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Author's note: Writing has always been a personal passion of mine. This story was inspired by my childhood fear...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Writing has always been a personal passion of mine. This story was inspired by my childhood fear of airplanes. I hope people are able to immerse themselves in my story like how I immerse myself in theirs.  « Hide author's note
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The Faithful Day Arrives

Today was the day. Today was the day that I left my life forever. Trees filled the entire landscape; airplanes landing from different places ran on the runway. The sky was a dark grey, it was going to rain and it was going to be very heavy. I held back tears, as I would never get the opportunity to see my friends in America ever again. I would soon be forgotten amongst my friends. They would move on and replace me. Just like every other place I had been to. My life as a travel agent had its advantages and disadvantages. Every place I had been to, I kept telling myself that I couldn’t get close to any one, but do so in the end.

Dubai. The next place that I would live. I had visited Dubai before making the drastic decision. The high-rise buildings, the sparkly yellow sand and the scorching hot rays of the sun would soon welcomed me in the country of Dubai. It was a beautiful and ostentatious city. Filled with lights that sparkled in the late night. It had reminded me of Singapore, just with steroids injected. Singapore, another place that I had lived in. It was a beautiful place and the people were wonderful!

Dubai was welcoming but at the same time distant.

This was going to be my home for a few years before I moved on to another place, was what I thought. This was only temporary. This is what it feels like to move every few years or so. The bittersweet feeling never went away. I was happy travelling around the world but devastated about relocation. The hurt I have to go through. The hurt that I have no place to call a home. The hurt that I have no family to share my happiness, sadness, excitement.

The fierce thunder cracked loudly as the lightning returned the thunder’s call. It was going to be a rough flight. Everyone knew that rain was never a good sign when flying. A few raindrops escaped and landed gently on the roof of the airport. The pitter pat noise grew louder and soon enough every raindrop felt like hammers on the tube. This was only temporary. I will soon be out of this country and my life would have to start over, yet again.

I walked slowly in the tube that connected the airport to the plane. Heart pounding and the rain booming. I could run. I wanted to run. But I kept my head down and walked forward. Never looking back. I was finally in the plane and everyone was standing. It was as if the seats had contained poison and no one wanted to risk it.

People stood awkwardly close together clutching their respective bags close to their hearts. Flight attendants were still tending to the passengers carrying a variety of different colored bags. A sense of panic could be felt around the aircraft as people prepared to sit in their seats. Men were checking their passports; women were tending to their children.

Suddenly, the aircraft made a horrifying sound; a gush of wind swarmed the passengers and as everyone whiffed the strong air, the radio buzzed as the captain announced that the doors had been closed. Squeals of terror filled the cabin as the doors closed to freedom. I honestly thought that the captain was going to announce that the flight would be cancelled due to the horrible weather. But I guess they have been through much more. The mere thought of the flight being cancelled shocked me really. I wanted it to be cancelled and yet a part of me didn’t want it to. A part that I listened to ever since I got the job offer.

I looked at my boarding ticket. 13A.

A seat near the window. An unlucky number. I never believed in superstitions but it still bugged at me at times. But I guess it was a good seat. I could see America for the last time through the miniature window. The grass, the trees. I could see the airport for the last time too.

I walked over to my seat and placed my hand luggage in the head compartment. I took out a book to help kill time on the flight and my trusty iPod and earphones. I sat in the ridiculously tight seat and looked out the miniature window they had provided in the airplane to witness the beautiful creation of what God had given us. Today though, it looked like the world was going to end. The trees swayed as the wind pulled them. The sky looked hungry and the lightning boomed in the dark sky. The sun was nowhere to be seen. Which was a scary thing since Florida is known for its sunny weather.

As I was admiring the scary weather, a relatively overweight guy made his way towards my row of seats. I had two other seats that were free and I was either hoping that I could sit next to a woman, a man who looked like Justin Timberlake and who wasn’t married or the seat could be empty so I could stretch my legs out. Guess today really isn’t my day.

He placed his hand luggage in the head compartment and made his way to the seat next to me. A smile spread across his face and in a deep voice he said, “Horrible weather isn’t it? Hopefully nothing happens to the plane. This time we should really pay attention to the safety video.” I stared at him and gave a smile back “Yeah hopefully nothing does happen” I said in a soft voice and plugging my earphones back in.

Absolutely amazing. This was exactly what I needed. A guy who was so pessimistic ruining my already ruined day. I wanted to insult him to his face but thought twice because if anything really did happen he might hold it against me and would make sure I was stuck in the airplane. Plus it’s never a good thing to piss off your companion sitting next to you. They might spike your drink or even worse…

I was so engrossed in my book that I didn’t even notice that pessimistic guy was fighting with another passenger. I wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t had tapped me on the shoulder and asked if his seat was actually right. I looked at the boarding ticket and saw the beautiful numbers written. I wasn’t sitting next to him after all! It was God’s gift to me!

I calmly told him that he was in the wrong seat and that he was in the seat nearer towards the outside of the aisle, not in the middle. He fumbled and mumbled and moved out of his seat. The woman who was quarreling with pessimistic guy thanked me with a handshake and placed her hand luggage in the head compartment. She sat down next to me and introduced herself to me. She was no Justin Timberlake but she was good enough.

At least I wasn’t sitting next to the overweight guy. She had no ring on any of her fingers, which meant that she was travelling alone. Usually if the woman does have a ring on the finger, the husband would be right behind her and they would ask for a seat swap. In this case I wouldn’t have minded a seat swap. But I’ve been in many cases where seat swaps turned ugly.

Her name was Dally Rose. She works at an oil company in Dubai and she was originally from America. Her name sounded familiar and her smile as well. “Have I seen you before? It seems like I’ve seen you before at some place, but I can’t really remember where…” she said with a cheeky smile. “I know! Its like I know you as well but I can’t really remember where” I said, thankful she felt the same way.

The captains’ voice came on the intercom again. We are finally going to take off. He announced that the flight would take about 7 and a half hours and said that everyone should be in their seats. “The flight will be a bit bumpy due to the bad weather we are experiencing here in Orlando Florida, however, once we escape the rain and lightning the flight will be smooth.” The captain ended with “I hope that you have a comfortable flight and that you continue to fly with us in the near future. Thank you.” The radio buzzed and whispering filled the room.

The plane’s engines started to come to life and roared at the passengers to keep quiet. Flight attendants rushed to get people into their respective seats. People were still going to the bathrooms and such. Dally and I looked out the miniature window as the plane pushed towards the sky. The dark green palm trees bolted past us as the plane reached maximum speed. Excitement filled my body, from head to toe and soon enough I was gently pushed back to my seat. I looked out to the place where I had spent my entire life. Tall, emerald trees filled the entire landscape. A stream of tears flushed down my cheeks. It had begun, my life in Orlando Florida was over and my life in Dubai was about to begin.
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CurlyGirl17 said...
Mar. 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm
That was good! You do a good job describing the environment around the character. I would really appreciate a comment or advice on the first chapter of my story Metalligirl from you. Great job!

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