The House Across the Street

November 9, 2015
By ThePotatist, Dighton, Massachusetts
ThePotatist, Dighton, Massachusetts
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There was always rumors hanging about in the small town of Brookfield. Many of these rumors especially centered around the Cadaver family's house. It was said that they were accused of murder, kidnappings, and more...
  Addison, who so happens to live across the now-abandoned house, is afraid of what stares at her out of the Cadaver House's window: A spirit, by the name of Rune, who takes the form of a cat. She's convinced that this evil spirit keeps the secrets of the house, and anyone who found out these secrets would die horribly.
  Now, her best friend Amber is determined to explore the house. Addison reluctantly agrees to explore it with her friend. What they are about to discover may change their lives forever.


The House Across the Street

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