The Secret

August 14, 2013
By ajconverse13, Seattle, Washington
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ajconverse13, Seattle, Washington
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When your feeling down and you want to quite, remember that you can rise up from it with the help of your friends. Put your problems in your past and don't forget to live each day like its your last.

Author's note:

i was actually inspired by a dream i had.


This is the story of control, betrayal, tragedy, friendship, first love, and destiny. This isn’t just my story oh no this is our story and who we are and who we’re meant to be and how we’ll do anything to get there. It all started in the 10th grade with a new kid in school named Keylene and how she knew she was a little bit different then everyone else but didn’t know just how different she really was. Lately though she’s been really upset because it’s been a few years since her mother had died so it’s only her dad and her but she does have an older brother named Kellan who is in college. However she never knew that her mom wasn’t the only one that had died on in that tragic boat fire. That is only because about 8 others had lost a family member on that day. She also never met any of them until today cause it was her first day at a new high school in Roswell, New Mexico. When she first walked in she noticed a group of people that looked like they were in the same year as her. Then out of nowhere one of the members a medium hight girl who looked like she was sixteen had gone away from the group and walked over to me and simple said
“hey I’m Rebecca. I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?
And all I did was nod and that’s when she grabbed my arm and walked back to her group of friends and said
“this is Jacob, William, Riley, Charles, and Jake. And these two are Melinda and Fay.”
All I did was smile and nod and then I say
“Hey, I’m Keylene.”
After that they all invited me to have lunch with them so I followed them. During lunch we mostly talked and we got to know a lot more about each other that is until Rebecca brought up family and that was when I looked down and I could tell they were knew something was wrong because they all said
“sorry” very genuine
and that’s when Jake said
“you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to”
so I looked up and said
“I know, it’s just that my mom died a few years ago. So I guess I’m still a little depress about it”
and all they gave me was
but then Melinda said
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did she die?”

so I said two words, two simple words that explained everything
“boat fire” I said softly
and that’s when I looked at all their faces and all I saw was shock and so I asked
“did I say something?”
And when no one answered that’s when I said
“well it was nice meeting you all but I should head to my next class. So see you all later ok bye”
and that’s when I left. Meanwhile with the others who’s still in the lunch room at the same lunch table and still sit in silence. That was until Riley brook the silence by saying
“you don’t think she’s…you know?”
“Like one of us?” Rebecca said interrupting Riley’s train of thought and shaking her head.
While they were finishing their lunch they started to head to their next class. Meanwhile with Keylene who’s in her math class which seems to be moving so slow. That is until she remembers that she is in the same class with Rebecca, Jake, Melinda, Jacob, Fay, and Charles. So during math class she wrote a note a note to the closest one to her which was Riley. The note had simple said
“hey Riley right?”
He wrote back saying
“yeah, and your Keylene right?”
At that point I wrote back saying
“yeah, so I do have one question for you”
at first I was determining if I should ask because I don’t want him to act like the way they all did at lunch but finally I did anyway by taking the chance and by asking him
“so why did you all look at me like I said something that I shouldn’t have and became really quite and speechless”
At first he didn’t know what to say by the expression on his face. That’s when she looked around to the rest of them and just like her they were all starring at her. So she looked away and started looking forward and that was when she noticed the note on her desk so as she opened it all it said was
“THE BOAT FIRE” in big, capital, almost bold letters.
That’s when I looked at him with a puzzle look on my face and mouth
“Ask the others.” He said as a simple and plan way and then face forward once again.
So that was when I nodded to myself. The rest of the class went by a little bit faster and then before I knew it class was over and so I bolted towards the door and walked over to Rebecca and asked if they could talk and she nodded and then pulled her towards the bathroom and said quickly and quietly
“it’s about the boat fire isn’t it?”
And so I nodded. Then continued on talking
“you see your mother wasn’t the only one who died in that boat fire.”
At first I gave her a confused look then I realized what she meant by that so that’s when I asked her

“do you mean you lost someone in that boat fire?”
All she was doing was shaking her head and said
“me, Jacob, Jake, Melinda, Fay, Riley, William, and Charles.”
At that point I was really stun and speechless then finally I said
“oh, sorry I…I didn’t know” I said a bit weakly and sounded inconsolable
that was when I looked down to the floor, meanwhile with the others in the hall who are looking

for Rebecca and that is when Fay asked everyone if they found anything and they all say
“NO.” Very franticly.
That’s when Melinda started to think about the last time when she saw Rebecca and that’s when she realized just where she is and so she said it out loud
“hey everyone I know where she is”
and so everyone yelled
“WHERE!?!?” in a panic tone
and so she said in a very simple as if nothing was wrong
“the bathroom”
the very next thing you knew they all headed towards the bathroom and then they stopped and that was when Charles said
“you girls go ahead cause we can’t go in there” he said while pointing towards the girls bathroom
and so they all nodded and Fay and Melinda went in and they saw Rebecca with Keylene. When Keylene saw them standing there and starring at her she just ran out. Rebecca gave them both an evil look as if to say
“nice going you two.”
And then ran out to look for Keylene with everyone else running after her. After about an hour of looking for Keylene, Rebecca got tired and the rest of the group got tired of chasing Rebecca. So they had all thought that she had gone home so everyone exempt for Riley had all went home and that’s only because he had football practice and on his way to the football field he heard someone crying in an empty class room so he went in to see what it was. The first thing he sees was Keylene sitting at a table so he walked over to see what was wrong. He sits right across from Keylene and asked if anything was wrong and the only thing she said was
“no” barley understandable or audible and still with her head was still down on the table.
that was when Riley said
“ok… but you can tell me anything ok cause we are friends after all…ok so take this” he says while giving her a piece of paper with an address and I number. That was when I asked him what this was and all he said was
“my cell number in case you do want to talk and a place where we can meet.”
All I did was nod. After that I looked up and gave a small smile and left leaving Riley in the dark room all by himself. Meanwhile with Rebecca on her cell with Fay talking about school until Fay mention Keylene then there was a long awkward pause between them until Rebecca broke the silence by saying
“I think we should tell her”

sounding a little bit aggravated. But Fay only kept on saying
she was basically screaming that to Rebecca on the other line then said
“stop being such a goody-to-shoe. First we have to test it if she is like the rest of us…got it?”
Even though Fay can’t see it but she nods while saying
“ok…well I’ve gotta go. Talk to you later” and then she hangs up. Back with Riley who was five minutes late to the football field. The football coach was upset at first but then she had decided to let it slide and got back to coaching. During practice Riley had noticed that Keylene was in the stands watching him so he gave her a small wave and then went back to focusing on the practice. Two hours later which is five o’clock after football practice and after he had showered and changed back into his regular clothes he ran up the stands and sat next to Keylene and said
“hey” he said in a friendly way
while she was still looking forward she said
“hi, can I ask you something?” she said in a whispered voice
Even though I wasn’t looking at him I could since he shook his head ‘yes.’ At first I took a deep and shaky deep breath and then I asked
“did you lose a parent in that boat fire?”
And that was when I looked down and then turned to the point where I was looking into his eyes. I saw him nod and heard him say
“yes” he said in a depressed tone
that’s when I looked down again and said
“sorry” in a sympathetic
then there was a long pause that was when I broke the silence by saying
“I’ve got to go…see you later ok Riley?”
As I got up he grabbed my arm really quickly and said
“meet me at that address after school tomorrow ok?” He said pointing to the piece of paper that was hanging out of my journal. The exact same one that he gave me earlier. As he released my arm I nodded and said
“I’ll think about it ok?”
After that I left and headed home. Meanwhile still with Riley in the stands and still trying to reach Rebecca who is not answering her phone so then he tries Fay and after about two or three rings she picks up and says
And all Riley says was
and then he starts to fill her in on everything. When he finishes he says
“ok…is that a plan?”
she was hesitant at first then says
“ok, but you should call the others to let them know”
“I’ve already tried calling Rebecca but no answer” was his response
“that’s because she’s sleeping and she has her cell off” has her reply then she continues

and says
“oh, ok can you tell her once she wakes up tomorrow or before I see her?” she nodded. Then she said
“Melinda already knows…and before you ask how she’s here and you’re on speaker. But I do have to go now so bye” with that they hang up.
Then Riley got out of the stands and a few hours later around ten or eleven o’clock pm Riley couldn’t sleep so he decided to talk a walk around and as he got outside he saw Rebecca sitting at a park that was across the street from his house and while walking to her he was thinking
“ok this is really weird especially that Fay said that she was asleep.”
He could tell Rebecca was crying because he could see her red puffy eyes so he spoke up and said
“are you ok Rebecca?”
all she did was shake her head meaning no she wasn’t so that was when Riley asked her what was wrong and all she said for an answer was one word, one single word that had explained everything to him
and at that point Riley had his arms around her trying to comfort her and then he say’s
“it’s alright, nothing will happen ok” he says in a really easy and soft voice that was almost a whisper.
That was when he looked to the left of them then the right of them. After a few minutes Rebecca say’s
“it was different, very different” she said in a very quiet voice barely noticeable but Riley heard her.
Then she looked up to Riley’s eyes and then he noticed that her eyes were getting really watery again so he asks
“how was it different?”
after that a few minutes pass without a word then she takes a deep breath and says
“more realistic, and…”
and that was when Riley became more worried because he knows every dream she has also seems to happen one way or another so he asks
“and…what Rebecca?”
That was when she looked back down and says in a whisper
At that point he became even more worried as he jumped up and says
“what about Keylene?” in a louder voice
That was when she looked up again and said
“it was after we tell her what she is and then…she betrayed us and started to go against us and that was when she killed all of us in front of each other in what looked like a cell.”
That was when Riley’s cell phone went off and so he answered it
“hey it’s Jake just to tell you that we’re all in, ok well I’ve got to go now so see ya” was is response

and after they hung up Riley said to Rebecca
“well…we are just going to have to trust her ok because everyone else already agreed to tell her after school tomorrow…ok?”
After that she looked at him and said
“fine! But if she does… then don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
After she said that he couldn’t help but smile and a small laugh at that remark as he said
“ok…so are you in or what?”
She nodded signaling it was a yes. That made him smile and said
good well, now we just have to wait for a response to meeting us at the place…which she agreed to let me know after school tomorrow ok?”
Once again she nodded. As Riley turned around to leave, Rebecca yelled for him to wait and so he turned back around to face her once again. After about a second of staring at each other she said
“can you walk me home cause it’s late and dark plus this is a really bad neighborhood to walk in alone?”
So he nodded and started to walk towards her house. Meanwhile with Keylene who is at home thinking about school today. Then she said out loud to herself
“what should I do, because if I go what if…what if …what I hear isn’t what I want to hear? And what if I don’t go, I might lose my only new friends. I wish I could get a sign to what I should do.”
Just then she got a call at first she looked at her phone with a puzzled face because she didn’t recognize the number but then she picked it up and said
“hello?” in a really quite and shy voice.
At first there was no answer then once again but in a much louder voice
This time there was an answer which made her happy because it was…
that was the only thing she could manage to say. Then after a second or two she managed to say a complete sentence
“so why are you calling me at after eleven?”
After her sentence he could instantly tell she was smiling as she spoke and so then he returned her question with an answer
“just to tell you that if you don’t want to come...then that’s ok….and don’t worry you won’t lose us as friends. We just thought it would be best if you know everything but we’re not pressuring you to do anything ok.” Sounding very sincere.
At first I don’t know what to say but then I simple say
“ok, well I’ve got to go…you know getting tired”
and at that point Riley sounded sad while saying
that was when I said
“ok goodnight…and Riley?”
as soon as I said his name he got happier and said
“yeah” in more of an energetic tone and with a smile on his face that she could tell in his

All I could say was
“thank you”
“for what?” he responded with
so for my respond I simple said
“nothing…everything, anyway goodnight Riley”
“you too” was his response
at that point we both had hung up.
Meanwhile with Riley who was about to go to bed but heard shouting outside of his window so he went to investigate what it was by going towards the window and looking out of it. At first he couldn’t see anything but then noticed a dark figure across the street just standing there and looking up towards Riley. After about a second of looking at each other he decided to get away from the window and called Fay. He started to get very aggravated and annoyed because she didn’t answer so she tried once again and finally she picked up only it wasn’t Fay, instead it was…
“Rebecca?” he said shocked.
“Yes Riley? You sound different is something wrong?”
At first he didn’t know how to answer so he was just sitting on his bed starring out of the window. Then he managed to say
“he’s back” in a farce voice.
“no he is not” was her response
that was when Riley got really confused and he said
“what are you talking about?”
at first there was no response and then very quietly she says
“he’s here.”
At that point his face becomes very pale like a ghost and his heart starts to race with seat coming done his forehead as he starts to panic. Just then the line goes dead so at that point he gets his jacket and starts to call everyone else but for some reason he cant get through to anyone until he is outside of Rebecca’s house then suddenly his phone starts to vibrate so he answers it
“hello?” in a much panicked and rush tone.
there was no answer for about three seconds then he hears laughing
“hey Riley, what’s up? You sound very aggravated”
at first he didn’t know what to say because it was…
“yeah who else would it be?” was her response
at first he thought about what to say but then finally came out and just say what was wrong
“well, for one thing I thought that I saw him, then I called you and you said he was there at your place then the line went dead”
no answer
Then she finally said

“uh-huh, well that’s impossible, for starters he’s dead and has been for about a year remember? And the second reason is because my cells been off for hours so I don’t think it was me calling you…ok well if that’s it I bet your wondering why I’m calling you this late right?”
As soon as she finished talking riley couldn’t help but wonder as to who was calling him if it wasn’t Rebecca but he finally managed to say
“ok and yeah why are you calling me this late? And it better be important”
at that point she just said
“I had a dream”
“…and?” he said a little bit annoyed
so she answered by saying
“it was kind of like the one earlier if you remember that is? And the ending somehow changed by how it was Keylene who had betrayed us…only difference was that she didn’t betray us…it was…”
then she trailed off in the middle of her sentence. That was when Riley had finally asked her
“well, who was it?”
“…it was Fay” she said in a whisper
at first he was stun and shocked and couldn’t really find the right words to say. After about a few minutes without saying a word Riley broke the silence by saying
“are you sure? I mean she has a bit of anger issues and she did walk away from us…but she wouldn’t betray us, I mean she cant and I just think you need some rest ok because if Keylene does agree to meet us then we all need our rest so we can explain everything to her..Ok?”
Silence was the only thing he could hear but then in a very hushed tone he heard Rebecca say
then she hung up the phone. After that he walked back to his room and went to bed. Meanwhile with Keylene who is still in her room thinking about what Riley told her. At that point her phone started to ring so as she picked it up she didn’t notice the number so she instantly thought it was Riley so in a quick motion she picked it up and said
“hello, Riley is that you?”
“No, it’s not Riley” was this mystery person’s answer.
I froze in place without knowing who it was or what they wanted but the one thing that I really wanted to know would be how did this person get my number? After about a minute I said
“ok, then who are you?”
There was no response for about another minute then they said
“it doesn’t matter who I am but I came to warn you of the danger you’re in.”
That was when I got really scared and nervous but then I managed to ask him one question I did though stutter it so I wouldn’t know if they could understand it but I still asked
“wh-what d-anger are yo-you t-t-talking about?”

All he said as a response was
“you’ll find out soon enough trust me”
and with that said they hung up. At that point I was terrified to even go to sleep so I just laid in bed listening to music and thinking about the words the mystery person spoke and they just kept on running through my mind
“I came to warn you of the danger you’re in”
within a few minutes though I managed to fall asleep even though I was absolutely terrified of what that person meant by the danger I’m in but I guess to answer that question I would have to meet up with Riley and the other tomorrow at that address that he gave me. So I guess that its settled tomorrow in math class I’ll tell him that I’m…in.

during the dream that I was having I was alone in the woods and it was in pitched blackness and I couldn’t see anything. So I started to wonder around trying to find my way out but the more I walked the longer it seemed to take for me to get anywhere as if I was walking in one place. Although I knew I wasn’t because I could see a light a really faint light that got bigger and brighter the more I got near it. As soon as I got to the light all I saw was a brightly lit cabin in the woods which was basically in the middle of nowhere. So at first I wasn’t sure as to what to do but then finally I decided to go inside to see what was inside the cabin. All I saw were broken wooden pieces, glass everywhere and a figure just standing by the window not even saying anything. As I stood there just watching the figure and every part of me was yelling to turn around and leave, but instead I ignored that felling and that was when I noticed my feet moving towards the dark figured. As I got closer to it my heart starts to race and then I begin to get really anxious but as soon as I got closer I got really relieved because of his blue-ish, gray-ish eyes and I knew instantly that it was Riley. That was when I smiled and walked a little bit faster. So then when I reached him I said in a questionably voice because for some reason I didn’t think that it was Riley because he didn’t say anything or did anything.
“Riley? Is that you Riley?”
That was when he moved out of the shadows and into the light but it wasn’t Riley at all it was Jake and that was when he turned around and walked up the stairs so I followed him still very confused as to why he was in my dream and what exactly was happening here. As he got upstairs he stopped and turned his head around to see if I was still following him and once he did he gave a small smile and then turned his head back around and continued to walk so I continued to follow him. When I got up the stairs I saw him go through a door. At first I just stood there wondering whether I should or not follow him but then but then for the first time in this dream he yelled form the inside of the room
“hey Keylene are you coming?”
With that I went in and once I was in the room I saw Rebecca, Fay, Melinda, Riley, Jake, Jacob, Charles, and William and they were all scattered around the room but I pretty much walked into the center of the room. Then Rebecca came towards me and said
All I did was stair because of the way she said it and then Riley came towards me and said
“we need to talk to you.”
I nodded. So that was when I saw Rebecca point towards a chair and then say
“you better sit”
at first I wasn’t sure what to think about this whole situation but eventually I did with me still staring at them nervously. Jacob came from around a round table that Fay was leaning against and said
“we’re not like everyone else, and neither are you”
so I gave him a puzzled expression on my face. So then he tried to say it so that it would be easier to understand so he said
“you see our parents that had died in that boat fire was all part of this secret circle”
I still looked a bit confused but then I said

“ok…and what about this ‘secret circle’?”
I could fell everyone’s eyes on me and I could tell Fay was getting really annoyed so that was when I came out and said
“look, why don’t you just tell me what you are all talking about…ok?”
Then I realized that was completely out of character because I never got mad that easy before and while I looked around I saw their shocked faces. So then I said
“sorry.” In a quite whisper
that was when one by one they all started to disappear so I looked down to see how or as to why they were disappearing out of sight. I couldn’t find out why but I did find out how…it was a black hole that was sucking them up but I still didn’t know where it led to and I wasn’t going to find out because it was getting closer to me but then Riley and Jake saw me getting trapped by it. So in one quick motion and instantly they came running towards me and they both pushed me out the window that I was in front of. As I fell I could fill two set of hands wrapping around me as if they were trying to save me from the impact of the fall. As I looked around I could see who it was…it was Riley and Jake. So I guess they weren’t sucked up by the black hole like everyone else. That was when we hit the ground but the impact of the fall didn’t hurt as much as I had imagined which was a good thing I guess. I rolled onto the ground and onto my back so Riley, Jake and I were all on our backs gasping for air because of the impact of falling out of a window. When I got up I helped Jake and Riley up as well. As we were standing perfectly align together looking at the house but then we hear a
and so I jumped a bit and that was when we all looked around to see it was. Then we saw another dark figure behind some bushes and trees so I said
“hello? Who are you?”
After that they came out to where we could see them. It was Rebecca. So we all froze in place because we saw her get sucked up by that black hole but as she gets closer I noticed something different about her something evil. That was when I saw it her eyes were complete darkness. It was as if she wasn’t even human no more. Which had sent chills over my spine and that was when I could fell someone pulling my arm so that was when I looked over and it was Jake and Riley and they were both yelling
And so I did. We had ran for a total of eleven blocks non-stop and them we had reached the top of a hill and hen once at the top of the hill we stopped so we could catch our breath. At that point we saw Rebecca again but this time she wasn’t alone because it appeared that we had more company. So I looked around and realized that it was the others who got sucked up by that black hole and once again I find myself frozen in place. They next thing I knew was that Jake stepped in front of me and said
“you guys go, I’ll hold them up for awhile”
and before I could respond he pushed me and Riley down the hill and that was when I looked back an saw him get attacked by them. I knew this was only a dream but it felt so real. I could fell the horror, the pain and everything else but as soon as we got to the bottom of the hill I noticed that Riley was gone. So I started to panic and started to walk

by myself and yelling Riley’s name but all I hear is silence. As I walked farther though I

tripped over something and when I saw what it was I got really worried because it was…Riley with blood all over his head. So I crawled over to him and said
“Riley, wake up…please”
just then I heard him give a little moan sound to signal that he was still alive. At that point I got really relieved and then I helped him up to his feet. I did manage to get him to a little cave and I didn’t want to start a fire because they might see it or something. As we were in the cave I asked him what they all meant when they said we are all different and connected and all said was
“you’ll find out within time.”
So I nodded. Acting as if I knew what he meant by that. After about an hour or so Riley had fallen asleep and around the time I started to get sleepy I heard a snap as if it was a twig being snapped in half underneath someone’s feet so I went out side of the cave to see what it was and instantly I saw…them. That was when the anxiety kicked in and I ran in the cave to wake up Riley. That was when I noticed Riley wasn’t there so I became very solicitous. So I ran out of the cave and started to yell out Riley’s name over and over again until I heard
At that point I looked in the general direction it came from and yelled
At that point I became so terrified because right behind Riley I could see them the people that once were his friends and the same people who were nice to me on my first day at the new school. They were right behind him so I basically yelled for him to run and then he looked at me mystified and yelled back
so I signaled him to run and once I did I saw him turned around and he looked up at them and at that my adrenaline had kicked in because at that moment I was running as if my life and Riley’s life depended on it which at this moment it kind of did. By the time I had gotten to him though he had tripped over something and at that moment they had started to swarm in around him so then I picked up something that appeared to be a rock and I through it at them to get their attention. At that point they were apoplectic and started to come towards me. Then I started to walk backwards and that was when Riley and I had made eye contact for a second and then I looked at them again. Even though I wasn’t looking at Riley I could tell Riley was looking towards me confused so that was when I yelled
So that was when he started to run. The only emotion that was going through my head was terrified mostly because I thought that this was it, I was going to die but then I heard
Then it started to get louder and louder and so I looked up and it was…
I said a bit shocked but really relieved that he came back. At that point he had tossed down a rope for me to climb up. So I did when I got on a branch I looked down and saw

13 them and apparently it looked as if they couldn’t climb so we both looked at each other relieve about that fact. We had stayed there for about a half an hour. When the coast was clear we had climbed down the tree. Once Riley got down I turned around to face him and as I was hugging him I said
“thank you.”
After we pulled away he looked at me and said
“no problem…but why are you thanking me?”
So I looked at him and said
“for coming back”
and all he did was nod signaling your welcome. A few minutes had passed until we noticed how late it had gotten so we started to walk some more trying to find some shelter that we can take refuge in. After spending the night in the middle of woods, Riley and I agreed to find a way out of the woods and try to fin out what happened to everyone else. As we walked which felt like centuries we came upon a little girl. As we walked towards her she started to walk away so we followed her and as we did we came to the presence of the creator of the black hole and the only one who knew what happened to Riley’s friends. That was when Riley said
“What have you done with my friends?”
He was very determined to know but he was still very unsure if that was the right move or not. As soon as he said that there was no response but after about two minutes of an awkward silence he had turned around and that was when Riley and I both gasped because that was when we noticed his eyes or I should say that was when we saw ‘IT’ because what ever it was it was not nor has ever been human. His whole eyes were just completely gone as if they were never there to start with, and his face looked as if he was burned and he also looked like he was over a thousand years old. He also looked so thin that you could basically see every bone in his body. This time Riley started to get aggravated to the point when he yelled
That time he spoke with a bit of bitterness and hate in his voice
“They are dead and you can’t do anything to safe them.”
With that they began to laugh then right before our eye he disappeared and that was when Riley and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes. I could tell what he was thinking by the look on his face which was the exact same thing that I was thinking which was
“What do we do now?”
At that point Riley started to get an idea because in that moment he said
“What if we killed that thing? Do you think it would reverse it?” with a hopeful look on his face and tone.
The only thing I could do was shake my head but eventually I said
“I don’t know but we can try”
with that said we left the scene to figure out what to do. After about and hour which seemed like forever and still no sign of Riley’s friends we had formulated a plan. So once that was planned we ran to where that mystery girl kid had lead us to that thing and

we got inside it, there was complete darkness around them. Then out of nowhere we were surrounded by Riley’s friends and right there in the very center of them all was ‘IT.’ That was that thing started to make its way to us and at that point I had frozen and forgotten the plan but then Riley grabbed a hold of my hand and in that instant moment I remembered the plan and once he let go I took a quick glance at my hand where Riley had slipped a grenade. As the thing got closer and began to talk I looked at the very corner of my eye and saw Riley give me the signal and without hesitation I threw it right into the mouth of the thing and he exploded. At that moment we felt relieve take over our bodies. Then we remembered that we weren’t the only one’s there so we faced Riley’s friends and without blinking they all fell unconscious, well everyone but Rebecca for some reason didn’t. As we were standing there he got a quick glance at Rebecca and for some reason she was still looking at Riley and me but there was something different in her face expression. She looked as if she was going to attack us but for some reason she didn’t and for a quick moment I noticed her eye weren’t black anymore but instead they looked as if they were glowing. At that moment everyone started to get up and that was when Rebecca looked at me and gave a small smirk and ran in my direction but instead of attacking me she just ran out the window and disappeared from our view. That was when Riley and I looked at each other with a confused expression on our faces and at that moment I took of running after Rebecca while Riley stayed to help his friends. I did offer to help but he said
“I’ve got this; you just go and look for Rebecca ok?”
I nodded. As I was running I could hear Rebecca but I couldn’t exactly hear what she was saying until I had reached where she was. And as I was standing behind a tree she was really talking but singing
“Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to do the things that only you know best.
Trust yourself,
Trust yourself to do what’s right and not be second-guessed.
Don’t trust me to show you beauty
when beauty may only turn to rust.
If you need somebody you can trust, trust yourself.
Trust yourself;
Trust yourself to know the way that will prove true in the end.
Trust yourself;
Trust yourself to find the path where there is no if and when.
Don’t trust me to show you the truth
when the truth may only be ashes and dust.
If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.
Well, you’re on your own, you always were.
In a land of wolves and thieves.
Don’t put your hope in ungodly man
or be a slave to what somebody else believes.
Trust yourself

and you won’t be disappointed when vain people let you down.
Trust yourself
and look not for answers where no answers can be found.
Don’t trust me to show you love
when my love may only be lust.
If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.”
At first I’ll admit she was a really good singer but the one thing I needed to know was why she was singing especially about trust? And at that moment she turned around to face the tree that I was hiding behind and then just stood there without saying anything for about a minute or two then finally she said
“you do know you can come out from behind that tree, Keylene?” she said in a cheerful mood. At first I wasn’t really sure if I should but instantly I found my feet moving from behind the tree and that was when I came face-to-face with Rebecca. At first I didn’t know exactly what to do or what to say but then I finally say
“nice song, so who was it for?”
“Thanks and it was a song that my mother always sang to me…before that boat fire” was her response.
Before she could say anything else to me I changed the subject and said
“well, why are your eye’s glowing?” I said with a confused tone and a very confused face expression. That was when she looked away from me and started to laugh but what I wanted to know was why she was laughing at me? So I asked
“ok…why are you laughing at me?”
And without even thinking she just stopped laughing and said
“oh, my you really are a stupid girl aren’t you? You still don’t get it and I bet if we yelled it at you, you still wouldn’t get it.” She said very harshly.
I didn’t really know how to respond to that statement especially when she said
“you still don’t get it”
get what? What didn’t I get? And what was she talking about? All of this things kept on going through my mind so I finally said
“what are you talking about?” almost talking loud enough it could be mistaken for a yell. As I waited for her to respond I head…
Those voices sounded really familiar to me but I couldn’t quite figure it out but then they got even closer and then I did realize you it was so I yelled back
“I’m over here! And hurry!”
With that said I heard their feet running faster then they were before and at that point they came crashing through the trees and made a really big thump noise which had made me turn my back on Rebecca for only a second and once I saw them get up I turned to face her again only this time I was facing nothing for she had ran away without even leaving any sign of her. That was when I looked over at everyone else and gave them a really evil look and all they say to me is
“You all let Rebecca get away” was what I said basically yelling at them. Then they all

looked at me as if I were crazy so I finally just said to them
“what?” sounding really annoyed.
So at that time they all started to point to something behind me so I turned around slowly mostly because of their reactions that basically told me that there was something absolutely terrible behind me. I was right it was something terrible because there standing right in front of me that thing was there once again but it was weird because Riley and I killed it nut I guess we didn’t. As I was frozen in place all I could say was
“no…not possible…no” I kept repeating out loud.
Then before I knew it someone grabbed me from behind and started to run while dragging me. I couldn’t really see who it was but I could tell it was Jake and Riley because they did this earlier so I could tell by their touch. Then once again nothing but complete darkness and that was when Jake and Riley let go of me and as I turned around to face them I quickly asked
“how is that thing still alive? And what is going on with Rebecca? Can someone please answer me those questions?”
All of them were shaking their heads and that was when Melinda said
“we don’t even remember most of this night let alone what’s going on with Rebecca.”
that was all she said and after that she became quite again and then Charles sais
“well, we were captured in a black hole and then turned on you guy’s, which we are sorry for but we couldn’t really help it and as to how that thing is still alive…there is two of them and once you killed the first one we were released from the trance and as for Rebecca you would have to kill the other one to free her.” He said a bit quickly.
That was the moment when Jake, Riley and me all got an idea because at first we just looked at each other in the eyes and then all three of us said at the same time
“I have an idea.”
From that moment we came into terms of the plan and the funny thing was that we were actually thinking of the same plan but it was also different mostly because each of us were thinking of different parts of that plan all we really had to do was figure out what part went where and then discus who does what and after about an hour we all knew exactly what to do. We all waited for the sun to come out before we got the plan in motion. As we were walking up this hill I heard someone screaming and at first I thought it was just my imagination but then I listened more closely as they started to scream a name and then I heard they name they were screaming which was…
At that point the adrenaline started to kick in again because I began to run as fast as I could through the trees again ignoring everyone else who were yelling at me saying that it was a trap but of course I never listen. When I got there to were I heard the scream I looked around to see only one person and that was
“Rebecca?” I said in a whisper.
That was when she turned around and said
“don’t look behind you” she said while smiling
and once again I didn’t listen and I turned around to be staring in the face of that thing. So I started to walk backwards but eventually I fell backwards and at that point I felt

something crack. That was when I looked down and noticed it was my ankle meaning that I must have twisted it. I tried to get away but I couldn’t get up so I tried to crawl away but such luck because Rebecca stopped me every time and at that moment I was just about to give up but then in the corner of my eye I saw someone moving and I instantly knew that it was the others here to help me. That was when I started to smile and before I knew what I was doing I got up very slowly and then I said
“ok so you’ve got me, what are you going to do to me now huh? And what about the others like Rebecca and everyone else? Also why are you doing any of this? Cause we didn’t do anything to you I’m sure.”
and with that they smirked and simple said
“each and every one of your parents started this and they made it worse when they had kids and then died, so I’m only taking it out on you because the people who did start everything are dead already. So I’m planning on killing each and every one of you one by one and also right in front of each other. Any other questions before we capture your friends and then kill you?”
At first I couldn’t believe they would say that especially not to my face but then I managed to say
“one more question…what did y parents ever do to you?”
I could see that was a funny or a stupid question because they started to laugh at me and once they stopped I looked to where the others were and they gave me a sign that they were ready to go as long as I let them know when. That was also the moment that I got up really close to their face and said in a whisper
“you know what?”
“What?” they said back
And at that moment I started to think of something to tell them but the only thing I could say was
“you’ll regret ever messing with us.”
That was the moment I looked towards the woods where everyone else were and at that moment I saw Riley give me a nod saying they were in position and I smiled. That was when I looked at that things and said
“ok well I only have one more thing to say to you…NOW!”
At first they looked at me weird and then Riley along with Jake, Jacob, William, Charles, Fay, and Melinda all came running towards us at full speed and then stopped at different locations to confuse them and then Riley who was standing behind everyone started to walk towards me. That was when Rebecca stopped in front of him blocking his way and then smirked at him while saying
“I don’t think so.”
That was when I looked at him and said
“do something”
“I can’t” that was his response while he is watching Rebecca
At first I didn’t know what to say but then I say
“Why not? She’s not Rebecca any more. So do it.”
I could tell he didn’t want to because even though she isn’t really herself she’s still in

there somewhere and he didn’t really want to hurt her so I walked up behind her and smacked her to knock her unconscious but not hard enough to do any real damage. At that time Riley looked at me and then he said
“what did you do? Did you kill her?”
“No, now calm down she’s not dead, she’s just unconscious for the moment ok?”
He nodded and at that moment I knew he knew that I wouldn’t actually hurt her but I could still tell that he was worried by his face expression. I pushed all of those thoughts out of me head though because at the moment we didn’t need to worry about anything other then killing this thing and getting Rebecca back to herself. By the time I had pushed out all of those thoughts Riley had already gone to help the others so I joined them and we were all now in a complete circle around that thing there was no escaping. Then out of nowhere that thing started to burst out laughing and then started to say
“well now, you are actually helping these people who lie to and not even tell you what that “big secret” is. Tell me this why are you helping people who lie to you when you can be with me and I would never lie to you huh? Can you tell me that or at least enlighten me in that subject matter.”
I thought about it and started to walk towards the center to where that thing was and that was also when everyone started to yell at me but I could mostly only hear the guys and they were all saying
“Don’t do it Keylene, after all we’re your friends…”
“Friends, you don’t even tell me anything like you cant trust me so I’m not to sure I can trust you right now, I’m sorry but he’s right I should be with someone who DOESN’T lie to me and hide something from me…”
“We know and we have been trying to tell you all this time but we always…” Riley started but I interrupted him by saying
“what get interrupted or scared or something like that? Well guess what, I’m done with all of this so I am very sorry but I think I’m going with…” I said while taking a deep breath not really knowing if this was the right choice but then I finally said
“I’m going with…him”
I said that while pointing at the person/thing in the center and as I was walking over to him he was smiling and once a reached him he said
“good choice, and now I don’t have to kill you.” He said with a wink
and all I could really do was stair at the ground. At that point he had said
“well actually I don’t have to kill you but that still means all you friends here are still going to be killed and to prove your loyalty to me, you get to do the honors”
“oh, joy” I say with sarcasm in my voice.
That was when he handed me a knife and then he pointed to Riley and said
“start with him.”
I nodded then I walked over to Riley and at first I see him glimpse at Rebecca who is still unconscious and I saw him whisper
“I’m sorry”
and then turn to me who is now only a couple feet away from me I try to tell Riley something but he cant hear me or understand me. That was when I quickly thought of

something I could do. So at that point his eyes locked on mine and so I gave him a small wink just so he knows I’m just trying to trick that thing that way it would be so much easier to kill it. Riley wasn’t the only one who saw it though because William and Melinda saw it as well and with out that thing noticing they gave a small signal to the others to let them know that I’m still on their side. As I got closer I tried to tell Riley something but he just shacked his head and with me only a few more inches away from him I managed to say pretty quietly without anyone else hearing.
“Make it look real, and then pretend to be dead ok?”
He nodded which meant he knew exactly what I was talking about. Then without hesitation I took the knife and I “stabbed” him a few times and then I made it look painful when I kicked him to turn him around. And then one by one I told the others the exact same thing as I told Riley and the all knew what to do. Once I was done Rebecca came through and woke up and that was when he said
“well done, now gather all the bodies and put them over there and that will be the fire pit.”
Once again I nodded and did what he did. Right before he did anything he was talking to Rebecca about something and that was when I remembered that I still have a grenade so that was also the same time I had another idea which was good because everyone started to get very restless playing dead. So as I walked over to him I offered him some thing to drink little did he know I had put the grenade in the cup and once that thing drinks it then they shall explode just like the other one. When they drank the drink nothing happened so I turned around and started to walk away and then a few minutes later they did explode and went everywhere. That was when I smiled and looked around and noticed that Rebecca had once again fell unconscious and Riley and the others had not gotten up so I say with a smile on my face
“ok, now you guys can get up cause…HE”S DEAD!”
That was when everyone except Rebecca got up and stretched. I guess playing dead is harder then it looks. But I run up and hug Riley and before I knew it everyone else started in on the hug. Once everyone let go Riley said
“you’re very claver, has anyone ever tell you that before?”
“Yeah sometimes” I say with a smile on my face.
That was when William and Charles both said
“good” then they looked at each other then said “what do you mean good?” I could tell they were getting pretty annoyed but I started to laugh at them then they said “what’s so funny? Quit that!” that was when both of them just stopped talking
So I looked over at Fay and Melinda and said
“you two ok?”
“yeah” they said really soft
then Melinda said
“we just thought you had…”
“betrayed us, so we’re really happy that you didn’t, that’s all” Fay had finished Melinda’s sentence and that was when I looked over at them and I gave them a small smile and nodded. At that point we had forgotten that Rebecca was there until she started to cough

and that was when we all ran over to her and helped her up. Then she hugged all of us and then she said really fast
“I’m so sorry I was being controlled by that thing I hope I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t though right?”
We all started to laugh and then we all said
“ok that makes me fell a lot better” she says with a relieved tone.
Then I remembered something so I said
“hey, you guys were going to tell me something remember?”
At first they looked at me with confused faces and for a moment we were all silent until Riley says
“oh you mean the secret right?”
I nodded and then he continued
oh, well, you see we…meaning all of us including you are all…”
at that point I woke up because of my alarm clock so I guess I’ll never know what Riley was going to say. Maybe if I do go to meet him and the rest then I’ll find out the truth to that boat fire and the connection with everyone’s parents and stuff like that so I guess I really am going to that address that Riley said we were going to talk if I decided if I want to go that is…which I can of guess I have to now.


When I got ready for school I walked instead of driving that way I could think clearly and better. Once I got to school the first thing I saw right away was Rebecca, Riley, Jake, Jacob, Fay, William, Charles, and Melinda and just like yesterday in class I found them just staring at me. After that little encounter with them before school I avoided them for the rest of the day so I could think of what to do. All day they were trying to find me and try to talk to me. Meanwhile with the others in another part of the school. Everyone was on the football field talking that was until Rebecca said
“what should we do now…because there is no way she’ll meet with us mostly because if you haven’t noticed she’s sort of been avoiding us all day today.”
They all looked at each other for a few seconds in silence until Fay says
“she’ll come, trust me I’ll make…”
after that she got interrupted by Riley because that was when he said
“no…don’t even think about it Fay.”
Just then he himself got cut off by Fay yelling at him while saying
“why not…we aren’t bound, and if she chooses not to see us then we can still do whatever we want to…so why not just a little…”
“Because for one it’s dangerous and two she’s one of us...So if you do something it could backfire.” Said Rebecca and Jake in a yelling voice.
After a few minutes of standing there in silence Fay said
“you know what…I’m done with you and all of this and once she gives you an answer but I bet she won’t...Then you know where to find me”
that was when she turned around and left before anyone could say anything and were in shock and didn’t really know what to say or do so they all stood there in silence. Then after about a few more seconds of silence Jake say’s
“she’ll be back don’t worry.” They all nodded in agreement.
Back with Keylene who’s at her locker when suddenly her locker is shut and this made her jump a little bit. Once she looked up she was relieved that it was Rebecca. So after a minute of silence that was when I broke it by saying
“hey, how are you?”
She quickly answered me back by saying
At first I looked at her with a confused look on my face and she could tell I was confused so I say
“…so what?”
That was when her facial expression had changed from happy to disappointment but after a while she managed to say
“your decision?”
After that I was still confused but then it all came back to me so I said
“oh…my decision…on meeting you guys” she nodded.
All I did was just stand there for just a moment but then finally said
I’ll tell Riley in math then he’ll tell the rest of you…ok?”
Once again she nodded. And as we stood there I could fell the anxiety rise up in her. Then she finally left once she saw the rest of her friends. At first I wasn’t too sure if this

Was a good idea so throughout the day even during lunch I avoided all of them so I can think more clearly which helped a lot. By the last class of the day which is math and it’s the only class that I have with all of them I decided to tell them. So half way through the class I was thinking of what to say. That was when a note landed on my desk so I guessed Riley beat me to it. But all it said was
“circle one”
and as I was looking at it I was really confused but at the bottom I saw three words which were
“yes, maybe, and no.”
At first I was hesitant so I looked around the room and once again I find myself looking at everyone and I also find them all staring at me. In a quick motion I turn back around and looked at the note and circled my answer. Then once I was done I handed it back to Riley. As he saw what I circled he got happy because I had circled…yes. At that point the bell had rang so Riley along with everyone else including myself had all stayed behind. At that point they all circled me and at first I didn’t know what to say or do but eventually I had said
“what’s up guys?”
That was when Riley started to pass the note with my answer on it to everyone. So once the saw it they all began to smile and once it reach back to Riley, Rebecca said
“ok, well let’s go then…oh and Riley…call Fay so she knows, ok?”
He nodded. At that point he had pulled out his cell phone and started to walk away from the group so he could call Fay. That was when Melinda my arm and on the way towards the door she said
“let’s go, and don’t worry about Riley he’ll catch up with us…ok?”
I nodded and walked away with the others. Meanwhile with Riley who is on his cell trying to reach Fay at first no answer but then after about three or four rings she finally answered and said
“hello, Riley”
he was shocked on how she knew it was him. After a minute of silence he says
“how did you know it was me, Fay?”
“I have my ways of knowing things.”
At first Riley was very confused but eventually he manages to put it together and says
“you mean…”
“Yes I did. Got a problem with it?
She said knowing exactly what he would say. In anger he yells
“DAMMIT, FAY! You know we can’t do that…”
“WHY NOT? Huh Riley why can’t we?” she yelled back at him. So he said
“for one thing, it’s reckless and dangerous. It’s also just plain stupid.”
He then calms down a bit and says
“sorry, I said that but you know we can’t afford to lose anyone because it takes nine to complete the circle and you know that. But anyway moving on to the reason why I called, she said yes, so we are going to the address to talk to her. So are you still in or are you


still mad at us?”
She had given a small laugh and said
“meet you there” than hung up.
With the others who are just walking out of the school building when Riley caught up with the others. At that point we had all looked at him and he simple said
“she’ll meet us there.”
And with that said we all nodded and started walking. About five minutes later we had gotten near a forest that everyone had called ‘The Mystery Woods.” And from what I have learned is that the reason as to why they call it that is because in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s there once was this guy that lived in a cabin in the very center of the woods but the very weird thing was that every time that someone had entered them they were never heard from again and people thought that he had something to do with it and no matter what he had said to them they just didn’t believe him. So eventually he got arrested and after about five or six years later he was released but then people started to disappeared once again that everyone got so upset or scarred that on September 15th, 1989 he, himself was murdered in cold blood by people full of hatred in their eyes and veins. A few years later after his death the disappearances began again and so people started to say that it was his ghost getting revenge on the people who had killed him. So once we got near the woods I had completely froze as if I was a statue with pure fear in my eyes. As I turned around to leave Charles and William pull my arms and say
“where are you going?”
That was when the both look at me then each other and said
“stop that!”
I just stood there pointing to the woods and then I managed to say
“the story.”
At first everyone looked at me as if I were weird or something but then Rebecca said
“oh…you must be talking about that old story that took place in th’80’s with the disappearances right?” I nodded.
That was when everyone looked at me then started to burst out laughing so I gave them all a death glare so they all stopped and Melinda said
“that story isn’t true, trust us because we go through all the time…ok?”
That was when Fay came up walking from the woods and say
“yup, all the time”
I nodded again. I started to walk but Rebecca pulled my arm and gave me a necklace and said
“before you go in, put this on”
at that moment I had noticed that all of them had the same necklace on as the one Rebecca had just given I put it on and began to follow them through the woods. After about five minutes of walking we had reached a wooden cabin with a lake behind it. As I started to walk I began to get really weak in my legs because it was the same exact cabin from my dream and I started to hear a voice in my mind telling me to turn around but I just kept on ignoring it, and just kept on walking towards the cabin. As we walked

in, I noticed that there were three floors, an upstairs, the main floor, and then the basement. As I looked around to see what was in the cabin and all I could see was furniture. The cabin even looked bigger on the inside then it does on the outside and it also looked very clean. As I walked towards the stairs and headed up to the second floor I had noticed that they were all surrounding me. At first I didn’t really know what to say but eventually I said
“ok…so I’m and I’m listing.”
At first they were all looking at me rather confused but Riley was the first one to break the awkward that was circulating around the room by saying in a rather soft and quite whisper
“you’re different…like us”
once that was said I was still rather confused but before I could even say anything Fay came from behind Rebecca and that was when I noticed just how mad she really was when she said
“ok, that’s it, your…a witch. A full blood, hundred percent witch, there now you know.” She said rather harshly.
After that was said I was really shocked but not from Fay’s tone but from what she said mostly because I didn’t even believe in witches and other things like that. So the only thing I did was shake my head and ran out of there as if my life depended on it. At this point I was running through the woods without even knowing where I was. Eventually I couldn’t run anymore so I stopped and sat down on a log and as I did that I could feel someone else sit right next to me and without even looking at them I say
“this can’t be happening. This kind of stuff is real, I mean I can’t be…a witch, can I?”
When they didn’t speak I looked up and met the blue eyes that were Riley’s and said
“well. Aren’t you going to say something?”
“I need to show you something” he said while grabbing by hand.
After a while I realized he had brought me back to the cabin. Once inside he led me downstairs to the basement and then let go of my hand so he could walk over to the fire place and pulled out a block in the fire place which made the fire place split into two separate parts. Once he was walking into it he realized I wasn’t following so he turned around and said
“you coming?”
At first I was a bit hesitant but I eventually did nod and slowly made my way to where he was. At that moment we were in a complete new room that is completely invisible to the naked eye. It also looked as if we were in a totally different location because the furniture in this room was completely different than the rest in the whole cabin. It looked new and so much cleaner. As I walked through it Riley had vanished and I couldn’t see him so I kept on saying
“Riley, this isn’t funny…come out from where ever you are hiding”
That was when Riley came back into my vision so I said
“where did you go?”
As I said that Riley just pointed to a giant trunk and said
“I went to get this”

He said while holding up a little black leather book and said
“This book is known as ‘The Book Of Shadows’ and each of us has one. Each one contains different information that was hand-written by our parents.”
At first I was shocked when he said it was written by our parents. So all I said was
“our parents?” He nodded.
“Yes, our parents were witches too and that’s how they got killed in something called a witches fire”
Once he finished that I looked at him in disbelieve but eventually I said in a quite whisper
“a witches…fire?”
That was when he answered me back by saying
“A witch’s fire is just like any other fire…only difference is that a witch’s fire doesn’t just kill us but it also takes all of our powers and the one who starts the fires absorbs it for themselves.” I nodded.
While I was taking in all of this information that he was giving me he sat down on a couch in the center of the room so I followed him and sat on a chair across from him. After a while of silence he began talking again and said
“You know that you…complete the circle, right…because it takes nine of us to complete the circle…you know Jacob, William, Charles, Jake, Fay. Melinda, Rebecca, and I, but now we have…”
“..Me” I said in rather of a quite whisper.
Once I said that he nodded. Then he started to talk again
“Would you like to see what we can accomplish when we are all together?”
I was hesitant with my answer but I still really wanted to know if all of this was real, so I nodded. As I was sitting still on the chair he got off the couch to go and get the others I’m guessing. Within a minute or two they all came through the door and faced Riley. After a second of no one talking Jake said
“What’s up?”
“Circle up” was all he said.
They all nodded in response, and while they were circling up I was staring at them then eventually I said
“what do I do, exactly?”
As we stood there in silence I saw Melinda looking in the center of the circle, so I slowly made my way to the center and I got a glimpse of Melinda smiling and nodding at me which had to have meant I was doing what I had to do correctly so I had relaxed a bit. After Riley had set crystals all around the room and lit all of them he had rejoined everyone and at that very moment everyone had joined hands. Not even a second later they started an incantation
“In the light I see, in the dark I am blind, in the world I walk, in the circle I fly”
They keep on chanting this nine more times and on the ninth time all of the candles in the room had blown out and without even blinking everything around us started to float above the ground. Before I knew it so were we. At first I just stood there in a frozen state because I couldn’t even move a muscle once we were no longer touching the ground.


Eventually though I had gotten used to it and relaxed a bit and after a while we had landed and the only thing that could come out of my mouth was
That was when the all smirked and nodded. At that very moment even though I would never admit it but as of this moment I’m a…believer. After a moment of silence Riley broke it by saying
“Well, do you believe us now?”
All I did was nod. Then Rebecca came closer to me while saying
“Ok, now who wants to tell her everything there is to know?”
That was the moment Riley had raised his hand and simple said
so everyone else just left leaving only Riley and I in this room. As I was looking around the room I had seen eight books that all said ‘Satan’s Book of Spells’ After I read that which I guess I read out loud because Riley had said
“back in the 17th century witch trials and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the Salem Witch Trials that lasted between February 1692 and May 1693, right?”
As I had nodded he continued
“Well, our ancestors who started all of this had created nine books which they named Satan’s Book of Spells because back then witches were thought of the recreation of Satan himself and for that very reason is why they were feared by all.”
At first I didn’t know what to say but then I finally ask
“why don’t I have one then?”
Which earned me a chuckle from Riley but he did answer
“you do, you’ve just got to find it first. We all had to find ours which means if you focus on nothing but your book then you’ll find out where it is and the same thing with us…meaning we can tell when one of the members in the circle is hurt, in danger or when they are near…like you for example, once you came here and walked into the school we instantly could tell that you were the missing link.”
At that point I walked over to the books and picked one up then I turn back to Riley and asked
“what exactly are in these books?”
In return he said
“they’re all different, one book has different spells while another one has nothing but other beings that are both good and bad and how to destroy the bad ones and stuff like that.”
Once again I nodded. After a few more minutes in silence I started to walk out of the room and out of that place as if I was being possessed by something because it felt like I had no control over my body. It seemed like that mostly because I could hear everyone yell at me to stop but for some reason my body wouldn’t let me. After I made my way out of the woods I found myself walking to my house but I couldn’t really figure out why. Then it came to me, the reason why this was happening was because of what Riley had said about those books and how we could tell where they are because we’re connected to them. As I walked inside and up the stairs I found myself facing my bedrooms fireplace

and removing the top left hand corner block and removing a book. At that moment I had realized that I had complete control over my body again. So I turned around to the door to see everyone standing there staring at me, so I held my book in the air so they can all see it and they all nodded in understanding and started to smile. Fay then said
“Well, it looks like she found her book which means one thing…”
“..She’s one of us” Melinda had finished.
At that moment they all nodded in agreement and once they all came towards me I started to open it and began to read it in my head but sadly my concentration was broken by Fay as she said
“well, what is it?”
In response I said
“It’s a book on dark magic”
After I had said that I looked up away from what I was reading and looked at everyone else. At that point I was extremely nervous because each of them had started to back away from me very slowly. Everyone but Riley that is. So I looked up to meet his gaze then finally I say
“what did I do this time?”
At first no one did anything but then Riley gave off a small chuckle with a smile while pointing to my book. So I asked
“What’s wrong with my book?”
While he shook his head he said
“you see, whoever has the book on dark magic is supposedly evil…meaning once you’ve mastered every one of those dark spells you’ll turn against us and…”
“..Kill us.”
Rebecca had finished for Riley while smacking him in the head. Then said while pointing at Riley
“I told you this would happen, but did you listen…no you didn’t. None of you EVER listens to me even though I’m never wrong…”
but before she could even finish her ranting I interrupted her and said
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but what are you talking about?”
no one answered at first but eventually Riley said
“Rebecca here has dreams…and one way or another her dreams always comes true…and she had one about you betraying us and killing us which I’m…”
After that I had to cut him off and said
“I would never betray you guys, so don’t worry…ok?” The all nodded.
Then once everything was calm again I said
“besides I’m not going to be like you guys for long”
they all looked rather confused at that so to make it easier for them to understand I said
“there is a binding spell in here, which strips a witches powers.”
After I said that they looked more like they got it better but then Riley said loudly
“You can’t!”
“WHY NOT!?” I yelled at him.
So he yelled back at me

With that said or rather yelled I ran out of my bedroom and down the stairs and as I reached the front door I just realized something so I turn back around and marched back to my bedroom was and saw everyone still standing around so I said very harshly
“This is my house and my room so leave. NOW!”
“No, we aren’t going to…”
but before Jake could even finished I pulled my book open to a spell that seemed like one that could help so without even thinking I put my whole arm straight forward and the palm of my hands facing them and said
“I summon, wind I command, wind I summon, with my hand, go to where, I point now, with hesitation, go you shall”
and with that they all flew back words and out of the door and I said before they could even get to the door again
And with that said the door had locked so they couldn’t get in. After a few minutes of them trying to figure out the spell to enter they gave up and as I heard them walking away I relaxed a bit more and just stared out the window as they were all leaving but once Riley was outside and in the front yard he looked up towards my window. I turned around so I didn’t have to look at them any more especially not Riley. About an hour later after calming down I went down stairs so I could apologize to them and the closer I got to the door I had a really bad feeling that I wasn’t alone but I ignored it. The worst mistake in my life. As I opened the door and before I could even step a foot out the door I was pulled back by a force so strong that it practically left me frozen and once I regained my senses my reflexes had kicked in and I had turned around and ready to fight who ever this person was. But once I turned around I stopped because the person standing right in front of me was…
At that he put his hands up in surrender and said
“sorry, I know I should have knocked or called first. Are you mad?”
“No, I’m not mad. I was just going to look for you guys and apologize for what I did.”
At first he looked really confused but then he simple said
“your forgiven” I nodded.
After a few more minutes of silence and then something came to my mind
“How did you pull me back that hard? And why?”
“Simple, if you’re a witch you have a little more strength then the average person. And the reason was because from the back I honestly couldn’t tell if it was you or not.”
“got it…but don’t you think it would be me coming out of ‘MY’ house?”
“With witch hunters on the lose, you can never be too careful…right?” I nodded again.
After a few minutes of silence I finally broke it by saying


“so…are you leaving or staying?”
“Depends…are you going to throw me out again?”
“I won’t. Promise.”
After I said that he just nodded and walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch as if he lived here. After about fifteen minutes of him flipping through channels he turns it off and looks towards me and says
“you want to have a movies night?”
At first I wasn’t so sure so I was very hesitant but very slowly I nodded my head and said
“sure…why not”
At that he jumped off and said
“great. I’m going to go and get the movies and the others…that is if you’re ok with the others.” I nodded again in response. As he was heading out the door he said
“be back in fifteen minutes!”
Then the door slammed shut and as I was sitting on the couch I heard the door open again but I don’t worry that much because I thought it was Riley…biggest mistake that I made. Because when I hear their footsteps getting closer I turn around just in time to get hit with a metal baseball that had a force so hard that it’s so hard to believe that I could even stand up let alone get up and still fight my attackers off. After a few minutes of fighting them and every time I try to use a spell they would mess up my concentration and after going back and forth eventually I felt something hit me twice as hard as the first time which left my laying down in the center of the living room. As I tried to focus my vision I could hear them mumble something to each other but all I could make out that the said was
“grab her”
and then the darkness took over me.
Meanwhile with Jake and Jacob who were walking back towards Keylene’s house. But as they got there Jake pulled Jacob back so he said
“what’s wrong with…”
but before he could even finish Jacob saw the two guys carrying Keylene into a big black vans and without making too much noise they turned around to find the others. After about ten minutes or so they found Riley who was with Fay, Melinda and Rebecca and as they approached them Riley said
“I was just about to call you for a…”
“We got a problem” Jake said
“Keylene was taken” Jacob said.
At first no one moved or said anything until Melinda said
“What do you mean taken?”
“Kidnapped…taken…I don’t really know how else to really explain it.”
After that was said none of us really knew what to say so we were in complete silence as that new information was processing in our minds until finally Jake says
“you guys thinking what I’m thinking?”
“we...go and get her back?”
“exactly…you guys up for it?”

That very instant they all nodded their heads without really even second thinking about it. Little did they know it would be extremely dangerous and it just might cost them extreme pain and tragedy.

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