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Where The Mind Ends

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Chapter 4

After a cumbersome conversation with my mom I learned three things. One, all of my mom’s side of the family has powers. Two, I will gain more powers, and eventually lose the one I have now. Three, mom didn’t tell me about the powers because if I was more like my father I would have become a hunter, just like he is now.
Running those thoughts through my head made me think of an odd theory.
“Mom, what are your powers?” is asked.
“Well,” She explained,” I can go through objects, create fire with my hands, and I can see through walls.”
“Did you tell dad about these powers?”
“Only that I can see through walls. Why are you asking me this?”
“Because, what if this room only blocks the powers he knows we have.”
“Iggy, what are you saying.”
“We might be able to escape. All you have to do is go through the chains that your in, heat mine up so they break, then go through the door and open it from the outside.”
“Iggy, that’s genius!” She said. “I try it.” And with that she proceeded to go through her chains, melt mine, and go to the other side of the door and open it. On my way out I grabbed my things, put my belt on, and threw the backpack over my shoulder. We walked down the hall to a door and put our ears against it to hear if anybody was behind it. We didn’t hear any thing so we walked through. We ended up in a large courtyard and made it a priority to find a place to hide.
She hid in a tree and I hid in an inset in the wall next to the door. We got into our spots just in time because three sentries walked by, guns at the ready. They wore green fatigues and helmets with their ranks written on the side. They seemed calm which meant our escape was still unknown. We sprinted down the courtyard until we reached the wall that blocked the outside from the inside. I climbed first and was on the other side in no time. When we were at the base of the wall she said she would go once I reached the top. I didn’t know how good of a climber my mom was, but I became very scared once I heard the noise. You might know this noise. You probably have a name for it. I do. I call it a siren.

“Get down here!” the guard screamed.
“Never!” I retaliated, climbing further up the wall. Iggy must be so worried right now, I need to get over the wall. I climbed further up only to realize there were guards at the top of the wall, waiting for me to reach the top. They grabbed my arms dragged me back to the main building and into my husbands office. I couldn’t use my powers to go through their hands because they had such a tight grip on me.
“Hello Tina” he said, very happily.
“Hello James” I spat back at him.
“You need to learn when you can’t escape.”
“You should learn when to leave your ex-wife alone.”
“Why don’t you sit down.”
“Why should I.”
“Because you and Iggy will die if you don’t listen to me.”
“Iggy is long gone from here.”
“That can’t be true, we locked you both in a room that disabled your powers.”
“We know, but we got out.”
“You need to be taught a lesson.”
“What do you mean.?”
“You should have figured it out by now.”
“Whatever your going to do to me do it now.”
“Tina, any last words.” He chuckled, pulling a Colt .85mm from his desk.
“You will die. That’s a promise.” I said. James walked back to where he was standing before. He loaded one bullet into the chamber, pulled the hammer back, aimed at my forehead, and fired.

I ran once the siren went off and I was safely in the forest that surrounded the building. Thoughts were shooting through my mind as I ran about where my mom was. I probably ran for a mile before I stopped to check what things were in my backpack. I still had my canteen, the flashlight, eight batteries, a tarp, duct tape, the glue, the knife, and the MRE. On the belt I still had the Glock 17, ammo, and the Taser. I zipped the backpack back up and set up a shelter for the night. My guess was that it was about four o’ clock.
I gathered some small logs and make a lean-to. Then I duct taped the tarp onto the lean-to so the rain wouldn’t come in at night. After that I made a fire pit and made a fire using some flint I found while looking for some firewood. I made a spear out of a sharpened stick and used it to kill a wild chicken. I cooked it over the fire and then ate it all. I sat and drank some water and thought how my mom was doing. For all I knew she could be dead. Then I lied myself down and began to think. Not about how I was going to save my mom. I thought about how I was going to kill my dad.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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applesauceHater said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 5:26 pm
OMGEEEH!endings intense! One thing is that you should write a little more emotion and feelings. Like on the first page, you should say how he felt and how it hurt as he gasped for air when he was being choked. Or when he found out that guy was his father. You should have wrote how he was hurt, or confused, anger. Did he have mixed emotions. Did he feel anything towards the mom because of this? Or when he was strapped to the table in the second page, was he scared, nervous?But other than that(hop... (more »)
PolkaPete replied...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Thank you for the review. I am currently working on a follow up book for this series. I can't wait until I finish. Oh and BTW, I dont mind reading you work
kingofwriters replied...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 4:09 pm

This story was good, but there are a LOT of ways you could've improved it. The plot seemed weak, and you didn't describe the mother telling everything to Iggy, so him learning about his powers kind of seemed like a minor event in the story compared to him renting a motel room. 

You also should've described what the characters looked like, and used higher vocabulary. The whole story seemed to go by really quickly, and it's because you didn't really take the time to describe your en... (more »)

PolkaPete replied...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 1:24 pm
BTW you wote the same thing twice but im only in 7th grade so im still working on it.

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