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Where The Mind Ends

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Chapter 3

I decided to pull to the side noticing the fuel gauge on empty. Carefully I began to imagine myself filling the gas tank. After a few minutes the car was full. The pick up truck wasn’t stirring and the cloud of mace cleared out. So I decided to take a peek inside. There was an odd silence filtering through the air. The inside of the car was just about average except for a pistol holster. They were home to a Colt .85mm pistol. I looked up when a bone crunching punch sent me into the air.
“ I forgot about you.” I managed to say while sucking in shallow breaths and pulling myself to my feet. “I’ll give you 3 seconds to get out of here! One, Two,” CRACK! I cheated. Jumping into the air I head-butted him in the jaw. While he fell to the ground I grabbed the gun from him and pulled the trigger square between the eyes. Quickly I moved to the truck and saw a computer with untraceable server. Perfect. Now I can research without being traced. Sirens were blasting in the background and getting louder. It was time to move along before they spotted me.
Back on the interstate thinking I was in the clear, I heard sirens and saw the blinding lights that emitted from a police car. Wanting to get away from the mess earlier I didn’t pay much attention to my driving.
The policeman took his sweet time coming up to my car window. “Good evening sir.”
“License and registration please.” The policeman says coldly.
“Sure” I said handing him the papers. He took them back to his cruiser and did the necessary checks. Coming back to me he handed the papers back and told me everything checks out. Confused as why he pulled me over, I gladly accepted the papers and drove away. As I drove my stomach produced a loud rumbling sound.
“I better find somewhere to get food.” The next exit had a McDonalds, which I stopped at and realized I had no more money. So I quickly conjured up a credit card to get food.
Inside the restaurant I ordered and paid for the meal with the card and sat down in a booth with windows looking out towards the road. The food was gone in seconds. Note to self, make sure have plenty of food in pockets. Making things appear from my mind took a lot of energy from my whole body. As I was getting up to leave, two me in black suits and dark colored sunglasses were heading towards the door. Not sure what to do, I sat back down. The men came closer and took a seat at a table near the booth I was in. Even though they had sunglasses on I could sense their eyes burning through me. One of the men casually left the table for the counter. My senses went into overdrive at this point. We were the only ones in the restaurant. My mind went frantic as I heard a slide go back.
I flipped my tray at the man still sitting and it hit him on his right shoulder. Before he could react, I quickly dropkicked the table so it caught him in the gut knocking the breath out of him. The shifty looking guy at the counter pulled his weapon and began firing towards me. Looking for cover, I heard the firing stop and realized his gun must have jammed. I saw this as an opportunity to take him out. Using what was near; I grabbed a chair and slammed it on his head hitting him on the neck knocking him unconscious. Remembering the other man, cautiously I turned around. Silence. “Where’d you go?” I questioned to the empty room.
My answer was a numbing blow to the gut. I attempted to rebound by putting the man into a chokehold. He shoved me out of the way so I couldn’t choke him. I decided to run into him and knock him through the glass. We landed in the parking lot. Fortunately for me I wasn’t cut. Unfortunately for me there was another man who put cuffs onto me when I stood up. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make the cuffs disappear. “Time for a family reunion” he said chuckling. A SUV pulled up and was I thrown in and we sped away.
The drive to the unknown area was excruciating. It was the middle of summer and they had the heat on with the windows closed. When we got there I was forcefully yanked out of the car, sweat dripping from my face. They brought me to a room, threw my backpack against the wall, and then took my belt and put it on the backpack. They then proceeded to chain me spread eagle to the wall. I tried to use mind powers but they wouldn’t work. It was as if the room had some sort of energy sucking field. The harder I tried the weaker I felt. As I felt of my powers dampening a light switched on. To my surprise my mother was there chained to the opposite wall like me.
“Iggy! Are you ok?” mom asked with nervousness in her voice.
“I’m good mom. How are you doing? Did they hurt you?”
“No, but we need to get out of here somehow.”
“Mom don’t worry, you won’t believe this but someway I developed these crazy mind powers. It will help us get out of here.”
Mom smiled. “So you finally figured it out.” I tried to respond but was quickly cut off by an enormous figure entering the room. For some reason as the figure moved closer I sensed a familiarity.
He looks like the man in the old picture mom has. The man came closer. Staring at me he coldly said, “You, I’ll deal with in a minute. But first I need to speak with her.” He spun on his heels and faced my mother. The man inched closer and whispered something into her ear, which I could not make out. Paused for a second and gently stroked her face.
Then it was my turn. Not sure what to expect I tensed up getting ready for a fight. As he walked towards me I quickly glanced at my mother. Her face was pale and had a somber look. He stood inches away from me just staring. Then he leaned in and whispered a few words that I still have nightmares about. With that he swiftly moved towards the door and turned the lights off as he left. After a few seconds of silence my mother spoke with a quivering voice.
“What did he say Iggy? Please tell me.”
“Mom is it true? Is he really my father?”
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applesauceHater said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 5:26 pm
OMGEEEH!endings intense! One thing is that you should write a little more emotion and feelings. Like on the first page, you should say how he felt and how it hurt as he gasped for air when he was being choked. Or when he found out that guy was his father. You should have wrote how he was hurt, or confused, anger. Did he have mixed emotions. Did he feel anything towards the mom because of this? Or when he was strapped to the table in the second page, was he scared, nervous?But other than that(hop... (more »)
PolkaPete replied...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Thank you for the review. I am currently working on a follow up book for this series. I can't wait until I finish. Oh and BTW, I dont mind reading you work
kingofwriters replied...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 4:09 pm

This story was good, but there are a LOT of ways you could've improved it. The plot seemed weak, and you didn't describe the mother telling everything to Iggy, so him learning about his powers kind of seemed like a minor event in the story compared to him renting a motel room. 

You also should've described what the characters looked like, and used higher vocabulary. The whole story seemed to go by really quickly, and it's because you didn't really take the time to describe your en... (more »)

PolkaPete replied...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 1:24 pm
BTW you wote the same thing twice but im only in 7th grade so im still working on it.

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