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The Secret

Author's note: i was actually inspired by a dream i had.   Preferences...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

i was actually inspired by a dream i had.

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first day

This is the story of control, betrayal, tragedy, friendship, first love, and destiny. This isn’t just my story oh no this is our story and who we are and who we’re meant to be and how we’ll do anything to get there. It all started in the 10th grade with a new kid in school named Keylene and how she knew she was a little bit different then everyone else but didn’t know just how different she really was. Lately though she’s been really upset because it’s been a few years since her mother had died so it’s only her dad and her but she does have an older brother named Kellan who is in college. However she never knew that her mom wasn’t the only one that had died on in that tragic boat fire. That is only because about 8 others had lost a family member on that day. She also never met any of them until today cause it was her first day at a new high school in Roswell, New Mexico. When she first walked in she noticed a group of people that looked like they were in the same year as her. Then out of nowhere one of the members a medium hight girl who looked like she was sixteen had gone away from the group and walked over to me and simple said
“hey I’m Rebecca. I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?
And all I did was nod and that’s when she grabbed my arm and walked back to her group of friends and said
“this is Jacob, William, Riley, Charles, and Jake. And these two are Melinda and Fay.”
All I did was smile and nod and then I say
“Hey, I’m Keylene.”
After that they all invited me to have lunch with them so I followed them. During lunch we mostly talked and we got to know a lot more about each other that is until Rebecca brought up family and that was when I looked down and I could tell they were knew something was wrong because they all said
“sorry” very genuine
and that’s when Jake said
“you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to”
so I looked up and said
“I know, it’s just that my mom died a few years ago. So I guess I’m still a little depress about it”
and all they gave me was
but then Melinda said
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did she die?”
so I said two words, two simple words that explained everything
“boat fire” I said softly
and that’s when I looked at all their faces and all I saw was shock and so I asked
“did I say something?”
And when no one answered that’s when I said
“well it was nice meeting you all but I should head to my next class. So see you all later ok bye”
and that’s when I left. Meanwhile with the others who’s still in the lunch room at the same lunch table and still sit in silence. That was until Riley brook the silence by saying
“you don’t think she’s…you know?”
“Like one of us?” Rebecca said interrupting Riley’s train of thought and shaking her head.
While they were finishing their lunch they started to head to their next class. Meanwhile with Keylene who’s in her math class which seems to be moving so slow. That is until she remembers that she is in the same class with Rebecca, Jake, Melinda, Jacob, Fay, and Charles. So during math class she wrote a note a note to the closest one to her which was Riley. The note had simple said
“hey Riley right?”
He wrote back saying
“yeah, and your Keylene right?”
At that point I wrote back saying
“yeah, so I do have one question for you”
at first I was determining if I should ask because I don’t want him to act like the way they all did at lunch but finally I did anyway by taking the chance and by asking him
“so why did you all look at me like I said something that I shouldn’t have and became really quite and speechless”
At first he didn’t know what to say by the expression on his face. That’s when she looked around to the rest of them and just like her they were all starring at her. So she looked away and started looking forward and that was when she noticed the note on her desk so as she opened it all it said was
“THE BOAT FIRE” in big, capital, almost bold letters.
That’s when I looked at him with a puzzle look on my face and mouth
“Ask the others.” He said as a simple and plan way and then face forward once again.
So that was when I nodded to myself. The rest of the class went by a little bit faster and then before I knew it class was over and so I bolted towards the door and walked over to Rebecca and asked if they could talk and she nodded and then pulled her towards the bathroom and said quickly and quietly
“it’s about the boat fire isn’t it?”
And so I nodded. Then continued on talking
“you see your mother wasn’t the only one who died in that boat fire.”
At first I gave her a confused look then I realized what she meant by that so that’s when I asked her
“do you mean you lost someone in that boat fire?”
All she was doing was shaking her head and said
“me, Jacob, Jake, Melinda, Fay, Riley, William, and Charles.”
At that point I was really stun and speechless then finally I said
“oh, sorry I…I didn’t know” I said a bit weakly and sounded inconsolable
that was when I looked down to the floor, meanwhile with the others in the hall who are looking for Rebecca and that is when Fay asked everyone if they found anything and they all say
“NO.” Very franticly.
That’s when Melinda started to think about the last time when she saw Rebecca and that’s when she realized just where she is and so she said it out loud
“hey everyone I know where she is”
and so everyone yelled
“WHERE!?!?” in a panic tone
and so she said in a very simple as if nothing was wrong
“the bathroom”
the very next thing you knew they all headed towards the bathroom and then they stopped and that was when Charles said
“you girls go ahead cause we can’t go in there” he said while pointing towards the girls bathroom
and so they all nodded and Fay and Melinda went in and they saw Rebecca with Keylene. When Keylene saw them standing there and starring at her she just ran out. Rebecca gave them both an evil look as if to say
“nice going you two.”
And then ran out to look for Keylene with everyone else running after her. After about an hour of looking for Keylene, Rebecca got tired and the rest of the group got tired of chasing Rebecca. So they had all thought that she had gone home so everyone exempt for Riley had all went home and that’s only because he had football practice and on his way to the football field he heard someone crying in an empty class room so he went in to see what it was. The first thing he sees was Keylene sitting at a table so he walked over to see what was wrong. He sits right across from Keylene and asked if anything was wrong and the only thing she said was
“no” barley understandable or audible and still with her head was still down on the table.
that was when Riley said
“ok… but you can tell me anything ok cause we are friends after all…ok so take this” he says while giving her a piece of paper with an address and I number. That was when I asked him what this was and all he said was
“my cell number in case you do want to talk and a place where we can meet.”
All I did was nod. After that I looked up and gave a small smile and left leaving Riley in the dark room all by himself. Meanwhile with Rebecca on her cell with Fay talking about school until Fay mention Keylene then there was a long awkward pause between them until Rebecca broke the silence by saying
“I think we should tell her”
sounding a little bit aggravated. But Fay only kept on saying
she was basically screaming that to Rebecca on the other line then said
“stop being such a goody-to-shoe. First we have to test it if she is like the rest of us…got it?”
Even though Fay can’t see it but she nods while saying
“ok…well I’ve gotta go. Talk to you later” and then she hangs up. Back with Riley who was five minutes late to the football field. The football coach was upset at first but then she had decided to let it slide and got back to coaching. During practice Riley had noticed that Keylene was in the stands watching him so he gave her a small wave and then went back to focusing on the practice. Two hours later which is five o’clock after football practice and after he had showered and changed back into his regular clothes he ran up the stands and sat next to Keylene and said
“hey” he said in a friendly way
while she was still looking forward she said
“hi, can I ask you something?” she said in a whispered voice
Even though I wasn’t looking at him I could since he shook his head ‘yes.’ At first I took a deep and shaky deep breath and then I asked
“did you lose a parent in that boat fire?”
And that was when I looked down and then turned to the point where I was looking into his eyes. I saw him nod and heard him say
“yes” he said in a depressed tone
that’s when I looked down again and said
“sorry” in a sympathetic
then there was a long pause that was when I broke the silence by saying
“I’ve got to go…see you later ok Riley?”
As I got up he grabbed my arm really quickly and said
“meet me at that address after school tomorrow ok?” He said pointing to the piece of paper that was hanging out of my journal. The exact same one that he gave me earlier. As he released my arm I nodded and said
“I’ll think about it ok?”
After that I left and headed home. Meanwhile still with Riley in the stands and still trying to reach Rebecca who is not answering her phone so then he tries Fay and after about two or three rings she picks up and says
And all Riley says was
and then he starts to fill her in on everything. When he finishes he says
“ok…is that a plan?”
she was hesitant at first then says
“ok, but you should call the others to let them know”
“I’ve already tried calling Rebecca but no answer” was his response
“that’s because she’s sleeping and she has her cell off” has her reply then she continues
and says
“oh, ok can you tell her once she wakes up tomorrow or before I see her?” she nodded. Then she said
“Melinda already knows…and before you ask how she’s here and you’re on speaker. But I do have to go now so bye” with that they hang up.
Then Riley got out of the stands and a few hours later around ten or eleven o’clock pm Riley couldn’t sleep so he decided to talk a walk around and as he got outside he saw Rebecca sitting at a park that was across the street from his house and while walking to her he was thinking
“ok this is really weird especially that Fay said that she was asleep.”
He could tell Rebecca was crying because he could see her red puffy eyes so he spoke up and said
“are you ok Rebecca?”
all she did was shake her head meaning no she wasn’t so that was when Riley asked her what was wrong and all she said for an answer was one word, one single word that had explained everything to him
and at that point Riley had his arms around her trying to comfort her and then he say’s
“it’s alright, nothing will happen ok” he says in a really easy and soft voice that was almost a whisper.
That was when he looked to the left of them then the right of them. After a few minutes Rebecca say’s
“it was different, very different” she said in a very quiet voice barely noticeable but Riley heard her.
Then she looked up to Riley’s eyes and then he noticed that her eyes were getting really watery again so he asks
“how was it different?”
after that a few minutes pass without a word then she takes a deep breath and says
“more realistic, and…”
and that was when Riley became more worried because he knows every dream she has also seems to happen one way or another so he asks
“and…what Rebecca?”
That was when she looked back down and says in a whisper
At that point he became even more worried as he jumped up and says
“what about Keylene?” in a louder voice
That was when she looked up again and said
“it was after we tell her what she is and then…she betrayed us and started to go against us and that was when she killed all of us in front of each other in what looked like a cell.”
That was when Riley’s cell phone went off and so he answered it
“hey it’s Jake just to tell you that we’re all in, ok well I’ve got to go now so see ya” was is response
and after they hung up Riley said to Rebecca
“well…we are just going to have to trust her ok because everyone else already agreed to tell her after school tomorrow…ok?”
After that she looked at him and said
“fine! But if she does… then don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
After she said that he couldn’t help but smile and a small laugh at that remark as he said
“ok…so are you in or what?”
She nodded signaling it was a yes. That made him smile and said
good well, now we just have to wait for a response to meeting us at the place…which she agreed to let me know after school tomorrow ok?”
Once again she nodded. As Riley turned around to leave, Rebecca yelled for him to wait and so he turned back around to face her once again. After about a second of staring at each other she said
“can you walk me home cause it’s late and dark plus this is a really bad neighborhood to walk in alone?”
So he nodded and started to walk towards her house. Meanwhile with Keylene who is at home thinking about school today. Then she said out loud to herself
“what should I do, because if I go what if…what if …what I hear isn’t what I want to hear? And what if I don’t go, I might lose my only new friends. I wish I could get a sign to what I should do.”
Just then she got a call at first she looked at her phone with a puzzled face because she didn’t recognize the number but then she picked it up and said
“hello?” in a really quite and shy voice.
At first there was no answer then once again but in a much louder voice
This time there was an answer which made her happy because it was…
that was the only thing she could manage to say. Then after a second or two she managed to say a complete sentence
“so why are you calling me at after eleven?”
After her sentence he could instantly tell she was smiling as she spoke and so then he returned her question with an answer
“just to tell you that if you don’t want to come...then that’s ok….and don’t worry you won’t lose us as friends. We just thought it would be best if you know everything but we’re not pressuring you to do anything ok.” Sounding very sincere.
At first I don’t know what to say but then I simple say
“ok, well I’ve got to go…you know getting tired”
and at that point Riley sounded sad while saying
that was when I said
“ok goodnight…and Riley?”
as soon as I said his name he got happier and said
“yeah” in more of an energetic tone and with a smile on his face that she could tell in his
All I could say was
“thank you”
“for what?” he responded with
so for my respond I simple said
“nothing…everything, anyway goodnight Riley”
“you too” was his response
at that point we both had hung up.
Meanwhile with Riley who was about to go to bed but heard shouting outside of his window so he went to investigate what it was by going towards the window and looking out of it. At first he couldn’t see anything but then noticed a dark figure across the street just standing there and looking up towards Riley. After about a second of looking at each other he decided to get away from the window and called Fay. He started to get very aggravated and annoyed because she didn’t answer so she tried once again and finally she picked up only it wasn’t Fay, instead it was…
“Rebecca?” he said shocked.
“Yes Riley? You sound different is something wrong?”
At first he didn’t know how to answer so he was just sitting on his bed starring out of the window. Then he managed to say
“he’s back” in a farce voice.
“no he is not” was her response
that was when Riley got really confused and he said
“what are you talking about?”
at first there was no response and then very quietly she says
“he’s here.”
At that point his face becomes very pale like a ghost and his heart starts to race with seat coming done his forehead as he starts to panic. Just then the line goes dead so at that point he gets his jacket and starts to call everyone else but for some reason he cant get through to anyone until he is outside of Rebecca’s house then suddenly his phone starts to vibrate so he answers it
“hello?” in a much panicked and rush tone.
there was no answer for about three seconds then he hears laughing
“hey Riley, what’s up? You sound very aggravated”
at first he didn’t know what to say because it was…
“yeah who else would it be?” was her response
at first he thought about what to say but then finally came out and just say what was wrong
“well, for one thing I thought that I saw him, then I called you and you said he was there at your place then the line went dead”
no answer
Then she finally said
“uh-huh, well that’s impossible, for starters he’s dead and has been for about a year remember? And the second reason is because my cells been off for hours so I don’t think it was me calling you…ok well if that’s it I bet your wondering why I’m calling you this late right?”
As soon as she finished talking riley couldn’t help but wonder as to who was calling him if it wasn’t Rebecca but he finally managed to say
“ok and yeah why are you calling me this late? And it better be important”
at that point she just said
“I had a dream”
“…and?” he said a little bit annoyed
so she answered by saying
“it was kind of like the one earlier if you remember that is? And the ending somehow changed by how it was Keylene who had betrayed us…only difference was that she didn’t betray us…it was…”
then she trailed off in the middle of her sentence. That was when Riley had finally asked her
“well, who was it?”
“…it was Fay” she said in a whisper
at first he was stun and shocked and couldn’t really find the right words to say. After about a few minutes without saying a word Riley broke the silence by saying
“are you sure? I mean she has a bit of anger issues and she did walk away from us…but she wouldn’t betray us, I mean she cant and I just think you need some rest ok because if Keylene does agree to meet us then we all need our rest so we can explain everything to her..Ok?”
Silence was the only thing he could hear but then in a very hushed tone he heard Rebecca say
then she hung up the phone. After that he walked back to his room and went to bed. Meanwhile with Keylene who is still in her room thinking about what Riley told her. At that point her phone started to ring so as she picked it up she didn’t notice the number so she instantly thought it was Riley so in a quick motion she picked it up and said
“hello, Riley is that you?”
“No, it’s not Riley” was this mystery person’s answer.
I froze in place without knowing who it was or what they wanted but the one thing that I really wanted to know would be how did this person get my number? After about a minute I said
“ok, then who are you?”
There was no response for about another minute then they said
“it doesn’t matter who I am but I came to warn you of the danger you’re in.”
That was when I got really scared and nervous but then I managed to ask him one question I did though stutter it so I wouldn’t know if they could understand it but I still asked
“wh-what d-anger are yo-you t-t-talking about?”
All he said as a response was
“you’ll find out soon enough trust me”
and with that said they hung up. At that point I was terrified to even go to sleep so I just laid in bed listening to music and thinking about the words the mystery person spoke and they just kept on running through my mind
“I came to warn you of the danger you’re in”
within a few minutes though I managed to fall asleep even though I was absolutely terrified of what that person meant by the danger I’m in but I guess to answer that question I would have to meet up with Riley and the other tomorrow at that address that he gave me. So I guess that its settled tomorrow in math class I’ll tell him that I’m…in.
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