Nothing of Importance

February 25, 2013
By Grimmster, Holladay, Utah
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Grimmster, Holladay, Utah
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"Things never happen the same way twice dear one."

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My alarm went off and I woke with a start. Today I was leaving for Reykjavik, Iceland; I had finally gotten the language down and was a fluent speaker in Icelandic. It had taken me all the way through my Jr. high and High School, to get the language down perfectly. I was proud and I was going to finally have a use of the language. My parents were paying for my whole four years in college. They wanted me to have the best education I could possibly get. I got up out of bed, stretched, yawned and looked and my room. Bare. There was my suitcases lying by my door, I would have to get new clothes in Iceland. Somberly, I wake out of my bedroom down the stairs towards, my kitchen where I could smell eggs and bacon being cooked. "Good morning sweetie," came the melancholy voice of my mother, who I could tell was deeply depressed on my leaving. "Good morning mother," I grumbled and sat down at the table. My mother came with a plate of warm steaming eggs and bacon. "Thanks mom," I smiled. "Your welcome honey. Your father and sister should be coming down shortly," she said before turning around and exiting the kitchen, going up stairs. I sighed as I picked up my fork and started eating. Moments later I heard footsteps running anxiously down stairs and running into the kitchen. "SISTER! You're still here! I was so worried you left!" as my younger sister Katie, came running towards me and giving me a big hug. "Of course I’m still here!" I laughed as I hugged her back. "You are coming with me to the airport silly!" "Oh yeah… I forgot." "Silly Katie of course you would forget," I smiled as I picked her up and sat her on my lap. "Can we still keep in touch with each other?" Katie questioned me. "Of course we can. I make a deal with you. Every night get on your MacBook Pro and we can Face Time each other. How does that sound Katie-boo? Better yet since I’ll be taking pictures for my photography major I can send them to you and you can see how Iceland looks" "Sounds like a plan to me," she said in her child-like voice. Few hours later my father was helping me pack my things in our van even when I didn't have much with me, except a suitcase full of my best looking clothes, all my photography things and my “girl” essentials. He closed the van's trunk and went back inside to fetch my mother and sister. I waited outside the car door for a while until, I remember that I had left my iPhone on my desk and ran inside to grab it. I was running toward the front door when my father was coming out with mother and Katie following behind. I skidded to a halt and was catching my breath. "Kris, we have to go. Did you forget something?" my father said looking confused. "Yeah my iPhone," I said heavily, gasping for air. "Please move I don't want to forget it." "It okay Kris, Katie already got it for you," my father said grabbing the phone from my sister and handing it to me. "Thanks guys. I wouldn't know what I would know without you," I smiled and hugged my father. "Lets go were going to be late for your flight Kris," Father said as he pulled away from me and walked towards the car. A half and hour later we were at my terminal gate waiting for my section to be called. It would about 24 or 36-hour flight to Iceland I wasn't quite sure, but it was looking more of and 20-hour flight than the 36 hour one, but I knew it wouldn’t take that short of time. At least I would have sometime to sleep and be refreshed when I landed in Iceland. I was awfully tired so I fell asleep not caring about who was watching me. Suddenly I heard my section being called and I got up out of my seat as I watching my family stand around me, they all had sad looking faces not wanting me to leave them. My sister Katie lunged for me and hugged me tightly. I could tell that she was crying, she didn't want me to leave her no one did. My mother and father quickly joined in. Everyone was crying except me, I had no idea how I wasn't crying but I just didn't feel like I could be crying; I just had no emotion. "I have to go know my flights leaving," I said solemnly to her as I pulled away from our family hug. My sister wasn't letting go of me. I had to go. "Katie let go now! I have to go or I'm going to miss my flight. Please let go!" I begged as I tried pulling away but she wouldn't budge. My mother had to pull her off of me. She screamed and kicked furiously as she tried getting back to me, but my mother wouldn't let her. "Go Kris. Go!" my mother said. "Now Kris!" I quickly grabbed my things and headed towards the gate. There was no turning back this time I was ready to go. I waved my last goodbye and turned my back to them and headed into the gate. Venturing into Iceland. I was had been seated on the plane for more than 6 hours I was get in quite tired of sitting in the plane but I decided to take out my MacBook Pro and play around with it. It was obvious I was clearly bored on this plane flight, but I would manage… somehow. I opened up my notes and started typing my to do list when I go into Iceland. I had finally landed in the airport. "Ugh! What a horrible long flight that was." I thought to myself, as I walked out of the airplane tunnel, which I had always hated plane flights for some odd reason. I looked around in awe as I finally caught the first REAL glimpse of Iceland, I looked at the signs above; and looked for the one that read "Farangur kröfu," I was so happy that I could finally use my Icelandic language and look like a native here. I came up with a plan that was pretty selfish of me, but I could care less. I walked up to this attractive looking guy, who was just standing round; and decided to ask him to help me find the baggage claim even though I could find it perfectly on my own. I had to look a little bit helpless. He looked about my ages I approached him. "Halló. Ég var að spá hvort þú gætir hjálpað mér að finna leið til að kröfu farangur miðju? (Hello. I was wondering if you could help me find a way to baggage claim center?)" I asked praying it was correct. "Ó já auðvitað ég get! (Oh yes, of course I can!) " He said in a sweet voice. He lead me this way and that way until we had reached the "Farangur kröfu (Baggage claim)." I hopefully hadn't forgotten which one my bags were coming through, but I just had to assume I knew where. "Þakka þér. Thank you." I said and was turning to walk away when he grabbed my hand. “Þú ert mjög velkomnir … Og nafn þitt er! (You are very welcome … and your names is)?” He said wiring for something. Than it clicked inside my brain. "Ó Fyrirgefðu ég! Ég heiti Kris, og þú ert? (Oh I’m sorry! My name is Kris, and you are)?" I giggled feeling quite embarrassed of myself. "Ég heiti er Conifer. Það er gaman að hitta þig Kris, (My name is Conifer. It’s nice to meet you Kris)," he smiled as he let go of my arm. I returned a smile back. “Já það var gaman að hitta þig. Gætirðu hjálpað mér með töskur og fá þá til að leiga bílinn minn? Ef það er ekki vandamál hjá þér. (Yes it was nice to meet you. Could you help me with the bags and get them to lease my rental car? If it is not a problem with you).” I asked feeling bad but I still wanted to go with my plan. I wasn’t ready to back down just yet. “Já að sjálfsögðu! Hver myndi ekki vilja til að hjálpa falleg ung háskóli stúlka eins og þér! (Yes of course! Who would not want to help a beautiful young college girl like you)!” He said with a soft caring tone in his voice. I felt my checks turn red in embarrassment, but I didn’t dwindled on it for long. “Ó þakka þér Conifer! Það vildi vera mikill! (Oh thank you Conifer! That would be great)!” I cheerfully said to him. He picked up my bags and showed me towards the rental car area I found it enjoyable to spend time with him. He was nice and always seemed in the mood to help me. I didn’t want him to leave my side, I loved to feel the safe protection of him being by me. We arrived at the car rental place and Conifer walked me towards where I would pick up my car. “Jæja hér erum við. (Well here we are).” Conifer said placing my bags gently down beside me. “Thank you Conifer,” I said not knowing I had used English. “What did you just say to me?” Conifer said shocked. “I just said thank you.” I paused for a brief moment before realizing that I had used English. “Uh ég meina þakka þér, (Uh I mean thank you),” I stumbled out, feeling my cheeks turn a bright red. Suddenly Conifer burst out laughing. He was laughing at me, I felt so stupid that I had used English in front of him. “Oh Kris you didn’t have to use Icelandic! I know how to speak English. Its what I usually do. I go to the airport in my free time and help people. You should have seen your face! Sorry but it was hysterical!” He laughed. I was so angry that I yelled, " Þú veist hvað! Það var í raun þýðir að þér að gera það! Þú betur ekki vera að fara til Reykjavík, sem er þar sem ég ætla. Ef þú ferð að það eru að fara að sjá alltaf hitta mig! (You know what! It was really mean to you to do it! You better not be going to the Reykjavik University, which is where I'm going. If you go there are going to regret ever meeting me)!” I didn’t care if I was in the airport or not, I was so mad at him I couldn’t control my temper at the moment. “Look Kris! I’m sorry okay I told you its what I’m suppose to do.” Conifer said in a sad tone. “Still it was rude and mean! You know what I can do this by myself!” I yelled out of anger and hate, I grabbed my bags quickly and stormed off into the rental lot. I didn’t look back knowing that he was still there alone, probably watching storm off in the distance. *Well at least I don’t have to worry about him anymore, following me around like I was his puppy! Good God! What is it with men these days!* I bitterly thought to myself. My arms couldn’t take the weight anymore and I had to drop my bags on the concrete, followed with a loud echo through the lot. *I can do this myself! I don’t need Conifer’s help besides he probably a rich spoiled brat anyways. People in Iceland are always filthy rich and are snobs, to us foreigners!* I thought as I repacked up my bags, feeling the weight return to my tired arms. Moments later I heard the sound of someone’s feet running my way, I quickly thought that I was in the way and moved to the side a bit. They didn’t go by me they slowed down to my pace. I knew who it was and I didn’t want to see him again. “Ég sagði þér að vera í burtu frá mér! (I told you to stay away from me)!” I hissed through my teeth. “You left your purse back there,” he calmly said to me. I stopped dead in my tracks. “Oh well … I what!” I practically yelled at him! “You left your purse and I came back to return it to you,” He gently said, holding out my purse. I placed my bags back down again and reached out my hand and grabbed it from his. “Thank you I would have never known until it would have been to late. I thought you would be greedy and keep it to yourself.” I quietly answered back to him, feeling ashamed about yelling at him. “Oh so you think I’m one of those snobby rich boys that likes to hit on girls. Well I’m filthy rich but I don’t tell or act like it. I just don’t think it’s that important to let everybody know your financial status. “Oh I see. Hey look I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, it was just a long … long plane ride to Reykjavik. I said smiling. I suddenly felt happy that there was someone who could talk to me, that I threw myself into his’ arms. “Oh- okay,” Conifer said, surprised by my actions. I finally broke apart and knew that was a horrible decision. “Oh Conifer I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking straight I-“ he silently hushed me and whispered. “It’s alright I know how it feels to be away from home. I was also born in the U.S.A too, but moved when I was 10; and sometimes I don’t want to be here and be in the place where I was born. So I know how you feel.” I nodded making sure he knew I also understood him. “I can help you towards your rental car” “Oh no that’s fine it’s just that white car over there,” I told him pointing to a white Rav4. “Still let me help you with your bags,” Conifer insisted. “If you insist,” I said, letting him pick my bags up, while letting me get my purse, making sure I wouldn’t forget it again. I was finally out of the airport parking lot and driving my way into the world of Reykjavik. I was very nervous on where I was going but Conifer offered to come with me and give me a ride to the University. He told me he was also going to start to attend the same university and I was overly excited that I would actually know someone there. He drove while I sat in the passenger seat looking at the surroundings and the street names, memorizing the places we passed. Overall it was fairly easily to memorize where we were going, but there were some very confusing parts, but Conifer helped me through it. I finally had a chance to look at my phone. It read “35 text messages”, they were all mainly from my mother and sister but some were from friends, I decided to take the long tedious time to answer them; lucky I was a fast at texting but not fast enough to answer them all at once. I wanted to ask Conifer if he had a number, I was positive he had but was afraid to ask. After a long time of answering the texts, I got the guts to ask him. “Hey Conifer,” I shakily asked. “Mhm.” He answered concentrated on driving. “ I was wondering if you could give me your number, if you have one so we can … you know … keep in touch while going to college and classes?” “Yeah its (354)-218-7443.” Conifer said with ease. “Thanks” I politely said back to him. “No problem.” He said turning his head towards me and smiling. “Uh what’s yours?” “Well it would be out of the country number if that is expectable with your phone and plan,” I said sheepishly. “Oh that’s fine I have the iPhone and I have the highest plan so it wouldn’t matter.” He laughed “Oh okay well its (801)-555-5891” “Thanks I’ll remember that when you text me” Conifer said while flashing his sharp - tooth grin at me. I returned his smile.

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