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Relentless Rematch

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I tried to lift my head so I didn’t look too unraveled, disheveled. A red tear left a long, heavy streak on my face. I couldn’t even move. Lying there, I felt I had failed. I had failed everyone. I was disgusted with the madman standing above me. He looked grim, like he knew what I was going through. How would he ever know! I failed. It echoed in my mind and I lay my head down. I closed my eyes and hoped the pain would stop. I heard the ungrateful filthy dog say, “You got what you deserved.”
That made me glows red with furious thoughts looming in my head. My eyes popped open, and I felt the urge to get up. With the last bit of strength, I pushed my muscles to the limit, pushing my back up right and using my useless sword to stand up. A little wobbly, but it’ll work for now. He backed away as I stood, sighing as if he thought I just couldn’t let go. I ground my teeth at the pain and said, “I can’t believe how low you really are, Jeru. How could you ever do this?”
“Rachna, please, stop…” With that being said, that mutt of an immortal blasted some spell on me that I didn’t have time to decipher.
I heard it hit me before I felt it. It hit me with such great force, even if I had my magic I wouldn’t have had the energy to block the blast. Of course, I would have won by now if I had my powers…and my sword…

“Ugh…” I groaned and felt ach override my body.
Once I could move, I slowly sat up rubbing my eyes at the blinding light. I opened them and all I could do was gap at the sight. He was right. He actually told me the truth. I was lost in a sea of sand. It was like I was stuck in the middle of Egypt, just sand. But this place wasn’t round like the earth it was flat. I wasn’t in my mother’s world anymore; you could see the never-ending sand go on forever. The sky was white. Pure white submerged the yellow-orange desert and I felt like I was going to go mad already. I started laughing hysterically. Then started talking like Jeru was there.
“Oh, you’ve done it now, Jeru! You’ve really got me cornered now! I can’t leave! I’ve failed!” I threw my hands up and turned side to side dramatically, surveying the desert. “I bet you kept promise, too eh? ‘Never gonna see your family again,’ you said? Well, I guess so! Nothing can help me now!” I felt like crying, so I did. There was no use stopping the tears anyway.
I sat there and sobbed until my throat hurt from the hollow sounds that echoed out into the distance. After an eternity of crying, the tears didn’t mean anything. They were just a way to vent anger. That wasn’t going to do anything. “Fine!” I shouted off into the distance, “I’ll rot down here! So be it!”
All it is was a flat, dry, ugly looking desert. It did go on forever, I knew that for a fact. I got up, renewed strength to show that thing that I was better than him. I started walking. There was no sun, no creatures, no cactus, no nothing except my thoughts and me. I couldn’t even taste the pale sand as I trudged along, kicking the burnt, shriveled grains over my head. All I could focus on were my thoughts, and they let me wonder.
I replayed the moments over and over in my mind. It all started out with a simple meeting with Jeru, to scream at him, again, for stalking me. Then he, somehow and someway, got me down into the Underworld. He brought me to his father, Perisu, who looked at me and smiled a hideous smile. I tried to run, but he’s a real Spirit, he didn’t have to fight for unlimited powers, they came naturally. He pulled me back and asked Jeru, “Are you sure, Son?”
“Yes, Father,” he said quietly, then turned away and closed his eyes.
Then Perisu raised his arms like a kind of God and whispered, “Sorry, honey.”
Then he took my powers. All of them. That flimsy dirt bag, Jeru, wanted to be able to beat me in a sword fight, to be able to use his magic without having to worry that I could fight back! All I had going for me was that I was immortal, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t bloody. It was a gruesome battle, with no way to protect me but my sword, I was toast. I mean, when he only used his sword, I was winning. But when murmured those spells, I was gone. He made me suffer through it, too. Telling me over and over how I’d never be able to see my sisters or Jared or Mother ever again. Laughing at my pitiful stance against his powers.
Once I get my powers back, I’m going to kill him. I’m going to make him suffer. Then I‘m going to find my sisters and rescue them. Yes…that’s what I will do!
“AH!” I screamed at a sound that came from under the sand, and square section of the gravel moved.
I walked up to it and a trap door opened. I jumped at the person. I grabbed Jeru’s neck and hoped I could choke him. Of course, rubbing it in he had powers, he threw me off without moving a muscle. Once I was on the ground, to resist temptation to try and kill him, I marched away form the ungrateful hag. I was screaming too, “WHY DID YOU EVEN COME DOWN! TO RUB IT IN MY FACE YOU WON? TO SEE ME AT MY DARKEST TIMES? WHY? WHY?”
He followed me in silence till I broke down crying again. I kept walking, tripping three times, till he started talking. “Rachna?” he said in a small voice.
He stepped back then started to follow me again. “Rachna, your friend…Jared? He’s here, he wants to see you.” He was barely whispering, but my head snapped and I looked at him with hope, “Where? When? Now? Jeru! Get the hell out of my way! Where is he?”
He sighed and pointed at the open trap door so many feet and yards away. I ran all the way there, hoping. I jumped down the door without looking, and was soon in a rectangular boxy room with lights that hung from the ceiling. On the other side was Jared, he looked worried but when he saw me, he relaxed and ran at me. He hugged me, and wrapped his arms around me, and I had an impulse that I could stop. I kissed him.
He seemed too overwhelmed, but I guess he had the same intentions, because he kissed me the same way I kissed him. Fierce and desperate for him. It wasn’t till Jeru cleared his throat did he even let go. Jared shot ice at him, and I stayed close to him. “I can’t believe it! You two?” Jeru was outraged, “He’s barely even ten years! We’ve been here for thousands! How could you pick that rat over me?”
I stepped up and Jared didn’t stop me. “It’s not my fault he’s not a disgusting mongrel who runs to Daddy every time he got beat by someone with skill! Jared’s more important to me than anyone! You’re just a moron!”
Jeru crunched his teeth together, and I said sternly, “Let me back on Earth. Now.”
“Because I hate this place, it’s torture. I never agreed to winnings, either. So I’m not a part of it.”
“Sore loser, is what we call it down here.”
I glared at him, “I want to talk to my mother.”
He sighed, he knew he couldn’t deny that. Spirits and their sons and daughter have a bond, and they know when they want to see each other if they say it out loud. Unless Jeru wanted three Earth Spirits to come crashing down, he’d better let me go. It was quite blurry down in the underworld for Earth Spirits, though, but Jeru didn’t know that. Jeru snapped his fingers and I closed my eyes and held Jared’s hand. When I opened my eyes we were on Earth, without Jeru. I smiled huge and turned to Jared who smiled back and surveyed me. After his scrutinizing, he frowned, “What did he do to you?”
I looked down, gross. My legs were covered in scars and ugly brown and yellow bruises. My arms were all red with dried blood and bruises. I don’t even want to know what my face looked like. Jared went to a small pond and cup some water, and cleaned off my face, staring into my eyes. I was lost in his brown eyes quickly, and I couldn’t help but kiss him again. This was slower. I held him close and when he leaned away he was smiling. We looked up and saw the Earth Spirits sitting there, since we were now in their garden. They were giggling at us, and I could feel my face go cherry. “Um, hello Mother.”
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