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Forever or Never

Author's note: Well, I'm writing this based on a dream of mine..... not to mention the fact that I've always...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, I'm writing this based on a dream of mine..... not to mention the fact that I've always wanted to find a way to combine my favorite mythical creatures into one story :)  « Hide author's note
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Forever or Never Ch.4

Mother stood before me. She examined my body, staring at the mud and dirt that covered me. “Get changed Nairi. You look like you’re homeless.” Mother turned away from Nimue and I. I assumed that mother was in no mood for me to argue with her, so I mumbled some kind of agreement and climbed my stairs. For some reason, I hesitated at my door. I stood there, looking only at the door. I felt for some kind of presence in my room, and in finding none, I shoved it open.
I trudged over to my bed and collapsed onto it. I didn’t care that it was silk and I was still covered in mud, I just closed my eyes and embraced sleep willingly. Not five minutes later, a faint knock on my door made my eyes shoot open. I swung my legs over the side of my bed, and pulled a dagger out of my nightstand.
“Nairi……” I didn’t answer, even though I knew it was sister outside of my door. She tried again. “Nairiramonshea…..” Nimue called through my door. I shuddered at the use of my full first name. Nimue knew enough to only use it if she was in trouble, or if something was wrong. I stalked over to the door, and slowly opened it. Nimue stepped in, frantically searching around my room. I gently closed my door and looked back at Nimue.
She now was holding a large dagger in one hand, and the other hand was outstretched to me. I hesitated, but took her hand anyway. Nimue guided me to my window. There she said, “Nairi something is happening. Something terrible. I think it’s up to us to stop it.” Nimue looked at me, and I saw fear and uncertainty in her eyes. She whispered words of protection, and then the peaceful scene of my room disappeared.
It was replaced by a large building surrounded by massive trees. The building reeked of vampires and human blood. Still holding my hand, Nimue led me in. The building was even larger when you were inside. One wall was completely covered in mirrors (vampires tend to be conceited). All the others were painted a plain white, and most had holes in them from vampire anger fits. The smell of blood burned at my nose, and I noticed Nimue shift uncomfortably. Just a typical vampire bar.
A breeze of power washed over me as Nimue dropped her barriers, revealing her true aura. Sometimes I forgot how strong she really was. But strong it was, and strong vampyres tended to attract unwanted attention. Still, Nimue kept going deeper and deeper into the vampire bar.
“You brought a guest. She smells….fresh,” said a voice from behind me. I tried to turn, but Nimue held me back. Instead she gave a sharp low growl and tugged me along. The voice followed. “Don’t run away. We’ve only just begun to know each other.” Bile crept into my throat and I tired my best not to attack. These places did that to me. They made me agitated, on my guard at all times. Vampires and witches never got along, so going into a vampire bar was like poison to me.
Nimue slowly turned, creeping into a confident, fearless crouch. The vampyre stood his ground, despite her ferocious gaze and reputation. A hand shoved me away and I staggered into a wall. Nimue faced me, her head hung in shame.
“Just a little. Please Nairi!” her voice was urgent. I immediately understood and brushed the hair away from my neck. The pain, blistering at first, ebbed from my head down to my neck. But it was soon replaced with a sort of bliss. I was drifting and my mind was soothed. But as Nimue pulled herself away (with a lot of force), it all rushed back. First the pain, then my thoughts crammed into my mind. My head spun, but I refused to collapse.
Instead, I watched as the other vampyre thrust his power out. I was thrust so hard into a mirror that you would have sworn I was flying. I sunk to my knees, blinking away blackness. I struggled to see as Nimue lunged, sending the vampyre flying into a far away wall. She turned on her heel, motioned for me to follow, and continued to walk. Hastily I picked up a piece of broken glass and followed shakily.
Along the way I stared at the shard, inspecting the damage to myself. My hair was matted, my clothes were ruined and my arm looked like I had just been operated on by a blind doctor. In other words, I looked like s***. Bad idea to look.
Nimue stopped in front of a table. On top of it lounged an arrogant vampire sitting with his feet dangling off the edge. A girl stood near him staring at me and Nimue with hate filled eyes. Judging by her bloodshot eyes and bite marks on her wrist and neck, she was a blood junkie. They’re humans who hang around the strongest vampires only for the blood sucking sessions. It gives them some sort of thrill or something. I never tried to understand them, and didn’t care to start now.
Since my mind was still buzzed, I took in random details that weren’t important. Like how the junkie’s hand was a keen give away for when she was agitated (it twitches). And how she stood close to her master, almost protectively. Or how Nimue’s grayish white hair and auburn eyes made her seem much older than she really is. Between the details, I managed to listen to bits and pieces of the conversation between Nimue and the vampire.
“Rookie murdered… Elders angry…. blood…” That last word caught my attention but the buzz worked on my mind until the thought was gone. And with it went my worries. In the distance I heard glass shatter ad then darkness threatened to envelope me once more. This time however, I gladly embraced it. The last thing I heard before I passed out was the junkie’s terrible, horrifying scream.
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sevandlilly said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 4:50 pm
This might be a little strange, but I LOVE all your characters names:)
LivEvil said...
Oct. 1, 2011 at 5:55 pm
As good as always, names hard to pronounce in my head....as always. Stupid itallics was on....But i likes it
emilybwrites said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 4:42 pm
wow this was great! check out my poem "Forgotten Domain" and comment/rate it thanks :)

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