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Wounds Healed

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Jewelry Box

The next week was full of tears, and prayers for Linya. We visited our mothers, and they mourned with us. They didn’t cry; spirits never cry. But they were sad, and too sad. No spirit should ever be too sad, it just goes completely against the grains. Jared, Vala, Jumi, Mallee, and me are the only ones left. The only ones. That sounds too official. I want us to be a family again. Including Kinita and Linya. It’s not fair! Why can’t we all just live in harmony with out finding ways to take each other away? I mean, we’re immortals! That should count for something!
We went to the house in California in silence, and when we got there we all still weren’t over her. I was still coping with Kinita, and now Linya? WE all came with something that reminded us of her, and the thing in my hand seemed to weigh me down. It was like I was carrying my rock hard heart.
Jared stepped up first. He seemed speechless at first and I saw he was crying already, “Linya, you were a great person. You were always there for us. You didn’t have to do that. Really, we don’t deserve someone as good as you.”
He leaned over and placed down a handful of flowers he got on the hill she always used to read by. Jumi stepped up with a handful of tears on her face, “God Lin, what am I supposed to say? You were the best, always there and you never gave up. You were so great, why’d you have to do that?”
She lay down a pile of her favorite books that Linya had read over and over countless times. Jumi seemed too sad to even move after that. Than it was Vala, she was so small and fragile, with the same black lace dress she had with Kinita. She looked like a toothpick. “Hey, Lin. I got the same mindless question as everyone, why? You really shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have left us like that, please, take care of yourself down there.”
She put down her tear-covered journal, which we found under her pillow.
Next, Mallee. She was the second eldest now. Tears were over-flowing in her eyes and pushing at the red-swollen edges to them through. She stepped up, “Um, Linya. I know you did what you thought was best, what you thought would help us, but at this time it seems to have pulled us apart with the tears. Thank you for all you’ve done. You were more than we deserved.”
She threw in her apples, from the same tree on the hill with the flowers that Jared had gotten. The whole ceremony seemed to go too fast. Now, it was my turn. My sisters were crying, Jared stood there looking at the ground. They acted as if they had died. We had been close, and she always wanted to put herself out there and do something amazing. She was just to shy to do anything. Knowing Linya, she wouldn’t want to see my sisters mourn like this. I stepped up and said, “Linya, you fell fighting. Just like how you wanted to in your journal. You did what you thought was right, you gave all you had for us. I wanted to get Kinita, I would have. There could have been less of this,” I waved my arm around the room, but my voice was calm. “You followed your heart, and you finally did something you could have been proud of, because I know at night there’s a time where you sit there wondering what you should have done. Well, you did a great thing Linya. Thank you, sister.”
I put down her jewelry box, the one she never left behind in a house. It was simple, but she had painted it herself when she was only a century and Jumi had just been born.. It seemed to glow with her aura, and I thought this was a good place for it. When the ceremony ended with me placing the box down, everyone broke out crying. I didn’t cry at first, not a tear, but I stormed out and Jared followed me. I went out the porch and stopped at the weak wooden barriers. In anger, I kicked the wooden railing. It splintered and fell the two stories down. Now I felt tears swell in my eyes. I wiped them away quickly and felt my heart beat too fast. “No, don’t leave me, too.” I told it. I knew it was going to fly away from me.
“Who?” Jared asked from behind me. I had forgotten already he had followed me.
“No one,” I spat out.
Then the tears came I fell to the ground put my head in my knees like I did for almost three months after Kinita died. No one knew except for me that I did that. Jared came and sat next to me. He had been crying the ceremony, so I’m sure that he didn’t have to cry. He did. I flat out hugged him and he felt warm against my cold body. I crushed my face into his shoulder and he didn’t mind that his shirt was getting all wet. Sobbing, we sat and let each other cry. He was crying over the sisters he barely knew, and I was crying for one of my closest friends. Soon I got hold of myself and said, “S-S-She didn’t have t-t-to go. I s-should have been g-g-gone.”
He started to protest but I just let go of him and got up. It took a lot of coaxing to get my sisters out of that death house. The trinkets that we left sat next to the flowers, and they seemed to fit together perfectly, too perfectly. Like good and bad, fire and ice, sun and moon. They were two opposites that couldn’t live without each other. I scowled at the flowers, “Take of her, sister. Take care.”
I didn’t even bother putting back on my mask to hide my tear-striken face.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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