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Wizard Test Book 1

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The voice in the back of her mind was yelling run. She had been sitting here for what felt like an eternity, even though she knew it had been minutes. She got up. She didn’t know what to do now that she was up. The cougars she thought she heard before could pounce any second and she would be vulnerable.
Astrid knew this was a dream, yet she felt that it was real somehow. She was in black void. She knew there was just
I know my grammar isn't good but look past that and try to enjoy the other aspects of the book. It may also be boring but it gets better.
a floor underneath her and she hated to admit it, but it scared her that nothing was there. She hated to be scared; she was supposed to be tough, being an only child and all. When she asked her parents why her they didn’t have anymore kids they would get teary eyed and say that all in good time they would explain.
Something pounced from the left, probably the cougar, and she instinctively held up her hands. A searing bright white light appeared from her palms. It lit up the cougars face that showed amazement that an eleven year old girl could do that. The cougars skin peeled away revealing the meat that instantly cooked to a crisp.
The body, what was left of it, dropped to the ground.
A voice called out from somewhere in the void, “You have proven yourself worthy, Astrid Jarheart, your time is almost here for the test to start. Your life will change forever soon enough. You may not believe it but everything they told you wasn’t real, is. The Roman gods, the Greek gods, even the Egyptian. Everything else is real, too. The world has lied to you and very few people know about us. Only magicians for the Greeks or Egyptians, demigods, and Godlings. The question is, which magician are you?”
She tried to talk but her voice failed her.
Lights blared on, or so she thought. She was outside in, what used to be, a barren field. It seemed as if the sun just turned on. The grass was covered completely with blacktop. If she looked closely she could see the school that seemed to be hidden behind the mist. When she breathed in she could smell the moisture in the air.
“Show yourself,” Astrid demanded.
A hawk flew down from no where. It had seemed to materialize from the clouds itself. The hawk grew until it was a normal man.
The clouds turned a dark gray and lightning struck the ground. Right where the lightning had struck a man formed.
The first man, that came from the hawk, was wearing battle armor that was black. It look heavy enough but Astrid wasn’t focused on that, she was focused on the Khopesh in his left hand. She didn’t know how she knew it was called that, but she did. A Khopesh is an ancient Egyptian weapon used in close combat. The blade is curved and deadly. His hair was dark black and his eyes; one was golden and the other was silver. She couldn’t look away but she forced herself to.
The other man was wearing a blue toga that seemed to radiate with electricity. His hair was white and very curly. He looked like he stepped right out of Ancient Greece.
“I am Zeus, lord of the sky,” the second man said.
“And I am Ra the sun god,” the first one said.
“Are you, like, the real gods or is this just a dream?” Astrid asked.
“Yes, we are. Now we have more important business to deal with,” Ra said. “The time is coming when you will find out the truth. They won’t tell you that the gods are real, but we are. They don’t believe in us, but we are the ones who blessed you with all the magic. We live our lives with you. Have you ever felt a presence within you that wasn’t you?”
“Yes, all the time. I feel like a few people are trying to invade my thoughts and they fight over who gets me,” Astrid answered.
“From the Egyptian gods Thoth wants you, he is the god of wisdom,” Ra said, “but I would also like you for your perseverance.”
“Of the Greeks Athena would wish to have you, she is also the goddess of wisdom. Others also with to have you but Athena has already claimed,” Zeus said.
She felt bad that she was being fought over, she wasn’t some sort of toy that anyone can have.
“Will I get to choose which side I wish to go with, the Egyptians or the Greeks?” she asked.
“Yes, all in good time,” Ra said.
“First a black powder will be placed on you, then you will fall into a coma where you will go through a series of test that will determine which god or goddess that will help you,” with that the dream faded into her normal life.
As it faded Ra shouted, “you won’t know when we are coming but be ready.”
She woke up like every other day and got read for school but her mind was else where. Was that dream real? She wondered.
She would find out soon.

Astrid was never a normal girl. From birth she was even different in ways you couldn’t imagine.
Her mother told her a story about when she was in the nursery, after birth, a kid was crying very loudly so she closed her eyes and all of a sudden the kid stopped crying. But when she looked up the kid was still crying but he wasn’t making a noise. This was only the start of very weird events.
By six months she was already talking in sentences. All she had done was taken a spoon, she was using to eat, and pressed it to her chin and she could talk in complete sentences from then on.
Another time, when she was eight, she was mad at her mom, so she just wished her away and her mom was found on the roof an hour and a half later. This wasn’t even the weirdest of them all.
Astrid always hated school. People made fun of her because she wore the same outfit every day, a deep blood red shirt and dark jeans, and that her glasses made her eyes look way to big. One day, in the fourth grade, she was sick and tired of it so she just wished her appearance would change, and it did. She was a nerdy freak but now she was hot. Her hair turned to blond with blue tips. Her clothes changed to mini skirts and short shorts. Her shirts were turned into tight fitting tops. Her flat chest turned into the perfect size. Her bitten down finger nail grew out into the perfectly round ones she had now. Her feet shrunk down to a size seven, from a size eleven. The ugly brown eyes turned to a deep violet. Her whole face changed into the perfect one everyone wanted. All of this happened in the middle of lunch when everyone was looking at her like she was performing a crazy experiment and something was going wrong.
When she got home that day her parents threatened to call the cops if she didn’t tell where Astrid had gone. It took forever to calm them down and explain. When she had finished telling what had happened her parents gave each other looks but when she asked what it meant they wouldn’t explain. They told her in a few years it would all come out.

Astrid was eleven now and was in sixth grade because her birthday was in January. It was January, 10, 2000 to be exact. Her knew look had grown with her as she aged. She was more mature looking than any girl in her class. She had dated more guys than all of them combined, but she had one in mind that she really liked, Holt Hisen. He was a mysterious person that everyone ignored but it somehow attracted her. He would always decline her when she asked, but she was sure he wouldn’t someday.
It was the first day of sixth grade, in Blismore Middle School, New York, and Astrid was the most excited person. She would finally see Holt again after that long summer isolated in Hawaii. But she was also nervous about what her dream had told her.
Her family went to Hawaii every year. She felt that they didn’t go for fun but to keep her away from something that they wouldn’t tell her about. When she was there she would sit around on the beach all day trying to tan but all she would get was a sunburn.
All of her supplies were in her bag that she had gotten in a retail shop. The bag was small but could somehow fit all the supplies, like magic.
Se walked into her first class of the day, history, when she saw what she was afraid of most. The teacher, Mrs. Brown, was sitting there with a sly smile on her face.
Mrs. Brown had been her teacher since the first grade. She kept moving up a grade with every year. Her room allways smelled of Apples and it annoyed her.
“This year will be very important to you. You will have finals and they will be hard. So you will have to study hard if you want to do a good job,” Mrs. Brown started the class of with, yet she seemed to be talking mostly to Astrid in general.
As she walked around the room, her eyes never left Astrid.
“Now take out your notebooks and copy this down on Ancient Egypt,” Mrs. Brown said. She always started the class off with work.
They worked in silence for the next forty minutes when the bell rang.
“Miss. Jarheart please stay after a few moments,” Mrs. Browns voice came over the crowd of children.
That was Astrid’s last name, Jarheart. She hated it cause it was so original unlike Smith or something.
She walked over to Mrs. Browns desk reluctantly. People eyed her like she did something wrong. But what could she have done? It was the first day of school. Mrs. Brown had something against her. She had always found a way to get Astrid in trouble.
“Yes, Mrs. Brown,” Astrid said.
“You need to stay after. I have talked to your parents and they say its time you learned,” Mrs. Brown said not looking up from her paper, “you will meet me in the cafeteria by two forty.”
“What do you mean?” Astrid asked.
“You may go,” Mrs. Brown said, ignoring her question.
What did she mean learn? She learned enough in school. Could she try and hurt Astrid? No that was illegal.
At least she wasn’t in trouble.
The next big event happened in lunch that afternoon.
She was sitting with her friends when she felt a tingle in her stomach. She figured it was hunger so she ate, like always. Looking across the table she saw the person she hated, Millicent Claw. She’s a stuck up snob that everyone hated. She still made fun of Astrid that she was a freak that could do magic. Millicent disappeared right before everyone.
What had happened? She was there one minute and then gone the next. This wasn’t normal, even for Astrid.
Astrid had seen a lot of strange things in her life and this was by far the weirdest.
“Where is she?” Astrid heard someone call out.
Silence had fallen on the lunch room. Everyone turned to look at Astrid. They must have known that she had done weird things in the past and must still be doing them. But she hadn’t done it this time. Or had she? Now she believed herself a witch, just as Millicent had.
She wished she could hide from all their prying eyes. And just like that she was in a seat in the auditorium listening to auditions for the school play, Beauty and the Beast.
How had that happened. She was in the cafeteria now she wasn’t. This had to be one of the worst days of her life.


Millicent has had her power since day one of birth, when Astrid shut her up in the nursery. Of course Astrid never knew that she had transferred some of her power to Millicent. Soon she would find out though, very soon.
Millicent felt that her wand was in her pocket. She was always checking because if she didn’t have the wand she couldn’t harness the power and would be uncontrollable like Astrid.
She was talking to Sam at the lunch table when it all went down.
Something in her mind triggered saying to get away and something was going to happen. She got up when her insides tingled and she was on the side of the east wing of the school, glued to the wall with nothing but air.
She was very high up. Millicent was very scared of heights. She always had been since she had levitated herself when she was seven. That was when she realized there was something up with her.
Soon she realized when she was holding something she could channel her energy. So she made herself a wand made from the wood of an oak tree. She had a nice handle on it. The bottom was a mirror and then it fit to the shape of her hand. She always channeled her energy into it.
No one knew she was a wizard but Mrs. Brown and the other four in the W.U. (Wizards United), Holt Hisen, Gertrude Harif, Teddy Snoker, and Sam Kane.
She grabbed the wand out of her pocket slowly because it hurt to move. As she had suspected she was magically glued to the wall. Her white skirt was in an uncomfortable position. Her white shirt was also.
She channeled her energy into her wand and used it to slowly unstuck herself. She made a rope out of a piece of her hair and tied the rope to the top of the building. She was completely unstuck now. She was dangling now, supported only but her hands.
Millicent slowly slid down the rope, careful not to slide to fast. She knew what she had to do after she got down completely.
She was almost at the bottom now. She dropped the last few feet. Absorbing the shock in her knees.
She quickly bounced back up and took off running to the main entrance.
With a wave of her wand the door flew open and she ran down the hall and made left into the west wing. She ran down the hall to the history room. Mrs. Brown was the leader of the W.U. and she would know what to do.
Millicent burst into the room. Mrs. Brown wasn’t there, she was probably in the staff room where she couldn’t go.
What was she to do. Astrid could hurt someone in a moment when she was uncontrolled. A thought occurred to Millicent. Mrs. Brown was doing play auditions now and was probably in the auditorium.
The auditorium was in the north wing.
Millicent ran from the room not even bothering to put her wand away and ran down the hallway until she reached the auditorium.
She stepped into the room to see everyone sitting watching the three people on stage. Two of them were performing an act being watched by the other, who happened to be Mrs. Brown.
Looking around she could see some of the people were here for the play but a few just wanted to watch. There was someone in the back row struggling to move out of her seat. Who was that? A new victim of Astrid’s maybe? Now she’s gone to far.
“Mrs. Brown,” she yelled interrupting the scene.
Everyone stopped moving to look at her.
“What is so important that you must interrupt this act, Miss. Claw?” Mrs. Brown asked annoyance in her voice.
“The thing we feared has happened,” Millicent said not containing the fear in her voice.
“I am rescheduling auditions for next week so you have more time,” Mrs. Brown told everyone.
There were some groans from the crowd as everyone got up to leave, everyone but one, the one who was stuck.
“You, Miss, leave,” Mrs. Brown said to her.
“She can’t, I’ll explain in a minute when were in your office,” Millicent said quietly.
They walked over to the stuck girl. When they saw who it was they each gave a small sort of scream.
It was Astrid in the chair struggling against the invisible magic glue that had capture Millicent herself.
Millicent pulled out her wand and gave a flick.
Astrid was instantly released. She got up and moved towards them.
“What j-just h-happened?” Astrid stuttered very scared.
“Come to my office and I shall explain everything to you from the start. From where your parents should have started long ago,” Mrs. Brown said.
They walked towards the other end of the school and entered Mrs. Browns classroom and then walked into the back room which held her office. It wasn’t big but it wasn’t small. Everything was white.


Astrid sat down in one of the small white chairs ready to get some answers.
“What happened back there,” she demanded.
“I will start with the Wizards Codex. And do not interrupt me,” Mrs. Brown began, “There were three wizards and three witches who were tired of being hunted and being on the run. When they finally broke from being on the run they established a codex so no wizard or witch had to endure this anymore. The codex states that wizards and witches can only use magic in front of mortals in dire situations. Now people listened to the codex so they could save themselves from burnings.
“The wizards and witches wanted their children to go to regular school and fit in with regular children but still be able to practice magic. The six creators decided that six wizards and witches would go to each school. The six children would, once a week, travel to another school and duel. Each child would advance in a power that they feel they are very advanced in. The six powers were power, strength, love, dark/cunning, knowledge, and beauty.
“These powers each come with their own individual spells such as dark having the power to turn out lights. There are still basic spells that everyone could do but there are more advanced ones. It also said that children couldn’t learn how to kill of fatally harm another wizard or witch. With these new rules set children with powers could go to public school. We have five of the six children and you are the sixth. The other children are Millicent Claw, Holt Hisen, Gertrude Harif, Teddy Snoker, and Sam Kane. We couldn’t start training in individual aspects until you found out the truth. We started basic training at the end of last year and you will need to catch up.
“Now onto the wand. The wand is a way to harness your power and not be sending magic out at random places. First you will need to chose a wood you would like it to be made of?” she asked her.
Astrid was trying to take it all in. So Holt was a wizard. Who would have guessed?
“I want it made out of elder, just like The Elder Wand in Harry Potter,” she said.
“This is no joke, this is real, you are a witch,” Mrs. Brown said, “I will have your wand tomorrow, but for now you can use mine. It is made of pine and it will not suit you well because of your arm length.”
She took Astrid’s arm length and wrote it down.
“When we choose what you will represent we will get you a handle based on it,” Mrs. Brown continued, “have you ever noticed when you hold an object and use your magic it feels more controlled?”
“Yes, when I was six months I used a spoon to make me talk in sentences,” Astrid said.
“Good, that means you have a bit of control at times but you still need work. Another thing we must talk about is a necklace to help also control your power. It is said that people with two power helpers are more controlled. They can perform spells better. And if they loose their wand in battle the necklace will help you channel your power to your hands. The gem in the necklace represents what power you represent.
“Now onto the matter of the original witches and wizards. The knowledgeable one was called Iris Maganoel. The Cunning one was Graven Hisen. The beauty was Seth Claw. The power wanting one was called Camellia Brown. The one who controlled love was called Gertrude Harif. The one who devoted to strength was David Gillisent. As you can tell some of your fellows are related to the originals. I am a descendent of Camellia Brown. But I am not the power controller, I am strength,” Mrs. Brown said.
All throughout this Millicent was quiet in the chair in the corner. Now she spoke up, “you want to know how I got my power? I didn’t get it through bloodline, like you, I got it from you. You silenced me in the nursery sending some of your power into me.”
“I have the blood of one of the founders?” Astrid asked.
“Yes, you have the blood of Iris Maganoel, the knowledgeable one, inside of you. Sometimes the blood you have in you represents what power you will be. But, as in my case, you may not,” Mrs. Brown said.
“So, does that mean I’m going to be the new knowledgeable one? And who will teach me how to do simple spells?” Astrid asked.
“Why, me of course. But to get into depths you will need guidance and the secret to that will be revealed today after school,” she said with a sly smile.
“Why is it that you moved up with us every year?” Astrid asked.
“Because I needed to guide you to use your magic properly and had to keep an eye on you,” Mrs. Brown said.
The bell rang signaling to go back to class.
“You may go back to your normal schedule and will not tell anyone about this. After school, in the cafeteria, we will talk more,” she said.
“How will I harness my power for the rest of the day? So I wont hurt anyone else. Because when I get mad weird things happen to others and myself. And sometimes they get hurt,” Astrid said.
“Do you have a pencil?” Mrs. Brown asked.
“Yes, why?” Astrid asked.
“When you feel power coming on use your pencil to cast a spell on a piece of your hair, or something,” Mrs. Brown said.
Astrid got up and walked out into her classroom, that was already filling with people.
She walked out into the hall, with Millicent trailing slightly behind.
In the next class, science, nothing happened. Astrid was getting tingly but she harnessed her power into her hair and changed the dye purple, right in the middle of math in seventh period. In eighth period, English, she couldn’t harness her power anymore. Everything broke loose and she froze the class in a cold nothingness. She remembered her pencil and quickly grabbed it. She harnessed her power and unfroze everyone. The class continued on as if nothing had happened.
Finally it was the end of the day.
She went to her locker and put her stuff away. Then she went down the stairs to the cafeteria where she saw the others sitting there, waiting for her.
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