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Damage Done

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“Rachna, Give it up! The mortals don’t deserve to live anyways!” She made another slash at me.
“Never Kinita!” I took a stab at her waist.
She spun around and gracefully dodged the attack; the sword looked like it weighed nothing the way she was swinging it. In mid-air, while she was spinning, she leaned back towards me. I knew all too well that this was her own move, and lethal. She had stolen this sword many times, but never to kill like she had now. “Kinita, what did the humans ever do to you?” What a stupid question to ask!
“They stole our mother, Rachna. She loves the mortals more than she ever did us!” I could see the fire burn in her eyes.
I clasped my hands together, and my hair flew back from the force. Like a laser beam, a green string of light came out of my hands and hit Kinita square in the stomach. She fell back on the ground and barfed, just enough time for me to take back the sword. I looked at her green and blue face and it looked pitiful. I could smell the vomit from here and knew I had better go. I thought about killing her right there, but she was still my sister. I made a long decision, and then shook my head and turned to leave; we had done enough damage.
“This isn’t over Rachna, I’ll get to you eventually.” She barfed again, “And if I can’t, you’re of no use. You’ll have to go.”
I knew she had tried to dodge the attack, and that this wasn’t a very big fight. This was merely a test of strength, and I didn’t do so well. If it was a real fight my attacks could have been fatal. But I got pretty scratched up during this fight though, and I just turned and said, “I’m not going down easily.”
“Fine, I’m ready.”

I was walking to the buses, and I knew I had to warn him. I knew he was in terrible danger. “Hey, Jared! Wait up!”
He glanced back at me, “See you later guys,” he said to his friends. “What?” it was short and simple, he must have seen the urgency in my eyes.
“Um, ok. This might seem sudden, but I need you to do me a favor. Stay away from Hailey, k?”
“What?” everyone knew they were “a thing”. This was a bad sign. Kinita was very dangerous.
“Hailey’s kind of… well, let’s just say you don’t want to know. Jared, I’ve seen this happen before. I know how it ends out. I know stories about Kin – um, Hailey that are too bad too mention.”
“What are you talking about? She’s my girl.” No actually, you’re going to be her pet. That’s usually how black magic works. Stupid humans, I see how Kinita tricks them so easily.
“No,” we were stopped and I spoke stern and serious. “You don’t get it! You mortals! She’s not human! She’s going to-“ I stopped as soon as I saw Hailey, or Kinita, walking down the path towards us. “Just stay away from her,” I said in the fastest whisper he could have heard. “She’s not safe. I’ll tell more later.”
“Well, hello Lea. Jared! How’s my boy?” She’s a great actor; she could pass as human any day.
“I’m good,” he said cautiously, looking at me for direction. I met his nervous glance with a steady glare. He didn’t believe a word I said.
I walked away, knowing if I said any more warnings to him Kinita might kill me right there. That would be very bad for Jared or any other prey. Kinita has very tan skin, and brown hair that she only ever brings out of her tight ponytail in fights. She’s tall and athletic like Jared. Except Jared was fair-skin and short brown crazy hair with natural blonde highlights. His face always showed some kind of humor, except when he was trying to focus too hard on something. She on the other hand was always alert, even if her expression she wore showed ease. She was always had a better poker face than any other immortal I knew, but my eyes can detect lies miles and miles away. When I walked away, Kinita whispered to me smugly something only I would, and could, ever hear. “Rachna, he’s mine now.”
My face, if I were a regular human, would have been radiating heat. My dull green eyes would turn sharper than a point on an arrow. My fists would ball themselves at my sides. I would be stupid enough to try and fight her off right there in front of a huge crowd. I’m not human though, and I knew we were both immortal, so I simply smiled and said, “Bring it on.”
I followed the bus, just to make sure. I had my invisibility spell boiling within me, so I was good. I am really an immortal, born from wilderness Spirits with special magic that mated with humans. The Spirits fell in love with the humans, and got immortals like Kinita and me. Some immortals turn against humans, and hunt them down like Kinita. We are, basically, half-human. Except we have certain magic and immortality. You know, little stuff. Technically, I am a sister to Kinita. There are only three Spirits, and each has two daughters. I am the only one who has sided with the Spirits in thinking that humans should not be hunted down. My other four sisters have sided with Kinita because she has put magic on them, and they are under her spell. There is only one blade in the entire universe that has the power to “kill” an immortal. The Spirits have decided to give it to me because if Kinita dies, then the curse will lifted off my other sisters. Kinita is sly though, and she has stolen it.
I don’t see why Kinita practices her magic on the humans, just because they are weaker and fun to experiment your magic doesn’t mean that you should torture them! That’s wrong!
The Spirits, our mothers, they don’t care about us; they only care about only themselves. They think that they are the most important things in the world. All they do sit by The Sacred Pond of Answers and stare at their reflections. They don’t even ask The Pond questions, like they’re supposed to! The Pond gives you answers; it’s not just a mirror! But once the humankind is even slightly in danger, their world perspective changes! “Oh no! Save the humans! Save the humans!”
I don’t see what the big deal is; they care about measly humans more than their own daughters! I do hate the humans for taking away my mother, but I do not think they should die for it like Kinita thinks. I follow the bus all the way to his house where he gets off. In reality, I can run three times faster than a racecar, but the mortals would think that’s odd. When I use my magic, a fire within the pit of my stomach gets brighter. The fire is slightly brighter now because I am invisible. I take out my cell phone, and call Jared’s home number. I feel a sister nearby, and there’s only one that I’m really afraid of. Kinta and I are the eldest and most powerful. When we fight, ours is deadliest battle. It’s not the same if Jumi and Vala fight; they are the youngest. Their fight compared to ours would be more like a catfight instead of a sword fight. The last fight I had with Kinta ended badly, it wasn’t even supposed to be a big fight…
“Hello?” Jared still seemed confused. Mortals never took life seriously.
“Jared,” I said into the phone quickly. “You need to know something. Hailey is going to take you, don’t ask why, just be ready.” I snapped the phone shut and waited. I knew she was just going in.
I felt a breeze roll across my skin. I followed Kinita all the way to an abandoned house, where she put Jared down. His hands were tied behind his back, and he seemed completely silent. I don’t know whether he was scared, or whether he was waiting for something to happen, but he didn’t seem to want to say anything. Both their heads snapped towards me when I stepped in. Kinita was leaning against the wall picking at her fingernails. When she saw me she smiled a slick smile, and it made me feel uneasy about this whole thing. She leaned forward and I saw that in her hand the sword rested on her palm. “Well, hello Rachna. Nice to see you again, Sister.”
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