The Fallen

December 14, 2014
By Jordyn Sosa BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
Jordyn Sosa BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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The last thing I saw as I lay on the ground in a puddle of my own blood, was Finn running towards me. As darkness begins to engulf me, I hear the gunshot and I see his body go limp. As he falls to the ground, I begin to fall into a deep sleep.
I wake to the sound of screams coming from another room. I try to sit up but I can feel a strap around my stomach, hands, and ankles, binding me to the metal table. I feel a sharp pain go up my side. I look and notice a large bandage that is covered in my blood.

How will she get out and where are the screams coming from? 

Jordyn S.

The Fallen

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