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Breaking Free

Author's note:

This was inspired by many other books and authors that i studied. 

Author's note:

This was inspired by many other books and authors that i studied. 

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Chapter 1

I always knew that this day would come. But that didn’t make it any easier. Many of years ago I am sure that girls enjoyed their 17th birthday. Even looked forward to it. But then WW3 occurred, demolishing all traces of the old world. Out of it rose our country, broken up unfairly into six clans. Eventually three of those clans grew tired of the harsh treatment and punishment from The Council, and they rebelled. They taught us about it in school, mostly to scare us and to make sure that it never happens. We learned about it every year, as they went into more detail every year. By last year I knew how brutally The Council’s strong and mighty army had easily put down the rebellion. The people stood no chance, and once they lost The Council destroyed any remnants of the old clans.
I woke up early, before the sun had even peeked over the fields. I slid out of bed quickly, careful not to wake my sister Rhea. I looked across to the other side of our small room at the other bed that my father and brother shared and saw my father was already gone. He must have gotten up much earlier. Usually he didn’t have to leave for the fields until sunrise, but because I was leaving today he got a few hours off and had to make up for that lost time.
I walked across to the floor, my footsteps not making a sound from years of practice, and quickly grabbed my coat. It was old and way too small, but it was better than nothing. We took what we could get around here.
I eased open the door, slipping outside into the crisp air. I shivered as I zipped up my jacket, taking in the sun slowing rising over the fields for the last time. Not many people were up at this time, but I’d promised my friend Sera that I would come and say good bye before I left.
I wrapped my hand around the old necklace around my neck. It was my mother's, and her mother’s before that. When I was little she told me the story of it many times. When her mother - my grandmother- was little, she lived in the Second Clan. They were not rich, but not poor either, just like most of the people in the Second Clan. She got it as a gift from her parents on her 17th birthday when she was sent to the war. She was trained to be a medic, but during one battle she founded a wounded enemy soldier and nursed him back to health. She hid him as she took care of him, and eventually they fell in love. But one day a Guard found out what she had been doing, and he shot the soldier. He found mercy on my grandmother, and instead of killing her too she was forced to go to the Third Clan and marry a farmer when her 10 years were up. The necklace was the only thing that I knew of from the other Clans.
My mother died when I was seven, due to complications from having my sister. Before she died she took the necklace from her neck and placed it around mine. I don’t think that I’ve ever taken it off. 
I walked through our worn neighborhood, passing house after small house, each the same as the last. Cramped, dirty, and broken. Everything about this place screamed that we were poor.
I found Sera on her front porch. She was on the steps, wrapped in an old blanket and staring into to the fields, which were starting to be filled when men working hard to keep the cold and harsh conditions from killing the crops. She smiled at the sight of me, and I sat down beside her.
“One day, promise me that you’ll find me again.” Sera said, a tear sliding down her face as she took my cold hands in her own.
“You know how it is.” I say, wishing that I’d be able to make that promise. “They take us to different places all far away. And after that they send us to fight, and the war ranges over miles and miles.”
“We will find each other. We must. I can’t lose you.” Sera said, gripping my hands tight.”
“Sera I want that too but-” I was cut off by the Wake Up bell sounding over our clan.
Sera threw her arms around me, surrounding me in a strong embrace, then got to her feet, pulling me up with her. She gave me another quick hug and said, “Good luck Maron. I will see you again, I know it. Now hurry, you know what will happen if they find you out here this early.”
I wiped away a tear just as her mom opened the door and said in a quiet but firm voice, “Seraphina, get in here this moment before they find you!”
I turned and started towards my house, and almost missed it when Sera said, “Happy Birthday Maron.” I just turned and smiled at her, for we both knew that it would not be a happy day. I crept back, my feet making no sound on the frozen ground. I kept glancing around, making sure that there were no Guards around. I would get three days in the Discipline Hall for being out this early.
When I got back both my siblings were awake and dressed, each were making their beds when I entered. It broke my heart to think that in only a few hours I’d have to leave them. I had always taken care of them, ever since our mother died. In the First Clan that would never happen, but here in the Third Clan we weren’t allowed the strong medicines that they had.
I realized how small they were. The were thin due to the little food we were allowed here. But they were also so young. Kane was thirteen, and Rhea only ten. They turned as they heard me come in, and Rhea immediately threw her arms around me, tears already streaming down her face. I held her close, breathing in her familiar scent.
Finally she pulled away, and Kane handed me the small bag that I had packed the night before. We weren’t allowed much, just some clothes and other necessities.
I looked at them both, taking in their almost identical faces then said, “You guys must remember the rules. Don’t get in trouble, or don’t let them catch you. No matter how awful they are, don’t resist and never talk back to them. I don’t want either of you to have to go into the Discipline Hall.” My voice cracked but I continued, “I love you both so much. Don’t worry about me, just yourselves. Hopefully one day we will find each other again.” By then tears were streaming down my face.
The door opened as my father came in. Just seconds after the next bell rang, reminding everyone that they had to be at school or work in ten minutes. My father came over to us, and pulled me into an embrace. He murmured into my ear, “Maron, you’re strong. You can fight hard. You will survive, I know. Just do what they say, don’t waste your energy in resisting. You think that it strict and tough here, it is much worse there. I love you.” My father seldom said much, it was just one of many things that they war had done to him. I’d never heard him say that much, so it meant even more to me.
He pulled away and wiped the tears from my face just as the Guards rapped on the door. I quickly hugged my siblings, and reminded them I loved them as I walked out the door of the only home that I’d ever known.

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