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Marked By Midnight (Unfinished)

August 18, 2016
By Schnebly123, Phoenix, Arizona
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Schnebly123, Phoenix, Arizona
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When the ominous new moon reaches its peak at the stroke of 12 in a world where the night holds a fierce grip to daylight, the hidden shadows erupt from their places and attack those who are not safely in their homes. It is the job of Monks and Priestesses to keep those that could not make it to their homes safe over night so they may make it till morning.
But on this night, a married Monk and Priestess are greatly with child; they both sense that when this night is done, only one of them will be alive when light breaks. “My dear, you must not move so much. Please, get some rest, I will handle this tonight. Remember, you are supposed to be on bed rest.” The monk says to his wife as he completes a barrier to protect them.

In the distance, a shadow that is bigger than the rest, starts to absorb the other shadows around it and solidify into a beast of great size. His eyes roam the shadow plagued landscape hungrily, “Souls… I need a soul to become one with this land.” The beast mutters. “Only the purest of souls will suffice.” He growls and sinks back into the land with which he came forth from.

The Priestess sits down on her fold up bed and looks around, a strange feeling in her womb. She gasps, “Something… something dark is coming. Darker than the rest. It seeks… I cannot,” She stutters and her husband joins her and takes her hand with a worried look on his face. “It’s alright, do not push yourself, my dear. Whatever it is, we are protected from it.” At that sentence, his wife pulls out a black talisman from her pocket with red writing inked onto it.
The Monk’s face becomes grim, “We promised to never use that… The effects are unpredictable.” The priestess glares at the looming darkness outside the barrier that surrounds them. “We must… A beast that wants our daughter’s soul is out there. It will not stop hunting her until it has her in it’s grasp. We must summon darkness to fight the darkness… the light is going out. It is the only way.”
“My dear, please. Do you realize what this will cost us?” He stares worriedly at the talisman that rests in his wife’s hand. His wife nods and begins to write in the dirt below. She scribes the ancient runes and places the talisman in the center.
Immediately, the ground starts to spark and glow a deep red. The ground in the spell circle splits and something humanoid slowly emerges. The moment the being’s feet touch the newly formed dirt from the summoner’s circle, the beast spots the barrier and charges towards it. “Mine!” The beast roars and collides with the barrier at maximum impact, shattering the barrier and everyone within it goes flying into the darkness beyond.
The summoned being finally becomes solid and sticks the landing with ease. Deep red eyes glare out at the oncoming beast. A growling fest soon starts as beats and being stare each other down. The beast’s eyes go wide with rage and wonder, “How. How are you human? These monks summoned you from the depths of Hell!” He roars and claws down at the humanoid figure. In response, he jumps and evades each onslaught of attacks and lands defensively in front of the pair of monks. The beast roars again and glares down at the Priestess.
The being gains more features as time passes. Long white hair ripples out and takes form. His hair looks like rays of moonlight against his shadow-like skin. The Monk recovers from the shock of his barrier being broken and gains consciousness, “Ugh, what happened?” He takes notice that the barrier he carefully formed was shattered into pieces. The shattering has completely depleted his energy stores and now he has no control of himself. “Dammit.” He swears under his breath and looks over at his wife who lay motionless a few feet away.
“Darling… My dear, wake up. Please, I can see our child.” The Monk pleads with his unconscious wife. The moment that is said, both demons turn to face the pleading monk. The beast calling himself the Demon King stares hungrily at the priestess and makes a purring sound before walking over to her body. The monk wails in desperation and tries to move to his wife but only succeeds in falling onto his back. The Demon King takes hold of the monk and smiles a wicked smile down at the man.
“Your name… Your name will be…” The priestess mutters in her sleep to the summoned demon, “Your name will be Fane.” The summoned humanoid now known as Fane jerks to a halt and a dark aura envelops his shadowed body. He stares at the demon king from within the aura and points a finger at the beast. The Demon King becomes stricken with fear and drops the Monk from his grasp. The Monk screams one last time before falling to his death in the dry earth.
The demon called Fane takes a step forward, testing his skills, then smiles and bares his fangs in a grin. “You will not touch the child…” He says.
In a burst of speed, Fane leaps up and brings his claws down onto the Demon King’s shoulder, detaching his arm at the socket. The Demon King yells with rage and pain as his absorbed shadows swell and are reabsorbed by Fane. Before he could take any more damage, the Demon King wails and fades into the night.
Fane turns, now completely developed, and walks slowly towards the dying priestess. He retracts his claws and kneels down to inspect the woman. The priestess starts to pant and whispers in pain, “Cut her out of me.” Fane stares at her. “Cut her out, bind her soul to you, and then kill me.”
Fane stands up and starts to leave. The Priestess yells, “You are bound to do my bidding! I will give you my soul in exchange for this!” Fane stops and turns, his deep voice radiates across the barren land, “I take one soul… Just to protect another?” He glares down at the dying woman and then sighs, “Fine.”
Fane sharpens his claws and raises his hand. His eyes glow a deep red as he eyes the woman’s womb to peer inside at the waiting child. He then brings his claws down and slices the womb open enough to expose the child to the fresh air. Blood comes pooling out and the priestess wails in pain as he lifts the child from her resting place.
A black cloak materializes from red smoke and he wraps the child inside it. The newborn girl doesn’t cry once but he can hear the gentle breathing of sleep as it takes the child in it’s gentle grip. Fane looks to the mother and watches as a wisp of blue light leaves the bleeding corpse. He takes the wisp in his hand and crushes it between his fingers. The wisp evaporates into a light blue smoke and disappears.
He looks down at the tiny bundle that he holds and eyes the freshly made wisp that lays at the child’s heart. He softly caressed the tiny wisp and starts to weave a soul chain to link her small blue soul to his red demonic soul.

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