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The Nine Guardians

Author's note: I started this piece in my creative writing class and decided to create a novel out of in for my Senior Project.
Author's note: I started this piece in my creative writing class and decided to create a novel out of in for my Senior Project.  « Hide author's note
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The Falling Light

“Tails.” I lifted up my right hand to find the quarter on heads. “Damn it! Wrong again! What is this? My hundredth time wrong now?” I asked. But of course no one was around to answer. I thought No one ever wants to be around me; I’m not really good at anything. The only thing I am good for is money. I sighed. I guess that’s why I got the nickname “No Good Rich Boy Travis”.
I just wish that there was someone out there that could genuinely want to be around me and that I can actually help them, not just by lending them money. That’s all people ever want from me. Money. I looked down at my watch.
I really should get home. I really don’t want mom yelling at me. Not like it’s anything new.
I started walking down Viola Street and started to flip the quarter again. I kept my eyes on the quarter as it flipped through the air when I spot something odd in the air.
What I saw was a ball of light that seemed to fall from the sky. My mind raced with thoughts of what it could be. Brain Sucking Aliens?!? I thought, but quickly erased that thought from my mind for it seemed too improbable. Then again with my luck, it could just probably be some alien come to whisk me away and steal my brain to eat it.
Maybe the best thing to do is to just avoid this shining ball of blue light just in case it is aliens come here to suck my brains out. I took a turn down Carbuncle Lane. I knew that taking this turn would double my time to get to my house but it should keep me away from the brain sucking aliens that were falling dangerously close to the street next to mine.
I walked down the street keeping my eye on the glowing orb as it took its slow decent down and noticed that none of the people that I walked by ever looked up or even hinted ever seeing such a sight within.
Strange, I thought, these people do not see this strange blue light. What if there is something wrong with me and I am the only one who can see the impending doom? Should I start warning people?
No I can’t. I will bring even more shame onto our household. I already can’t do anything and I do not need these uptight upper-class folk thinking that I am a nutcase. My parents will beat me for this shame...
I looked around and saw that people were already staring at me and I instantly knew that I have been acting strangely about seeing the orb of light but what I did not know was how I was reacting. I corrected how I started to slouch and attempted to look like the rich normal boy that I should be, but never will be. Especially now that I am seeing things that others are not.
I continued down Carbuncle Lane paranoid of these brain sucking aliens that were just coming for me. I was as cool and calm as I could be on the outside, but not on the inside. This in hindsight is not a lot.
After a few minutes of walking, and thoughts of losing my brain running through it, I finally made my way home.
I looked down the pathway that led up to my old-looking plantation mansion. My home looked like it was from the seventeenth century, with the white columns and whites everything, but in reality it was far from it.
My mother always loved the look of the plantation mansions and she searched high and low for one but her search was fruitless. So instead of continuing her search for the impossible she decided to have one built. This cost my parents tons of money, but it barely made a scratch on what they make in a year. My mother is a famous actress and my father is a famous author of both novels and plays, both for screen and stage. Yet together they somehow managed to have me. It’s really a mystery to us all.
I took another look at the glowing orb before I entered the gates to my home. When I looked down the street, I was surprised in what was beginning to take shape. The orb is not perfectly orb like any more. It’s more of blobbed shaped now. Even human shaped if you really squint your eyes and turned your head. It must be a single alien come down to finish me off!
I guess they knew that I was not much of a challenge. I have get inside before it lands to take me out. I tried to turn my body and start to head into my house but my feet decided otherwise. I dropped my backpack and my feet started to head towards the falling creature and I had no control over them.
The rest of my body was frozen with fear as my feet marched off heading me to my certain doom. I kept my eyes shut until I felt that my feet had completely stopped. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked straight up at the figure floating down surely bring my certain doom.
A girl. This floating shape has been a girl the whole time. Although she looks like a girl she could have some shape shifting ability that the aliens have and disguised itself so that it could easily eat my brain. Not that it would be hard to do, I am a good for nothing.
Well she does look normal, well other than she looks so young and has pure white hair and the fact she was falling out of the sky on her back with her right hand in the air. The glowing that I saw earlier is coming from her hand. Is it something that she is holding? Maybe she is wearing something that on or around her hand that is slowing down her fall.
I stretched out my arms and braced my knees to catch her hoping I would be strong enough to hold her up. I waited and watched as the girl fell into my arms her hair splitting into parts as they hit my arms. She landed gently into my arms while her arm remained in the air, still glowing.
That’s when I noticed where and what the glowing was coming from. There, on her ring finger, a ring glowing blue. The ring was silver and with an alternating pattern of either the swirl on top or on bottom carved into it.
After a moment of the girl being in my arms weightless the ring stopped glowing. Then all the weight took hold and we fell over.
“Dammit just when I thought I had some strength I find out that it’s all coming from some damn magical ring!” I shouted and the girl in my arms shifted. I noticed then that the girl was extremely pretty, out of this world pretty. She must be alien with her looks. Her skin was flawless, her nose was button like, and such smooth looking lips, the first moment I saw her I instantly fell in love with her.
She started to stir again. She’s going to wake soon. Then I will get to see what her eyes are like. I bet they are as lovely as the rest of her.
Her eyes shot open. Her eyes were like a deep black bottomless pit, but for a just a second when she awoke I saw what was at the bottom of the pit; a murderous intent.
Then as quick as it came, it was gone for her had soften and any doubt that I had that she was an alien or even a bad person were washed out of me.
Her black eyes searched me then eventually found their way to my blue ones. The look on her face was so helpless that it made me forget that first look I saw when she first opened her eyes.
She sat up, grabbed my shirt, her eyes still locked with my and whispered, “You’ve got to help me!”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 21 Next »

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DaylightDarkness said...
May 11, 2011 at 4:31 pm
This is a really interesting idea.
PrincessPumpkin23 said...
May 4, 2011 at 9:48 pm
I love the story line and your characters! I can't wait until you add more!!
Vivian229 replied...
May 6, 2011 at 8:55 am
Why thank you I will post more as soon as I can
PrincessPumpkin23 replied...
May 9, 2011 at 5:13 pm
I look foward to reading more! ^.^
JasonMayne replied...
Nov. 16, 2011 at 3:41 pm
I love your book; you should write more. can you check my book, it's called "Shoot To kill", and tel me what you think.
SapphireWing said...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 4:26 am
Ah I just laughed of Travis reaction complaining that all the weight making her light was from the ring. Interesting though. Like the story.
Vivian229 replied...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 5:08 pm
Thanks I will try to post more soon

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