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Wounds Healed

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“Um, I think we have an emergency.”
“Yea, Jared! I would call this an emergency!” I spat at him before we broke out
running from the creatures.
We were running but had to stop so we didn’t fly into the next century. When we stopped I hadn’t even broken a sweat, but Jared was gasping for air. His talent didn’t come with his immortality, he had to work to race with us. Since we could go the speed of light, it was hard for him to keep up. He could run that fast, but it took him a lot of work. “What. Was. That.” He said slowly in between breaths.
I cursed under my breath, they were right behind us. Those stupid creatures are always trying to blow the cover of immortals! I drew the sword from my pocket using a little bit of magic. The sword that had only been drawn to kill one other person… “Jared, they’re like leeches. Hard to get off.”
Then they came, as hideous as they were before. From their waist down, was the body of a horse. The top half of their body was man or woman. To me, in real life, it was hideous. They were like Centaurs in Greek mythology, except worse. It was like dreadlocks gone wrong on their heads, their hands clutched swords that couldn’t hurt me, and any words that came out of their mouths were almost always dumb and thoughtless. Their faces were distorted and resembled a pig. They were always chasing after immortals hoping that they will fall in love or something with them so their kids can be immortal, but we would rather kill ourselves than have to live with them. “Hello, Herod. What do you want?” I tried to sound bored but it came out kind of angrily.
“Oh, sweetie!” he said in a shocked voice with the melodramatic face to match it. “Don’t be that way!”
I groaned, and raised my sword. He backed off. I didn’t need the sword, but only my mothers, sisters, and Jared knew I had the unlimited power. “Back off, Herod. Leave us sisters alone!”
“Gosh! Don’t have to be violent about it, sissy! But if you want to play that way…” he clicked his tongue disapprovingly and got in ready position. The other two centaur-like things backed off and whispered to each other hurriedly. Then they dispersed into the trees behind us. I think we were somewhere in Maine, we had run from California.
I got my sword up barely over my head and narrowed my eyes. My other hand in front of me, I saw him charge at me. Oh, so unwise. I spun to the side gracefully and took a shot at his side. He must have seen this coming because he leaned forward and randomly stabbed at me vigorously. He missed completely and I easily pinned him to the ground. There’s no real challenge for me anymore. He struggled and he said, “You wouldn’t kill me. I know you wouldn’t.”
In reality, all the things did was try to ruin the immortals’ lives anyways. But he didn’t deserve to die. Maybe if I left a mark…”No, I won’t kill you. This isn’t your time. But stay aware, I can hurt you.” With that I swiped the side of his arm. He cried out in pain and stepped away. He had a six-inch cut right above his elbow, and his hand went directly to it. “All we wanted was help with-“
“Can you tell I’m not helping?”
He groaned and looked at me with hate buried in layers across his face centering on his eyes. He dashed into the woods and left me alone for now. I sighed and turned to where Jared stood, he was always eager to watch a fight and smiled. “Should’ve killed him, he was being a complete jerk!”
I laughed, “Jared, not everyone is immortal. Plus, that wouldn’t have been fair, now would it?”
He shrugged, “Eh, don’t care.”
I rolled my eyes and laughed at his sick humor. We ran back to California, where we were stationed for school, again. We were stuck at a flimsy high school education, and hated every moment of it. Oh well, nothing we could do to help it. At nights, we would run over to Idaho and meet up with my sisters and have mini sword fights to rejuvenate our selves. School was out for the summer, and we decided that we should switch schools. Well, Jared didn’t want to go to school. When we got back, and he had his breath back, he kept saying, “Why don’t you just not go to school?”
“Well…” it could work, but my sisters and me just never thought about that. We would probably talk to them about it tonight. We always talked about stuff like that. We would just have family meetings to see what we would do for the next summer or school year and listen to Jared’s ideas. Since he was the youngest, he had the best ideas. Jared and me went to the house where our sisters were and they were all eating dinner. They motioned for us to come and eat with their mouths full and we laughed at them. We sat down and had the dinner. It was Jumi’s stew, which was the best thing she could make. When it was time for the meeting, we all talked almost at once. Realizing we were talking at once, we stopped at the same time. Then broke out laughing. Jared said, “So I got an idea,” and he explained his little proposal.
“We could,” said Jumi. “People might get suspicious though.”
“They haven’t yet with this house,” Vala put in.
“Yea, but we can’t read minds. How are we supposed to know?” for some reason, I don’t think Mallee liked Jared since she thought he had replaced…you know.
“Come on, you know how good Rachna is at reading lies. Rachna, has anyone been lying to us about the hospitality? They all seem to really think we’re in our twenties,” Linya always seemed to see the bright side in things.
“Nope, no one.” I said then remembered, “Except that old guy across the street, the cranky one. He didn’t like us.” Everyone laughed, and we took a vote.
Jared won. Mallee rolled her eyes but Jumi, the only other one with her, didn’t seem to care. “You okay, Sis?” Jared said to Mallee.
Her dark blue eyes glared back at him and a devious smile crossed her face. She always had a trick up her sleeve. Her black hair tumbled down to her shoulders in perfect curls. She got up and went over to him, “I just hope your sword fighting has improved, bro.”
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