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Soul Slayer

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I went to my room and changed into a pink tank top and a black pair of sweatpants. I lie down in my bed and read a little, but about an hour later the doorbell rang six times really fast and it startled me. I quickly went down the stairs and opened the door. Miss Fall was holding her two sleepy kids hands as they leaned against her. She seemed out of breath.
“Hope…a hunter…heading this way!” She said through deep breaths and I quickly let them in.
“Sit down in the kitchen Miss Fall. I’ll hide the children.” I said and she nodded. I took her kids hands and they unconsciously followed. I took them to Jamie’s room and she quickly woke up. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up.
“Hope?” She asked in a yawn.
“Jamie, I need you to watch the kids, can you do that?” I asked and she nodded quietly, “I’ll go get Tis. The three of you stay here.” I said and then ran down the hall of upstairs. I went to Tis’s room and picked up the sleeping boy. He slept on me as I walked back to Jamie’s room. I gave her Tis and then went to my room. I ripped my sheets off my bed and quickly brought my huge mattress to Jaime’s room then I set it on the ground. I put Miss Fall’s two kids on it and saw Jamie had put Tis in bed with her. She looked shaken.
“What’s going on, Hope?” She asked quietly.
“Someone is coming here that could kill all of us, Jamie. He is here to kill me because he does not want the vampires to get a hold of my power. I have to defend everyone here, so Miss Fall came over because any magical person is not safe right now. I will send her up here soon to protect the 4 of you.” I said and then started towards the door when Jaime grabbed my arm. I looked back at her to see fear.
“But you can’t fight someone right now! Especially by yourself!” She protested.
“Jamie, I already told you. I would do anything to keep the three of you safe. If I have to die I want it to be while I am protecting you and Tis.” I said and then walked off. I went down to Miss Fall and she was stable again. I sent her up to help the kids and she said the man was almost here. My heart stung with excitement, fear, and curiosity as I waited for the door to open and the battle to start. I had already made it so I could use all of my power at any moment and waited. Finally the time came as the door swung open. A tall, muscular man stood there in a long black trench coat. He stared at me.
“Are you the last soul slayer?” He asked in a gruff voice. I nodded and he smiled.
“And you are the hunter who has been sent to kill me because I can help your enemies.” I said and his face turned grim.
“Smart girl, too bad it’s a waste.” He said and then a stream of green light came towards me. I quickly reflected it with a barrier of shimmering gold that I had made in an instant. I threw three streams of gold at the man and he dogged all of them.

Sweat poured down my brow as I stood on the blood-covered stairs. My arms were raised to my sides so I blocked the whole staircase up to Jamie and Tis. The hunter, who had lots of injuries, smiled at me. “Out of my way, girl. There’re vampires upstairs.”
“Over my dead body!” I yelled as my body shook more. Even though we had only been in battle for almost 30 minutes we were both covered in wounds. Mine were severe, blood was spilling out of my back and flowing slowly down the stairs because the hunter hand hit me with a strike and sent me flying into the stairs only a few minutes before. My body wanted to give up and die, but I wouldn’t allow it. I stood there and the hunter walked closer to me. He threw a green stream at me and I used my arms to take the impact. I flew to the top of the staircase and the hunter started up the stairs. I quickly stood as my body shook. The hunter laughed as he walked.
“Give it up! You’re going to die soon because of the amount of the blood you’re loosing! This is over! You’ll die and I’ll win with a few vampire’s deaths’ to add to it!” He laughed and my body urged to die. I quickly scrounged up all the power I had left.
“This isn’t over until I’m not breathing, hunter!” I yelled and he laughed more, “I’ll die before I let you touch those vampires!”
“Why do you protect vampires? They only use you.”
“The ones I am protecting are different! They are my family and the only thing I live for! I will never let you touch them!” I yelled as he stood only a few feet from me.
“Oh yea?” He asked and another green stream hit my stomach. I hit the door to Jamie’s room and broke it. The five people in the room screamed as I fell into the room.
“Hope!” Jamie cried. I looked up at her and saw myself through her eyes. I was like a beaten angel covered in blood. I could see how truly dead I looked and I felt a fire spark within me. I quickly stood and my eyes turned gold. The hunter walked into the room and smiled as he saw my eyes.
“You’re not dead yet?” He asked with a laugh.
“We just got started, Hunter!” I yelled as I felt my body urge to kill. All of the sudden my body felt like it was being controlled by someone else and I couldn’t feel my heart beating anymore. I put my hands on top of each other in front of me and pulled them apart. A gold line shimmered in front of me and I grabbed it. The line turned into a gun in my hand and I pulled back the release. I pointed it towards the hunter and smiled. “Say goodnight!” I yelled and then shot 12 times in a row at the hunter’s heart. It hit him and he did what all un-mortal beings do once they are dead. He disappeared with a scream and my body wanted to give out. Miss Fall ran to me with Jamie not far behind her. I was sweating all over and covered with blood. My body was shaking uncontrollably and I felt sick as I finally had control over my body again. Jamie cried in relief and uncertainty. She thought we were all going to die when the Hunter had come into the room. I put my hand on her wet face and she looked at me. “I didn’t intend for any of you to see that. I’m sorry.” I apologized and then looked at Miss fall. “You should go home.” She nodded and the three of them left. When the front door shut my knees hit the ground as tears filled my eyes. Jamie quickly followed me and still looked at me. “Jamie, I need you to call your father. I can’t take care of you two right now.” I said and she quickly grabbed the phone on the nightstand. She dialed the number and listened.
“Dad?” She asked. “It’s Jamie. Are you on your way home?” There was a quiet moment; “I’ll give the phone to Hope.” She said as she handed me the phone.
“What’s going on?”
“There was an attack. Are you almost home?”
“I’m leaving Yuri’s car right now.” He said and then I heard the front door open.
“Come upstairs.” I said and then hung up the phone. Hajji’s footsteps stopped at the stairs and I knew he saw the blood. But his footsteps kept on after a moment and he came to the room. “Jamie, go with Tis to his room and sleep with him. Company is what you need right now.” I said and they left. I sat on the floor, as Hajji’s eyes finally understood what had happened. He quickly came to me and sat down next to me.
“What the hell happened?”
“A hunter tried to come kill me. He used his magic to send me against the stair and then we got up here. He felt the presence of everyone else and tried to get to them. He got into the room, but then I killed him.” I whispered quietly.
“How badly are you hurt?”
“I can’t stand.” I whispered and Hajji carefully picked me up. He carried me down the stairs and put a blanket on the couch. He laid me on the blanket and my back stung. He sat down next to me on the couch. I looked at my body and thought of the kids. “I’m sorry, Jamie.” I whispered and Hajji’s hand touched my cheek.
“They’ll be okay. They’re used to odd things happening.”
I shook my head. “It’s not that. They saw me kill someone and saw me dieing before them. Jaime truly thought we were all going to die.” I said and then wiped a few tears from my face. “I let that kind of deadly harm get too close to the people I love. Jamie was so scared that her soul sent my head spinning! I can’t believe I was so weak!”
“You weren’t weak! You won!”
“No, I shouldn’t have won. I was going to die and I think I did for a few moments. That hunter and I both knew who was going to win the minute my back was hit against the stairs, but I had to save those kids and I guess my body let it die because someone took over my body when I was thrown into Jamie’s door. I had no control over my actions and that is the only reason I won. Someone helped me and used my powers in a way I didn’t know.” I said quietly.
“Should I call someone?” He asked and I shook my head.
“I can’t be helped by Ruby or anyone else until I have a few days of rest.” I said quietly and he nodded. I sat up and he helped me. “I’m going to wash this blood off. It’s making me ill.” I leaned over and kissed Hajji deeply. He held me softly in his arms and I kissed him more. He was about to lean me over, but then remembered my injuries. He let go and I smiled. “Can you help me to get into the shower? Or should I go get Jamie?” I asked and he helped me stand.
“I’ll do it, but can you walk?” He asked and I shook my head, so he picked me up and brought me to his bathroom that had a large shower in it. He stood me by the shower and I tried to pull my tank top over my head, but my arms hurt. I quickly stopped and Hajji took a hold of the shirt. He slid it off me to show blood, sweat, and bruises. I was bare except for a black bra but I slowly turned around.
“Can you undo the clips?” I asked and he did. I turned back to him as my bra slid off my arms. Hajji stared at my breasts for a moment, but then noticed I was trying to get my pants off. He slid them off me and I blushed. It was one thing to be topless, but Hajji was going to have to take my underwear off next. He smiled at me.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Hope.” He said and I nodded. He took a hold of my underwear and slid them off. Hajji turned on the water and then he left. I slowly walked into the shower and felt the water. I turned it to a comfortable position and slowly moved into the water. It felt warm and comfy on my hurting body, and it also healed most of my cuts. I took the bar of soap and scrubbed every part of me. When I was fully covered in soap I washed it off and saw a bruised and scared version of my old body. I washed my hair and then turned off the water. I got out of the shower and used the towel Hajji had left for me. I looked at myself in his mirror and gasped as I dropped my towel. My face looked normal except for a scar above my left eye that was small, but the rest of my body was unbelievably ruined. It was covered in bruises and scars. My stomach was the worst and so were my arms, since the hunter’s power streams had burned them. They were both black with odd colors around them. I turned around and looked at my back. There was a huge cut from one side of the middle of my back and to the other side. It was ugly and I knew it would not heal for a while. I also knew I had to work on my powers. As my life starts coming closer to an end more people will try to kill me. I have to rest for a day or two and then I will leave Hajji’s house for the last time.
A knock came at the door and I quickly pulled my towel back up. “Yea?” I whispered and Hajji came in. He shut the door behind him and walked over to me.
“How bad is your body?” He asked.
“It will heal.” I whispered and he looked sad.
“Is it that bad?” I looked away and he put his hand on my arm. “You shouldn’t go to school tomorrow. You’re too hurt.” He said and I nodded. “I’ll help the kids in the morning, you should just sleep.”
“No! I have to help the kids! That’s my payment for staying with you without paying you! That’s the only way I can pay you back right now!” I whispered in as close to a yell as I could get to.
“You don’t have to pay me anything, Hope. We all want you here.” He said and then he turned sly. “We’re dating. That’s payment enough.” I blushed and nodded. He smiled as he walked so close to me that we were touching. He put his arms around me and I laid my head on his chest. His soul called to mine, but I couldn’t tell what it truly wanted from my beaten heart. “Your mattress is covered in blood. You can sleep with me tonight.” He said and I quietly nodded. He let go of me and took my hand in his. He led me out of the bathroom and to his bedroom. He handed me a set of clothes and smiled. “I wiped away the blood on the stairs, but I have to make sure it’s dry. I’ll be back in a minute.” He walked out and I dropped my towel. I unfolded the pile of clothes and laid them on the bed. I put on the underwear and tank top. Hajji came in while I was slowly pulling my pajama pants up my body. He came to me in the dark room and took my hand.
“Thanks for everything Hajji.” I whispered and I felt him walk closer to me. His lips lightly touched mine and I fell under a spell by his soul. He put his arms around my waist as he kissed me more. His tongue moved in my mouth and I quickly put my arms around his neck. But he stopped quickly even though neither of us wanted to.
“We will finish this once you’re healthier.” He whispered and I nodded. He put his hand in mine and led me to his bed. We got under the sheets and I lay next to him. He faced me as I faced him. It only took a few minutes for us to finally sleep for the night.

I woke up at about 2 and just listened. The room was quiet and I could feel Hajji’s arms around me and his body against my back. Two quiet breathing creatures made the only sound in the room. I opened my eyes to see Jamie and Tis staring at me.
“What are you two doing up this early?” I whispered and Hajji’s grip tightened around me, but he didn’t wake up.
“We can’t sleep upstairs.” Jamie whispered.
“It’s too empty without you up there.” Tis whispered in addition. I smiled at them and slightly pulled up the covers on the side that was open beside me.
“Come on in.” I whispered and Tis quickly crawled to my side. He lay next to me as Jamie slid in next to him. I slid the covers up closer to them and smiled. “Now you two should try to get some sleep.” I whispered as I looked up at their faces again, but they were already asleep. I lay back down and slept also.

The doorbell ringing woke everyone. Hajji’s grip came off of me and I started to sit up but my cut on my back stung. I grabbed my back and Hajji quickly pulled me back down to his side. “I’ll get it. Just stay here.” He said and I nodded. Hajji got out of the bed and left the room. I didn’t hear anything because the front door was too far away, but then I heard Hajji walking back to the room. When he came in Miss Fall followed him. She stared at me with respect and sorrow. I quickly slid myself out of the bed without too much pain and slowly walked over to Miss Fall.
“Miss Fall, what are you doing here?” I asked politely.
“I wanted to make sure you were okay. I only saw half that battle last night, but I could hear the rest.” She said and then her eyes changed to gratitude. “I want to also thank you for what you did. I heard your conversation with the Hunter and I know you put your life at more risk to protect us. I may be a low rank and defenseless vampire, Hope, but if I can do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask.”
I smiled at her. “Miss Fall, you owe me nothing. I wanted to keep you safe because I knew if I had to die last night Hajji, Jamie, and Tis would still be safe and kept well by you.” I put my hand on her shoulder. “I cannot thank you enough for taking that burden off of me, Miss Fall.”
“I would have done it regardless of if you had asked me to or not.” She said and then looked sad again. “I was best friends with your mother and father, so I would do anything for their daughter.”
“I bet they’re happy to know that I will be in your care during my surgery.” I said quietly and she looked sad, but I quickly smiled at her. “And I intend to pay you back for everything you did for me, my parents, and my brother after the surgery is successful.”
Miss Fall nodded. “Also, I was told to inform you that your guardian is coming to get you for the surgery in a few days.”
My eyes widened and my heart sped. “My g-guardian?”
She nodded and then smiled. “Well I should go. The kids have to go to school soon.” She said and then left. I shook my head and then slowly turned to the kids.
“Go pick out your clothes Tis. Jamie, come with me.” I said and Tis ran upstairs as Jamie joined me at my side. “I will fix your room and door today, but until then I don’t want you going into your room. So, I’ll get the clothes you want out of your room.” She nodded and then she slowly followed me to the stairs. I slowly went up them and Jamie held my hand. When we got to the top I stopped. “What do you want me to get?”
“My dark jean skirt and my red Hollister shirt.” She said and I nodded.
“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” I said and then I went to Jamie’s room. The door was in shambles and the room was fine except for the large bloodstain on the wooden floor. I went around the blood and then my body froze.
Come with me Hope! Please! A young boy’s voice echoed in my head. It stung me because I knew the voice. I quickly went to Jamie’s closet and to get the clothes. I quickly left the room and gave the pile to Jamie. She went to Tis’s room and I started down the stairs but stopped. He’s gone Hope! He’s dead! Please! We have to go before the hunters get here! The boy’s voice rang in my ears and I grabbed the sides of my head. I quickly sat down on the stairs and squeezed my eyelids shut. Hajji heard a thud come from the stairs and I heard him come to me.
“Hope? Are you okay?” He whispered.
Hope! Come on! Come on! Please!
“Get out of my head!” I whispered and Hajji’s hand went on my leg as a tear ran down my cheek. Hajji’s hands went to my shoulders and I opened my eyes as the voice stopped. I saw him looking at me in a concerned way. I brushed the tear away and looked at my knees. “Sorry. I’m okay.” I whispered.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Nothing. My head just hurt.” I lied as I stood. Hajji followed me into the kitchen as I put poptarts into the toaster. Hajji sat at the table as I packed the two lunch boxes for the kids. The poptarts popped up and I put them on plates. The two kids came down to eat and sat on either side of their father as I handed them their poptarts and lunchboxes. I sat down in the remaining seat as the three of them looked at me. I put my elbow on the table and rested my forehead against my hand.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Hajji asked me.
“What happened to you Hope?” Jamie asked and I looked up.
“Don’t worry, Jamie. My head just hurts.”
“But when I found you on the stairs you said, ‘Get out of my head’. What was that about?” Hajji asked.
“I just remembered something from a long time ago and it made my head hurt, that’s all.”
“What made you think of it?”
“The…uh…blood upstairs.” I whispered.
“What did it make you think of?” Tis asked in a childish way.
I smiled at him. “It reminded of my best friend as a child actually,” I said, “I was about your age when I met him.”
“But how does that relate with the blood?” Jamie asked.
“My friend was the vampire who took me away from the surgery table when my brother passed away.” I whispered and Hajji looked at me sadly.
“May he rest in peace.” Hajji said and I nodded.
“Miss Fall’s probably waiting at the bus stop for you with her kids. You two should hurry up.” I said and they got up. No food remained as they put on their shoes and then got their bags. I stood and so did Hajji. I went to the front door and opened it to see Ruby. She smiled at me.
“I was just about to knock, but why are you up? Miss Fall gave me a report on last night. The king was very impressed to hear about your bravery and knows you are on our side, since you killed a Hunter to save our half-breeds.” She said as the kids came to my side. Tis ran to Ruby and smiled.
“Hey Ruby! Guess what!” He said happily.
“What is it young one?” She asked kindly.
“Hope is gonna be my new mommy!” He gushed and Ruby froze with shock.
“Go along guys, Ruby and I need to talk.” She said and they left. Ruby turned grim and opened her mouth but I beat her to the quick. “Don’t yell until you’re inside.” I said and she walked in. I shut the door and her hands turned to fists flailing in the air.
“What the hell was that about?” She hissed, “You’re going to be their mother! Since when? And what were you thinking?”
I sighed as Hajji came over to us. “What the hell are you screaming about?”
“Ruby, they’re kids. They can have fantasies can’t they?” I asked and she frowned. She put her hands on her hips.
“Well what will happen if those kids say something once Yuuki’s here? He will kill them like he did before!” She yelled.
“Don’t worry, I plan to leave the minute he gets here. I won’t let him anywhere near Hajji or the kids.” I whispered and Hajji took my hand in his as he joined me at my side. Ruby slapped his hand away from me and he backed up.
“Can’t you see she’s going to have to leave you? Why are you being so nice to her?” Ruby yelled.
“Because I know she’s leaving to protect us, Ruby. She wouldn’t leave unless she had to.” He said firmly and she frowned.
“I’ll leave the city by nightfall,” I whispered, “I will go find Yuuki so he can’t find me,” I put my hand on Ruby’s shoulder and smiled, “I won’t be coming back for a while, but I’ll miss you while I’m gone. Keep in touch though.” I said and her eyes filled with tears of anger. She hugged me tightly even though she was mad.
“Why do you have to be so good about goodbyes?”
“I’m used to them, that’s all. But this one will be hard.” I said and let go of her. “Because this time I may not come back.”
“You’ll come back, Hope. I know you will.”
I nodded and smiled. “Well I have to pack. I’ll see you at the surgery, okay?”
“Yea.” She whispered and then left quickly. I turned to Hajji and saw his sorrow. Hajji took my hand and led me to the living room. He set me on the couch and sat next to me.
“Who is Yuuki?” He asked.
“He is my guardian that was chosen by the king. He was my best friend as a child and helped me get through my brother’s death since I had helped him get over his loss of his parents a few years before.”
“So what’s so bad about him?”
“He hates humans even though he is the commander of the army for vampires. He has wanted to marry me for a while and will stop at nothing to have me as his wife.”
“He sounds like an ass hole.”
I nodded and Hajji slowly slid me down on the couch so that he was lying on top of me. He pushed the hair that had fallen in my face away. “I won’t give you up so easily, Hope. I’m not going to let you marry some ass hole while I love you.”
“But you’re a regular human.”
“Not fully. I am a half vampire and am the son of the queen’s sister,” He said, “I can do something to get you to stay.”
“But Yuuki will kill you!” I protested.
“You said he hates humans, right? Well the kids and I are partial vampires so by law he cannot kill us.” He said and I smiled. Hajji kissed me as I kissed back. We kept with that until the doorbell rang.
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headoverheels44 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm
Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)
Amster said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 6:01 am
I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 2:33 am
I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)

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