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My Adventure to the secret door

September 26, 2014
By VartikaSingh GOLD, Ghaziabad, Other
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VartikaSingh GOLD, Ghaziabad, Other
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Author's note:

I'm a student of class 11.I wrote this novel when I was in class 8th. I was inspired to write this by the most renowned authors of the wold, like William Shakespeare, J.K.Rowling and R.K.Narayan. I believe in God and the soul which resides inside me, and thanks her for all her support during my struggle period. I'm inspired by my soul and is determined that I should never let it go down.


 Introduction to Amaya

My name is Amaya and I belong in a middle class family. I have a loving sister named Prancy, a pampering dad, an all-forgiving mother, and my best friend; my dog, Boxer. We live in a small, but comfortable home on the outskirts of town.

“Maybe we can’t afford one of these kinds in town,” I thought.

Oblivious of what was coming next, I tried to get some attention from Boxer, he wasn’t being his usual: wandering wildly.

It was a calm and cool night. We were expecting some guests. Dad was engrossed in watching a championship for biking, his favorite sport. Mom was cooking something really delicious that I could smell it from my room in the first floor.

I started thinking about the recent movies I had watched before: “The Wonderful Wizards of Oz”, “Around the World in Eighty Days”, and “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” in which I felt so excited of how Tom had so much fun, saving someone from impending danger. I wished that someday, I too maybe lucky enough to experience a kind of adventure that can change my life.

Suddenly, I heard a voice calling me, “Amaya, come here, and see who want to see you.” It was Uncle Birdy and my cousin Curly. Prancy was there, too; she takes tuition classes from Uncle Birdy. We enjoyed the evening greatly, with Mom’s ever-so delicious cheese topped on multi-colored vegetarian pasta. After the wonderful dinner, we went to see them off. Dad wanted to take a stroll, but the weather wasn’t complying. So we all came back and I went back to my room. Boxer was at the window, his ears raised.

“What is he so alert about,” I thought.

Then Mom called for me again, “Honey, go to bed, it’s your sleep time. Otherwise, you’ll be late for school tomorrow.” “Okay, Mom!” I shouted from my room and went to sleep with Boxer by my side.

But Boxer refused to sleep. Something fell on the roof; I heard it, but nevertheless, I Went to sleep. But the next thing I know, I was awake in a different room…and though it resembled my room layout; everything had vanished: my books, my PC, my closet, and Boxer, too.

There was neither a window nor a door except a single, front passage blocked by some strange, opaque, and gaseous material. I screamed and rushed towards the passage to call my dad, but the gaseous material pushed me with such a strong force that I fell on the floor.

I was scared, “I don’t think it’s possible for me to go downstairs or upstairs and talk to my parents or my sister.”I wanted to know what happened to my house and where my parents had gone and how would I find them, but the most important of all was “Where was I?” and “How did I get here?” Then, suddenly, someone called from the front passage.

“Wh-Who’s there?” I stammered in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, I am your friend, my name is Paul and I am the army chief of ‘Magical Moon Silence Land’.  And there appeared this thing or man, I don’t know, that looked like a card, a playing card, only with hands, legs, and a face. I wanted to shout but the card said, “Hello, Ma’am. The army Chief Paul welcomes you.”

“It can talk,” I whispered, surprised.

He then ordered an air bubble to come, and it enveloped me, lifting me as if I was just a feather and carried me through the gaseous barrier as if the opaque material was just an illusion. After a while, the air bubble disappeared and what stood in front of me was a beautiful sight, something of the sort that I see in museums. I became excited, but was overcome by immediate fear again.






I asked the so-called chief, “What is this place and what are you talking about, where are my parents, where are Prancy and Boxer? I can’t even see my house”.
“Relax, Relax," said Paul calmly. I think I got his name right.
"Miss,” he then started. "You came here through our teleporter. You're our guest. So I am taking you to our palace, where you will have a meeting with our king and you can stay in the palace for some time, meanwhile we will be repairing our teleporter,” he ended with a little secretive smile on his face.
I got little scared, thinking how the king was going to treat me; I got restless thinking of whether I would ever be able to get out of this place. As there was no other choice, I decided to go with them. After a few steps the wonderful and amazing ‘Magical moon silence land’ emerged before me. It was indeed magical, for my eyes had never beheld such a wonderful place. I thought about the air bubble that carried me. It was fun to be carried like that.
“How can anyone come here, how many more have came here before me?”I asked him.
“Sometimes when we are repairing our teleporter, some other creatures come along, before you, a dog has come here and he was talking about a girl named Amaya”, he told me. “A dog”, I said in excitement. I believed that it was Boxer. “He is my pet boxer, where is he? How is he? Is he all right?” I asked Paul, all in one go. “He is all right and he is in our palace,” he said in calm voice.
I relaxed for few minutes and when  I recovered my senses I thought about what Paul had just told me and then I realized that he was saying that my boxer told them my name “How  can Boxer tell my name?” I asked Paul about it.  “This is a magical place, here every creature talks be it a dog, or any other living creature, who cannot speak can also speak like us. That’s why this place is called magical moon silence land” He continued, “This place is magical where not only creatures can talk but also walk in the air.” “Wait you are saying that we are walking in air?!” I interrupted in excitement, and looked down.
“Oh my god, we were actually walking in the air and there were no sign of floor." I thought thaing more interesting.  I asked him to continue. “It is called 'Moon' because thousands of years  ago there was a huge blast in the universe, result of which all the planets,  stars, the sun and the moon got separated from each other. In this blast, a small part of the moon also got separated from it, and the Lord blessed that piece with life and gifted it to our lord as the Magical Moon Silence Land.”

“Wait,” I interrupted again in the middle, “You haven’t told me why it is called Silence Land.” “We call it Silence Land because there is a very sad story behind it, our beautiful princess; she was only five when she lost her lovely voice. When her mother died, she could not tolerate that incident and cried so much and so hard that her voice vanished for eternity. Though she is motherless, her father and our lord are alive and really care for the princess.”
As I was walking, I saw many wonderful things; everyone seemed to be happy out there. On the way I saw animals and birds like deer, porcupine, rabbits, dogs, rats, ostrich, swans and many more, on the other side I also saw humans, and they were real ones just like me. The place was really magical and wonderful. The fragrance of flowers, fruits and happiness made my heart very light. And I thought as if I was losing myself and getting sleepy.
After an amazing and a little tiresome walk, we had reached a big white gate, which was beautiful decorated with gold, diamond and ruby flowers and it was hanging in air. Paul murmured some magical words “ADURA TIR VADURA”.I thought it meant to “open the door”. I thought so, because no sooner did he spoke these words, the door opened wide and the wonderful castle emerged before me.


As we entered the palace, I saw Boxer running towards me with great excitement. My eyes filled with tears, no sooner he came near me, I hugged him tightly. 

Suddenly a voice came out from his mouth, “Don’t cry, my friend. I am fine and happy to see you." I realized that Boxer was really speaking and I was very happy because I could talk to him now. Then we entered the palace front hall. It was such a big hall, and I was amazed to see that all the lights were hanging in the air.

What I saw next was the real freak; I saw a creature who was half man and half like a card. With eyes very red, and hands more than that.  I was astonished to see him because I had seen a man and now, also a card separately. But had never seen a man like this who is half man and half like a card. The moment he saw me, he shouted very loudly, “Who are you, and why you are here?". "She has come from our teleporter, my lord,” Paul replied to King. And then he went near the king and whispered something in his ear, as he was whispering in his ear, I saw something very strange about the king, in his left hand with his body of card he wore the ring of man and in right hand with his body of man, he wore the ring of card.

Yet I didn’t ask anyone about that.

The king then gave me a slight smile and said, ‘‘I am sorry I thought wrong about you. I will help you and your pet to get out of here, but it will take some days, till then you can stay in our palace and rest. We’ll definitely try to repair our teleporter”.
Then he ordered Paul, “Go and give her the most beautiful room in our palace and the most delicious food to eat, as she is our guest." “Thank you for all your kindness," I replied, and then Boxer and I followed Paul.  
“How old are you?” I asked Paul as we were following him, to get into the room where Boxer and I would stay for a while. “I am thirteen years old. So I am the army chief of this country.” I was surprised because I was also thirteen, but still schooling.

“Never mind, never mind. Also, who is in your family?” I asked him. “I have only one brother, Peter.” he replied.  As we were talking, we kept on moving, and soon reached the middle of the palace. I saw that there was a big door attached to the big tree with a lock on it. I asked Paul about it, but he refused to tell me about the door, and warned me neither to go near it nor ask about it to anyone else.  Meanwhile, we reached the room where I was to stay.  

“Rest here for some time. And I will be sending food for you,” said Paul. Boxer and I entered the room, and I shut the door. No sooner we sat on the chairs, kept at the corner of the room, and stretched ourselves. Somebody knocked at the door, I slowly opened it, and saw that there was a playing card standing in front of me holding tray of a strange bell in his hand. “I have come here from Paul. He ordered me to give you food, you must be hungry,” he said.

He was a little alike Paul, but I didn’t ask him anything because he seemed to be in a great hurry. He quickly came inside the room, quickly placed the tray, and went outside without saying anything.

“He is very strange,” I told Boxer. As soon as he left, I went to the table, where the bell was kept and started scowling at the bell. I was thinking, when the bell was going to give me food. “When will the food come?”  Boxer asked me. “I don’t know. He was saying that he was bringing food; hope that he will bring food quickly.” I said to boxer.  When half an hour passed, I was unable to control myself, and pressed the bell in anger. And suddenly the whole sight changed, I looked around and saw that I was standing in a big room, which was approximately size of a football field, but it
was covered from all sides with big walls. I looked around, and saw that there were so many things to eat. There was a huge chocolate fountain, there were so many chocolate cakes, and there were also many varieties of other things which I have never seen before.  

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