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My Freaky Best Friends

Author's note: I actually made this story for a school assignment. I liked it so much though that I decided to share it with you guys.
Author's note: I actually made this story for a school assignment. I liked it so much though that I decided to share it with you guys.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 6

We trained vigorously for months practicing different forms of martial arts, training with guns, knives, and swords, and honing our powers. Each of the four of us unlocked many secrets to our powers and learned how to use them better. Now instead of just being able to produce thunder bolts, I can stop bullets with shockwaves, make lightning come down from the sky, and even produce mini electric storms hitting more than one target. Roxanne can move much larger things with her mind like cars, trucks, and even tanks, she could control someone’s mind, and she can also blank out someone’s mind and erase memories. Damien learned how to create fire from his body heat, increase his flame throwing technique, and even create fire hot enough to melt steel. And Adam increased his ice beam technique, learned how to create snow storms and hail storms, and could now drop ice cubes the size of glaciers on people. These new techniques will be needed to face what was in store for us next. We learned that Dr. Roberts was kidnapping people and transforming them into mutated subjects. He created an army of test subjects that are attacking the city in different ways. One group is kidnapping more people, another group is used to steal precious things, and another group is designed to kill people. All four of us knew then what we had to do. We had to use the powers bestowed upon us to defeat Dr. Roberts and for doing good. So we stocked up on many different types of weapons and decided to take one section of the city to defend against these test subjects. After about two months of fighting, we noticed that Dr. Roberts had stopped sending test subjects to the city. We figured it was just because we had killed so many that he wanted to preserve his army. But he had something more devious in mind. He sent one of his elite hit men to take us out one by one. Unfortunately for Dr. Roberts, he sent this hit man to me first. “Well that’s the last of them. I’d better tell the gang to meet me at rendezvous point.” I said to myself. “Hey guys, I just finished off the last freak bag down here.” I said into my radio earpiece. “Let’s meet up at the rendezvous point in about twenty minutes.” I continued. “Alright, I’ll see you in twenty then baby.” Said Roxanne. “Alright.” Said Damien and Adam in unison. Just then I heard the whizzing of a blade behind me, so I turned around and caught the blade between my fingers. “Alright show yourself you piece of scum!” I said to the deserted street ahead of me. This once bustling city street now looked like a ghost town. Then I heard the clicking of a handgun behind me. But when I turned around, I was left in shock when I saw a ten year old boy with his hand on the trigger.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 14 Next »

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CosmicHorse95 said...
Apr. 4, 2011 at 9:59 am
Just an FYI...epilogue is the end...Prologue is the beginning

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