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Wounds Healed

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Carefully, I undid my armor of protection from my slashed face and she cut the string that held her hair together in her ponytail.
I swallowed my sobs and lifted my sword. I didn’t wobble my arm at all, and that took strength. This all seemed to be coming too fast. No real “Hey sis! Welcome back to earth!” more like “Hey, I’m back. I have to kill you now. Bye,” kind of things. She seemed broken almost. Of course, Kinita made the first move, and grunted as she thrust her sword at my side. I parried her sword and stepped on it as it hit the ground with a cling, I looked into her eyes and glared, this wasn’t my sister. This really was just her ghost.
She slid it out from under me and got her sword ready to strike. I was too quick, she had to parry most of my attacks until she got in the right stance for her own attacks. She twisted quickly and almost cut me in half. I jumped up, and accidentally leaned back. My head barely missed the blade as I was totally upside down in mid-air. I fell back and stumbled backwards as I got to my feet. It was just enough time for her to take a stab at my neck.
As she stabbed at the veins pulsing below my chin, I stumbled back until I hit the wall. When I hit the wall, she pinned me to the wall. I had no sword since she had taken a stab at my arm and made a nice gash on my thumb. She had the blade against my throat, but didn’t kill me. Why wait? What ever happened to lets get this over with? “Go ahead Kinita,” I said through my teeth, “Kill me. Soul for a soul. What’ve you got to lose?”
For the first time since I saw her back from the dead, I saw emotion in her eyes. She winced at me. Her eyes turned…normal. The ugly gray that had taken over dispersed and it turned to the friendly gray I knew in my sister. My real sister, the one who always did everything for the sisters of the Spirits. Not the plastic sister with the eyes that screamed death! at you every second as she attacked you. She was back for that second when she said, tears dropping. “I-I’m sorry.”
She loosened her grip and I slipped under her, the unfamiliar gray returned. She was faster than me, and pounced. Except she didn’t touch me. Someone got in the way. “No! Linya!” I screamed.
Kinita would have stopped. She would have pulled away and tried not to take her life. But Linya really, truly, thought that she was doing the right thing. There was no way to stop Kinita now, she was in mid-air and going too fast. Not even a trained and disciplined sword fighter could do something like that. When Linya had gotten hit, right in her stomach, she turned to dust. Just like Kinita had. My bottom lip quivered as Kinita realized what she had done, and Kinita was the first to break out crying. I had tears melting down my face, but got the courage to say, “Kinita? Kinita! Listen to me! What will happen to her? Eh? Answer me!”
“S-S-She will be with me. I-I-In the u-underworld. That’s why I h-h-had picked you. Y-Y-You always w-wanted to make s-s-sure of your fate in the underworld.” She went on sobbing and I joined.
Soon, when everyone else realized what had happened, they broke out crying too. Everything was probably going to fast for them. Even Jared was sobbing now. It was a time, and maybe the only time, I truly hated Kinita. When she pulled some of her pieces together, she said, “Rachna, I-“
“Kinita, don’t!” I screamed at her. “That was your sister! Your sister! It’s not the same if you had killed me, Kinita! I deserved it, if I had died! Linya, she didn’t! Please Kinita, go help her. Promise me, you’ll help her. Like you helped the sisters before. Before you changed!”
I kept sobbing, and she tried to dry her tears and said, “I’m sorry. I’ll go. Goodbye sister.”
“Goodbye, sister. Take care of her.”
“I will, I will.”
With that she left and I hoped, secretly, that she never came back for such self-centered things again. Just so she wouldn’t stay a ghost, so she could go to the underworld and stay. I couldn’t believe her. If she didn’t keep Linya safe, I would never let her sleep in peace. I couldn’t completely pick myself up after that, I left some pieces behind that might have been important. Vitally important to me, but I didn’t have time to pick them up. I tried to gather what was left of my family to move, so that we could try and cope, but we ended up staying there for a while before I got the others to move.
The mourning for our sister that didn’t have to die seemed to never end.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 Next »

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