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Caymon island

May 18, 2017
By Rwest, Tampa, Florida
Rwest, Tampa, Florida
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Zack, his parents, Michael, and Emily go on a vacation to Grand Cayman. The kids go out in the morning and have to be back by 9 pm. They go on a tour of the island, and when they stop in the Crystal Caves, they meet a really sketchy dude that takes them deep in the cave. When they were going to leave, the man asks for help to find his missing daughter. The kids find out that she has been missing for 13 years. He was so scared for all this time and obsessed with finding his daughter, that it made him go crazy. They took him in a mental institution to get more help.  Once they make it back to the hotel, a days later, his parents didn’t even notice they were gone.

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Caymon island

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