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By , Yardley, PA
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The First Threat

Felicity and Brian had been feeling safer by the second as they built up their campsite. Darkness was falling fast, and the sun was already falling. The first scary thing happened to them as they were standing in front of their camp. Out beyond the clearing, a wolf had picked up the scent of Felicity and Brian and had come to their campsite. It came out the darkness hoping for an easy meal. Brian, Felicity, and the wolf stood there looking at each other. Brian seeing the hairy, shaggy wolf and the wolf seeing a prey it's never seen before. The wolf makes its final decision, to go for the kill. Felicity is behind Brian hiding and whimpering. Brian murmures, “Felicity, the wolf is attracted to your fear”. Brian stepped to the left of him where a big stick is lying. He prepared to hit the wolf, if it attempted to attack them. The wolf began to circle them, looking for the best place to strike. The wolf lunges for Brian, snarling. Brian swings the heavy club like stick at the wolf and misses by inches! Instead of attaching its jaws to Brian, it's claws scrape Felicity’s leg instead. Brian takes another swing at the wolf, hitting it hard over the head. The wolf falls to the ground with the blow, and then charges off, out of the clearing, whimpering. Brian spins around to see Felicity on the ground, her left pant leg torn, blood spattering on the ground from the cut wound in her leg. Brians head at first was fuzzy from shock, thought like “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what do I do?!!”. Then he realised his sister needed medical care, fast. He thought of his resources. He saw a pile of dry leaves on the ground beside her. He picked up the leaves and pressed them against her wound, hoping it would stop the bleeding. Felicity whimpered at the sudden pressure in her leg, but eventually after a while, the bleeding slowed, little droplets falling, then stopped. She held the leaves for a while more, making sure the bleeding had truly stopped. Once it was certain that the bleeding had stopped Brian removed the leaves carefully to reveal three bloody, long, deep wounds in her leg. He needed something to clean the wound. He took out the last of their water supply, a small travel water bottle from the car trip, and gingerly poured it over her cuts, cleaning them. The wounds seemed to be healing faster than Brian intended. She had stopped whimpering and from all of the exhaustion of the day, fallen asleep right in front of Brian. He picked her up carefully and put her in the hole of the tree. Darkness had caught up with them now and it was a starry night. The stars and the world had acted as if nothing had happened to them, nothing had hurt them. Brian all of a sudden felt homesick. He didn’t know how it felt before but it made his tummy hurt and his head swim. He wanted his mom, he wanted his dad, he wanted his house, he wanted his friends, he wanted everything back. He felt mad and sad. He was mad at himself for getting himself and Felicity in this mess, and mad that they didn’t have food and just right down mad. Then a voice in his head, one just like his own spoke to him. “Self-pity won’t get you anywhere”. He remembered he needed to keep Felicity and himself safe. He needed them to survive this hard time. He knew Felicity was scared. He knew he was scared too. He needed to buck up. With these thoughts, he and Felicity slept.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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Apr. 6, 2016 at 7:33 pm
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DvidCurzizz said...
Feb. 29, 2016 at 12:45 pm
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