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By , Yardley, PA
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The First Day

Brian wakes to bright, sunlight shining in through the cracks of their door. He sits up looking around the enclosure. Felicity was still asleep. He sits there for a while, wondering what the day would be today. The Honshir woods had given them one of its tricks, the wolf. It was probably not one of its best tricks, this meaning that it had worse ones in store for Brian. He now knew that safety precautions needed to be taken, especially during the night time. While Brian mulled over what he should do to keep Felicity and himself safe. An unusual feeling came over him. It started in his legs, up through his body to his head. He felt weaker in his legs and arms. Then the worst twisting feeling came to his belly. He was hungry. Brian realized Felicity had the same feeling, as she was violently tossing and turning in her sleep. Felicity turned he head and bonked it into the tree. She woke with a start, groaning and rubbing her head. She sat up stretching, and as she did, she quickly grabbed her stomach. Felicity yelped as the pains stabbed at her belly. Brian was feeling the same stabbing pains, as if someone was poking his stomach hard, in short painful intervals. Brian was a well fed kid, his stomach hanging just over his belt. He was used to having a refrigerator at his command. He realized this time, there was no refrigerator. He began to think what might be edible in the Honshir Woods. What took him from his thoughts was Felicity’s groan of pain as her stomach churned uncomfortably. He realized Felicity’s condition was worsening. She was paler, and dark circles ringed around her eyes. He knew she wouldn’t last as long as he could. She would die before him. Thoughts like this made his stomach hurt even more.  Brian thought, “Stop thinking like this. It will only make things worse.” He now knew, he needed to feed Felicity and himself. To Felicity Brian says, “Stay here, don’t leave, and yell as loud as you can if you're in trouble. I'm going to go look for food that will make both of our tummies feel better.” Felicity didn’t respond, but nodded her head. He looked at her one more time, realizing he needed to be quick. He unhinged the door to the tree, and climbed out. He needed to keep the clearing in sight. He has nothing to keep a trace so he can get back to the clearing, so he only estimates, that he’ll go about a quarter mile. He walks out of the clearing. As soon as he does this, it feels like the darkness engulfs him, taking him in. He walks a while more, always looking back towards the clearing, and he walks into another clearing. This clearing is smaller than the one Felicity is in, but still semi-big. But this clearing was different. This clearing was filled with rows and rows and rows of clean, rosy red, plump berries. The berries were the size of his fingers, he estimated. He stood there, astounded, that food was right in front of him. As he stood there, his stomach was urging and urging him to go and eat. He did. He went up to the berries and grabbed handfuls and stuffed them into his mouth. The tart, chewy berries tasted great in his mouth and in his stomach. He stuffed his pockets full of them and ran back to the clearing. He went back to the tree, ready to tell Felicity his earnings. Just as fast as he had run, he stopped as fast. The door to the tree was open, and Felicity was gone. Brian was taken aback. He blinked. Felicity was still not there. Felicity was gone. He panicked. He screamed her name. He ran around the clearing, looking for her. She came bursting out of the trees outside the clearing, crying. Her shirt was muddy, and torn. She had gone out of the clearing to throw up. She was becoming sick now. Her immune system failing. He fed her quickly. She became better, only slightly. He brought her back to the tree sitting her down.
She told him what had happened. One thing Brian realized was that she had quickly lost color in her face but that she was talking, which meant she felt slightly better. She had gotten out of the tree for some fresh air. The second she was out, she was hit with knife stabbing pains in her head, legs, arms, and stomach. She had left the clearing to throw up in the forest. Once she was done, Brian told her what he had found. Once she had been told that the abundant food supply of berries was found, despite the pain, she smiled. They happily ate the berries, until the next worse thing happened to them.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10 Next »

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