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An Unforgettable Quest

By , Lawrenceville, NJ
Author's note: If you know of the show Supernatural, then you may love this. In this, Sam and Dean (or Matt)...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: If you know of the show Supernatural, then you may love this. In this, Sam and Dean (or Matt) don't hunt supernatural beings, they are just regular wine makers in Italy. What inspired me to do this was the idea of making a Supernatural story without the paranormal stuff, but still Supernatural and suspenseful. I know, I make no sense, but you may get it after you read my story.
BTW, see if you can spot all the Supernatural references  « Hide author's note
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The Church

“Matt, Sam, come on in!” said a familiar voice. It was our Dad's friend Jim, who looked as if he were now Pasteur Jim. “Well what are you waiting for?”
We casually walked in and sat in the first row of benches to talk to Jim. “How you boys been?” he asked. “Last time I saw you Matt, you were no more than twelve. And look at you Sammy, all tough and muscular. So, whatchya boys want?”
“We want to know if you've seen our Dad lately,” Matt responded, “He hasn't been home the past few days.”
“So, your daddy always stays out later than he should. No big deal.”
“But this time,” I grimly said, ”something is wrong. He's been kidnapped.”
Jim took a step back, shocked by the news I guess. “I had no idea, do you when, by who, anything else?”
“We know that it happened four days ago, right by this very church, probably in the narrow roadway near here,” I responded. “And as to who did, all we know is that he is big and strong, like me.”
“So, like your, evil twin, or something?” Jim said. Matt snickered.
I sighed, “No not like that, look have you seen John or anyone like me lately?”
Jim walked over to his podium and we followed. He bent his head down and sadly said, “Sorry, I haven't I haven't spoken with your father in ages. And after what he went through with your mother, well, I can't blame him for not speaking to anyone besides you two.”
We were so bummed by the news that we couldn't hear what he said next. So, he repeated it. “I said, but I did get a letter from a scrawny looking fellow. Said to give it to you if you came by.'” The next thing we did was snatch the letter from his hands. We all trembled as Matt read it aloud. It said 'Hello boys. Long time no see. You don't know who I am but you soon will. You see, I knew your daddy back in the day, and he made me angry at him. That is why your mother is dead, and now, twenty five and a half years later, I can finally take my revenge on him. Meet me in Rome in three and a half weeks or dear old daddy dies. -Alistair'
We couldn’t believe it, then Matt screamed, “That son of a gun! I'm gonna find him and rip him to shreds for what he did, even if it means that I die!”
“Calm down Matt!” I yelled back, “We will find him and we will kill him. That I can promise you, but I won't let you sacrifice yourself. I can't watch you die.”
“You two are breaking my heart,” Jim said while weeping. “You should go now.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 15 Next »

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EMJOLIE said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:50 pm
I really enjoyed this novel. I think you had the perfect amount of detail as well! Great work
CountryPopGirl said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Thanks soooo much. Whenever i asked my family how it was they would say something like "It's fine" or "It's sounds like you just wrote down what you saw on a TV show"

the first response bugged me because I hate the word fine (don't ask)

the second was actually what I was going for. You get a kind of movie in your head as you read it.


Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Also, the tpo comment was when I first published it. I forgot a chapter, but i fixed it... (more »)


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