the ground in pain.
“Now, where is the angel you were created by?” Don demanded, the air around him crackling with power
“I don’t know.” Alaska panted
“Lies” Don roared unfurling his wings
Alaska couldn’t stop herself from gasping at his jet black wings.
“Oh yes, gaze at the ranks of my army.” He said holding his wings a little higher and wider
Alaska cowered at the tons of scars on wings. She saw dozen of swordmen and shieldmen, a bunch of archers, a handful of healers, and rows upon rows of warrior stars of every rank.

“You know my power, so tell me… where is your angel?” Don commanded like he owned her
Alaska just stared at his wings, scared out of her mind. Don snarled at the sight of her not listening. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on the side of her face, snapping it to one side. Her hand went to her face and turned her face slowly to face him. She shakily rose to her feet, looked him dead in the eyes, and slapped him hard back.
“That felt good” Alaska said
“You little warrior, you need to be taught some manners!” Don bellowed as darkness clouded around him.
He extended his hands toward her and threw some of the clouding darkness at her. It hit her square in the chest with so much force that she was blasted right through her thin bedroom wall. He rocketed right through the hole and hovered above her.
“Not so strong now, are you?” Don said holding her down with very little dark pressure.
Alaska just glared at him as snow started to fall.
“It can’t be, it’s July.” Don said landing a few feet away
The snow was starting to pick up and there was something mixed in with the snow. Feathers! Snow white feathers, the color of newly fallen snow. A surge of power and relief washed over Alaska. Rolled over and pushed herself up.
“You’re in trouble now.” Alaska patronized painfully
“What do you mean?” Don snarled watching her stagger painfully to her feet.
“Have you noticed what is falling with the snow?” Alaska asked holding out her hand
“No I haven’t, why would I? I’m much stronger than you or anyone you could call for help.”
“Just watch what lands on my hand.”
They stood there tensely for a few minutes, and then a feather floated down to land on her hand.
“Is that…” Don said fearfully
“Yes, it’s a feather that is as crisp as newly fallen snow, the calling card of…”
“The White Angel of the Mountains” Don whispered bewildered
“What’s wrong Don, attack me… Or are you afraid of a white angel?” Alaska taunted
“I.FEAR.NO.ONE!” Don screeched throwing a ball of darkness at her
‘If I get hit by that I’m dead!’ Alaska thought
She closed her eyes and waited for the sphere of darkness to hit her, but it never came. She opened one eye to see a white shieldman in front of her.
“Alaska! What were you thinking?” A voice demanded from above her
She looked up surprised and gasped
“Mom, you’re the White Angel of the Mountains!”
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