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Existence of Fate

Author's note: I hope that people will see that action/adventure, along with many undermined genres such as...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I hope that people will see that action/adventure, along with many undermined genres such as fantasy, can incorporate all aspects of a good story such as romance, gore, mystery, suspense, and even comedy. Aside from that, I have just been CRAVING to get this story out to the public because nothing makes me happier than a satisfied reader. I hope with all my heart to get this published someday and make one of the best anime's of this generation. My dream and ambition is to write to the best of my soul to reach out to as many people as possible. I would just like to thank TeenInk for allowing me to get one step closer to that dream!  « Hide author's note
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"It is shame, yet truth, that the benevolence of mercy, does not find a will to act upon the might of those that sin so vigorously…" An ominous voice bestowed a feeling of pity, with the absence of understanding.

"Y-You can just go to hell!" The weak, yet impulsive voice of a man emitted itself from a body; bloodied and pale. It shuddered as its nerves struck consecutively. He ran his dirtied nails in the dusted cement. "I…don't care what happens to
The first chapter basically introduces five of the six protagonists and a bit of a past for each individual and what misfortunes guided them to begin their journeys simultaneously. I hope you all enjoy!
me…I only wish that my son…my son…" The salted, swelling tears emptied from his pale green eyes, mixing with the blood that festooned the cool tile beneath him.

"Is this remorse I sense in you Irvine? You would act upon an emotion that would have you neglect it eighteen years prior this day? Have these imprudent acts been nothing more than an envisage that you tormented your child with all this time?" Cold, veined hands outreached and clenched the thick green hair of Irvine, raising him to the upright position and constricting firmly. The tears relieved themselves from his face in spherical masses, splashing below. "Pathetic…To strike the heart of your own blood…Is the lust for sin that absolute that you would thirst for it more than the being of your own flesh? You have sinned. You have sinned very much so…and now you must sample the bitter taste of judgment…"

"Ahhh!" Trembling awakened at Irvine's fingertips, snaking through his bones to the top of his head. Blood streamed from the corners of his eyes. The pupils discolored grey as they caught the tormenting opposites of the figure that stood before him. They glistened the most florescent red-silver, shining in the shadow that blanked his face. The man's hair ran the red of demons and the blood of humans, lengthening to the tips of the ankle. The color sustained to escape Irvine's paling skin and eyes. His veins pulsed and throbbed, threatening to burst from his worn, fleshy tissue. His heart persisted its consecutive beats, slowing with each repetition.

"The agony of your soul is but an empty notion to your son, but do not fear. I will show him the benefit of ambition. He will come to understand the fallacy of this forsaken existence, and come to loath it. In due time, death will come as a new beginning that will define him, and I will be the first to witness it. May your being lay to rest, and your body be mine." The broad, pulsing hand clenched Irvine's face further, allowing the blood to flow over the webbing between his fingers, dripping from the palm. Irvine's last thoughts where interfered by the fainted resonance of his dying heart. His eyes diminished, fading into the black of his skull. The life deceased in him, Irvine relieved one final sigh of cold breath, just barely forming words that would speak no more than repent.

"Iru…" His final words exacted his death.

"Do not expect death so soon Irvine…for like your son, death will not come so easily. The pain you must witness has barely begun to surface. I will bestow upon you a great anguish when you meet your son once again…"

(Chapter 1)

"Do not expect death so soon Irvine…for like your son, death will not come so easily. The pain you must witness has barely begun to surface. I will bestow upon you a great anguish when you meet your son once again…"

The mournful murmurs of the dead would awaken the eyes of one that would feel only great fear and confusion when his eyes lay witness to the dark maelstrom within the supernatural that lay before him. The numb of his body would result in the absence of his thoughts. Everything is blurred as his face and body lay rest upon what feels like the solid surface of fine stone. As his vision exacts itself, he focuses upon the tip of his index finger, attempting with all his might to stimulate any slight movement within the other nine. His breath draws in with a deep inhale…He exhales, allowing the dust of the stone to dance before his eyes. His eyes converge once more to his hand. Finally, the twitching of a nerve excites his distorted mind. The rest of his fingers fell in sync with the index, and soon he would clench the dust that rested before him. He felt weak however as he heard the pain of his own voice. The terror of his latter thought forced him to speak.

"Why…can I not feel the warmth of my body? Why does everything feel as cold as ice?" His hands trembled as he lay them flat upon the smooth surface of tiled stone. The rest of his body followed in command to raise himself to the standing position. He closed his eyes once more, fixing his nervous hand upon the center of his chest and clenching with all his might. "No heartbeat…" The eerie shriek from the unknown forced him to open his eyes once again, terror stricken through his limbs. He surveyed the area with a feeling of disarray and oncoming sickness. His head began to throb. The stone floor that he stood upon was the floor of a bridge that prolonged into the absolute darkness. The sky overhead was a dismal blend of violet and black that covered a distance beyond the human eye. "Is this a dream? Or perhaps it is a nightmare." The bloody image of his father severed his calm mind as his blood began to rush. "Father!" His voice echoed into the abyss that lied before him. "Damn it, answer me! If you hate me so much, then finish the job! I'm still here, Father! C'mon, finish me!" He opened his arms into the silent void. His heavy breathing calmed with the lack of reaction. "What's going on? Where did he go? Where is this place?" His feet began to move reluctantly, making no sound upon the ground. The wind was still and suddenly he felt fear. "Why…" The flash of a blade, dripping with blood overwhelmed his rational thought. "Why am I still alive for that matter? How am I standing so suddenly? I was stricken in the heart for sure! How is it then that I still live?"

"Iru Migara…" The lifeless voice crept up the spine of his back, forcing him to turn around with sudden alarm. The sight that was beyond embraced his body like a coffin of nails as he fell to his knees, overcome by the strike of disgust. He opened his mouth feeling dry as cotton, absent of sound. His pupils shrank, and his skin began to crawl. He raised one hand up before him, as to shield him from the repulsive sight. The chaotic woes and cries fumed. "W-What the hell…is that?" He could barely form words from his mouth. Double doors towered many feet above him. The Gothic architecture of hard steel ran from top to bottom, however… "That's…blood and…" Through the metal frame of the double doors, the thick red liquid ran throughout, streaming from the bottom like a waterfall and dripping before him. "Bodies…tons of them." He felt his body weaken, unable to act upon any thought that told him to run. The bodies, encased within the doors, stretched their arms out to him, generating ghastly yelps.

"You do not belong…" The whispers of death cried hostilely. "Geeeetttt ooouuuutttt…"

"I…I--" The voices plagued his body, ringing every nerve in his body like bells.

"Death can only come to those who have a life to take! You do not belong! You do no belong! Geeeeettttt ooouuuuutttt!" The corpses of the dead hissed.

"I don't understand! Someone tell me what is going on!" He cuddled himself in, placing his hands upon his ears and shutting his eyes tight. The roar of the deceased erupted; The bridge began to rumble beneath him. The stone burst several feet to his back side, snaking its way to his position. The corpses continued with their chronic screams, swiping at him from beyond the metal frame of the door. He could feel the pounding of his heart rampage so suddenly. He clasped it as the ache surged throughout his body. His mouth became cotton as he struggled to level himself with the use of the crumbling bridge. The hollow cries of the dead shuttered every cold bone in his body. "I…have to get out of here…" His gasp was cut short as his hand crumbled through the support of the bridge and gravity overwhelmed him. Blood danced in a unique curvature from his mouth. His hand trembled, outreaching to the distant dark gate, and the vision of his eyes began to fade once more at the sound of his beating heart.

"Aaahhh!" The boy opened his eyes once more, the veins in the greens of them pulsing as his pupils shrank into a small void. He placed both hands upon his chest, showing his great anguish as he closed his body in. The dark clouds overhead rushed across the sky and the rain poured briskly, splashing upon his face repetitively. The wind carried his cries of pain beyond human ears into the sound slicing, thin air. His breath was cold once again, escaping his mouth uncontrollably as he withstood the pain. He stared into the palms of his hands. The nerves in his fingers twitched as his eyes watched the blood drip from them, absorbing into the mud that he lay upon. The blood cried from his chest, reddening the wet grass. He could feel the pumping of his heart and the pain deceased quickly. He planted his hands into the deep mud with a soft "squish" to follow when he raised himself. His breathing slowed to a safe repetition. He began to walk, realizing that his mind was too shattered to allow him to do so in a straight line. The pre-images of a single tree danced between his eyes. With every weakened step, he exhaled steam from his mouth. His arm outreached, he could feel the blood running from his palm and the tips of his fingers. "F-Father…" He whispered once more, embracing the tree for much needed support. "Where did you go?" He thought to himself, feeling the butterflies build up within him. His foot nudged a small rock that raced down the small mountain-side to the vast field below. Beyond its horizon, he could see the faded outline of his hometown, Oque.

Through the flash of lightning, sin carries itself over to a girl who's tears fall upon the locket of a loved one. She embraces it tight, feeling the blood freely release from its chain. It splashes upon a puddle that runs through the cracks of the darkened floor, to the white center underneath the dim limelight, in which a blade of dull silver has rested since her awakening. Her mind is haunted when her thoughts carry her to the grotesque sight one that which would pose as a demon with red veins pulsing through his face and those red-silver eyes. Her mother would rest in his arms, appearing as though tears of happiness where the right emotion to fit the moment.

"I've waited so long, to see you again…Can you ever forgive me? I never meant to leave your side." Her mother's fainted whisper forced her to close the locket in tighter to her chest. "Can you ever forgive me?"

The girl felt her soul shrink, witnessing the drug of dark love that her mother had succumb to. Could she not see the terror and inhumanity that lay in the swallowing pools of his eyes? Does his dark demeanor and stance not read for the unsuspecting to stay away?

"Why Mother? Why did you go to him? Why did you…" The girl persisted to sustain the tears within her, placing the locket around her neck for safe keeping. She still could not, however, find herself to stand while the prior event still plagued her mind. She recalled standing idly by, filled with disarray and distraught. A malevolent grin formed upon his face, awakening the nightmare that she had expected. His arm suddenly began to disfigure before her; Her mother's eyes closed and unaware, her tears fell down his pulsing chest. The muscles burst from his flesh, appearing as bloody pink snakes, stretching to the ground. The silent hissing resumed as the blood dripped from the motioned muscles.

"Do not worry…I will forgive you." The psychotic smile forming in the shadow of his demon-red hair. Her mother's eyes opened with the joy of forgiveness, meeting the red-silver of hell.

"Truly? You will forgive me? For all I have done to you?" She asked willingly.

"Mother please, get away from him!" She had cried, feeling the inhumanity of his being. Her mother, to her defeat, ignored her cries.

"I do." The satanic voice shattered random beats of her heart, strictly through fear. "However…" The girl was unable to react in time before the thick, bloody flesh had clasped her neck, restricting tightly. Her mother reacted with a fuse of panic and woe. "Any seed you bear, is a seed of infidelity, infused with sin. I would do the devil's work by allowing her to live. Burn in the lake of deceit, tainted child." From beyond his red hair, a blade of dark silver revealed itself.

"No! You mustn't hurt my child! Nera, I beg you run!" Her mother had cried. She had relieved herself of the man's embrace, and ran to her with fear read throughout her. "Let her go!" She cried, attempting to free Nera from his bloody grasp.

"M-Mother…" Nera spat between breathes. Her Mother released the locket from her hand and placed it within Nera's free one. "I was going to use this to release us from this awful existence, so that we may find peace elsewhere, but I fear that you will be the only one to find peace Nera. Go to a time where sin does not exist…I love you…" The wicked being had thrust the blade across the small room, directed at Nera. Her mother opened the locket, tears falling like streams down her face, and turned the hand of the clock forward as fast as possible before the blade ran her through. As the blood splattered upon Nera's face, the flash of the locket consumed her before the blade ran all the way through.

"Go to a time where sin does not exist…I love you…"

Nera held the broken locket in the palm of her hand, examining the room that was still stained with fresh blood. "Unless sin has been lost within a day's time, I am afraid that I cannot fulfill your wish just yet…Mother." She whispered those heartfelt words before she stood. "I never knew until now, that this is the place that you went to everyday. These documents and old scripts of a forgotten project…You were trying to build some sort of machine that would take us far away from here, far away from Father, far away from Oque, and far away from tragedies such as this." She examined the blood stained paper upon the wall of the small, broken laboratory. The words read "Peace and prosperity will be found in time". She gathered as many of the papers that could still be read and folded them, placing them within a small pocket pouch she had made herself. The wet blood created a path that led up the stairs from the small room, dripping upon each step. "I refuse to acknowledge that sin does not exist, until I confront it for myself. I will find you Mother, and we will leave together."

The malevolent winds of Mother Earth rage with ominous vigor and without content. The leaves of the forests rustle, relieving from branches their own, taking to the whistling tune of the clouded sky. They flutter as the rain water flickers down from its stem and splashes upon the salted tears of Genra Nihonko. There he stands in the midst of pre-destined hell as the thunder still roars. The eroded rubble cracks beneath his feet as his eyes are taken to the sight of rain-washed blood upon mounds of rubble and debris. The earth is sin struck with the souls of the deceased. His breath is cold as his skin. He forces himself upon the piles of shattered spirit.

"Home…" He whispers solemnly to himself, holding back the tears yet they come as they feel need.
"Brother, why would you…How could you…" The thunder rumbles beneath his feet once more. His eyes continue to be taken by what once was. He stood upon an alleyway, the splash of his shoes upon a water puddle provoke recent crows to take flight. He made his way into the narrow alleyway, stopping no sooner than three feet from his previous position. His hands wondered about the side of the fallen building to his left until it came upon deep hollow in the wall. Crevices appeared to snake their way from its center. He left his hand to rest there as he sustained to stare into the unnerving darkness. Voices began to echo in his head as his heart began to rush.

(Flash Back)

"Is this your idea of a joke? Father would never-"Genra's palms sweat with great trepidation as he stood in the alleyway of his home, his eyes bloodshot, and the veins pulsing, ready to burst beneath his young skin. His eyes focused desperately on his older brother, Akusga, whom held a rusted dagger beneath their frail grandfather's throat. Genra, a young child, could see the blood run from his grandfather's neck to the granite alleyway floor at his feet. His grandfather gasped desperately for air as his bony fingers frenzied about at his sides. Akusga, knelt above him, had nothing less than that of a blood-ravenous, demon glazed smile upon his face. His face and arms sweat profusely. His hair dripped in small masses, splashing upon his tattered shirt.

"Shut up!" Akusga cried with great anxiety. "Would you question the will of our father, the man whom took your sorry ass in?" Akusga pressed the dagger forcefully against his grandfather's throat. "This old fool is of no use to us anymore." His teeth flared a monstrous grin, the blood vessels in his eyes thickening. "What we cannot make use of, we have no use for. Survival of the fittest Genra!" He pressed his sweaty forehead against his grandfather's. "This decrepit, senile taint being of old bone and flesh, what use is he to us?" He breathed heavily upon his grandfather's face, feeding off the fear in his tearful eyes.

"He is our grandfather! He may not be flesh, but he is our family! Brother don't be foolish! Even Father would not wish a fate upon him so! What chronic inhibitions has your mind bestowed upon you! Your thinking is nothing less of irrational!" Akusga and Genra's younger brother, Shino stepped before him. The tears flowed from his face as a stream.

"Shino, dear little brother, not you too? Irrational you say? Is it not you and our dear brother Genra whom seek that which will never exist? Freedom? I damn the world! To survive, you must banish out the weak and those that would hold you back from power! Any means of unnecessary strain must be banished. Why can you not see Father's vision for us? Because Genra has tainted your mind with these foolish beliefs of a life beyond the pain…beyond the bloodshed and sin. Hehe…Haha…Hahahahahaha!" Akusga pressed his palm to his forehead in disorienting laughter. His eyeballs appeared as though they would burst from their sockets as they burned with the sight of the sun between the walls above. "A life beyond pain? Do you honestly think you will find that elsewhere?" The dagger began to cut through his grandfather's flesh as the expression on his face suddenly became full of everlasting rage. "The only means of finding a life without pain…"

"Don't do it Brother…" Shino took yet another step forward, closing the gap between them.

"Akusga don't…" The tips of Genra's fingers began to tremble beyond his control.

"You are a foolish boy…Your anger will consume…you…" Their grandfather's weak voice spoke those last words that would forever burn in Genra's mind.

"Is in death!!!" Akusga cleaved through his grandfather's throat with one quick slice. The blood burst from beyond spontaneously, spraying as red rain upon his face and body. Soon the alleyway floor was decorated with dark red. Genra's heart struck as lightning upon his chest. His vision became slowly dazed as he could see the after image of all that stood before him. His deep purple eyes shuttered, his skin tightening.

"Noooo! You sick, demented demon! You are no brother of mine!" Shino cried. "Grandfather wanted nothing but freedom and happiness for us, for you, Brother! You're so stupid! So stupid!" Shino relieved another rusted dagger from his trousers. Previous bloodstains ran throughout its tip and handle. "I'll kill you!" Shino charged forward without second thought, the blood splashed beneath his tattered sandals. His cries echoed in Genra's head, awakening him to the harsh reality at hand.

"No…No! Shino stop!" Genra's eyes focused just in time to see Shino but a few feet away from piercing his brother. Akusga's laugh was as though dozens of birds were being grinded up in Genra's ears. He held his arms out, dagger in hand, the smile preceded.

"Haha! Stupid you say? If you are so foolish as to think like him..." Genra met the flaring eyes of Akusga once more.

"Akusga please, I beg you, don't…don't do it…don't do it…don't-" The event at hand reflected in the shine of Genra's eyes. His head became a daze once more as his eyes initiatively watched Shino fall to the floor as his and his grandfather's blood merged, pressing against Genra's feet.

"Then you can join him." Akusga whispered into his brother's ear before relieving the dagger from his heart.

"G…Gen...ra…" Shino exhaled, from his mouth, his last bit of life. Akusga held a red doused dagger upon each hand. The wet hair upon his face shadowing his expression as he faced to no other but Genra.

"Geeenraaaa?" He sang as he appeared to somewhat dance in the alleyway, laughing periodically. The sun created a half shadow on them. The sun just barely pierced the fury in Genra's eyes. "You're-the only- one left. What will- you do- now?" He sang, slowly dancing his way closer to Genra.He sang, slowly dancing his way closer to Genra. Genra clenched his fists, the sweat dripping between the webbings in his fingers. His trembling body forced him back two steps…then two steps more…but suddenly his body gave way, as if gravity had taken control, thrusting his body forward in a full force berserk of shrill cries. His fist balled up, his shouts echoed upon the walls of that narrow alleyway. "Hahaha! Yes, yes, that's it! Let the hatred for what you despise engulf you dear brother!" Akusga's teeth widening as fangs with his demented, open smile. Genra stretched his fist back as far as he could, build momentum as his arm cramped with pain and determination. Akusga's expression diminished as his eyes followed at Genra's feet. His foot crushed the ground beneath him as leaves. Akusga's pupils shrank as he could suddenly feel the impulsive energy radiating from Genra's body as intense air pressure. In a frail gasp, he stumbled backward, just barely avoiding the destructive swing of Genra's fist. It struck the adjacent wall with a monstrous blow. The great wave surged throughout as his fist struck. The crevices began to snake away from the target strike, leaving a spherical hallow in the wall's center. Several masses of stone rained down from above them. Genra slowly removed his hand from the wall. Steam appeared to simmer from the tips of his knuckles. Akusga gave a fearful, yet enraged expression as he continued to keep his distance, his eyes fixed on Genra now.
"W-What…What was…" Genra could feel the slight burning sensation spreading through his right arm. He held his wrist with his other hand as he struggled to remove his foot from the crushed tile floor beneath him. "My body is burning up…a-and my heart is beating so fast! This strength…Has it been my all this time?" Akusga proceeded to lengthen the distance between Genra and he, with a dead end at his backside.

"This kid is a monster…Father, where the hell did you find this kid? It ain't normal to have strength like that…Damn it…I don't need to waist any time killing him." Akusga clenched the handles of both daggers tightly. Genra's eyes appeared to thirst for Akusga's blood as his cold stare forced a great deal of intimidation through his legs. Before Akusga could make the first move, Genra charged forward in a blind rage once more. "What the- ARGH!" The shock of Genra's fist was as an earthquake through Akusga's bones. He could feel Genra's hand digging through the flesh of his midsection as his legs lifted from the ground. The small rocks below them rocked back and forth unsteadily. Akusga could feel one rib after another breaking as Genra's fist pressed through. Akusga cried out with the most devastating of cries, a pain he had never witnessed before, surging through him as a wild beast. With an atomic burst, the momentum sent him as a rampant butterfly unable to control its flight, sailing to the back wall. The crush of his back against it, finished any breath he had in him as he lay, embedded in the solid rock. His fingers twitched about, attempting to clasp the shattered rock that had pierced his backside. Genra inhaled and exhaled with great anxiety, the sweat dripping from the tip of his nose. He tried as he could to control his breath, unable to calm his mind, his arm still stretched out before him.

(End Flashback)

Genra ran his hand over the crown of his blond hair. He caught himself, realizing that he had been breathing heavily since his reminisce. For some reason his mind clouded the rest of his memory.
"But then why…Why can I remember that man? That man of blood shot hair…What purpose does he serve in all this?" Genra had attempted for years to tie his brother's connection with the man that appeared as a demon with hair that seemed to bleed down to his feet. Even if Genra was sure that he had finished his brother off, present occurrence and forgotten memory would deem otherwise. He stood in the destroyed alleyway, his hand still running over the embedment in the wall. His body tensed with rage as he could see the fainted silhouette of where his grandfather and brother's corpse had lain. With a crunch of his teeth, his fist struck the wall once more with quaking force. The wall crumbled at his shoulder as it gave way in an instant. "Brother!" Genra caught a piece of the falling debris in his palm. "Is what I have been told the truth? Was it your face that was seen standing over corpses that decorated our destroyed town just recently? As hard as it is to believe, I can't just avoid it. I thought I had finished you off…I thought I had avenged Shino, however I find that yet another unlucky soul is forced to see that disfigured smile upon your face...If I find the man of bleeding hair, then perhaps I will find you." He crushed the solid rock between his fingers.

The dying wind appeared to carry laughs of content upon its back as Iru felt its rush blow his hair back. He stopped as he came upon the steel gates of his home town, Oque. From the outside, he could see the enormous tree that protruded from the town's center and into the air, just below the clouds. He held his chest that still appeared to cry with small masses of blood still, his back hunched over. His body ached with confusion and regret. He held a glistening blade in his right hand, stained with mud. Its unique curvature and double ended tip made it one of a kind. Letters unfamiliar to him ran along its body. His eyes studied it firmly.

"Still, on a day like this, Mother's blade, Tsurugi, appears to glisten. Mother…was I doing the right thing? Was I right to challenge Father's love for you and his hatred for me? Please, if only you could give me the answer." He clenched its handle, attempting to hold back his stream of tears. "Forgive me Mother, but as long as I draw breath, I refuse to accept that I lost to him. I'll find him and make him answer for his neglect. He knows something about me, and I plan to find that answer…" He clasped the section of his chest, just above his heart. "His blade…ran through my heart, but I'm still alive. I'm…still alive." Iru closed his eyes; remembering as his and his father's blades clashed against one another's between the heavy rainfall. The thunder crackled and the wind whistled as one another's roars echoed off the mountainside that overlooked Oque. Iru sustained the fear inside of him as he readied his blade to strike vital each time. He could feel the rage emit from his father's body, the heat nearly singing his skin. It took only one moment's hesitation to strike Iru's mind. He was in a life or death struggle with his father, to blood of his own. He had lost grip upon his blade, as everything appeared to pause in place. The last that he would see was his father's blade running through his heart, before opening his eyes once more.
"I don't understand it, damn it all! Where the hell did he go!" Iru cried into the discolored sky. His body throbbed with anticipation and everlasting pain through his bones. He groaned as he was brought to his knees. With a soft splash in the mud, he held himself with both hands before the steel gates. "Where did he go?" He voice was subtle now, yet weak with emotion. "How could he just leave after doing something so…heartless? Perhaps…perhaps I would have been better off dead." He used his blade as support as he stood once more. "Either way, you can't run away from me! I swear I'll find you, and you will answer to me!" Iru then walks beyond the steel gates into his hometown, fueled by his ambition.

The thunder roars once again as a man of jet black hair and piercing black armor stands, arms crossed, upon the mountainside. The wind carries his hair back, his flaring, deep red eyes focus upon the ways that crash down on the shore and climb at the mountain's feet beneath him.

"This existence reeks with sin and error. The taint emitting from the soil of this planet is uncanny. I can see why now I have been sent once again. The cycle of life and death has been tampered with and life on this planet has become unstable for the second time in this genesis of existence. Someone has been forsaken with right to live and has been rejected by death's door…What game do the Creators play in which they tamper with their own and deem us not interfere? For a being to be denied the right to live and robbed his right to exist…Such carelessness will only create a cycle of suffering upon the innocent that I might be the one to carry out this act unwillingly. May Purgatory have mercy upon him, for neither I nor the Netherworld can…?" Aze Susanoo closes his eyes as the wind embraces him.
"What's this…?" His eyes open once more, and take to the sky.
"Souls...millions of them, lingering and wandering...How can this be? Every soul of dead should be accounted for and laid to rest. Ankou, was there some other purpose that you expect me fulfill? I sense souls that have been left unaccounted for and denounced to our knowledge. Not only that, but I sense a being that is not of the creator's doing. I sense a deity that is neither dead nor alive, a being that contradicts fate by existing upon other means. It seems that my task to fulfill holds much more than significance than your words led me to believe, Ankou."


Akusga: Poor, bastard brother Genra. If only he knew...hehehe...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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