Only Ocean Deep

July 17, 2011
By TheBandLetters, Everett, Washington
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TheBandLetters, Everett, Washington
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Crap happens.

The author's comments:

My hair was somewhat up; in that I mean the brownish-red was up and my unknown streaks were lying gently on my back. I was walking up my staircase with Leah behind me. I turned around to the sound of Kyle's voice.

"I know, I know, Temperance, but before you explode on me he showed up." Leah defended herself just like always.

"Leah, I'm still trying to figure out how to tell my boyfriend I have a tail. It's not an easy thing to do."

"But you have to tell him something." She pointed to my hair that is now six different colors.

"You, he could see doing this but me,” I shake my head at her. “Leah, I just can't! Just tell him I'm not able to see him right now."

"Don't make me Temperance." She put her hand up and it started to glow.

"Don't make you..." Kyle asked staring at my hair that was six different colors.

'Nothing," Leah said quickly putting her hands behind her before Kyle noticed them.

"Temper," Kyle shrieked when he saw my hair. I winced and backed away feeling rage build up into me.

In this whole thing I was the one that lost it the most. When someone yelled at me I would end up making water start to appear and steam rise, then I would turn everything into a sana without a second thought.

Leah stepped in between us and I ran down the stairs just in time. The glass of water that Logan left on the counter busted and splashed on me.

"F***!" I hissed falling to the ground. How does one ever get used to this? I don't think you can really.

"What happened to Temperance?" I heard Kyle yell at Leah from upstairs. The rage kept flowing through my body. I couldn’t stop it.

"She just wanted to try something new with me." Leah tried, but when she said it she knew that Kyle didn’t believe it and neither did I.

"She would never do that without asking me!"

"Well she did."

"I'm going down there to talk to her."

"No, you can't."

Great! How is she going to keep him up there?

"Move," He ordered her.

I ran my hand over my tail and steam came up and I started to dry. I curled my hand a little more and more steam came up. Soon I was completely dry and back to normal (meaning my tail was gone).

"Temperance, how could you do this?" He points to my hair.

"I got bored of my old style thought I would shake it up. You don't like it?" I asked him with a huge smile on my face.

"I hate it!"

"Well if that's what you think they well, get out of my house!" I yelled and pointed to the door.


"Out!" I yelled holding back the urge to drench him in water without even using a bucket. He didn't move. "NOW!" I yelled and the pipes started to shake underneath the house. S***, I thought.

"Come on, I'll show you out Kyle." Leah said pushing him to the door. Things started to settle and I went into the kitchen and evaporated the water that was on the floor.

Well that was a great ending wasn't it?

"And don't come back!" Leah called before she slammed the door and walked back to the kitchen. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm great. I just almost made my house explode. I'm great." I said sarcastically with a big smile on my face.

"I think it would have been funny to see that happen."

"Leah, we need to figure out more before we get any new guys in our lives." I tell her.


"I know you like Kyle."


"It's okay. I'm over him."


"Yeah, let’s go get something to eat."

"Leon's?" She asks.

"You know it."

"Strawberry Smoothie and chicken sandwich." I tell Kathy when she asks. Leon's was the local cafe and on top of all that it was on the beach front. I loved living in Florida but I hated it at the same time. To many old people that just need to put clothes on I mean it.

Then there are the hot guys. The ones that went dirt bike racing and surfing.

"Did you change your hair?" Kathy asks us.

"Yeah, we thought it would be fun for the New Year. What do you think?"

"It fits you to really well."

"Thanks." We both say at the same time.

"I'll get your drinks and Zane will hopefully bring you your food." She said with a laugh and walked away.

"Zane? Isn't that the store's owner?" Leah asks.

"I think so." I say.

"I still don't get why it's called Leon's if a guy named Zane owns it." She says.

"Well maybe he named his dog that and this is in honor of his dog." I said and looked around. I rolled my eyes when I saw Kyle.

"What?" Leah asked when she saw me roll my eyes.

"Look who's here."


"Go, I'll be okay."

"You sure?"

"Yes." She got up and walked over to Kyle.

"Where’d Leah go?" Kathy asked.

"Over there."

"Oh. Why aren't you over there talking to Kyle?"

"He didn't like my hair."

"Oh. Well here comes Zane with your food. It's a merical. Tip him please, I've been dying I need help."

"Kk. Kathy I will. I'll give him a twenty."

"Thank you." She left and Zane came over trying to balance my food on a tray.

"You need to work on that." I tell him when he comes over to set my food down.

"Do you have a promise with it?" He asks.

"No it's just your focusing too hard on keeping it from tipping over."

"You sound like a pro. Do you need a job?"

"Wasn't really looking for one but okay?"

"We just lost two people because of school starting and we need more staff. Would you be willing to help?"

"Sure, do I have to be nice?"

"No," he looked at me with confusion.

"And I don't have to wash dishes right?"

"No you don't."

"And I don't have to deal with water right?"

"No you just need to make the shakes and smoothies."

"Okay, I can work after school."

"Thank you, you’re a saint. Can you start now?"


"Yes now."

"Yeah, I guess, can I eat?"

"Yeah, and that's on the house your too pretty to pay." I started blushing.

"Thanks, I think."

I have a job..... hmmm...and a guy called my pretty. A very stuck up rich guy called my pretty...okay.

"He gave you a job?" Kathy asked me when I came up to her and asked were we kept the cups.

"Yep. I guess he really doesn't like to work."

"You've got that right." She gave me three cups.

I watched as Leah flirted with Kyle all night long. I waited on people left and right, I tried to stay calm when a seven year old got mad because her milk shake was too cold.
“Take a deep breath and just walk away.” Kathy whispered when she walked byu. I did just that.
I wondered if you can really do that. It doesn’t seem like you should be able to.

Soon everyone was gone and Kathy was just finishing the dishes when Zane came out of his office.
“I’ll finish those Kathy, you go home.” He said to her taking the rag from her.
“Okay have a goodnight boss,” she said and grabbed her coat and purse. “Have fun, girl.” She gave me a hug.
“I’m going when I’m done sweeping.” I tell her.
“Sure you will.”
“I need to study.”
“School hasn’t started.”
“My teacher gave me…”
“Never mind.”
She left and my mind was spinning as I finished up my sweeping. Zane sat on the counter table watching me. It was starting to creep me out.
“What are you looking at?” I ask him confused.
“It’s just, I used to always see you in here with Kyle and today I see him talking, flirting, and even kissing your best friend. It just doesn’t make sense.”
“He didn’t like my hair.” I don’t say more because I know I don’t need to.
“You’re too good for him anyways.” He says with a smile.
“Why did you name this place Leon’s?”
“My dad did. He’s the owner I’m just supposed to keep it running. I think he named it after his brother though.”
“Why’s that?” I’d stopped my sweeping and was making my way over to Zane.
“My dad’s brother killed himself around the time my dad bought this place.” Zane looked down at the ground.
“I’m sorry,” I tell him and I really am.
“Hey you wanna go for a late night swim?”
“Water. Swimming. I don’t think that’s really a good idea.”
“Com’on, it is only water.”
“I can’t I’m going to be late meeting Leah.”
“I remember, you used to love water.”
“Well Zane people change.” I felt the ground under both of us start to fill with water. “And check your pipes.” I put the broom away, grabbed my coat and purse to leave.
“Temperance! Wait!” Zane called and grabbed my arm. His hand was wet. S***! I yanked my arm free and ran for the dock and dove in just in time.
“Temperance?!” Zane called. I watched from behind a big bolder.
“Temperance?!” Worry was filling his tone. I ran my hand over my scaly tail evaporating the water.
When I was back to normal I walked back to Zane. “You want my number look me up rich boy.” I yelled at him and walked away.
That felt great! I had to tell Liz when she got back. Liz was also part of our tail family. We hadn’t known her before Leah and me became fish or mermaids, (whatever you want to call it). We found out about her a few days later when we, well when I made the café turn into a sauna and we got our colors.
Liz had asked us if we had been near the dolphin breading area lately and we had. She said that she knew what was going on and that she was going on vacation for two weeks, but when she got back she’d help us.
It’s the one thing that has been getting Leah and me through this.

“Young Lady! Where have you been?” My mother shouted as soon as I walked into our main house.
Yes, we’re about as rich as Zane’s family. I know that’s odd but true. Just no one knows about it and I’m hella happy about it.
“I was working. You know what you’re always complaining about doing, the thing that keeps a roof over my head.” I say with an attitude.
“Temperance Marina Indigo!” My mom yells.
“Yeah, that’s my name.”
“Knock it off.”
“But it’s so much fun mommy. Hey, look Logan’s enjoying it.” I say and slip out the back door to the bar that’s I now have as my own house for my last four years of school.
“We’re not done.” She yells after me.
“Whatever.” I say waving my hand behind me.
I take my key out of my purse and unlock my door to my new apartment that was finished yesterday. So this was my first real night sleeping in here.
My dad must have finally decided I need a new laptop and printer because in the study was a brand new glass desk with two new laptops and a printer everything was all set up.
I walked into the study to find a note.
Thought Leah might need one
When she’s over studding
Dad  <3
They didn’t know about Liz yet and I hoped to put that off as long as I had with Kyle. Seven months. We could’ve gone longer if Kyle hadn’t convinced me to make out with him on the couch. Leah and I still don’t know how he did it.
I opened the laptop and got on my email. Leah was online.

Lee: Temper, how did rich boy get my number?
Temper: IDK
Lee: He wants your number.
Temper: give him my email.
Lee: kk.
Temper: did you have fun with Kyle?
Lee: yeah.
Temper: Cool.

To: Temperance:
From: Zane Lee:
Hey hot stuff. Why did you leave in such a rush? I was trying to be nice.
Rich boy

Temper: Zane is annoying.
Lee: I know. So y did u want him to have your email?
Temper: I found out why Leon’s is called Leon’s but I can’t tell you.

To: Zane Lee:
From: Temper:
Because you’re a stuck up rich boy that’s my boss and I almost made your building explode from gas pressure. JK. Really I need to meet Leah. But I was late anyways. Instead I got yelled at by my mom.
Lee: That’s not fair.
Temper: I’m sorry.
Lee: you shouldn’t tell me things like that.
Temper: Sorry. Rawr?
Lee: Rawr

To: Temperance:
From: Zane Lee:
Sounds like fun. How about dinner tomorrow night? After work, of course. But it’s not like that’s going to stop me.
Rich boy.

To: Fucking Rich Boy:
From: Temper:
No. I have decorating to do in my apartment sorry. I have three weeks to finish moving in.

Lee: I need to go to bed and you should soon too. Tomorrow we move in right. YAY!

Fun fact, my parents didn’t care who stayed here as long as we didn’t set it on fire.

Temper: Yeah.

To: Temperance:
From: Zane Lee:
I’ll help. I’ll see you at 10am. It’ll be fun. I need to go. Dad got home and is on a rampage. See you at 10.
Your Rich Boy

“F***!” I yelled. He knew my secret. The one that I’m rich not the tail, fish one but the way things are going now he will soon.

Getting up the next day wasn’t really that easy. I was tired and annoyed. I looked at my clock. 9:30 am.
“Great,” I hissed getting up and going down stairs to the kitchen and looked in the fridge. Looked like Anna was doing her job; she is the one that was supposed to go shopping and make sure I had food in my fridge. It was just nice to know that we weren’t paying her for nothing.
I grabbed a yogurt and headed to the couch and flipped the TV on for a second and at my yogurt. Then, I got up, headed to the bath (I would shower, but it’s a little hard to do), and get ready before Zane got here.
I started to relax once the hot water washed over me. My tail hanged out the end of the tub. I took a deep breath and then washed my hair and everything else.
Finally, I made the water evaporate and was back to my normal self. I went back to my room and looked for a tank top and some jeans.
We weren’t moving me in. I had people for that. But my people didn’t do it. I did. I’m not like most rich people. I do my own stuff. That’s how Zane and I were different. Why I didn’t really care about him much.
I went to run a brush through my tangled curls when someone knocked on the door. I guess he found it. YAY! I thought.
I went to the front door and opened it. There stood my brother Logan with Zane.
“Well, here you go.” Logan said and ran back to the house.
“Logan! Where do you think you’re going!?” I yelled at him; pushing past Zane and running after him.
“Mom wants me to finish eating.”
“Then why are you running?”
“Whatever, tell mom I’m helping Leah move in today.” That got him to stop. He turned around and looked at me.
“Yes, the girl that has spent most of her whole life here.”
“She’s going to be around all the time?” Oh, great!
“You like her don’t you?”
“No, I never said that.” The turned and went back into the main house. I sighed and turned on my heels and when back to my apartment.
“So, it’s not you who’s moving in. It’s Leah?” Zane asked as I walked back to the door.
“Yes, so?” I asked. “Don’t want to help anymore, because really it’s fine.”
“No, it’s all fine. I would still like to help.” He said walking into the house.
“She won’t be here until noon.” I said.
“Well that gives us some time.”
“I guess but I need to eat.”
“Okay. You can do that.”
I know I could you dumb rich boy! I didn’t need you to tell me I could! I wanted to yell at him but I didn’t. Instead I just went to the kitchen and got myself what looked to be some pancakes Anna had made. Which made me wonder when she had come in to stock my fridge.
I then went to the living room to find Zane flipping through my DVD and CD collection.
“You have a lot of good stuff here.” He said with a smile. His teeth were perfectly straight and shiny white.
“Thanks.” I wasn’t really in the mood to talk, but I know that Zane was.
“So why didn’t you tell me your last name was Blue?” He asked.
“Because it’s not.” I said.
“Don’t lie.”
“It’s not. My name is Temperance Marina Indigo.” I tell him. That was thing. The reason no one knew that I was rich was because no one knew that I didn’t have the same name as my stepdad, and have brother. My mom’s name was Lucinda Marina Blue-Indigo. That’s how I’ve been able to stay so normal.
“That’s a lie. Your dad is Bob Joan Blue. Not Bob Joan Indigo.”
“No, Zane my dad is a druggy that died of an over dose when I was seven and his name is Luke Lee Indigo.” I tell him and place the plate of pancakes on the coffee table and walked into the study slamming the door.
“Temperance, I didn’t…”
“Don’t! Just go away!” I yelled at him and opened my laptop. I welcomed the sound of its chime when I realized that Leah was on line.

Lee: Temper, can I come over now?
Temper: I would love that.
Lee: What’s wrong Temper?
Temper: Zane.
Lee: What about him?
Temper: He pushed a button.
Lee: The button?
Temper: Yes…
Lee: I’ll be over in ten.
Temper: Rawer. Thank you so much Lee.

“Please Zane just leave.”
“I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know.”
“Exactly, you just didn’t know. Next time, put someone else before you!” I yelled at him. It was true. He didn’t know how to do that. It pissed me off.
“Please, come out. I’m not going to leave until you do.”
“I think you will.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because Leah is on her way.” My hand started to become a fist and I knew whatever came out of this wasn’t going to be good. I still wasn’t good at making things not blow up.
Steam started to rise and Zane started to sweat. I stayed completely dry and my glass desk started to cover in steam.
“Temperance what’s going on?” Zane asked.
“Just leave please…” I didn’t know what else to do.
Just then Leah came in and everything went back to normal. I knew she was using her powers to calm me down. Thing was it was the rush of cold wind she directed my way that did it.

The author's comments:

Cold Wind Blows (Leah)
I let the wind run over Temperance. The ground stop shaking and the fear in Zane’s eyes faded slowly. I didn’t want to know what Zane had done to make Temperance lose it like this. I just know he pushed the wrong button. With her you never want to do that.
I never got why her parents named her Temperance. Maybe because they thought everyone would shorten it to Temper. She sure has one. I’m not saying that in a mean way. I love her like a sister, but sometimes she just lost it and now was one of those times.
Taking a long look at Zane I then turned to Temperance and her hands were still shaking. Shit! I thought. She was trying to over roll my powers. I felt my hands start to burn, making me pull back. She got her way. The ground started to shake again.
Zane held on to the railing with fear back in his eyes. I noticed how he was looking at Temperance. Whatever he had done he hadn’t meant to do it. If I had to give a guess I’d say he didn’t know what he’d done.
“Zane,” I said and looked at him. He slowly looked back at me. “Please leave.”
“What about Temperance?” he asked his voice shaky.
“I’ve got it.”
He let go of the railing and walked to the door.
“Temperance!” I yelled at her after he had left. “Stop, he’s gone.” She wouldn’t listen. She kept trying to over roll my powers.
“Fine!” I stopped, dropped my hands and looked at her. “I’m done with this.” I walked to the door. “You get to figure out how to explain to Zane what happened.” I opened the door. “And Temper… He really likes you.”
She stopped and looked at me. “Like I didn’t know that,” she yelled at me. “He found out…”
“He was going to find out sooner or later.” I closed the door and walked to the couch.
“He just…” she couldn’t spit it out, but I knew what it was.
“He just thought that you are your step-dad’s kid…” I said looking at her. She nodded and I motioned for her to come over. “Remember how I did that?”
“Yeah,” her voice was weak, but I was getting through.
“But you forgave me. You can do the same for Zane.”
“Do you like him, Temper?”
At first she didn’t say anything but then she nodded.
“Then forgive him.”
“How am I supposed to explain what happened?”
“Just say it was an earthquake.” I tell her and she gives me a hug.
“Thank you Leah.” She says and leaves.
I stay there for a minute then I get up and leave. Well there goes my day for moving in I suppose. Well on the bright side Temper might have found someone. I hope so.

I sat on the beach the sun beating down on my skin. I was far away from the water just to be safe. I watched as people swam, fished, played, and surfed. I longed to go dive in, but I couldn’t. Too many people where around someone would see me.
I’ve found that the water calls to us. It’s hard to explain just how. It wants us to dive in and explore the ocean. Right now, that’s just what it is doing.
“Leah?” Someone says from behind me taking me away from the waters calls. I turn around to find Zane with a worried look. I ignore it though.
“Hey Zane,” I say looking up at him squinting at the sunlight.
“Is Temperance alright?”
“Yeah, I thought she was with you.”
“No, I went to the café then I looked out of my office window and saw you so I thought I’d come and ask you.”
“Well I’ve got to go.” I get up and walk past Zane.
“Tell Kyle I said hi.”
“I’m not going to go see Kyle.”

When I finally reach the end of the beach and made sure no one is around I dive into the water.
I fell it wash over me and take hold of me. Finally I feel free. I swim to the dolphin breading area. There is a rock that sticks out of the water that we like to sit on.
One thing that still gets me is all the fish. They are so beautiful. Each fish is different in their own way just like people. Each one has a different color, even the same kind of fish aren’t the same.
I go up to the surface of the water once I reach the rock. There sits Temperance watching the café.
“I couldn’t do it.”
“I see that.”
“Is that why you’re here?”
“Kind of…”
“Then just leave.”
“Temper, he really cares about you.”
“And that’s supposed to mean what?”
“That finally there’s someone that wants to get to know you and you are pushing them away.”
“Well, hell it’s what I do best.”
“Temper you don’t have to.”
“But I still do.”
“You don’t with me. Just try.”
“What if he turns his back to me?”
“Then I’m here.”
She dove into the water. I hope she does it. I really do.

I stay in the water a little longer. We each have a dolphin. In that I mean as Liz likes to call it imprinted on us. They know when we are near and when we are in danger.
So my dolphin is named Solo. He came up to me and nudged me with his head. I rubbed his side right above his fin. He nudged me again.
I went up to the surface of the water. “Solo.” I say to him and he splashes me. “Stop.” He looks at me then splashes me again making me laugh. I dive back down and swim deeper down.
When I begin to notice that Solo has stopped, I look back at him and motion for him to come. He squeaks at me and shakes his head. I don’t understand so I keep going when I feel a tug of the water pulling me.
I through my hand out and move the water into my control. I couldn’t figure out what it was or what was going on but I swam back to the rock and saying goodbye to Solo. He wasn’t happy about it. He wanted to play. I’ve been neglecting to do that lately and I feel horrible for it but I can’t help it. We are just starting to get used to all of this.
I make my way back to the shore where we usually dry off. We go there because there is no one ever there. I slowly started to dry off. In this case I really hate Temper. She can be dry within seconds. It bothers me. I don’t know why it just does.

When I’m dry and head to the café. Temperance is there working. She waves at me and smiles.
“Hey,” I say to her.
“Kyle was looking for you. I told him to try calling. But I kind of knew you were in the water.” She says.
“Curse those weird feelings.” I say with a laugh and she laughs too.
It’s nice to see her back to normal or as normal as a mermaid can be. I guess it’s kind of hard to be normal when you can make things heat up or make things freeze or even turn to jelly. Liz could make things come back to life when they are almost dead.
“Yeah, curse them. What would you like?” She asks.
“How about one of those sandwiches you make.” I said.
“Coming right up, you should call Kyle.”
“I don’t have my phone on me.” That’s a lie but I knew I should get involved with him.
“Here is mine.” She tossed me her phone and walked off to make my sandwich.
I looked at her phone trying to decide whether or not to call Kyle. I liked him yes, but he was Temper’s ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t do that to her. Then again she did have Zane.
I opened the phone and dialed his number. He picked up on the second ring.
“Hey, Temper. Have you seen Leah?” He asked and I laughed.
“It is Leah.”
“Where have you been I’ve been trying to call you?” He demanded answers.
“I was swimming with the dolphins.” I tell him and it’s the truth. I didn’t dare tell him about the weird thing in the water. I needed to talk to Temperance about it though.
“Sure you were.” He said. “Well where are you now?” He asks.
“Waiting for my sandwich at the café,” I tell him.
“I’ll be there in ten.”
“Kyle you don’t have…”
“No I want to talk.” He hangs up before I can say anything else.
Great! I thought. This is just great. What am I supposed to do now? I was just hoping that the kiss he gave me last night was nothing. Really I was. I didn’t want it to be anything. But yes my heart did, though the rest of me was screaming no!
Temper came with my sandwich and I gave her, her phone back.
“You look sad, what’s wrong?” She asked and sat down.
“Kyle’s going to be here soon.” I tell her and she knows something’s up.
“That’s a good thing right?”
“I don’t know.” I look up to find Kyle coming through the curtain entrance of the café. I sighed.
“I’m going to go then. I’ve got to work.” She said and left.
Kyle took Temper’s spot and looked at me.
“Hello…” I said not looking at him.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I’ve got to go.” I lie right now all I want to do is go swim with Solo and escape from all of this. I don’t want anything going on with me and him. He’s Temper’s ex-boyfriend, I couldn’t.
“Wait…” He calls after me. I look back, “I just want to talk.”
“I don’t, your Temper’s ex-boyfriend, I can’t do this.” Everyone is looking at us even Temperance is now and I don’t know what to do.
“I’m done with him. And I’m over him, Lee.” She says.
“I can’t do that.”
“Do whatever you want but I know you like him. So don’t lie to yourself.” She said and left to clean something.
I looked back at Kyle and left the café. I needed to get away and I knew that swimming was out of the question. So what was I going to do?

I walked to my house and got one of my boxes of stuff and put it in my car and then got another until the trunk of my car was full. Then I drove to Temper’s apartment. I pulled up in the back and one by one brought the boxes into the apartment.
When I was done I went back home and got the rest of the boxes. Then again one by one brought them into the apartment. Finally, when I was done I plopped down on the couch and sat there thinking about what I should do about Kyle.
Kyle was great, he was sweet and kind. He was even romantic. But what was I supposed to do. Could I really get into something with him? I wanted to but I don’t know how it was going to work.
I guess I could try. It’s not going to hurt anything. In some way Temper wants me to so maybe I should. I looked at my phone.
“Yeah I can meet you.” He said and hung up.
I couldn’t believe I was really going to do this. Why the hell was I? It’s not like I had to. So why was I going to the café and talk to Kyle?

It was midday now and the café was selling lunch. I spotted Kyle and walked over.
“Would you like anything?” he asked me.
“No, I’m good.” I tell him. I really didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t something I was good at. That’s what Temperance and Liz were good at.
“So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Well it’s about earlier…” I stop not knowing what else to say. “The kiss last night…”
“I’m not going to lie to you and say it didn’t mean anything Leah because it really did.” He said and my heart started pounding in my chest. It felt like it was going to explode and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. “But if you don’t want to start anything I get that and I respect it. I’m not going to push you.” Couldn’t he just shut up and let me calm down?
“I’m not going to lie either. Earlier was because I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t want to make Temper mad,” he gets up and walks over to sit next me and then kisses me.
“Please go on a date with me, Leah.” I nodded not really sure what else to do.

We talked and Temper had come over and sat down across from us for a while to join the conversation. She seemed extremely tired. But she has been working all day.
“By the way Temper, I brought all my boxes over earlier.” I tell her and she looks shocked.
“Okay, after work we can unpack. Zane might come help. Kyle you can come to, if you’d like.” She said and got up. “I need to get back to work before he fires me.”
She left and went to take someone’s order and then made them there smoothie. She seemed like she just wanted to go to bed.
Finally around nine she came out of Zane’s office with Zane right behind her.
“Ready to go?” she asks.
“Yeah.” Kyle said and took my hand in his.

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