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My Tail

Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a book myself that was very cool. I hope this book inspires others to write as well.  « Hide author's note
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​Everyone raced to the changing rooms so they could get in the pool. Althea met me by the showers after she got dressed. She was wearing a navy blue swim suit with white polkas dots. On her head, hiding her hair, she wore a white swim cap and blue goggles.
​I had on a purple bikini with a little bit of fabric covering my stomach. I had a pink swim cap and purple goggles to match my bathing suit. We both jumped in the showers and hurried out.
​The first thing that surprised me was the hugeness of the pool. The second thing was the smell. Chlorine overpowered my nose and nearly gave me a headache.
​I sat down and waited for Mr. Blue to give directions. He was a big guy. Mr. Blue had short cut hair and a bristly beard. He was very muscular.
​“Now listen. The rules are simple. You can jump in the deep end. No splashing. Don’t drown yourself or other people. Now go!” he shouted. Everyone ran and jumped in the pool.
​Althea looked over at me because we were the only ones who hadn’t gotten in the pool. I walked over to her with a fast pace.
​“Let’s go and in. In the shallow end of course,” She said nervously.
“Of course. Have you ever been swimming before?”
“No, have you? I mean you live on a boat.”
​“No, let’s go.”
​“Ok.” We both walked to the edge of the pool. I pulled on goggles and jumped in. I held my breath and started to swim.
​It came so naturally to me. I just kicked my legs and Althea was right next to me. Then we both stopped. My legs began to freeze up. We both hurried over to the side of the pool.
​“Althea is it just me or did our legs freeze up?” I asked.
​“Yeah, no wonder my mom never let me go swimming,” She countered.
​“Let’s go swimming after school to see what happened.”
​The rest of the day flew by as we awaited the end of the day. When the final bell finally rang we raced to our bikes. We both wanted to get to the docks quickly. When we got there I raced to my room and changed into my bathing suit.
​When we were both were changed and had on our flip-flops we hurried out to the water. I took off my flops and put my feet in and Althea did the same. Nothing seemed to happen at first. Then my feet seemed to sparkle. I lowered my legs in up to my knees then my legs began to pull together and become scaly. When I lifted myself entirely into the water and lay on my back I had a tail.
​My tail was a violet purple with shimmers of blues and reds. My top had stayed the same though. When I looked at my reflection my eyes were pure aquamarine with flecks of purple.
​Althea had also gotten in the water all the way. Her tail was navy blue with specks of white shining in the sun. Her top had also stayed the same.
​“A tail? Out of all things I’m a mermaid?” She asked perplexed by how she had a tail.
​“What’ s wrong with a tail?” a feminine voice asked. A figure rose above the water. She had deep black brown hair that was thick and poofy. The girl had chocolate brown skin and a violet tail like mine. Her eyes shown with a purple light. She had a blue shell top on.
​“Hi my name is Sadye Gills, I’m a mermaid like you two,” she told us. We were already back on the dock our legs and toes changing back from being a tail.
​“Ok, so human slash mermaids? Well, I can show you a little bit about being a mermaid and tell you a little bit about it too,” Sadye politely told us. We nodded our heads in response and got back in. As our tails reformed, she told us that we can breathe and see underwater. I took off my goggles and my swim cap and Althea gasped.
​My dark, brown hair was pink with purple streaks. Althea had taken her cap off as well. Her hair was navy blue with white highlights. Sadye looked at us and nodded her head like we had passed a test.
​“Althea, your hair is blue and white and so are your eyes!” I yelled. She looked at her reflection and screamed. Althea jumped on the dock and her eyes and hair turned back to normal. Then her legs came back again. I swam over to the edge of the dock and coaxed her back into the water. The color rushed back into her hair and her eyes.
​“Now Althea, Coral, follow me. I have something to show you guys,” Sadye said slyly. We jumped under and we found we could breathe. Sadye lead us deeper then I knew that someone could go. There was a faint light in front of us that kept getting brighter the farther we swam. As soon as I could tell what it was I gasped.
​It was an entire city made out of coral formations and sea rocks. The light came from the many street lights and shops in the city. There were so many mermaids and seahorses in the city I couldn’t believe. There were merchildren, mermen, and mermaids shopping. Sadye lead us around the edge of the city, through a dimly lit tunnel, and to a small house.
​Before we went in Sadye whispered to us to keep quiet because she was babysitting. When we came in three little merbabies with little green tails and blond hair were laying in a crib in the middle of the room. Sadye lead us into another room and turned on a light. There was a small table with three chairs in the room. Althea and Sadye sat in two of the chairs. On the table there were little cakes and cups of tea.
​“How does the tea stay in the cups?” I asked curiously.
​“Easy. I put a water proof seal on but you can still drink the tea with it on!” Sadye proclaimed. I picked up my cup and took a sip. Warm and sweet, just like my mom liked to make.
​“Althea we have to get home! It’s almost time for dinner at my house!” I shouted. Sadye had an upset look on her face. She got up and swam to the door.
​“Come on I’ll take you home. Can you come back tomorrow though?” She pleaded. I looked over at Althea, she nodded in response.
​“Sadye we promise to come back tomorrow if you show us the city,” I bartered. She nodded rapidly.
​“I promise,” she said as we hit the surface. “Cross my heart.”
​We got on the dock and became human once again. Althea picked up her watch and turned it towards me. It read 3:45. We had gotten in at 3:00.
​When I had processed what had happened I thought of the logical explanation. We swim faster than regular humans. I wrapped my towel around me, grabbed my goggles and swim cap, and went to my room.
​I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of sweats and got dressed. My bed was in the far corner of my room. Books were scattered by the bookshelf in the opposite corner of the room. My computer desk was pushed in the third corner of the room. In the middle there was a small area rug.
​I sat down and booted up my computer. I click on the internet icon and went to Google. I searched “how fast do mermaids swim” and clicked enter. A ton of results came up for my search. I clicked the first result. I read it aloud to Althea.
​“It’s said a mermaid can swim over 200 miles in an hour in the water. No one has ever seen these beautiful creatures, if so, they haven’t told. These tailed beauties are rare and most likely made up.”
​Althea let out a sigh of relief. Then one horrible thought came to mind. What if someone saw our tails tomorrow in swim class? I could never tell my mom or Althea’s mom. A note, one, small, note to get us both out of swim class.
​“Althea I’m going to write a note so both of us can get out of swim class for good!” I proclaimed. Althea thought for a minute.
​“Yes, what should it say? Dear Mr. Blue,” she started.
​We started our note and hoped it would work.
​Dear Mr. Blue,
​We would appreciate it if Coral Seabreeze and Althea Cove would refrain from swimming. They both have sprained their ankles that won’t be healed until the end of the school year. Thank you.
​All we needed was the signature.
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