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The Luminary

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Chapter 5

"Guys, was it smoking yesterday?" asked the worried voice of Mat. He wasn't the youngest there, that was Alis's role, but he was definitely younger than everyone else. While most of the survivors were between the ages of 16 through 18, Mat was only 13. He was short and scrawny, with bushy brown hair. Oddly enough, he was wearing the same thing Alis was- a hoodie and converse.
"Yes, Mat. Don't worry about it." Arian replied, grabbing the stair railing and pulling himself into the first cart.
Lu and Lore followed right behind him. Alis had stayed back at the cave, for obvious reasons. Lu thought it best she wasn't exposed to the gory sight that awaited them inside.
"Do you know where the cart is?" Arian asked, kicking the body of a young man out of his way.
"No, but it should be somewhere around here." Lu had told them about the cart on the walk over. None of them liked the fact that first class had been treated to such luxuries, but none of them complained either. If the cart hadn't existed, there would be a lot less food for them to scavenge.
"Alright, Be and I are going to check the engine room. They may have medical supplies, and possibly more food there. I want Mat, Lu, and Lore to check around here for the food cart, and the rest of you, search the other cars. Grab anything that looks worthwhile." Arian said, and not a single person protested- not even DH.
Lu walked up and down the car a few times, scanning each row of seats carefully. She looked under each of them in turn, but the cart was nowhere to be found.
She lowered herself to the ground, and peered underneath yet another pair of seats. This time however, something caught her attention. It was Alis's knife! She suddenly remember the bow her mother had made her pack, and after grabbing the knife, rushed back to the seats she and Alis had been seated in originally.
"Hello old friend." Lu said, a grin on her face as she pulled it out from the crevice it had fallen into. Her arrows had fallen out of her quiver, so it took her a while to gather all of them together. She only found nineteen of the twenty four she had brought, and one of those nineteen was broken in half.
Eighteen is better than zero, she thought.
She slung the quiver over her shoulder and carried the longbow at her right side as she made her way out of the car. Mat and Lore were there waiting.
"Any luck?" she asked.
"No, you? What's that?" Mat asked, eyeing the stick-like object she carried.
"What does it look like?" Lu replied sarcastically, before adding,"My mom made me bring it, and I thought it might come in handy. We'll run out of food eventually."
Mat continued staring at it in confusion, before he eventually shook his head and shrugged.
"If the cart isn't in here," Lore said,"It must be in the engine room. That's the only other place it could be."
"Well it's not." Arian called his reply as he approached the small group, with his sister at his side.
"What if somebody else took it?" Mat asked frantically, looking around as if someone or something was hiding in the woods that surrounded them.
"Does it look like there's anybody else here, kid?" Be's voice was harsher than necessary,"If anybody took it, it'd have been one of us not wanting to share the food."
"Be-" Arian started, but she cut him off,"No, Arian." she said,"There's a traitor among us. I just know it."
"Be," Arian began again, ignoring the glare his twin shot his way,"if one of us did take the food, where would they hide it? It's not like they could eat all of it in one sitting, and we would've found it on board if they'd hidden it there."
"We still have a few people searching," Lu added,"Maybe for some reason it's back there."
"You'd better hope so." Be said, her fists clenched as she stared at Lu,"I'm better you're the traitor. And that's why you've been kissing up to my brother! So you can get on his good side and he won't suspect you!"

Little did they know, that while they were fighting, a group of three men were watching them from high in the trees. Wearing thick and bulky fur coats, they were experts in the art of climbing and living in the harsh winter conditions. They'd had years to practice after all.
"They don't sound very friendly." a man, younger than the rest of them, said in a hushed voice. On his back was the pelt of an arctic fox, which despite it's small size, was enough to cover his entire back.
"You're right, Fox." replied a gruff voice. He clearly surpassed Fox in age- his graying hair and wrinkled face gave that away. He had a long, deep gash down the right side of his face and a gaping hole where his eye should've been. He lost his eye tussling with a wolf. That same wolf was now slung over his back and was also the reason he received the respectable title of 'Wolf'. "I don't think the king will be happy to hear about this."
"Should we bring one of them back with us?" Fox pressed.
There was a moment of silence as Wolf mauled on the thought, before he turned to the third man that had accompanied them,"What do you think, Wolverine?"
"The boy." his voice was calm and steady, but firm and authoritative at the same time,"The others disregard him."
Fox and Wolf turned their gaze to where Wolverine was staring. While the majority of the group was fighting among itself, the young boy had plopped himself onto the ground, his back leaning against the train they had arrived in.
"Fox." Wolf said, and Fox nodded his understanding.
Like the skin he wore, Fox was known for being agile and cunning- clever to say the least. Fox slithered down the tree, barely making a sound as he dropped onto the ground. It was only a moment before he had slunk around the group, and was peering through the cracks between the cars at the boy on the other side.
Pursing his lips together, he made a sound that was much like one a bird would make, but wasn't. It was a call all of them had to learn- it was their form of communicating without talking.

Between his extreme boredom and curiosity, Mat couldn't help but turn around to look for the bird that was whistling. He stared through the gap between cars, expecting to see the bird come hopping into view. When it didn't, he pushed himself to his feet, and slowly followed the noise. He moved cautiously, not because he was scared, but rather, because he didn't want to frighten the bird away.
He could hear it getting louder as he approached the tree line. The boy squatted down, waiting patiently for the bird to reveal itself.
Fox felt a surge of pride as the boy fell right into the trap he had set. Once Mat had lowered himself to the ground, Fox knew it was time to strike. Quickly, silently, the fox pelted man darted out of the woods, and before Mat could say or do anything, he was laying unconscious in Fox's arms. Fox dragged him back into the woods, where his comrades were waiting.
"Nice work." Wolf said with a nod of his head, watching Wolverine sling the boy's body over his shoulder.
"Let's get going before they notice." Fox said.
"They won't notice." Wolverine grumbled, already beginning the trek back home.

And he was right. The group of survivors had been so busy trying to decide who was the traitor, that they didn't even notice Mat's disappearance. As a matter of fact, he could've been gone for days without anyone realizing if Alis hadn't spoken up.
"Where's Mat?" she asked, seeing the entire group enter the cave. Everyone except her new friend Mat.
He was the only one that had bothered to even talk to her since she and Lu had arrived. Maybe because she was the closest to his age.
"Um," Arian glanced around helplessly,"I haven't seen him since we were at the train."
"I didn't even know he came with us to the train." somebody added.
"That idiot must've gotten lost." Be said before shrugging,"Well, it's his own fault. He's probably long gone by now."
"Don't say that!" Alis yelled, although her high pitched voice wasn't threatening at all,"He's fine! We just need to find him."
"Aw, was he your friend?" Be faked a frown,"It's okay, I'm sure the wolves finished him off quickly."
"Alright Be, that's enough." Arian held his arm out in front of the enraged Lu before she could get any closer,"We'll find Mat tomorrow. It's too dark to go back out now, it'd be pointless."
"I want to come with you." Alis said,"He's my friend. I want to help find him."
"Listen," Lore spoke up from the back of the crowd,"We can't stay here any longer than another day. We need to start moving. Our rations will run out very soon, seeing as we didn't bring anything back from the train today. If we're lucky, we'll be halfway there before that happens."
"But we can't leave him!" Alis cried.
"Lore's right," Arian said after a moment's thought,"We can't risk the entire group because of one kid. We're leaving in two days. If we don't find him tomorrow, we're gonna have to leave him."
Everyone except Alis nodded their head in agreement. She couldn't understand how they'd be willing to leave one of their own behind! She was determined to find him, no matter what.
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ilovereading123 said...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 8:27 am
please update soon! i want to read more! its really good
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 7:52 pm
I'll add more as soon as I can lol XD
Writergirl009 said...
Apr. 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm
Sounds interesting! You obviously are quite a talented writer!
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 4, 2016 at 8:46 pm
Thank you! That means a lot! :)

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