The Shadow

March 6, 2015
By elorox101, Cambridge, Massachusetts
elorox101, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I’m running. The shadow  following me starts to enlarge as i near the end of the alleyway, making my heart beat faster and faster, as the adrenaline keeps coursing through me, causing my aching legs to run even faster.  My hair whips me hard in the face, lashing me like a whip over and over again, the thin black strands blinding me momentarily.  As my eyes take in the oncoming wall of dark red brick, wondering how I’m going to get over it, the shadow suddenly stops.
“Sam . . .” a crackly voice echos from behind me, like a phone that keeps coming in and out of service.
I stop abruptly, taking what seems to be the first breath in many years.  However, I don’t reply because like all mothers say, “Never talk to strangers.”
“ I hope you enjoyed this, tutorial, of what will come in the future . . .”
I wake up trembling from head to toe, and I look down , I see a newly formed scar on my ankle.
‘What the ?’

Eloise B.

The Shadow

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