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By , Yardley, PA
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The Day of Riches

Brian awakend to the nicest day yet. It was warm, not hot but warm. The sun shown through the cracks in the door. Brian stretched happily looking towards Felicity, who was also waking up slowly. His belly rumbled, reminding him that he needed food. Then he remembered. Water. Once the word crossed his mind, his throat clenched, almost constricted and he felt pain in his head and body like nothing before. He doubled over ready to throw up with the pain, but nothing came. This must be dying with thirst he thought. He had been taught at his camp what dying of thirst was, but he never experienced it before. Felicity groaned. She was feeling the same thing as he was. They needed water, or they were he guessed they wouldn’t live for another 2 days. He prepared to set out again. He got out of the tree, and told Felicity where he was going. He began to think of ways to block out the voices. He knew if he let the voices take over again, he would end up in another life threatening situation. He walked out of the clearing in the opposite direction as he did the previous day. The sound of the water came the second his stepped out of the clearing. And so did the voices. “No, No, No, I won’t I won’t” he thought hard. The voices came and as he thought of these thoughts, they went away as quickly as them came. But one of the things didn’t. The water. The gushing, fluent, stirring water. The sound came from his left. The feelings he had before when the trance was upon him were gone. He didn’t stop thinking registrant thoughts though. He walked in the direction of the sound, the sound growing louder and louder as he went. The ground began changing. It was grass and rocks all over in the beginning of the forest, but as he got closer to the water sound he was hearing, it became sandy and light colored. He saw what he was looking for. The big tall fountain of clear stuff falling rapidly from its mouth. Water. Waterfall. Liquidized clear, moving, appezing, water. He stood there looking, taking in what treasures, what riches, what wealth he had just found. He went up to it, perplexed at what he just discovered. The water was as clear as the air. As clear as the sky. The water had a rich, blue, clear looking appeal. He took a handful of the water in his hands. As it ran down his hands back into the pool of water it sat in, it was completely weightless. Nothing could compare to this unexplainably extravagant water.
He drank. He drank and drank and drank. Gulp after gulp, mouthful after mouthful, he drank. He remembered halfway through a mouthful he needed Felicity to have some too. He knew his and her life was saved from hunger, when the found their “thirst berries” and now saved from thirst. He knew his way back to the clearing because he left footprints, but he knew this place where the fountain lay was much farther that the berry bushes. He needed markers, he needed something to mark this path to the fountain of wonderful water. That’s what i’ll name it, Brian thought, The Fountain of Wonderful water. He needed something to set his path. Almost as if the forest knew his thoughts, it actually gave him something. Brian found tons, almost hundreds of mossy, dry tree branches and knew if he set these up on his way back to camp, he would easily be able to find his way back to the water. He took a while setting up the sticks in the ground, so he could recognize and find his way again to the Fountain of Wonderful water.
Once he reached the clearing, Felicity waited for him on the grass, and expectant look on her face.
“Anything?” She asked.
“I found a water spring! But there is one thing you need to know Felicity” replied Brian.

“What? Can we go now please!?”
“Wait, this is important, there will be voices, voices that take control of your mind, they will make you do things you don’t want to do, I have learned how to deflect these voices, but you however are new to it and it will be harder”
“How do I make these voices go away?” Felicity asked.      
“You need to think as hard as you can. I won’t, I won’t and it’ll go away. I will be there to help you if you go in the wrong direction. Just be prepared.”
“Ok.” Felicity said, a little nervously.
They set out on their way, out of the clearing. Brian was prepared what was going to happen to Felicity, and he prayed to god that she would get out of the trance as quickly as he did. Two steps into the forest, and it began. She became hazy, her stepping was off. She walked like a drunken man, swaying side to side. Her eyes were glassy and foggy. Then she stopped, and started walking in the wrong direction. Brian tensed and started trying to tug her back on track towards the spring. He had totally forgotten to say I won’t I won’t to the voices but the voices didn’t come this time. He tried to tug her back on track but as if she had been working out, she was stronger than him. The trance didn’t come off and they were getting off track more and more. Brian yelled in her ear, “I won’t Felicity, THINK please think!”  The cliff Brian almost went off of was in view. He panicked. “Felicity please, please think” Feet in front was the cliff. Brian dug his feet into the ground, holding her waist trying to stop her. It slowed her down, but didn’t stop her. She stopped. Felicity stopped so abruptly, Brian holding her waist, fell down and face planted in the dirty grass. She gasped and sped backwards, accidently kicking Brian in the head. “Ouch” Brian exclaimed.
“What happened? Where am I? How, what?” Felicity yelled.
“Did you think I won’t, I won’t”
“I did, but It wouldn’t go away”
“Felicity, you tranced all the way to where I nearly fell of, how did you stop yourself?”
“I heard you screaming, Stop stop Felicity please, and I thought stop, and it all stopped”
“Good job or you would have been gone down the cliff by now”
Brian’s heart was pounding as hard an jackhammer. “This was way too close, way to close” Brian thought. “She nearly fell over, if she had she would have..” Brian didn’t want think what would’ve happened, if she had continued to walk. He shook the dirt off of his shirt, and they walked away from the cliff, the one thing that might have killed them. They reached the spot where they turned to go to the stream of water, and they walked to the sound. Brian knowing this sound was real kept on walking, but Felicity stopped.
“What's the matter?” Brian asked.
“The water… It's water… it sounds real…” Felicity replied.
Without another word, she ran. She ran as if thirst was about to be gone, as if she were going to leave thirst behind. Brian continued to walk, letting her get the first taste of the wonderful water. As he walked into the area where the stream was, he found Felicity drinking. She was gulping and gulping. She was splashing her face with the water. Once Felicity noticed Brian standing watching her, through a mouthful of water she said, “This is, this is amazing! This is so unbelieveable! Oh my gosh! This tastes so real and so good!”
Brian and Felicity both got their fills of water and then returned to camp. They ate berries until they were full, and when the feeling of thirst hit them, they went and got their thirst taken care of. Night was falling on them, and they were very tired. Brian was content. Brian now knew Felicity and himself could now live and not worry about hunger, and now thirst. Felicity’s conditions were already improving. She was pale and hurting with thirst the previous night and this morning. Now she was happy and healthy, drinking beautiful and amazing water, and eating berries, the forest had provided them. Brian had now gotten a sense of security that he had never before. He was happy, light hearted and unburdened. “This was the happiest day they’ve had,” Brian thought.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next »

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