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What’s Going On?

“Kathy! Oh my gosh! Where have you been! I thought you were dead!” I yell as Kathy comes walking into the clearing of the court yard.
“Oh you make me feel so great!” Kathy says sarcastically as she just barley lifts her eyes from her phone.
“Who are you all of a sudden so interested in.” I yank her phone out of her hands and start running and I read her text messages,
Mystery: yeah so what are you going to do with her?
Kathy: I don’t know but I’ll take care of her. She ruined my life. She’s going to pay. She’s going to wish she never met me.
I pause and started thinking about who she was talking about. She can’t be talking about me. I thought to myself so I kept quiet and acted like I didn’t read any text messages.
“How do you get to the text messages?” Kathy catches up to me and takes the phone out of my hands.
“So where have you been?” I say trying to catch my breath. Kathy doesn’t say anything for a minute. Then she says,
“I-I was busy.” She stuttered as she spoke. I turned my head to look around the court-yard to see if any of my friends were there yet, and I see Emily walking into the doors. I hurry and run over to her but someone got in the way and knocked all my books onto the floor.
“Oh no!” I whispered to myself as I bent down to grab my books but a person with a deep voice begins to talk.
“Oh here I got it”. I look up at his face and it’s Fabian. Fabian hands me my books. “Oh, hi Fabian.” Fabian smiles.
“Chelsi, right?" He asks.
“Yeah.” I say smiling.
“You have really pretty eyes.” He said.
“Thanks.” i reply looking over at Kathy and she whispers something to Aiden. I know it’s about me because she keeps looking at me.
“Well I have to go I hope to see you around.” He smiles.
“Ok.” He smiles and walks away. I walk over to Emily.
“Where you just talking to Fabian?” she says shocked.
“Yep and he said I had pretty eyes!”
“Oh my god! Are you serious?”
“Yes!” I say excited
“You’re going to be so lucky if you to end up together. He is so cute!” Emily says looking over at Fabian talking to his friends.
“I know right!” just then my phone vibrated. I take my phone out of my back pocket and read the text message that said,
I look around to see if anyone was watching me but no one was looking at me. I turn around to talk to Emily but she was gone.
“Emily?” I look for her but I couldn’t find her. I call her to ask where she went but her phone just kept ringing and no one answers. I hang up and look at my phone. “That was weird.” I say to myself as I begin to type a message to Emily.
I walk over to my locker but before opening it I check my phone to see if Emily had texted me back yet but still no response. I put my pone back in my pocket and opened my locker. Then a piece of paper fell out of my locker. I pick it up and look around then open it up and it said,
I looked around to see who could have put the note in my locker but there wasn’t any one around in the hallways. Just then I heard a scream that sounded like Emily so I dropped all my stuff and ran towards the scream. When I got to where I thought I heard the scream there was a trail of blood and blood on the door going into the basement. I tried opening the door but it was locked. I ran through the halls to find a teacher but I realized they all had a meeting this morning and all the rooms were locked. I ran back to the basement door and kept trying to open the door when I see a fire extinguisher. I go over to it and the door is locked so I try to pick the lock. I get the door open and I grab the fire extinguisher and run over to the basement door and I try knocking the door handle off. After five hits with the fire extinguisher the door handle come lose but not enough to open the door so I step back and kick the door handle completely off. I swing the door open and I see Emily lying at the bottom of the stairs with blood surrounding her.
“EMILY!!” I rush down to her to see if she was still alive when I see a knife with a piece of paper taped to it. I pick it up and the note said,
As I’m crying, I pull my phone out of my back pocket and I call the police. When the police get there they take Emily to the hospital.
“Let me go with her”. I say to them. “We can’t let you do that. You have to stay here at school”. The police man said as he looked at me. “Crap! At least call me and tell me what’s wrong with her and tell her to call me when she gets out before school does”. “Ok ill make sure I do that”.
The police men leave taking Emily with them. Just then my phone vibrated again, so I open up the message and it says,
Then another message pops up,
I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. But, I was the only one in the hall way. As I walk back into the court yard I keep thinking, I hope she’s okay, to myself. I’m looking at my phone as I sit down at the table in the middle of the court yard. After a while people started coming into the court yard so now I wasn’t alone. A couple of my friends had sat down with me, Sam, Katt, Brook, Gage, Aiden, and Jordan. None of them seemed to me staring at my phone except Brook.
“Hey what’s so interesting about your phone”? She asks as she scoots over next to me.
“Huh? Oh I’m waiting for a call”. I say in a shaky voice.
“Oh… where is Emily? She’s usually here before me”. Brook asks while looking at my phone too.
“I’ll tell you later”. I say in a low voice. Just then my phone rings and I jump up to answer it.
“Yes this is Chelsi.”
“Well Emily was knocked unconscious and cut in a numerous of places, but she will be fine. She’s awake right now but she’s getting stitches. So she will be able to call you in about an hour when she’s done”.
“Ok. Thank you.” I hang up and let out a long sigh. I walk back over to my friends and started talking. After a while the bell rang to go to class. I get to class and take my seat. I take out my algebra 2 honors work book and started on the assignment. Mrs. Jamenson walks in the room and tells us to get started on our assignment and begins talking to someone in the back of the room then she starts talking out loud,
“Okay you’re going to sit next to Chelsi, Chelsi raise your hand.” I raise my hand without looking back to see who she was talking to. After a minute the new kid, who I didn’t see who he was, put a piece of paper on my desk. I opened it and it said,
See I told you I’ll see you around.
I look up in shock then I reply, oh hi Fabian. We kept passing notes until my phone vibrated and I quickly raised my hand.
“Yes Chelsi?”
“Uhh, may I get a drink of water?”
“Yes you may.” I hurry out of the room and answer my phone.
“Emily! Oh my god, are you ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine just still a little soar but I’m fine.”
“Good, what happed?”
“I don’t know all I remember was a sharp feeling on my back and then it went blank.”
“Weird. Hey if you’re coming to school then I have to talk to you.”
“Ok?” we hang up and I walk back to class. After a couple minutes the bell rang. I picked up my stuff and as Fabian was getting up to leave he pauses then says,
“See you around Chelsi.” Then he smiles.
“Okay.” I walk out and meet Katt, Sam, and Brook out by our lockers.
“Emily called and she said she'll be here soon.” I say looking at brook. We all put our books and book bags in our lockers and shut them and we start walking down to the gym.
“So, what cheers are we practicing today?” Katt asks as we walk into the gym.
“Uhh, I think we are going to practice them all. Do you guys want to practice them all so by the time we have to perform we already know what we’re doing?” I ask the group as they all answer, “yeah sure.” We get down to the gym floor in our practice uniforms and we began to stretch when I saw Emily walk through the double doors. I jump to my feet and yell “Emily!!” I run over to her and wrap my arms around her.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I got stitches on my back, my arm, and my neck.”
“That must have hurt,” We start walking back to the gym floor,
“Well I have to start practice so you go get into your uniform and meet me out here in five.”
“Okay.” Emily leaves to get changed and comes back to the gym and we finish up practice.
After practice I took Emily aside so I could talk to her.
“Emily something weird is going on.”
“What are you talking about?” she says confused.
“Ok, when you disappeared I got a text that said watch your back then in my locker was a note that said you’re going to regret ever meeting me. Then when I found you in the basement I found a knife with a note that said you are going to see this a lot, then I got another text saying don’t think this is over its only begun.”
“What? That’s creepy,” she says, “do you have any idea who could be doing this?” right before I replied the bell rang so as we walk out into the crowded hallway I reply,
“No, I have no idea who it could be.” Just then my phone vibrates so I open the message and it said
Don’t worry you won’t figure out who I am
I froze for a second then I got another message that said
Because you won’t get the chance
I stared at my phone and Emily looks at me, “Chelsi… what’s wrong?” I show her the messages.
“Who is doing this?!?”
“I don’t know but I’m going to find out.” I say as I lower my arms to my side. We begin walking to our class when I hear someone call my name so I look back but no one was there and as I turn around I bump into someone, again. Fabian.
“Oh, hi Fabian.”I smile.
“We keep bumping into each other.” he smiles.
“Yeah that’s funny.”
“So… what’s up?”
“Not much, you?”
“Same here…” he pauses for a second, “So uhh Chelsi… do you want to maybe uhh hang out with me tonight?”
“Sure, I’d like that.” He smiles.
“Okay ill pick you up around seven.” He smile and walks to lunch with his friends.
“Oh my god did that really happen?” Emily asks as she steps in front of me and I smile and we walk to lunch.
After lunch we go to our next class. In English we didn’t do much most of the time we just do a work sheet and when we're done we just do whatever we want. I was sitting at my desk wondering who “M” was and when something else weird was going to happen. After a while the bell rang to go to art class. I couldn’t wait for class to be over so I could go home and get ready for my date with Fabian.
Once the bell I hurried to my locker and rushed out to my car. When I got home I went to my room and got ready. By the time I got done taking a shower and doing my hair and makeup I had a half an hour before Fabian would be here to pick me up. My phone rings and I pick it up and it’s a text from Fabian. I read the text.
“I’m on my way.” He said as I replied,
“Ok, see you when you get here” after a couple minutes Fabian arrives at my house. I go down stairs and open the door to let Fabian in. Fabian looks at me.
“Wow! You look amazing!”
“Thanks.” I start to blush. Just then I got a text that said,
I turn off my phone and put it in my purse.
Fabian opens the door for me to get in his car and shuts it behind me. He gets in the car and turns the engine on as I begin to speak,
“So where are we going?”
“Well I thought I would take you to this new restaurant called The Flaming Noodle.” He smiled and I looked at him.
“That place is supposed to be the best restaurant in town!”
“Yeah, I know.” Fabian said as he smiled.
We arrived at the restaurant and we get out of the car and walk into the restaurant. As I walk in I get the feeling that someone is watching me so I take a look around. I didn’t notice any one watching me but one thing I did notice was…Kathy.

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applesauceHater said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 5:43 pm
Okay...YOU GOT ME HOOOKED!!!!!!really cool!!1to add more intensity, you could write what emotions she's feeling. Like when she saw the trail of blood. Her heart couldve been beeting hard, she followed it slowly, she had all these images running through her head. When she saw her friend in th ebasement. Also when fabian would come up 2 talk 2 her, what did she feel, embarassed, happpy, speechles?other than that i am in dire need to find out what happens next. Post the next xhapter soon please. If... (more »)
Chelsi-Law replied...
Oct. 7, 2013 at 11:08 am
Hey! Iam finally Working on getting my second part fimished! ill Post it here soon. I'll let you know when I do! :) Thanks for Reading!

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