February 14, 2013
By beachbum96 BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
beachbum96 BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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The textbooks started to fall from the cabinets. All of our pencils began rolling onto the floor. We all huddled together towards the door. “Dismiss all students now!” our principle shouted into the intercom. His voice sounded broken and terrified. My teacher opened the door and peeked into the hallway. Loud piercing screams filled the hall. Several students ran back to their seat and gathered their books. A few students including me sprinted to the bus zone. The halls were loud and violent. Students were unloading their lockers and exiting the building in a hurry. I didn’t know what to do. I pinched myself hoping that I was dreaming.

Tags: Health

Sabrina S.


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