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The Beggining of the Quest for Clothes

Myra finished her soup and put the bowl down. Suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder and Dani spoke behind her,
“Let’s fix up that PJ situation shall we?” Myra jumped slightly,
“Oh jeez! Dani!…Don’t do that…” Myra breathed holding her chest. Dani laughed and said,
“So…Want to change? Cause I don’t think you’ll be able to get back home any time soon.”
Myra’s face fell. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to get home but…Being told that is a different story. Everyone seemed to notice her mood. Neil put his hand on her back,
“It’ll be okay. We’ll find you a way home soon. I promise.” Myra smiled weakly,
“Thanks Neil…And yeah Dani. I should probably change.” Dani smiled brightly,
“Alright come on! I know some place you can get some clothes from.” Myra stood up and said to Devon and Neil,
“Hey could you two please watch August for me?” They both nodded and Myra told August to ‘stay’ and followed Dani further down the hall.

Dani was chatting happily to Myra, obviously trying to cheer her up, but Myra wasn’t exactly listening. I can’t get home…I should be more sad, or angry…or terrified. Something. But I’m not…I’m just…okay. I should feel more about this! Why don’t I?! Why do I…feel like…this is my home?…Myra was thinking. Dani gave up talking for a minute when she realized Myra wasn’t listening. Myra suddenly pulled herself out of her reverie and looked at Dani,
“I’m sorry…Where you saying something?” Myra looked worried. Dani shook her head saying,
“Nothing. It’s fine. We’re almost there. Put this on though.” She handed Myra a dark poncho that went down to her elbows and had a hood,
“Isn’t it summer?” Myra asked, putting it on anyway. Dani bit her lip,
“I’m going to have to make the boys explain things…” She mumbled. Myra tilted her head slightly, confused. Dani also put on a poncho and put the hood up, the darkness covered her face. Myra copied her. Completely and utterly confused. They continued walking until they got to a wall. Dani whispered something and the wall opened, a bright light hit them. Making Myra close her eyes and turn away slightly. Myra adjusted and followed Dani as they walked though the wall. It closed behind them and Myra looked around. She saw they were in an abandoned street. At least that’s what it seemed to her,
“Dani? Where are we?” Myra asked questioningly. Dani shushed her quickly, and quietly by putting a finger to her own lips. Dani made sure to keep her hood up and looked around the corner for a moment before motioning to Myra to follow her. Myra kept her mouth shut, and her hood up, getting the feeling that Dani was making her stay quiet for her safety.
They emerged onto the street and Myra looked around in slight awe. This place looked like, what…Renaissance Italy? That’s what it looked like. Short and tall buildings, street full of people. Stayed close behind Dani. All of the people were wearing modern clothes, and they all seemed to talking about the same thing. The Veran’s. “The Veran King said this, the Veran Queen made this law, the Veran Army arrested the baker.” Things like that. Was this country called Veran? That’s an odd name. Myra thought. She suddenly realized she was lagging behind Dani slightly, and jogged forward to catch up. Suddenly Dani pulled Myra off to the side of the street, and into an open fronted dress shop. Dani picked up the small measuring tape and started taking Myra’s measurements,
“Um…D-” Myra started to say before Dani gave her a look that obviously said, ‘Hush it.’ Myra looked over and saw a group of about five men walking by in full body armor. Like Medieval Knights or something. Why would Army men wear that? Everyone else is normal…Are they guards or something? Myra thought to herself. The men stopped in old lady in the middle of her shopping and started going threw her bags, taking what pleased them,
“Dani! They can’t do that can they?” Myra whispered to Dani.
“Myra. Be quiet.” Dani said as she put the measuring tape back and took her hand and led her threw the crowd. Myra noticed that Dani gave a small whistle. Myra turned back and looked at the guards and the old woman. Feeling much pity. Suddenly three men, their faces covered and wearing all black dropped down and pulled out swords, and started fighting with the group of guards. What the…Where did those guys come from? And three against five? There’s no way they could- Before Myra could finish her thought she saw all five guards run off down the street in the other direction.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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CurlyGirl17 said...
Aug. 10, 2013 at 3:03 pm
Hey it's me again! I just wanted to let you know I posted the rest of my story and was hoping you'd give me some feedback on the rest. Your last comment was really helpful! :)
CurlyGirl17 said...
Mar. 25, 2013 at 12:54 pm
This is good so far! It caught my eye because I used the same picture for my book and I also have a one-word 'm' title, Metalligirl. I like this idea; it's really interesting. I'd appreciate it if you checked out the first chapter of my story and left a comment; you do a good job with writing! :)
munchkincora replied...
Apr. 5, 2013 at 8:05 pm
Thank you for taking the time and reading my book! :) And I'll go look at your stuff to.

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