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Trinity Soul Spiral

Author's note: I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then, I've finally got the inspersation to do so.

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The Encounter

I awoke feeling sluggish as usual, a single beam of sunlight shining in my eye. I had a strange feeling today was going to be bad; I quickly pushed the thought away.  I was determined to have a good day. I put on my clothes and I walked slowly into the kitchen to get some of Luke’s usual breakfast but I was greeted with the worst sound I’ve ever heard…...Luke’s singing. “OH  MY DARLING OH MY DARLING MORNING LIGHT!” He stopped and stared at me “Mornin’ sunshine, made some of my delicious pancakes for ya.”
“I don't eat your pancakes.” I said, the awful smell of the slightly burnt pancakes wafted through the air.  Luke is my older brother who was adopted from another clan that outlawed him when he was ten, I’ve tried to ask him about it but he will never tell me. Since then he’s lived with me and he’s come to think his food is good, which it is really not. Luke is not as dark toned as me but he’s got a tan all the sun we get here makes it incredibly easy.
All the women in our village always wanted to date him because he is the nicest guy in  the village but they always ignored me. He may be the nicest guy in the village but he has a voice like a banshee.
“Will you ever listen when I say something?” He said with a sigh. “You always zone-out when I’m talking to ya. Listen I’ve gotta go to the shop early so don’t go messing with the elders again, okay."
     “Yeah, just go before Mr.Claw kills you.” Mr.Claw was Luke’s boss at the metal shop. We called him that because he had a claw mark on his arm given to him by the hybrid snake warriors that killed the village dogs.  Once Luke left I went in the kitchen to clean his mess.
     As soon as I finished cleaning up the dishes and the surrounding area which was covered in pancake goop, I decided to go have some fun with the elders anyway. I started to the eastern portion of the village and ran directly into a large man with patchy red hair and a hunched back, he looked at least a thousand years old. The bag of bones grabbed my arm and said, "Come, Mark, Lord Six wishes everyone to come to the center of the village, especially you.” He licked his lips and led me there.
  A very large man wearing a gold cape with purple lines along the back stood on a mountain of his soldiers.  He cleared his throat and tapped the microphone its feedback caused me and everyone around me to cover their ears.“This village has a very important artifact that I want. It is called the moonblade.” Everyone in the village knows what it's called because legends say that it can only be pulled out of its stone sheath by one of a pure heart good or evil under the moonlight it just had to be pure . It was forged with nano chips inside to analyze the emotional state and neurological pathways of the brain and many other sensors which inspired the myth of it being 'magic'. Fortunately only Luke and I know how to get to it. A few years before, we sneaked into the temple and saw the moon-blade but had made sure no one could find their way to it again. “If you do not tell me how to get the moon-blade, this one dies!” Six snapped his fingers and two of his goons stepped up to the podium with Luke in their possession, just what I needed. “We will torture and kill him if someone doesn't tell me where to find the MOONBLADE!” People around me starting whispering saying,
"Give the two kids up he won't kill all of us." "We could just tell him it broke." “I need the blonde one he works for me." Mr. Claw said.  Of course the women said, “Save Luke, please save him!"
"Enough!" I yelled, stepped up to the podium and said,” I’ll show you, but let my brother go!”  “Okay I”ll let him go, but first tell me where the moon-blade is.” The Warlord sneered.
     I stabbed my finger at him and replied, “Let him go first!” Six snapped his fingers once more and his goons let go of Luke who slumped to the floor.
“Now, Boy show me where the moonblade is and if you can't get in- then this whole village will burn!” I flinched  and briskly walked down the path leading to the temple when Six said, “Chain him.” two of his goons came and chained me to a tree. “Sorry kid, nothing personal just can’t have you getting away, just in case Six needs you.” said one of the guards.
Six snapped his fingers and the goons put a bag over my head and there was nothing but darkness. I tried struggling but some chemical inside the bag put me to sleep.
      When I woke up I heard someone crouch in front of me. “Okay kid listen nod if you're awake.” I nodded.  “Do you know where the guards are?” I nodded.  “Is anyone else with you?”  I nodded vigorously. “Okay okay is it a friend, a parent, a pet,...a brother?” I nodded once more. He then took the bag off of my head and instead of a person I saw something the vaguely resembled a cat. He was a Kyrulan; Kyrullans were cat-human hybrids created when they did those hybrid experiments back before Six outlawed technology. They weren't exactly the most social creatures. “Show me where they are.” I nodded, sort of confused and then he unchained me from the tree.
     We walked to the temple and I almost passed out from shock because Six and his army Luke was in a metal cage hanging above a pot of molten metal while Six was giving his speech, “Today this child has helped me find this,the moonblade!" He said holding up the pale gray sword.  The guy beside me who called himself Solem advised me to stay at my position behind the rock while he went to get Luke.
“So today we will honor him by turning him into to my metal minion!” Six continued. The crowd of soldiers roared with delight and just as quick as the roar started, it died when Solem freed Luke from his cage being very obvious.
“He’s Mine Six!"  He slid down from the cage with Luke draped over his shoulder. Six’s face started to flush red with anger and he yelled, “GET HIM, GET SOLEM!” As Six was yelling I ran over tried to take the MoonBlade out of his hands. Six grunted and kicked me off the podium. “Naive child you think you can steal from me?” The Moon Blade's color began to change from gray to red as The warlord hefted it over his head. I took cover by the nearest rock as black lightning arched through the air towards me. The blast shook the rock I was hiding behind and pebbles flew through the air. “For you insolence child you will die but for your courage you will die quickly!” Six yelled while sending another arch through the air. Then He stopped and Laughed “I have never been beaten so I will give you a chance.” He yelled. I heard the distinct clang of a sword fall beside me. “Use the MoonBlade and prove that you are worthy me I will allow you to keep it, my pride will not allow me to kill an unarmed boy and It will not allow me to lie.” I swallowed, gulping down air as I picked up the moonblade. My knees shook as I rose to Six’s challenge. The MoonBlade began to hum and it’s color became gray again. Six smiled, “Yes you are worthy, take it and leave my sight, you have 12 seconds.”

     Solem slid down the chain and started running with me not far behind. “Why did you help us?!” I asked. Solem jumped over a fallen log and said, “He wanted the Moonblade.”  I rolled my eyes, "No Dip Sherlock!" I held the blade up to the sky. "How did you get that?" I shrugged "He gave it to me.”  I frowned puzzled I knew Solem didn't trust me anymore than he could throw me.
     After a few hours of getting chased by Six and his goons we decided to take a rest. in the ruined city fifteen miles from the village. While we rested I wanted Solem to tell me why he choose to help us. “I already told you why.” 
     “ I don’t believe that is the full story.” I said, wanting to know more.
“It is all I’m willing to to tell you.” he retorted, getting a bit annoyed.
Luke finally awoke and decided to join the conversation, “He has some history with the moonblade, his people forged it.” He said sleepily.“I may have some history with it and there’s a reason why I won’t tell you or the Blacksmith”  "
You say you won’t tell us but know you have to.” Luke said.

    “Why do I have to tell you anything?” He replied. “Because now that we’ve been seen with you we’re fugitives also.”  Solem pondered with this a little and said, “Fine here is the thing.” He pointed at the moonblade by my hand. "It is one of the most important things to the Kyrulan empire. That sword is the strongest of the four artifacts." He started to draw on the ground using his claw. “The MoonBlade, The Mace,SunFury and The Hallowed Axe.”   “Whoa where can we get them?” Luke asked.
"There is no getting them those artifacts belong to the Kyrullan empire NOBODY else.” said the Kyrullan, his tail twitched with anger.
I took a glance around the woods where we were camped and said “Why did you bring us to the middle of the woods?”
    “Because I am taking you to the city of Karbath where they will kill you.” Indicating to me. “And you will become a servant to any of my people.” He said pointing to Luke.
I grabbed the MoonBlade and stood up adrenaline still coursing through my veins and turned the blade toward Solem.
“Luke and I are not going with you, we are going to the temple of Dijona.”
Solem smirked at me and said, “You really think that old resistance base really exists? Your a fool to believe so.”
I sneered and said, “If I’m a fool well I’m one that will kick your butt if you come any closer to us, now we are going to the the city of Karabath but we will go on my terms understand?”
    Solem nodded and spoke in Kyrullan “I understand, you worthless brat.” He said.
I edged the blade closer to him. “Understand!?” He nodded.
“Don’t you think we should tie him up cause I don’t feel safe with him like that” Luke said.
“Yeah I guess we should.” I grabbed a rope out of Solem’s bag and said, “Hold still or this is gonna hurt.” I tightened the rope around his wrists and Solem gave a small yelp. “You said it would only hurt if I moved!” He hissed.

Luke shrugged. “I guess he lied.” We went on getting lost a few times along the way having to have Solem tell us where to go. Luke looked around the trail we were following and said, “We’ve passed that same rock eight times.”  “How do you know that’s the same rock?” Solem and I asked at the same time. “Because I put small pebbles on it every time we passed it.” Solem’s eyes widened and he started thrashing frantically yelling, “LET ME GO! WE’VE BEEN TRAPPED!” Luke looked around and said, “What?” Then something with long bony arms and fingers dragged Luke into the mud. Solem started to move with even more desperation now until the same creature dragged him away also. I unsheathed the moonblade and it started to shine it’s lunar light into the darkness.
“Who’s there?” I said wearily  Then I heard laughter like that of a child. I swung my sword toward the noise and felt something punch me in the stomach. I fell to the ground winded and tried to get up once more only to get hit again. The thing of the dark attacking me relentlessly. Then I felt its heavy weight upon me and it started to strangle me. I kicked it off and back into the bushes. As the next blow came I was ready and swung at it and heard a bloodcurdling scream and a young girl stood there cradling her hand. I looked at her a wave of sympathy rolling over me.
“I’m sorry I cut your hand you were a beast a couple of moments ago, So Im not sorry for defending myself.” She sighed and said, “Well now I am nothing more than a shadow, the moonblade purged all of the evil out of my very soul taking me with it.” Suddenly Luke and Solem came from the bushes walking toward me, scratches covered them.
“Is there anything you can do for her Solem?” I asked.
“Why on earth would I help my captor save a shadow sprite?” He said, brushing off mud.  “A Shadow Sprite?” Luke asked. “Shadow Sprites are electromagnetic anomalies caused by the excess of radiation caused by the depletion of the ozone layer who have been harnessed completely to Six’s newfound technology so now they reside to do his bidding. The moonblade is able to temporarily cause the shadow sprites to take a solid form and then disappear. " the Kyrullan explained. “The only way to free her is to bind her to your own bioelectricity, but I don’t see why you would want to do that.”
I looked over to him and said ,“How in the world do you know all of this stuff?” He scoffed “I’m prince of the kyrullan empire I am supposed to know everything.” I shrugged, “Whatever how do I do that?”  Solem’s eye twitched. “You plan to save that thing after it tried to kill you?” I nodded“It was doing so under Six’s orders and nothing deserves to die for him.” Solem shook his head. “I don’t agree but oh well You must allow it to scan your bioelectricity so it can bury itself into your spine binding it as your shadow.” The Kyral explained.



    I was now well beyond earshot when I  heard the same language Solem was speaking in earlier.   Then they dug a hole and the ground and buried the item .When the pair had gone I quickly dug for what they were burying  and found a half-axe that looked like it was made out of silver.  “Hey guys look what I found.” I said waving the axe in the air. Mark was finishing the knots on the rope around Solem’s wrist and when he looked up at me his shadow didn’t in fact the shadow wasn’t even his it was that of the young girl. “Umm Mark.”
    “Yeah?” he replied.  “That’s not your shadow.” Solem then scoffed and said, “Of course it’s not you bumbling idiot, it is the Shadow Sprite, he has bound it to save its spirit.” The the shadow spoke. “Umm my na..name…”  Mark looked over to it and said, “Oh I forgot to ask yo-”
    “NO.” she cut him off “You have to pick my new name I cannot go back to my old name nor must I say it.” 
    “Well ok." he pondered for a moment and said, “I’ll call you Circe.”  She jumped in delight. Solem in fact was very angry that we decided to let her come with us and kept saying, “I can’t believe these stupid humans allowing a DEMON to come with us with no bonds but I, a civilized person must stay chained” I looked back at him and yelled, YOU have to stay chained cause you wanted to take us prisoner, and you are not really a person." Solem rolled his eyes at this comment and went back to complaining. Circe looked at Mark and said, "I’ve never seen a Kyrullan reduced to these standards". Solem hissed and started to laugh. I turned around Solem’s dagger in hand and Mark had the moonblade facing the kyrullan and Circe transformed into attack form.  He looked at us and said, “You have stepped into the boundaries of the city of Karabath.”
    “So?”, I said puzzledly. He continued to laugh and said, “It means my people have found you, and they are coming to rescue me.” Then it was Circe’s turn to laugh, “They will not rescue, you know that you’ve been captured, once they get here they will kill you along with us.” I looked at Circe with wide eyes. “How is that funny?” The shadow then shrugged. “Hey I’m not going to die they can’t kill me. I sighed and smacked my palm against my head. “I don’t see why you guys are moping we can fight them; Luke you still have that axe that you found why don’t you use it?”Mark asked. Solem sighed and said, “Well we are certainly doomed.” 
    "No we’re not, we’ll let you fight if you promise to help the resistance.” 
    “Considering my situation I guess I will.”
    “We don’t want I guess we want I will.” The shadow said. I lifted the axe and shook it in a demanding matter. “Go on!”   “Fine!” he hissed.

    When the Kyrullans came we were ready for them, well sort of. The lead Kyrullan wearing red armor covered in chains looked directly at Solem and said, “Look boys, it’s the lowly traitor.” The other five started to laugh until he said to Solem “You always were the weakest, brother." he spat on Solem’s fine purple cloak and the rest started to erupt with laughter. He silenced them again and looked at Luke and the axe. He turned around and looked at a kyrullan with green cloak and a shortsword strung on his waist. “You were supposed to bury that axe where no man can find it!”
    “I’m sorry sir I didn’t know he would find it, Tremor.” Tremor took his Sword out of his sheath and slashed at the green cloak. He looked down at his stomach which was starting to make a puddle of blood on the ground. When green cloak fell Tremor kicked his body off of the hill to the left of him. He turned to face is again and said, “That’s what happens to those who fail the empire.” He pointed at Solem, “Your next, brother." Luke gave Solem both of his daggers back and whispered something in his ear that I didn't hear. Then, Solem launched himself at Tremor, daggers flying like two silver claws. While I was busy watching one of the other soldiers suddenly attacked me, making me fall back on the defense. All I could do was duck and weave away from his furious assault. The Kyrullan began to get tired of fighting a target he couldn’t hit and started to attack me recklessly. He grabbed some dirt of the ground and flung it in my eyes causing me to lose my footing and fall into the grass. He then lunged aiming to pierce my throat when Circe enclosed herself around me making his sword deflect harmlessly off her.  I swept my left foot at him making him fall and started to get up he then jumped on my stomach pinning me under his knees and punched me once twice then a third time and then he slid out his claws. “I am going to enjoy killing you and maybe I’ll get promoted for killing the fugitive of Six’s empire. His arm was coming closer to my throat and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight him much longer. At that moment I willed Circe to my side once more and she became a shadow of a Bobcat and swept him away from me she then decide to play with him like he was a mouse.Solem looked like he had been having a worse time than I was, he looked like he’s been hit by a truck and backed over. Their weapons clashed and they kept going for fatal wounds I could see they had a lot of beef with each other.

    “I hate you, brother !”  I hissed through my teeth. He laughed and said, “Do you really think I didn’t know that!” They clashed again. “Since when did the Kyrullans work for Six!” I lunged at Tremor who sidestepped the blade and ran one through my back. I glared at him, my back screaming in pain. “We’ve been working for Six all along don’t you see, why else would we hide the weapons when we could’ve used them against him.”  I hissed in pure fury and launched myself at Tremor once more, taking my claws through his face. He yowled at this and kicked me backward sending me sprawling on the dirt. He stepped above me raising his broadsword, the light catching on its sharp edge. “Now I must finish what I started, KIlling YOU. Then out of nowhere the shadow Mark had bound came to my rescue. She stabbed her razor like claws through him and kick him off the very same hill as the green cloak. “That’s what happens when you try to kill US." She looked down on the body and set it aflame by transforming into a beautiful black dragon with glossy scales. I looked up to her and said, “He won’t die that easy and Six won’t let him now that he’s working for him. Luke walked over to help me up, I clasped his hand to hoist myself up. “Well let’s hope he stays down long enough.” The blacksmith said. I allowed myself a grim smile, “Let’s hope so.” Mark looked over and said, “We’ve got to move; getting attacked just now opened my eyes to the big picture, our enemies will do anything to get to these weapons even killing their comrades. Now let’s go before more come back. I want to be at Karabath by dawn.” Luke looked at me and said, “What's his problem?” I sighed,"I honestly don’t know he was a little cheerier even when you guys had me tied up.”

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