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Forever or Never

Author's note: Well, I'm writing this based on a dream of mine..... not to mention the fact that I've always...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, I'm writing this based on a dream of mine..... not to mention the fact that I've always wanted to find a way to combine my favorite mythical creatures into one story :)  « Hide author's note
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Forever or Never Ch.2

As I struggled against the barrier, I frantically glanced around me. A tall dark figure was leaning over the barrier, looking proudly at his catch. I strained to see the details, but the spiraling wind made him fuzzy. So I focused on doing what I do best.
I flipped the knife off of my boot and attacked with brutal force. The figure (a guy) was surprised, so the barrier he had been holding dropped. I lunged again, but he was expecting it this time. He leapt back, and then feinted hard. I followed
Yes, i realize magick and vampyre are spelled incorrectly. This is because magick is what the witches use, not magic. And Vampyres are the people who are turned into blood-sucking demons. Vampires are the ones who are born. This will be explained later on, but I figured I would tell you before I got a bunch of comments on it.
his moves, but stayed on my toes. He caught my hand though, and he twisted it till I dropped to my knees. He leaned over me with his fangs piercing through his lips. He held my hands behind my back, and leaned closer to my neck.
In silence, I flipped another knife on my arm. I twisted free of his grip and lunged (yet again) towards him. The knife pierced where his heart should have been. The man fell to the ground without a sound. “I’ll be back for you…..” He gasped. “And when I come back, you won’t live another day of your life the same way. You’ll be the prey, and I’ll be the hunter. Just remember……..I warned you.” He rasped the last words, and I pulled the knife from his body.
I slid the knives back into their holsters, and leaned against a tree, wary but too tired to go anywhere. “Thank you sooooo much. I was afraid that that vampire would kill me. By the way, my name’s Jill. Once human, now mutant.” A voice said from behind me. I turned, and saw a girl standing behind me. She pointed to her tiger striped tail. I rolled my eyes. Yet another mutant failure. Damn I was getting tired of those.
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just stay out of these parts. I’d rather not stay here, and you probably should come with me. If you value your life that is.” I turned, and she followed quickly at my feet. “My name’s Nairi,” I stated, trying to speed up my pace. I wanted to scope out the place, before any more vamps came.
“So where exactly are we going?” Jill stopped, waiting for me to answer. No matter how tempting it was, I wasn’t going to leave her alone out here.
“Well, I’m going to see where he came from. And if there are anymore out there. You can come if you want to, just keep up would you?” I leapt up the nearest tree, and I didn’t look back this time. I knew she was following me just by her heavy footsteps pounding after me. So I leapt to the next tree, and the next one after that. Again and again I leapt to the nearest tree to me, hearing only Jill’s feet pounding against the branches of the trees.
I finally found what I was looking for. It was a small spot of charred grass, barely noticeable to the untrained eye. Sure enough, Jill finally caught up with me, and she cocked her head slightly to the side. I ignored her ignorance and shimmied cautiously down the tree. “What…?” Jill stopped mid-sentence when I put my finger to my lips. A small fire was still burning, but it was hidden under a tarp. But still, the smoke smell was thick. The fire indicated that the vampire had been a relatively young one. They usually can’t teleport well, so the “mother” of this vampire had been visiting him. This didn’t exactly settle my nerves. “Was it alone Nairi?” Jill asked, hushing her voice so that only I could hear.
“It seems like it. Try to stay quiet though, just to be sure,” I replied. Jill nodded, and I continued to scour the area. I searched for signs of life, channeling my senses to try to find the aura of any other life forms. Other than some animals (and Jill), I found none. So I signaled for Jill to follow me. We walked until we found a place suitable for a quick escape. I sat on a small stump, and Jill sat on a low branch.
“So Jill, why are you out here anyway? Don’t you have a family or something?” Jill looked to the ground as I asked.
“No, I never have. They took me when I was a small child, and infused my DNA with a white tiger’s. Then they left. They didn’t believe that I would last a day, but here I am, sixteen years and still going strong. What about you?” Jill asked sarcastically. I could tell she was uncomfortable with this subject, so I went on to explain my family.
“Well, I have a sister named Nimue and a mother. We come from the Xena clan, and I was out here for my coming of age vigil. Well, I was until he showed up at least,” I replied, becoming bored with the subject.
“What no dad? Someone with a family like yours has to have a dad right?”
“No… he died when I was six. He was killed by a vampire. I swore from then on that I would hunt and kill them, until there were no left on this Earth. So far, I’m doing quiet fine.” I put pressure on my left hand, and flinched as pain shot up my arm.
“Are you okay? I can heal that if you want me to.” I nodded, and she got to work. She drew a circle in the ground and motioned for me to step into it. I did, and felt warm magick running through my veins. My hand regained feeling and I felt the magick flow form me into the air.
“That was amazing. How do you know about healing powers like that? I thought you said you were abandoned out here.”
“I was, but when you’re out here alone, you get bored. So you pick up on things. It’s really not a big deal,” Jill shrugged. She slid off her branch and stood in front of me. Her smile was warm, with a hint of a challenge. I smiled back at her, and pushed off my left arm to stand. When no pain went up through my arm, I smiled harder.
It didn’t take much to wipe that smile off of my face. As I heard Nimue’s voice calling to my head, my smile completely faded. Where are you Nairi? You are needed here. It vanished quickly, but the panic in her voice lingered in my mind. It reminded me of her true self, and her bloody past. You see, she’s a bloodsucking monster…. A vampyre. Jill looked up at me astonished. “Your sister is a vampyre?” She whispered.
“How do you… How did you…How the hell do you know that?!” I blurted. I regretted it, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it now.
“Like I said, when you’re alone, you pick up on things. A couple of years ago I found out how to tune into the magick system to hear thoughts. You looked out of it, so I tapped into your magick stream to see if I could sense something. Obviously, I did.” Jill’s face turned the color of a ripe tomato. “Sorry if it was wrong to do it.”
“Wait sense something? Like what?” I asked, trying hard to get my magick wall again. “By the way, it’s alright.”
“Like a build up in your magick stream, like now. Or a presence of another’s magick.” Jill giggled slightly and her blush began to fade a bit. She looked up to the sky. Suddenly, a bird’s shriek filled the sky. I recognized the battle cry and flipped the spring locked knives and went into a fighting stance. Jill beside me readied herself to pounce. This wasn’t gonna be fun.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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sevandlilly said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 4:50 pm
This might be a little strange, but I LOVE all your characters names:)
LivEvil said...
Oct. 1, 2011 at 5:55 pm
As good as always, names hard to pronounce in my head....as always. Stupid itallics was on....But i likes it
emilybwrites said...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 4:42 pm
wow this was great! check out my poem "Forgotten Domain" and comment/rate it thanks :)

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