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The Luminary

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Chapter 2

"Canada?" Lu asked,"But I thought it was uninhabitable."
Canada was one of the first places America had attacked, and because the US was so well stocked on supplies, they got it worse than any other country. Eventually, everyone was forced to evacuate, and too this day, no one had gone back. It was said that radiation plagued the land, and nobody was dumb enough to test it's accuality.
Their mother didn't reply. Her eyes were focused on the road in front of her as she sped through town. Being one of the only people able to afford a car, they didn't have to stop at all, or go a certain speed.
Alis never enjoyed driving the car- she prefered walking. Everyone else walked, and she felt bad riding in the car. She stared out the window as they raced along, noticing all the stares they were getting. There was so much commotion going on outside, she completely tooned out anything her mother and sister were saying.
People of all ages were not walking, but running alongside the car. They were all running in the same direction. It was like a race, but much, much more violent.
Parents shoved other parents out of the way as they dragged their kid along behind them. Kids that looked about Lu's age thrust there way through the mass of people.
She noticed one in particular. He was tall, with dark hair and pale skin. He looked a bit wealthier than the rest, wearing a clean purple shirt and bright red pants. They were driving pretty fast, but as they passed she saw him rip a child, maybe six or seven years old, right out of her mother's arms. The mother stooped down to pick her child up, only to be knocked over by the oncoming wave of people. Alis gasped as she hit the ground, but the woman was out of sight before she knew what happened to her after that.
"Alis, you stay with Lu, okay? Promise me you won't leave her side?"
"I promise." Alis nodded her head slowly, still in shock after seeing what happened to that woman.
"There will be a village there. It'll have food and medicine, and supplies for you guys."
"What about all the kids that will be there? Are we supposed to take of all of them alone?" Lu asked, refering to herself and the other older teens that would be there.
"I wish I knew, honey." their mother reached over to stroke her cheek.
"Is that it?" Alis leaned up from the backseat, her eyes fixed on the huge building in front of her. She'd never been anywhere other than her school and the department store just across from it.
"Yeah, that's it." Lu nodded her head, although she couldn't share in Alis's excitement. She'd riden on a train before, and she knew this trip would be much longer than any she'd ever been on before. Lu also knew, that this was where they had to part ways with their mother.
The car pulled up beside the curb, and Lu had to shove the door open using all her strength. There were so many people flocking towards the station, she could hardely see the ground.
"Hey!" she yelped as a boy a bit older than Alis pushed her out of his way and into the car. She glared after him, holding her throbbing shoulder before she joined her mother and Alis on the other side of the car.
"You two will have reserved seats on the train. Tell them your names, then tell them your Rita's daughter, okay? They'll take good care of you." Rita grabbed Alis by her shoulders and pulled her into her grasp,"I love you so, so much. You be good. Listen to Lu." she gave her one last kiss on the top of her head and smiled at her reassuringly.
"Lu, I trust you to take care of her and yourself." Rita looked at Lu, who stood level headed to herself.
"I promise I'll look after her."
Lu had never been one for emotions. She was always too embarrassed to show her family any affection in public, but not today. She reached out for her mother and hugged her tightly. She didn't want to let go, she wasn't ready. It was hard enough losing her father, now she was losing the woman that had raised her, the woman she loved more than anything.
"I love you." she whispered through the tears that trickled down her cheeks.
"I love you more." was Rita's reply, using every ounce of energy she had left to keep her own tears from trickling.
"Go, they have seats waiting."
After helping her daughters unload their suitcases, she watched as they walked away. She ignored the people rushing too and fro about her, and even the people that shoved her out of their way. Nothing mattered anymore. Her children were gone. The only things she had left to live for, were walking away.
Lu had Alis's hand locked in hers so they wouldn't be seperated. It was hard dragging the suitcases through the crowds of people, so they were traveling at a much slower pace than they'd have liked. Lu had her quiver slung across her shoulder, and her bow resting on top of it. Knowing where they were going, she wasn't going anywhere without it.
Eventually, they managed to make it to security. Things were a lot less hectic- the security guards had all the children lined up in single file.
"You can't take those with you." the security guard said once they reached the train doors,"We need to as much space possible."
"Our suitcases? But- we need them!" Lu protested as the guard ripped the cases away from the girls,"Rita, you know Rita? We're her daughters! Lu and Alis! We have reserved seats!"
"Yes, I know who you are. You do have reserved seats, but that doesn't mean you can bring these." the guard tossed the cases into a small pile of bags beside him,"Take these two to the front of the train. Lu and Alis." the guard spoke to a man in a suit beside him.
"What about the bow?" the man asked under his breathe.
"Yes, I saw the bow. I didn't say anything did I? That means I don't care about it. Take them to the front. Now."
The man raised an eyebrow at the mans harsh tone, but shrugged it off. Grabbing the girls by their shoulders, he shoved them towards the gate,"Start walking."
Neither of them objected as they were ushered into the train. The first train they passed through was completely empty, as was the second. The door opened to the third, revealing a room half filled with kids of varied ages, shoulder to shoulder. They didn't have enough room to move. At all. They had at long trip of ahead of them, and her stomach fluttered as she thought of how painful it was going to be for these kids.
They manged to push their way through that cart, but then the door opened to another cart filled with at least double the amount as before.
"Excuse me, I'm sorry." Alis apologized as she stepped on yet another foot. She looked up at the owner of the black shoes, and a small gasp escaped her throat. It was the man from before! The one with red pants and a purple shirt! Up close he didn't look so mean, but knowing what he did to get aboard the train prevented her from thinking anything positive of him.
"You're fine." He replied, but Alis wasn't hearing it. She turned her head away from him, and stomped onwards, leaving the boy to stare after her in confusion.
They had to make it through four, maybe five more completely filled carts, before they finally reached the front. Lu couldn't help a smile when she saw their seating arrangements- they actually had seats!
The first cart had seats by the pair lined up along each of the train. They had blue cusions, made of what looked like cotton. There were windows in this cart as well, unilke the ones they'd walked through.
The man showed them their seats, and after they were both comfortable, left without a single word. Lu had given Alis the window seat, knowing she'd need the entertainment on their ride.
"Lu, look." Alis pointed out the window,"What's he doing?"
Lu leaned forward to look at the man Alis was pointing at. He was a security guard, but he was different from the one that had boarded them. There was a mother, with her two year old daughter in her arms. She was trying to board the train, but he wouldn't let them.
"Why isn't he letting them on the train?" she pressed, but Lu didn't reply. She didn't know.
"There aren't enough seats for everyone. In a few seconds we'll be on our way." The boy sitting in the seat directly in front of them turned around to look at them. He had longish brown hair, reaching the base of his neck before it cut off abruptly. Using his pointer finger, he pushed the huge pair of spectacles he wore up to get a clearer view of the sisters.
The younger girl sat directly behind him. She was a brunette, with deep, dark blue eyes. He figured she was twelve or thirteen, from the way she held herself and the way her face curved. It wasn't round and chubby like that of a child would be. Her chin jutted out just a bit, but not enough to make her look unfeminine. She was rather pretty, he thought.
Then he turned his attention to the girl beside her, her sister he presumed. He jerked his head back and blinked several times when he actually studied her for the first time. Her hair was a beautiful blonde color, and from just looking at it, he could tell how silky and smooth it was. She was only a bit taller than her sister, but he knew she was about his age. Even if she wasn't, he didn't care. He knew he was in love.
Her face was rounded unlike her sister, but it gave her a cute, child-like look. Her eyes looked exactly like her sisters, but to him, hers were prettier.
"Um, my name's Lu." Lu shuffled uncomfortably under his gaze,"This is my sister Alis."
"Lore. My name is Lore. Nice to meet you, Lu." Lore thrust his hand towards Lu, trembling just enough for the sisters to notice. Alis nudged Lu with her elbow, snickering as Lu reached up to shake his sweat covered hand. Her first reaction was a grimace, but she forced a smile.
He continued staring at her, and probably would've stared the entire ride if the guard hadn't walked in and told him to turn around.
"I think he likes you." Alis whispered, and Lu's reply was a hard glare. The eleven year old continued laughing, but it was clear Lu wasn't as amused.
Suddenly, the train lurched forward, and just as Lore had predicted, they were on there way. Alis's laughing stopped as she stared out the window, watching sadly as the train left the station filled with kids that weren't as lucky as they were. She wondered what would happen to all of them- would they even survive to see tomorrow?

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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ilovereading123 said...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 8:27 am
please update soon! i want to read more! its really good
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 7:52 pm
I'll add more as soon as I can lol XD
Writergirl009 said...
Apr. 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm
Sounds interesting! You obviously are quite a talented writer!
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 4, 2016 at 8:46 pm
Thank you! That means a lot! :)

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