The mystery Book

August 31, 2011
By Megan1997, Hull, Other
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Megan1997, Hull, Other
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Author's note: i just wanted to write a book so i wrote this.What I want is for people to go on the journey and feel what the characters feel

James and Bex were chilling in the living room, when ‘BANG’! The living room door flung open and Ella ran in shouting “Yay, Jasmine’s coming to stay”! Slouched over, Ben came dawdling in mimicking Ella “Yay, Jasmine’s coming to stay”. Ben flopped on the couch sulkily. James turned around to Ben, realizing he was in a strop and quickly asking “What’s up with you dude?”.Ben huffily replied “Nothing!” “Yes there is I can tell, are you going to tell me what’s up or am I going to tickle it out of you?”. James goes to tickle Ben but before he gets to him, Ben gets up and runs away and shouts “FINE! I will tell you it’s because you know where Jasmine’s going to want to sleep in my room because it’s got the most space for all her junk. I will have to either sleep on the couch in the cold living room or the lumpy bed in the guestroom for a week because mum wont let little Miss Princess sleep on that lumpy bed or in that cold room. Is she –no-? I’ll have to that’s what the problem is” “Well you do know I sleep with two mattresses on my bed. I could always put one on the floor for you and you could sleep in my room with me, or you could tip and tail with me it’s up to you do you want to?” “Well I will have to think about it! (Long pause) Joking of course I will it will be miles better than a lumpy bed or a cold room and we can stay up chatting till mum yells at us to be quiet” .Ben cracks up laughing then James joins in and they are howling within seconds and the girls both turn round and say in unison “What are you two laughing at?” the boys reply in unison “Oh nothing”. They hear mum shouting from Ben’s room “come help me get ready in here for Jasmine coming, she’s coming in morning and I need you to help me get it sorted”

Morning arrives and everyone’s got dressed and sorted for Jasmines arrival. Ella is jumping about getting all excited and making everyone mad with her because she is so excited that her amazing cousin Jasmine coming to stay. Jasmine’s dads’ brand new Bentley pulled into the driveway, bibbing his horn making Ella jump up like a shot. Quickly she ran outside nearly falling and yelling “Jasmine oh my gosh I missed you so much” and jumped in to her arms and gave her big hug. Then it was Bex’s turn to say hi and she gave her a big hug and said “we have too much to catch up on and we defiantly have to go in to town!". They both started squealing and jumping up and down. Then James said hi and gave her hug and after him Ben was about to say hi and you will be in my room but before he could. Their mum ran outside and asked Jasmine and Richard if they would like to come in for a cup of tea and some biscuits. Richard did but Jasmine got her butler to carry her ten massive bags in to Ben's now Jasmines room for the week while she carried a tiny little purse like bag to the room. After they were in the room she thanked the butler and went in to the living room and dived on the couch and turned the television on it was all there favorite show ‘show me the money’. They all squished on to the couch while it was one and when it had finished Richard set off home and by this time it was dinner time so they had lunch. After lunch they all went to jasmines room to help her unpack her one hundred and one bags. Well it felt like it. Once they had finished Bex suggested “why don’t we go in to town?” They all agreed. Well Ella only agreed if she was walking next to Jasmine on the way to town. So when they finally got to town they went in a few shops then they stopped at book store and they just had to stop and stare it was so magical. The outside of the store was painted like a fairytale castle. With little painted flowers at the bottom round the edge of door and little windows with wooden shutters. They must have stood there for at least five minutes then Bex suggested they go inside so they did.

Inside the store was magnificent there was big fantasy paintings on the walls and the walls were covered in trees and plants so it was as if you were outside it was felt so magical. It was like an enchanted library. They all separated and went down all the different aisles full of books. They all met at the back near this book that felt like it was glowing. So they all decided to buy it with all the other books they had chosen. James, Ben, Ella and Bex were about to pull out there five pound notes in there pockets and Jasmine pulled out a hundred pound and went to buy the books all the other’s we’re gobbed smacked. As soon as they got out side they all said in unison “where did you get that much money from!?” Jasmine replied “my daddy of course where else?”. “Okay so you got the books with that money? Where are they then?” Asked Bex “Oops I am such I forget me not oh yeah and the woman at the counter said that the book that was glowing was very special and we can not bring it back to this store if we are disappointed with it or under any circumstances and she gave it to me free!” replied Jasmine. So they rushed in to get the books and tried looking inside the glowing one when they where outside the store but you had to cut the protective case with scissors. So they quickly ran home got the scissors and cut the protective case around the book and after it was cut they ran into the living room to see what was inside it and when they looked it was just blank. Page after page after page. “Ugh what a load of junk it was in a book store so it should have writing and pictures on the pages or at else something on the pages it I wanted a colouring book I would have gone to pound shop to get one”. shouted Ella “calm down Ella but I do know what you mean because we were looking so forward to see what was inside and when we open the book it was just disappointment to a blank page. Anyway how much did you pay for all the books anyway Jasmine?” Asked Ben. “Well I gave her a hundred and didn’t get any money back from that so a hundred pound” replied Jasmine. “Oh gosh you spent hundred pounds on them!” Gasped Bex “we have to take this piece of junk back to that store and get you money back.NOW!” Shouted James “Yeah but if you remember correctly she gave it to me free and she said we cannot take it back no matter what so I guess we’re stuck with it we could always draw in it?” Replied Jasmine. So they decided to draw in it but just as they were going to draw in it the children’s mother and Jasmines aunt shouted “lights out time for you to get some sleep you can have all day to adventure night night sweethearts”.

Jasmine woke everyone up at sunrise but not her aunt. She wanted to do some more drawing in the new mystical book. “Why did you wake us all up at 6 o’clock in the morning” Bex asked sleepily and she asked for all of them they were all still half asleep. “I will show you if you come in to my room for the week” replied Jasmine quietly trying not to wake her aunt. So they all quietly followed Jasmine into her tempery room. She got the book out and showed them what was so good about the book she drew a quick bird after she finished it. It disappeared in to the book. “Oh My Gosh what did you do” Ella surprisingly asked “nothing it happened last night while you lot was asleep as well I was bored so I started drawing love hearts and unicorns and other girly things and I thought I was so tired my mind was playing tricks on my so I went to sleep and his morning it hit me they were disappearing into the book some how. I want to solve this mystery” Replied Jasmine “Haha very funny we did not ask for a magician or the Scooby-doo gang you was properly just tired and you just tricked us because were tired let me have a go” Said Ben and he grabbed the pen off Jasmine and drew a football. As Ben was drawing it they saw all the lines and scribbles disappearing in to the book. “See I told you but you didn’t believe me did you? No!. You just got proven wrong by a book haha so now do you believe me Ben?”Asked Jasmine “Yeah course I do but why do they disappear?” asked Ben. “Er I don’t know actually proberly because they go in to a creative world haha that would be funny replied Jasmine. ‘Let me have a go I want to draw a horse’ mentioned Bex. Again as she was drawing the horses outline it slowly began to fade. “I wonder if you draw something from in this room it will disappear into the book?”Asked James “ooh ooh ooh I want to try that” Jasmine said excitedly. So they all started looking for something easy to draw and jasmine picked out her little purse like bag. She started drawing it and within seconds after she finished it, it started fading away at then it completely vanished. “I wonder if it works on people and if it does I want to go first and no-body is changing my mind!”Demanded Ella. “Well you cannot go first because I am the oldest so I should go first because if anything happens down there and your on your own” thoughtfully replied James “I have a better idea, why don’t I draw you two holding hands then you will go together so then I will go oldest boy and youngest girl. Then I will draw Bex and Ben and it will be oldest girl and youngest boy so then none of you can complain about being last can you.” suggested Jasmine. So James and Ella held hands and Jasmine drew them and they started fading and as they were fading they shouted bye, then after Jasmine had drew them two she drew Ben and Bex holding hands and they started disappearing and they said ciao soon Jas!. “right so I have drawn them four so I guess it’s time I draw myself before I do I will put the book on my bed and a keep out sign on my door so aunt doesn’t come in and close the book”. So after jasmine put the sign on the door and put the book on her bed she started drawing her self and she did she got this weirdest feeling. Her hands started to tingle then her fingers disappeared ten her whole hands were disappearing then her arms and them her whole body tingled and disappeared and she felt her self go in to the blank book it was like passing through a brick wall.

OH GOSH OH GOSH OH GOSH I HOPE I MAKE IT. That thought was going round and round in Jasmines mind. ‘BANG!’ she had hit something hard. When she opened her eyes she saw she was on a blank floor she looked around and everything was blank. She looked forward and she saw all her cousins in front of her talking in a circle. Jasmine shouted “HEY LITTLE HELP OVER HERE GUYS?” they had not ever noticed she was here they were still in shock they were here and surprise they were all fine. They all ran over to help Jasmine up and they looked up and they noticed instead of a sun there was a floating heart shaped thing in the sky. “What is that thing up there?”James confusedly asked. “Haha that’s my heart I drew last night oh wow it’s the sun” Jasmine replied looking proud of herself. Then she remember she drew unicorns “hey I also drew unicorns last night I wonder where they are?” asked Jasmine “Erm I think I found them” Ella shrieked in delight. Jasmine ran over to Ella. “Oh my gosh they are so cute” Ella and Jasmine said in unison. “Er correct me if I am wrong but didn’t I draw a football last night” remarked Ben. Just as the words came out of his mouth the ball came bouncing down to him. “Nice to know that you got all the things you drew, but how do we draw stuff here and how do we get stuff here?” asked James. “Well when we were drawing in to the book we were just scribbling down pictures from our imagination. We are now in the book so I think we should just imagine things and they will appear” answered Bex. “Like if I imagine the sky to be blue with the sun shining down it will appear?” asked Ella “well try it and find out” replied Bex. Ella imagined the sky bright blue with no clouds in the sky at all and the sun real cartoony. After she imagined it, it appeared but the heart in the sky was still up there but started cheeping like a bird. The bird that Jasmine drew earlier fluttered up to the heart and started chirping with it. “Oh wow isn’t my imagination amazing!” Ella excitedly said. “What can we make now?” asked Bex “we could always do a floor” replied James “okay do you want to make it then James because you mentioned it?” asked Bex “yeah fine sure I will but don’t talk to me while I imagine it you might put me off okay” replied James. So James imagined a really whacky design for the pavement it was black and white at the vertical ends and it was multi-coloured in-between. Every colour of the rainbow. “Oh wow it looks amazing” they all gasped “Yeah I know it does, what else do you expect from me I only create the best” said James proudly “yeah well I bet you cannot imagine a better skate park then me I will imagine the best thing ever don’t interrupt the master when he’s at work okay dudes and dudettes” said Ben funnily. So he started imagining a skate park it looked awesome it had a koala logo for the park and it had twenty massive high ramps for bmxing loads more ramps for skating other for climbing and there was even ten bench in the air on a massive spiders web and the view from the bench’s was amazing you could see everything that was going on from up there. “Oh yeah who is the best designer oh yeah I think you find that was me go me go me!”Said Ben proudly of himself. “Yeah it does look amazing actually too bad we don’t have the equipment to go on the ramps what a shame” said Jasmine in utter shame. “Well you could always imagine the things we need for the skate park if you want Jas” asked Bex. “Oh yeah I will do all the bikes and skateboards pink for the gals and blue for the guys ooh this is going to be fabulous” Jasmine shrieked in delight. The skateboards were state of the art new brands that have just come out but they weren’t your normal skateboard if you clicked a button in the middle of the board then it would turn into a hover board obviously Jasmine had added that bit in herself. The colour of them was amazing the girl ones were hot pink and glitter inside the paint and glittered magnificently in the sun. The boys were royal blue with skulls on the top. The bikes were state of the art brand new BMX’s they looked amazing. The girl ones were exactly the same colour as the skateboards and the boy’s ones were exactly the same and there skateboards. “Oh wow oh wow oh wow they are A M A Z I N G” They all said in unison. “Yeah I know I am the best at designing now what do you call that Ben? Rubbish?” asked Jasmine “no no not at all they look great I think we should all just admit that we are all great designers even you James haha” jokily said Ben. “Haha thanks” replied James. “I think we should now go on a little adventure see is anyone else has drawn anything on any other pages don’t you think eh guys?” asked Ella “yeah I am feeling a bit adventurous too I think we should all go on a adventure” replied Bex.

“How are we going to go on the next page then Bex?” asked Ben. “Well we could imagine a doorway to the next page maybe that might get us to the next page” replied Bex. “Come on lets try it” Ella said excitedly. “We will have to think of a style first we cannot just imagine we will all imagine different things because we all have different styles” mentioned Jasmine. “Well I think we should do a fairytale doorway like the one out of Jammy the princess” Suggested James. They all agreed to do a Jammy the princess doorway to the very first page in the book. When they got there they slipped on a banana skin and all fall over and piled on each other. When they looked up they saw someone had drawn a whole army of mutant aliens that had come to life. “Oh my gosh what the heck are they!”They all shouted. They all ran away to find a place to hide and they found a house but it did not look very nice it actually looked like it was haunted. Once they got inside and shut the door the lights inside started flickering and they started hearing noises from down the hall like people talking or things breaking/smashed. Then all of a sudden the lights go out. Its pitch black because all the windows are boarded up. Then they start to hear footsteps going towards them. “BOO!” “Ahh what the heck are you playing at Ben I know it was you because it came from behind me and you are the only one there” Jasmine said Frightened. “I did not do it! I thought you were trying to frighten Ella but now I am really freaked out and we cannot go out because there are those monster alien things and in here is a freaking ghost! Ah I hate this” Ben said frightened. ”Gosh it was me stupid” replied a ghoulish voice. “Oh my gosh who said that!” shouted Ella. Then a white figure appeared and it was a man. He had black hair and a really big scar down his and had Victorian clothes on. “Don’t be afraid I am not going to hurt you. I just wanted to know if you were going to stay and help me or run off because I need your help. My name is Edward Berkley. The reason I am here and a ghost is because when I was a young boy I found this book. Oh by the way I could see you every time you opened the book so I know what you did. Like you lot I also started drawing in the book and I was also frustrated that the drawing kept disappearing when I was finished. Also I came into the book and wanted an adventure and I didn’t get very far because I became stuck here. I was not the smartest about when you draw it’s your imagination unlike your Bex who is the smartest girl I have seen come into this book or open this book. By the way you don’t want to go in to the other pages because a boy who was obsessed with death. He drew lots of flesh eating zombies so for you safety do not go on the other pages!. The reason why I need your help is because I want to get out of this place and I can help you get out of this book if you help me. Also you need to find away to get to the very last page of the book without through the pages. Well will you help me then?” asked Edward. “One minute we will just discuss this together” Replied Jasmine. Jasmine, Ben, Bex, Ella and James all got into a group to discuss what they were to do about the situation. “Well he said if we help him he would help us get out so I think we should help him” suggested Ella. “But don’t you think it will be a bit dangerous because if I remember correctly he said that on all the pages but the last one is full of flesh eating zombies. I personally don’t want my flesh eaten by zombies so I don’t want to end of” remark Bex. “I personally want to do I think it will be fun plus Edward will help us get out and we will be helping him. So I’m in. Two against one so far” James pointed out. “Well I want to help the old geezer out and it will be a fun adventure” said Ben excitedly. “Well I guess we got an adventure alright. I want to help the ghost out as well. Anyway Bex you wanted an adventure earlier -now you got the opportunity you don’t want to- what’s up with you girlfriend” Jasmine asked confusedly. “Well the whole zombies eat our flesh thing. Any ways that don’t matter I have been out voted and you need my knowledge anyways so I’ll have to do it as well” Bex said reluctantly. So they all turned back around and agreed to help the ghost. “Oh thank you! You will not regret this” replied Edward.

So the gang had to figure out how to get out of the house to get to the other pages. “The best way to get to the end of the book is to go page by page. Tackle every challenge ahead that’s the only option!” Jasmine pointed out. “Well we will need some weapons and protective gear” James commented. “Well we can certainly tell who’s been playing zombie killing game, haha” Ben said jokily. “Haha, any ways I think we should imagine the protective wear for the next part of the adventure. I think we should make it plastic and we are covered head to toe with no gaps or anything and we should have built in golden glasses” Remarked Bex. “yeah I think we should do what Bex said and I think we should all imagine it exactly like she described it to us” said Ella in agreement. “And don’t forget the weapons I think we should just have normal guns to kill the zombies and don’t forget Jammy the princess’s door to go on to the other pages” James said reminding them all. So they all imagined the design Bex has mentioned for the protective wear. They also imagined the door out of Jammy the princess and they walked through it to the next page. When they got there when they looked around they saw lots of pretty flowers and rainbows in the sky and it was all pretty and everything looked cute. Until they heard snap and “uhh uhhhh uhhhhhh” and scrapping of feet been dragged on the floor coming towards. Also when the zombies arrived the sky turned black lightening started flashing down and it started to rain heavily. But the gang was okay they had there protective gear on and there weapons. “Oh gosh oh gosh what do we do” screamed Ella as all the zombies were coming towards them. “What do you think your guns for Ella shoot them. Shoot anything that moves apart from us” James told her and the rest of the gang. So the gang did exactly that. They killed most of the zombie and then they just dropped dead to the ground as the zombies were dropping to the ground. The ground started shaking. Something big was coming towards them. “What the heck is this going to be” Yelled Bex in fear. “It could be anything out of a bad fairytale that’s bag like a troll or a giant or even a giant three headed dog” Ben replied as if he knew his stuff. Then it got closer… to there total surprise it was only a evil polar bear.”This was what made the ground shake” Said James in utter disappointment. Ella shot it. It died but as it was dying little robins flew out of it. “Why did you shoot it? It was a polar bear and there your favorite animal” Jasmine said shocked. “Well If you remember rightly James told us to shoot anything that moved and wasn’t you guys that’s why I did it plus it was evil” replied Ella. After they stopped talking a huge Army of evil animals came. There were massive bulls. Huge polar bears bigger then the one before. Enormous elephants that if they sat on you you would be dead in seconds. “I think that’s why the ground shook earlier” James said scared. While they were standing face to face with those huge beasts they heard a door way open, they all turned around and it was Edward with millions of wolves. “I saw you come in here and I knew I had to help you also I saw how you made the door appear so I did the same and I also imagined these wolves to help you” shouted Edward as his came in swamped with all the wolves. “Oh wow thank you Edward these wolves look so cute and thank you for coming to help us are you going to stay with us the whole journey?” asked Jasmine hoping he would say yes. “Sure I will because nothing can really happen I am a ghost haha” replied Edward just as he had finished talking Jasmine gave him a big hug. “Okay we have to kill all those beasts so you take that side Ben and Bex. Jasmine and Edward go to the other side. Ella your coming with me in the middle is everyone okay with that” asked James. They all said it was fine and hurried into there places with there lot of wolves behind them. “Everyone ready? Charge!!” shouted Jasmine at the top of her lungs. Everyone charged at the beast and was having a huge battle when Edward and Jasmine started throwing grenades. Everyone else saw what they were doing and joined in within seconds the battle was over and there was a huge flock of robins flying everywhere. “Oh wow we won and none us got hurt even the wolves didn’t get hurt but why did bird fly out of them when they died” asked Ella. “It’s because bird are suppose to resemble death so that’s why” replied Bex. “Okay so now they are all gone and nothing else is coming we should head off to the other page” said Ben not wanting to know what was on the other pages after this one. “Yeah good idea and don’t forget the Jammy the princess door” said James but at the end everyone had joined in because they knew what he was going to say. As they were heading to the end of the page to do the door Jasmine asked Edward “How did you know we were in trouble Edward?” “Well I didn’t but I knew this page was very dangerous so I came to help you” replied Edward “okay well thanks for saving us back there I don’t know what would of happened if you had not of come to help us” replied Jasmine back and she gave him another hug. They all went through the door to the next page.

They got in to the next page. It was like a hall of fame but with all there past memories. The first one they walked up to was Ella’s because she is the youngest out of them all. The memories were on a timeline from when she had been potty trained to talking then to walking by there mother in her earlier years in her life. As they got to the most resent ones it was were she had met Tumbin vieber and he had signed his autobiography for her. “Oh my gosh that was the best memory in my life”. Shrieked Ella with excitement. As they got to her last memory it was the most heartbreaking one of all when there father left there mother. The gang all quickly moved on to Ben’s memory wall. The first ones were the same as Ella but his most resent ones were when he had met Seryl Yole at her cd signing. “That was the best day in my entire life she is so hot!” said Ben excitedly. When they got to the last memory it was the same as Ella’s but it had a red frame around it. “It’s probably got that frame around it because I was so mad with him” Ben said with anger in his voice. They moved on to Bex’s even quicker so no-one got any angrier. Again the first ones were the same as Ben and Ella’s but when hers got to the most resent ones she had come first in a spelling bee. Another one was where she had won a prize in the scientific ideas of the year another one was where she had got an A* in her geography exam. “How come you never told us about you winning a spelling bee or winning a prize at a science thing” questioned Ella, Ben and James to Bex “Well I thought you would think I was a nerd or something and you would not want to talk to me because you would think I would out smart” replied Bex ashamed. “Well we think you’re a nerd anyways but we would not think you would be all em=2 about it you haven’t been that way about anything so why would you be like it about this and how did you get there without us noticing” asked Ella. “You really think I’m a nerd and true I haven’t been all em=2 about it. Remember when mum used to say she was taking me to dentist a lot of times well she wasn’t she was taking me to my compositions” replied Bex. “No but I think you are really smart and anyways you cannot be a nerd because you are to pretty to be one” Ella replied. “I think we should move on to the next one if it is going up in age it should be mine next” said Jasmine excitedly. So they moved on to Jasmines memory wall and hers was completely different. Her dad had potty trained her. Her mother had taught her to speak. Her dad had taught her to walk. Then as they got to her most recent memories they were all of herself and her mother in a restaurant, or taking a walk in the park or at the spa there was loads of Jasmine memories with her mother. Until they started getting to the end of her memories there was less and less of her mother and her. The very last one was a funeral box and it was open and you could see was Jasmines mum there life less. “Oh how I miss her we used to hang out together all the time I miss her so much. The last memory I have before she went to china in the helicopter, Is I was telling her how much I loved her and I asked if she would get me a tiger from china. She knew I was joking but she said she would. The day we were waiting for her to come home me and daddy was sat in the living room when the house phone rang. My daddy went to answer it and within minutes her put down the phone and started to cry he told me to sit down. He just came out with it and said the helicopter your mother was on crashed and your mother died on the way to the hospital. I can remember how sad I was I must have cried for weeks. If I could bring her back the way she was before she died I would!” said Jasmine with tears streaming down her face. “I know what you told us is very sad but what if I told you you could bring your mother back and I’m not joking” said Edward comforting “Go on I want to hear it then” replied Jasmine wiping the tears from her face. “Well remember when Bex said if you imagine it will come alive why don’t you try it with your mother. Imagine her when she was alive and she will appear here” replied Edward. So jasmine did exactly as Edward had told her how to bring her mother back she imagined her before she got on to the helicopter. When she had finished her mother was there and then disappeared. “Why did she disappear after I finished?” Jasmine asked frustrated. “You might need more imagination power to make her appear fully so all of us will help apart from Edward. He doesn’t know what she looked like plus we know what she was wearing before she got on the helicopter we have seen the picture of her” replied James. They all imagined her with her long blonde hair with her bright blue eyes. Dressed in the red top and chinos she was wearing. They all imagined so hard because they really wanted this to work. “Where am I how did I get here OH MY GOSH JASMINE” shouted Jackie pure delight to see her daughter “Mummy I have missed you so much don’t ever leave me again” replied Jasmine in delight. “What do you mean leave I came straight back home from china with your toy tiger to see you” replied Jackie in confusion. “You never got home because you died on the way back but you’re here now and did you really get me a tiger like I asked oh I do love you mummy” said Jasmine sadly and delighted at the same time. “Well how am I here then Jasmine?” asked Jackie in even more confusion. “You’re inside a book and we imagined you here and you appeared isn’t that great any way we are on a journey to the end of the book and you are coming with us and you are staying with me at all times. I am never going to let go of your hand on this whole entire adventure” replied Jasmine happily because she was talking to her mother. So everyone carried on to the next memory timeline which was James’s. It was different to the rest because when he was potty trained his mother and father did. When he was taught to speak his mother and father taught him. Also when he was taught to walk his mother and father taught him. “Eh that’s not fair how come dad taught you to the things with mum but for us it was only mum” asked Bex Ben and Ella sulkily. “I will tell you why. Your mother wanted more than one child but your father didn’t so after James he stopped wanting to know how you grow up. That’s why your mother only taught you the thing as you three was growing up. Also the reason why your father left is not your faults he left because he only wanted one child so that’s why he left you five years ago. He did not want anything to do with you so he thought why was he still around. He left you because he was a nasty piece of junk and don’t ever want to see him ever again” Jackie told them. So after they discussed what a lousy piece of junk their father was they moved to more recent memories in James’s life it was all about the high score in the games he played. He got first place in zombies vs. aliens he also got first place in zombies vs. prehistoric mammals. “Okay I think we have seen all my great first places on games lets move on to the next memory timeline that must be yours Edward” said James proud of himself. So they all moved onto Edwards’s timeline and it was not very long it must have had about fifteen memories on it all the rest had double that. Edwards’s first memories too were been potty trained learning to talk and learning to walk. As he got older the only memories he had were working in the mines his first memory was starting work at the mine at five years old then he started to work as a cart driver taking coal from the mine to the surface until he was fourteen. Then he found this book and took it home and started to draw in it with the mud from outside. Something bad happened one day he was drawing in the book and his father saw him and they didn’t have the money to buy a book like that. So he reported him to the coal mine because he though he had stole it from there and they said that he did and his dad killed him. One night his brother found the book and drew Edward in it. “Oh my gosh that is so dreadful but why did your dad kill you and how come your latest memory is at fifteen years old?. But you are like thirty years old” asked Jasmine. “its because it was wrong to steal then that’s why and my brother drew me after I died so I was a ghost when I got here and when people opened the book I age a year that’s why I am fifteen years older then when I got in here” replied Edward “so your really the same age as me and James” replied Jasmine. “Yeah I am and shouldn’t we be going to the next page?” replied Edward sadly. So they set off to the next page through the Jammy the princess door.

So when they got on to the next page it was just blank and it didn’t have any surprises in store either it was just pure blank “what’s supposed to be wrong with this page then there is nothing on it. Do we have to solve a puzzle to get on the next page?” asked Ella. “We’ll just have to look around to find out” replied Bex. So they looked around and found a temple it said on the front of it *oo*. “I wonder what first and last letter where? It might of said doom loom fool or boom temple what do you think” asked Ben “well we will not know until we go in side and explore” replied Jasmine. So they went inside the temple and it was so huge and luxurious it looked like a king’s palace. “It looks absolutely gorgeous it’s really nicely decorated” They all said together. After they had done checking it out they went looking for a door to get into the next room. “I think I found the door to the next room come here right now” Screamed Jasmine. They all ran over to her. As soon as they got there they realized they had to find a key to get in to the other room. “I think we should look under anything that will move and we might find it but if we don’t just look anywhere where you can think of” Jasmine told everyone. So they looked under big rocks they looked under rugs and statues. They found little bits of a ruby and tried to put it together but it one piece was missing. “I think the other part was in the door” mentioned Jackie. So they went over to the door and tried fitting in the ruby and it fit and they twisted it and then the door slowly opened. “Well we have to go in it’s the only way to go” Ben said pointing out the obvious. So they went into the room and in the room and it was covered in jewels. Jewels like rubies, pearls, diamonds, sapphires, onyx and topaz. There was a beautiful golden piano it had a music sheet on the stand on the top of it was jolly Rodger (skull and cross bone). As everyone was in and looking around the door slammed shut and a piece of paper with instructions flew down and landed on the piano seat. “Can anyone play piano?” asked Ella “I can but I don’t remember the keys that well but I will have ago at it” replied Jackie. She looked at the music sheet and it had the notes CDEFGAB. “I think I know where the first five are but I don’t know where the last two are but I will give it a go” said Jackie apprehensively. “You don’t look that confident are you sure you know what you are doing?” asked James. “I don’t think I know if I can do it, I really don’t feel that confident but I will give it my best shot” replied Jackie. So she gave it ago and she was doing fine and she got all of them done until she got to A and she did the wrong key. It was the first mistake and it was going to be the last. The room shook vigorously the floor also started falling apart. When the room stopped shaking the floor was all in pieces, there was only one bit of the floor that was not damaged it was the way to the door. “I believe in you Jackie” said Bex supportively. “Yeah you can do it we all believe in you” said Edward supportively as well. So then she pressed the right note and then she pressed the note B and it was the right one. “Oh wow I did it and look the door to the next page opened” Said Jackie excitedly. So they all went through the door into the next page.

This page was like a race track and there was all sorts’ of old racing cars like Aston Martins, Ford mustangs and many other old cars there. There were thousands of people racing the old cars and many were getting smashed up. “Oh wow this is totally cool look at all the old makes of cars I love old cars they are so original” said Ben happily. “Oh yeah you like old cars that much how much would you like to race one?” asked mysterious voice from the shadows. “Who said that and if you come out I might talk to you properly about it” Ben replied intrigued. So the mysterious man came out of the shadows. He was small and skinny he had blonde hair with bright blue eyes. “Which car you going to drive then the Austin martin or the ford mustang?” asked the driver. “I guess I will drive the ford mustang” replied Ben excitedly. So they got into the cars and everyone noticed they were racing and watched them and them everyone was shouting drive drive drive!. Then the person with the gun shot ‘POOF’ the race started. Ben was in front but then the driver over took him and shot off leaving trail of dust behind him. When Ben got to the end of the race he was very disappointed and very upset he lost. “So I will be taking my money now” said the driver very demanding “we don’t have any money so we cannot give you anything” replied Jasmine “Well aren’t you a gobby one! I guess I will just take you four lovely ladies then. That can be my payment and you can be my slaves” said the driver slimily. So the driver took the girls back to his cabin but the boys stayed where they were and discussed the matter about getting the girls back. “So what are we going to do?”asked James worryingly. “Well we defiantly have to do something it’s our family with that creep” Said Ben worried. “Well we could always have another race with him but with a better car. The faster car there is today” suggested Edward. “That’s the greatest IDEA I have heard” James and Ben said in unison. So the boys thought of the faster car they could think of and it was a formula 1 car the one like Mewis Camilton drives. After they finished it and it appeared in front of them they went to the drivers’ cabin and looked in the window to see if it was the right one. When they did they saw jasmine was cleaning the cabin from head to toe. Then they looked the other way and they saw Bex and Ella cleaning all his shoes and there must have been thousands there. Then they looked at the driver and Jackie was feeding him with grapes. “We really do have to save them from been his slave” said James angrily. So they knocked on the door and the driver answered the door. “What the heck do you losers want I won you fair and square” said the driver angrily. “Well we want another race with you but on our terms you used your Austin martin. We use our car” said Ben competitively. The driver agreed and the race went on. The person with gun came again and everyone noticed that they were having a race and started to watch it. “Good luck sucker” shouted Ben over the talking of people. Then ‘POOF’ the gun went off and Ben let the driver get in front. Then boom Ben had over took him and left him there looking like an idiot because he had totally won him. Everyone roared and cheered for Ben. Someone from the crowd shouted to Ben “eh kid you just won the champ he’s been champion for at least two years you’re the first person to win him”. “Wow! And for my payment I think I will have the girls back now!” demanded James. “I would rather just give you one of my many trophies” replied the driver bitterly “well that’s not fair you just took the girls off us with out us been able to offer you anything!” replied Edward angrily. “Well what could you of offered me instead?” asked the driver confessed. “Well we could of given you what ever you wanted if you had of just asked but no you had to take the girls off us so your buggered now aren’t you” replied James “like what could you of given me?”Asked the driver even more confused. “Okay well we will demonstrate James think of something small what you want. Then tell all of us what it is then Ben will make it appear for you!” ordered Edward. So James thought for a moment then told everyone what he wanted. “I want a little cute pink bunny and a little cute dolphin to give to our sisters” James told Ben. So Ben made them appear and they were the cutest things ever. “So now will you give us the girls back if we give you what you want?” asked Ben. “Yes fine I will but you have to give me the fastest car in the world then, and then you can have the girls back” Said the driver nastily. So the boys imagined a Porsche that looked like the formula 1 car. The reason why they did not give him a formula 1 car is because if he wanted another race with them they would win. “Okay you have your fastest car ever. Now can we have our girls back?” asked Edward eagerly. “Sure if you race me first you didn’t think you would get them back that easily did you? Replied the driver spitefully. So they started the race as before the crowd looked the man with the gun came then ‘POOF’ and the race started. Ben let the driver get in front it was neck and neck on the way to the end then Ben zoomed ahead and won the race. “YOU CHEATER!” yelled the driver angry. “No you’re the cheater you asked for the fastest car so you could win me. You were never going to give me my family back but sorry loser you have to give me them back because I won you fair and square. So thank you I will have my family now” demanded Ben. “I don’t think so” Yelled the driver running to his cabin. So the boys ran after him but it was too late by the time they had got there he had bolted the door from inside. “Open the door or we will have to get in by using some powerful tools so you have been warned” shouted James. There was silence no one said a word from inside the cabin. “There is defiantly something wrong we have to get inside!” said Edward worried. “Open this door or we will use a chainsaw and slice open your door because it is very thin” shouted Ben angrily. Still no answer so they decided to slice the door open with a very powerful chainsaw. When it got the tiniest bit in there was a sound like scratching on metal. So the decided to saw the wooden bit of the door off and was left with the metal bit behind the wooden door. “I think we should use a flamethrower” suggested James. “I agree” agreed Ben. So they used a flamethrower to get pasted the metal door and it worked. After they melted down the door they saw the mad driver guy but the girls were nowhere to be seen. “What the heck have you done to the girls” asked Edward worried. “I have not done anything with the girls they might just be hiding?” replied the driver. So the boys started to look for the girls. They looked in this dark room where there was no light and they found Jackie, Jasmine and Bex but no sign of Ella. “Where is Ella?” asked James franticly. “I though she was with Jasmine” replied Bex scared. Jasmine moved back near the chair because she going to sit down. She was worried about Ella that much. Before she sat down something grabbed her foot. “AHHHHH WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT” screamed jasmine in shock. “Oh sorry I thought you were that horrible driver guy I am so sorry jasmine I was just trying to freak him out” said Ella apologetic. “It’s alright as long as your okay we thought something bad had happened to you!” replied Jasmine. When Ella got up from behind the chair everyone gave her a big hug. “You know while I was behind the chair I heard all the fast cars going by. I was wondering you know if we had a really fast car and imagined a tunnel all the way to the end of the book we will be at the end of the book and that’s where we needed to be. Well Edward said we needed to get there anyway” said Ella smartly. “Yeah I think that’s a great idea and the tunnel will be easy to make because it will only be a black hole type thing” Mentioned Bex. “Plus we have the car outside because we made a formula 1 car appear so we could race that guy” James told everyone. So the gang headed outside to the car but it was not big enough for them to get in there was only two seats. “We need another faster bigger car for all of us to get into” said Jasmine “I know what we will do because the formula 1 car is the fastest. We will and all imagine a formula 1 car but with seven seats and the seats will go like this one seat in the front for the driver. Then in the back there will be two rows of three for us lot” Said Bex. “Yeah but when we design it I want my seat to be pink teehee” said Ella excited. “Yeah I think it will be safer for me to drive because when we was watching you Ben you didn’t look very experienced” said Jackie nicely. So everyone put there imagination together to make the car. When it was finished it looked amazing. They got into it and Jackie started the engine. “Before we go I want you to imagine the tunnel so I can go straight through it and don’t stop concentrating when we have gone through it because we can go all the way to the end by going through the tunnels” shouted Jackie over the noise of the engine. So they imagined the tunnel and when it was finished Jackie zoomed in to it at light speed.

They arrived at the end of the book within seconds the car was that fast. When they got out the car and looked around they saw that the page was a sleeping area of what looked like the king of the book. There was a massive throne. Thousands of slaves like maid’s servants and many more. Then they looked in the other and there was a golden branch. “What the heck is a branch doing in a kings’ room” They shouted shocked. “Who dare awake the might wise owl?” shouted a voice from where the branch was. Then as they gang got closer a giant old looking owl rose up the branch and it looked at the gang in disgust. “What do you want and why are you standing on my floor? Servants come give them clean shoes so they don’t get it mucky! AT ONCE!” shouted the owl snottily. The servants did give them clean shoes very nice ones actually. “So now we have that sorted what are you doing here in my fabulous room?” asked the owl even snottier than before. “Well we have come all the way through the book page by page to get here because we needed to. We need to get home so can you help us please?” asked Jasmine nicely. “Oh you are the people who I have seen battle zombies, beast, solved riddles and won the champion driver. Oh and you even met a ghost and he came on your travels. You also brought you dead mother back to life. You lot have been on quite a journey so what can I do for you?” asked the owl impressed with them. “Well if you would be so kind to take us back home to our house we would be very grateful” said James, Ben, Bex and Ella pleadingly. “Yes I will do that for you four but I sense that the other girl Jasmine is it? Would prefer something else. Am I right?” asked the owl nicely. “Yeah I would like something else. I want to go home to but not without Edward and my mother. So can they come with us too please but make Edward his normal age again please?” asked Jasmine pleadingly. “Well I don’t see why not you have been on a journey with this young man Edward since the second page you went on. He saved your lives. Then on the third page you went on you brought your mother back to life. Then you went to the fourth page she helped you get on the fifth page by playing the piano with life threatening consequences. So I reckon they have proven they are brave enough. So they can go home with you but I will warn you taking your mother back and a complete stranger will confuse a lot of people and what will you father think jasmine? Asked the owl. “I didn’t think of that but I suppose daddy will understand after we show him the book and tell him about the adventure. Plus I have mum to back me up on the whole thing” said
Jasmine after she had thought it through. “Very well and if you ever want to bring your father to show him it is real turn to the back of the book on to this page and bring him here and then he will believe you kiddo” said the owl nicely. “So everyone holds hands and I will send you back to your house. ‘POOF’ ‘BANG’ ‘WHIZ’ ‘POP’ these were all the sounds that the owl made sending the gang back to the house. ‘CRASH’ everyone had landed in Jasmines (Ben’s old room). “Oh wow we are all here” yelled Jasmine in delight. “Oh wow I am fifteen again but I still have my old clothes on I look a bit strange compared to you lot” said Edward confusedly. “Well because we are the same age I guess you can borrow some of my clothes” replied James nicely with a smile on his face. “Okay thanks” replied Edward gratefully. So James went to get Edward some of his clothes he got him some joggers and a pink top. “You look amazing and do you think we should tell dad about it now I think we should ring and tell him to get over here so we can explain it to him and aunt at the same time” said Jasmine to the gang. “Yeah okay I will go get mum and tell her to go sit on the couch and while I do that. You ring you dad and tell him to come round you have to tell him something important” replied Ella. So off Ella went to go get her mum but as she did she noticed the clock and it was still 6 o’clock in the morning so she rang back in to Jasmines room. “You cannot ring your dad yet its still 6 am from when you woke us up said Ella worriedly. “Too late I already rang him and he was already up he gets up at half 5 in the morning. So wake your mum up” replied Jasmine. So off went Ella again and woke her mum up this time. “Mum go sit on the couch I need to tell you something very important while you go to the living room I will make you a cup of tea” Ella said to her mum. So her mum got up but still half asleep and went to the living room and sat down. Ella ran into jasmines room “mums in the living room just waiting on your dad now” just Ella finished her sentence the door bell rung and it was jasmines dad. Jasmine ran to the door to let him in and told him “to go to the living room and sit down when you are in there”. He did as was told. Then Jasmine ran to her room and told the others the plan “right they are both in the living room I think we should all go in even my mum and Edward and when we are all in we should tell the story”. So they all went in to the living room and told them the whole story of what happened in the book. They did not believe them so Jasmine told her dad and her aunt to follow her into her room and they did. When they got there she told them that she was gong to draw all three of them. She told her dad and aunt to hold hands and she drew them. After they disappeared into the book she drew herself. When they were in the book she called out for the owl and he appeared and he told her dad and aunt that it was all true. They had to believe them anyway because they were inside the book. “So you want to go home again” the owl asked jasmine. Jasmine nodded her head and the owl. Boomed whizzed and popped again and they were in her room again. “So now do you believe us?” Jasmine asked cheekily. “Of course we do you actually took us in to the book” they both replied in shock. “It’s going to take me a long while to get used to your mother being back. We cannot stay in the city because people know that she is dead. I have a idea we can move up here because it’s a house on its own in the middle of fields nobody will know up here Plus we will be right next door and everyone else in this house knows” Richard said with a smile on his face. “Oh that’s a great idea daddy and I have a question to ask you. You know because we told you the whole thing that happened with Edward, and he is now in this century not in the Victorian times. Can he stay will us and be my brother. Mum already said he could its up to you” asked Jasmine pleadingly. “Oh right he can live with us, but it might be hard for him to adjust to live in this day and age. He will have to learn about new technology and you will have to help him along the way” replied Richard. “Oh yes I will thank you daddy I love you” replied Jasmine and she ran up to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss. She ran into the living room where everyone else was and told them the good news that they were coming up here to live and Edward was going to live them for ever. After that was sorted jasmine remember that she left the book open and she went back into her room and looked at the book. It had there adventure written in the book. Jasmine ran in to the living room to show the others and they were so excited they read it.

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