March 16, 2013
By munchkincora, Murray, Utah
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munchkincora, Murray, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"You can't climb a ladder with your hands in your pockets." - American Proverb

“Stop! No! You can’t! Please take me instead!” The girl was crying her blue eyes out, there was no way she could be lying….right? One mistake, one slip-up, and seven years of blood, sweat, and tears would go down the drain.

“Please….Please….” The girl whispered, her voice broken and cracked. No way….she couldn’t be lying. This wasn’t her man. The girl with the green eyes let the limp figure drop from her hands, now with blood splattered all over herself. That was going to leave a stain. Especially if she threw-up from it. It would be best to get back to the base quickly and wash-up.

She turned to leave and suddenly there was a knife at her throat and a deep voice growled in her ear, “Sorry ‘bout this.” No! What?! Did she misjudge the girl? Now that she thought she had never looked directly into the girl’s eyes….All that work….Was for nothing. Slowly everything started going black.

“Owww….That really hurt….” The brown-haired girl mumbled. Standing up she rubbed her shoulder, “What kind of a dream was that? It was so vivid and realistic….” She sighed, not best to dwell on a simple dream. Myra Phillips. In a family full of about six ft., graceful dancers, she was the black sheep. The five ft. three in., clumsy, tom-boy. Myra put her phone in her pajama pocket and walked downstairs. Tripping over her feet and falling the last three steps, So, it’s going to be one of those days…. She thought to herself. She rubbed her face and brushed her waist-length hair out of her face.

Myra got downstairs and inhaled deeply. Nicole was making breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage by the smell of it. Smiling broadly Myra walked into the kitchen, Nicole and James were already there. Nicole and James were Myra’s adoptive parents. They adopted her when she was 6, and she has been with 9 years. She also has two brothers named, Steven, and Aaron, who identical, right down to their horrible vision.

“You’re up early Myra.” said Nicole. Admittedly Myra has always envied Nicole, she has a friendly-yet mothering demeanor. Nicole is the kind of person that you immediately like no matter who you are, and on top of that she’s really pretty.

“I….er….fell out of bed.” With embarrassment lacing every tone of my voice. James laughed good-naturedly, “That’s our little family klutz for you!” Myra smiled and laughed. She always felt that James is worried that she doesn’t feel like she belongs in the family, and she knew that his worries weren’t completely unfounded. Myra always felt a little misplaced in her family of tall, graceful, people. Steven and Aaron walked into the kitchen saying,

“Ah Myra….What did you do this time?” In perfect sync. They are like that.

“I fell out of bed okay?!” She sat down with a sigh and Nicole put a plate in front of her and Myra started eating. They both grinned identically and Steven said,

“Oh yeah. Me and Aaron are going to go to the park with the guys and practice.” Both the twins were on the school basketball team. Nicole nodded and said,

“Tell them I say hello.” Aaron and Steven nodded, sat down, and also started eating. James nodded, sipped his coffee and looked at me,

“Are you going out too?” I shook my head.

“No. Lizzie is sick and Beth is at her Aunt’s for the weekend.” James nodded, looked slightly worried saying,

“Nikki and I were going to the movies….Will you be okay on your own?” I nodded,

“Yeah I have August. So I’ll be okay.” I spoke referring to our 2-year-old Golden Retriever.

After breakfast everyone had left and Myra was sitting on the couch, August’s head on her lap as she surfed through the channels. Getting bored she turned the TV off and looked down at the dog in her lap,

“I’m bored what about you?” She asked conversationally. August raised his head and licked her nose. She giggled and said,

“You want to go get your ball and go to the park?” August jumped up off the couch and gave a bark as if her understood. Myra smiled and stood up, “Okay, let me get your ball then I have to go get dressed alright?” The dog went to the basement door. Myra walked over and opened the door flicking on the downstairs light. She walked down the stairs carefully, not wanting to fall. Once she got to the bottom August followed her down. Myra had turned to walk to the shelf and grab the ball when she noticed a dark tunnel entrance she had never seen before. She looked both ways, almost expecting to see someone pulling a prank on her. She grabbed a flashlight off the shelf and pressed the button turning it on. She walked to the entrance and shone it down the tunnel. It had a dirt floor and concrete ceilings. Or at least that’s what it looked like. Myra once again looked around and August was sniffing at the ground just inside the tunnel. She cleared her throat and called out,

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Her voice echoed through the tunnel, but after a minute she got no reply. She took a step into the tunnel and called out again,

“Hello?” No answer. August trotted at her heels, looking as hesitant as she was. Myra smiled weakly down at him,

“It’ll be okay buddy.” No sooner were the words out of her mouth then suddenly the tunnel closed off.. Leaving Myra alone with her dog and flashlight.

Echoes were ringing through the hall as Myra yelled and shouted at the wall that had blocked her path to home. August was whimpering, barking, and scratching at it. Finally after a few minutes Myra stopped and sat down against the wall, August nuzzled her hand and she smiled slightly,

“Come on August…Let’s see where this takes us. It might be fun.” August gave her a look like he doubted it. Myra laughed weakly. She stood up and grabbed the flashlight that she had dropped in her haste to get to the door. August stayed at her feet as she walked cautiously down the dark hall. After what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes, the flashlight went out. Plunging them both into pitch black darkness. August let out a ringing bark, and Myra jumped and dropped the flashlight then said,

“August! Calm down! We’re okay…I hope.” She got on the ground started feeling the around for the dropped flashlight. August sat down, whining softly.

Suddenly Myra stopped moving and August went quiet. There was a footstep, then a dragging. A footstep, then a dragging. Myra sat there frozen with fear. Her heart was beating faster, and faster as her chest felt like it was clenching up, and she started out in a cold sweat. August trotted to her side and licked her hand and nuzzled her, and she hugged him around the middle as she started mumbling under her breath,

“It’s a dream. All a dream.” The footstep, then a drag was getting closer and closer. It was next to them and August was growling softly, trying to protect Myra as she clung to her pet. Suddenly the person next to her seemed to kneel down, as August’s growls had gotten louder, and spoke gently,

“It’s okay miss. I’m not going to hurt you or your dog I promise.” It was a man’s voice. Myra didn’t say anything but she raised her head, and her eyes had adjusted to the darkness a little. The man had certainly knelt down about two or three feet away, and August had started growling softer.

“I’m sorry if I gave you a scare. My name is Neil Smith. What’s your name?” He asked conversationally. Obviously trying to calm her down a bit. Myra sat up a little, her hand still on August. Who had stopped growling now.

“M-Myra Phillips. And this is August.” Neil seemed to harden slightly as he said,
“Myra?” She nodded. He stood up shakily and held out his hand,

“Are you hungry at all Ms. Phillips?” Myra’s stomach suddenly growled loudly. She nodded and took his hand standing up. Neil smiled as he said,

“Well, if you’re comfortable you can come with me to my camp with my other people.” Neil made a good point. About two seconds ago Myra had been completely terrified of this man.

“Um…Do you have something for August too?” August seemed to trust the man. Myra usually trusted her dog’s instincts. Neil nodded,

“Of course. Follow me. What would you like to eat Phillips?” The using of the last name was slightly odd. But Myra shrugged it off and said,

“Soup would be nice. Thank you Neil…Can I ask a question though?” He nodded, they hadn’t started walking yet.

“Why are you being so nice? I mean…You just met me.” He laughed weakly and started walking, with an obvious limp. Which would explain the earlier dragging.

“Well, I consider myself to be gentleman, I chose not to be mean to young ladies I’ve just met.” Myra laughed weakly as she followed him. Suddenly very aware of the fact she was still wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt. She looked down at August who was trotting happily at their side.

The slightly odd group walked in silence for awhile until Myra saw a small light in the distance. It flickered gently, like a fire. As they got closer Myra could see that it was indeed a fire and she could also see silhouettes against the firelight. She glanced over at Neil whose features had become more pronounced as they got closer to the light. He had short-ish dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and seemed in his mid to late-twenties. His face seemed hardened slightly, as though he had been through many hardships. But here was, yet again, another tall person. About six ft. Myra looked down at her slippered feet with a slight grimace. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, that had dirt all over them, like he had been digging or something. They reached the fire and Myra noted three people. Two men, and one girl. They all turned and the girl and one of the guys beamed brightly, but the other guy, about Myra’s age, seemed both worried, and relieved. If that’s possible.

“Guys this is…Myra. Myra Phillips. I met her on my, er…walk.” Said Neil, gesturing towards her. They all seemed to stop at her name but recovered quickly. Myra wasn’t sure whether she had seen it at all. Neil motioned towards the man who was about his age,

“This is Michael. He can be a bit annoying, but he’s an all-around good guy.” Michael had short pitch black hair that was obviously kept short to keep it tamed and under-control. He had grey eyes that glimmered with humor and laughter. Myra was slightly glad however that he wasn’t incredibly tall, only about 5ft 10in or so. He was wearing pretty much the same thing as Neil, except his clothes were a bit cleaner and he was wearing a black leather jacket. Without all the studs and things. Michael put his hands behind his head,

“Ah come on Neil! I’m not that bad. It’s nice to meet you Myra. And also just call me Mike.” His voice lowered to a stage whisper that everyone could hear,

“Neil can be a bit stubborn at times, but he will deny it.” Neil folded his arms and gave a frown,

“I am not stubborn.” Everyone laughed, including Myra.

The girl spoke up next,

“My name is Daniella Green. Just call me Dani though.” Dani had platinum blonde hair tied back in a high pony-tail, and green eyes. Her skin was tanned lightly, and she had a very athletic body. She seemed very laid-back and calm, unlike Mike, who was more the party type, and Neil, who seemed a bit uptight about things. She wore a dark blue tank-top, dark jeans with a hole in the right knee, and white and blue sneakers. Myra smiled brightly,

“It’s nice to meet you. Oh. And this is August.” Attention was brought to the dog who had lied down out of boredom. The Golden Retriever raised his head as everyone looked at him, and his tail started wagging. Dani and Mike both got down and started petting him. Mike suddenly looked at Dani,

“…Can we get a dog?” She glared and gave an immediate,

“No.” Mike pouted while he scratched August’s ear. The last boy spoke up, the one around Myra’s age.

“I’m Devon.” He smiled. Devon had dark hair, Myra wasn’t entirely sure if it was Black or just really dark brown. His eyes were a blue. Like no doubt they were blue. Myra hadn’t seen eyes that blue. Ever. He was only an inch taller then her, 5ft 4in. He was wearing a black t-shirt and dark jeans, and black sneakers. Myra smiled brightly,

“It’s nice to meet you Devon.” Devon opened his mouth to say something when he was drowned out by a yell from Dani,

“Mike! Stop whining! Honestly! You are so annoying sometimes…” She had stood up and she grabbed a flashlight,

“I’m going on my rounds.” She spoke snappily. She was obviously angry at something Mike had said. Mike ran a hand through his hair, looking sad and worried as she stormed off.,

“Dani! Wait up!” He ran after her saying, “I’ll be back later guys!”

Devon laughed softly and said,

“Want something to eat Myra?” Myra’s stomach grumbled at the thought of food and she looked down, nodding in embarrassment. Neil got into a pot over the fire. Myra sat down on the ground, and August came over and laid down next to her.

“So…Do Dani and Mike always argue?” Neil and Devon laughed.

“Yeah! They do.” Replied Neil. “Everyone knows that they like each other too. But we have no idea when they are going to get together.” Myra smiled,

“I’m sure they will eventually…” Devon scoffed,

“If you say so. I mean…they are both just so dense.” They all laughed. Neil handed Myra a bowl of chicken noodle soup and Devon brought something up.

“So…Myra? Um…How did you stumble across Neil?” Myra bit her lip. Well…That‘s complicated. How could I not be expected to sound crazy when I say, “Oh you know…Found a hole in my wall and walked in.” She thought. Neil handed her a spoon and said,

“Trust us. I doubt anything you say could be crazy.” Myra gave him a slightly shocked look. How had he known?…She sighed.

“Okay…um. Well…I went downstairs and saw a hole in my wall and walked through it. After I got inside a wall or something closed behind me, so I was alone with August. I walked along until my flashlight went out and Neil found me.” She stated lamely. There was a silence for a moment then Devon shrugged,

“I’ve heard stranger.” He sat down next to the fire eating some soup too.

Myra laughed weakly and started on her soup

“Wow…This is really good. Who made this?” Neil rubbed his neck then raised his hand,

“Guilty. Devon helped though.” Myra smiled brightly,

“It’s really good thank you!” Neil handed a bowl of chicken to August and the dog chowed down happily.

Myra finished her soup and put the bowl down. Suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder and Dani spoke behind her,

“Let’s fix up that PJ situation shall we?” Myra jumped slightly,

“Oh jeez! Dani!…Don’t do that…” Myra breathed holding her chest. Dani laughed and said,

“So…Want to change? Cause I don’t think you’ll be able to get back home any time soon.”
Myra’s face fell. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to get home but…Being told that is a different story. Everyone seemed to notice her mood. Neil put his hand on her back,

“It’ll be okay. We’ll find you a way home soon. I promise.” Myra smiled weakly,

“Thanks Neil…And yeah Dani. I should probably change.” Dani smiled brightly,

“Alright come on! I know some place you can get some clothes from.” Myra stood up and said to Devon and Neil,

“Hey could you two please watch August for me?” They both nodded and Myra told August to ‘stay’ and followed Dani further down the hall.

Dani was chatting happily to Myra, obviously trying to cheer her up, but Myra wasn’t exactly listening. I can’t get home…I should be more sad, or angry…or terrified. Something. But I’m not…I’m just…okay. I should feel more about this! Why don’t I?! Why do I…feel like…this is my home?…Myra was thinking. Dani gave up talking for a minute when she realized Myra wasn’t listening. Myra suddenly pulled herself out of her reverie and looked at Dani,

“I’m sorry…Where you saying something?” Myra looked worried. Dani shook her head saying,

“Nothing. It’s fine. We’re almost there. Put this on though.” She handed Myra a dark poncho that went down to her elbows and had a hood,

“Isn’t it summer?” Myra asked, putting it on anyway. Dani bit her lip,

“I’m going to have to make the boys explain things…” She mumbled. Myra tilted her head slightly, confused. Dani also put on a poncho and put the hood up, the darkness covered her face. Myra copied her. Completely and utterly confused. They continued walking until they got to a wall. Dani whispered something and the wall opened, a bright light hit them. Making Myra close her eyes and turn away slightly. Myra adjusted and followed Dani as they walked though the wall. It closed behind them and Myra looked around. She saw they were in an abandoned street. At least that’s what it seemed to her,

“Dani? Where are we?” Myra asked questioningly. Dani shushed her quickly, and quietly by putting a finger to her own lips. Dani made sure to keep her hood up and looked around the corner for a moment before motioning to Myra to follow her. Myra kept her mouth shut, and her hood up, getting the feeling that Dani was making her stay quiet for her safety.

They emerged onto the street and Myra looked around in slight awe. This place looked like, what…Renaissance Italy? That’s what it looked like. Short and tall buildings, street full of people. Stayed close behind Dani. All of the people were wearing modern clothes, and they all seemed to talking about the same thing. The Veran’s. “The Veran King said this, the Veran Queen made this law, the Veran Army arrested the baker.” Things like that. Was this country called Veran? That’s an odd name. Myra thought. She suddenly realized she was lagging behind Dani slightly, and jogged forward to catch up. Suddenly Dani pulled Myra off to the side of the street, and into an open fronted dress shop. Dani picked up the small measuring tape and started taking Myra’s measurements,

“Um…D-” Myra started to say before Dani gave her a look that obviously said, ‘Hush it.’ Myra looked over and saw a group of about five men walking by in full body armor. Like Medieval Knights or something. Why would Army men wear that? Everyone else is normal…Are they guards or something? Myra thought to herself. The men stopped in old lady in the middle of her shopping and started going threw her bags, taking what pleased them,

“Dani! They can’t do that can they?” Myra whispered to Dani.

“Myra. Be quiet.” Dani said as she put the measuring tape back and took her hand and led her threw the crowd. Myra noticed that Dani gave a small whistle. Myra turned back and looked at the guards and the old woman. Feeling much pity. Suddenly three men, their faces covered and wearing all black dropped down and pulled out swords, and started fighting with the group of guards. What the…Where did those guys come from? And three against five? There’s no way they could- Before Myra could finish her thought she saw all five guards run off down the street in the other direction.

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on Aug. 10 2013 at 3:03 pm
CurlyGirl17 SILVER, Corydon, Indiana
6 articles 0 photos 95 comments
Hey it's me again! I just wanted to let you know I posted the rest of my story and was hoping you'd give me some feedback on the rest. Your last comment was really helpful! :)

munchkincora said...
on Apr. 5 2013 at 8:05 pm
munchkincora, Murray, Utah
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You can't climb a ladder with your hands in your pockets." - American Proverb

Thank you for taking the time and reading my book! :) And I'll go look at your stuff to.

on Mar. 25 2013 at 12:54 pm
CurlyGirl17 SILVER, Corydon, Indiana
6 articles 0 photos 95 comments
This is good so far! It caught my eye because I used the same picture for my book and I also have a one-word 'm' title, Metalligirl. I like this idea; it's really interesting. I'd appreciate it if you checked out the first chapter of my story and left a comment; you do a good job with writing! :)

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