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My Tail

Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a book myself that was very cool. I hope this book inspires others to write as well.  « Hide author's note
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​As Althea, Mary, and I raced down the road we idly chatted. We talked about the teachers and how the day went. As soon as we reached the docks we slowed our bikes down.
​When we reached Purple Rock Cove we took off our clothes that were over top of our bathing suits. We then jumped in.
​My tail formed faster than before. Althea was already in and swimming when my tail was formed. I swam out deep and did a flip into the air.
​“This feels amazing!” I laughed. Althea joined in the fun.
​“Hey watch this!” Althea jumped up and slapped her tail on the water and fell back in. Mary swam out to join us.
​“Wow! You guys really are mermaids!” She gasped. We shushed her.
​“Shhh! Mary you can’t say anything about it!” I yelled. I told Mary that Althea and I had to go to Coral City.
​“We’ll meet you at the dock for dinner in an hour ok?” She nodded her head and started off to her bike. She got on and went towards my boat. Althea and I swam to Purple Rock and waited for Sadye to come.
She surfaced so close that I jumped on to the rock. My legs stayed a tail. I was starting to get nervous when it turned back into legs. We had only been in the water for a little bit, why did my legs stay a tail while I was on the rock? I dived back in the water and looked back at the rock. There was a pool of water where I had been sitting.
​“Hey! There are the girls! Today we are going to the Coral City Festival of Fish!” She gleamed.
​“Cool, what’s that?” I questioned. She explained that thousands of fish migrate to see the Queen and King in Gill Square.
​“Come on we’re going to miss the Queen’s speech!” She said excitedly. We dived down under the waves. Sadye lead us to the large city square. Standing on the stage in the middle of the square was a large mermaid.
“Hello! I am Queen Madisyn of the ocean!” She announced. Madisyn was larger in size than all the other mermaids in the square. Her tail was lime green with hot pink scales. Her shell top was pure white. The queen’s lime green hair was up in a bun with pink highlights and a coral crown. Her lavender eyes twinkled with happiness.
​“I’m very happy with the variety of fish this year. Some of you came from as far as Africa. The king will be joining us later. The diversity contest will be later. Enjoy the castle!”
As we walked past the queen, she stopped us. I looked up nervously.
​“Hello, what’s your name? Are you new here?” She inquired.
​“I’m Coral Seabreeze and this is Althea Cove. This is our first time here,” I responded.
​“Seabreeze…Cove. Where have I heard those names before?” We quickly made our way to a small diner and ordered drinks.
​“Sadye, how does the queen know our last names? And no messing with us!” I demanded. She looked like she was going to pass out.
​“Well both your fathers are prisoners at Glowfish Reef Prison,” She replied sadly. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Both our fathers were in prison?
​“Sadye, why are our fathers in prison?” I asked as calmly as I could.
​“Well is your mom married?” I nodded yes. “Then your father committed a serious crime. He married a human. That’s the reason he’s in jail.”
​“So that really was him in my dream! We have to save them!” I remembered.
​“Definately! We have to go to the prison Sadye!” Althea joined.
​“Sorry, girls. There’s no way in or out of the prison. So good luck trying to save your dads,” Sadye retorted.
​I sucked down some of my hot chocolate. I was wondering why marriage was such a crime, when Sadye shook me. She pointed out the window. The queen was staring right at me. I jumped out of my seat in surprise. I turned to Sadye. I mouthed, why is she staring at me? She shrugged.
​“Miss Seabreeze and Miss Cove please exit the restaurant,” She commanded. We got up and made our way out the door. I looked at the queen and hoped for the best.
​“Now listen. You both shouldn’t have been born. You can’t get in trouble in the city. If my husband finds out about you or sees you, good luck,” Madisyn warned. “Now go!” We swam away to Sadye’s house.
​“How could you! How could you? How could you bring us to a city where we couldn’t be?” I raged. I was enraged with her. “Let’s go Althea; we need to go meet our REAL friend!” I swam as fast as I could with Althea right behind me. I surfaced next to Purple Rock. I jumped onto the beach and let my legs reform. I grabbed my swim bag and jumped on my bike. I pedaled hard all the way home.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 12 Next »

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