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My Tail

Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wasn't inspired to write this like others are. They see something and jot it down. I read a book myself that was very cool. I hope this book inspires others to write as well.  « Hide author's note
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Althea and I walked to the side of the pool. Mary had walked up right behind us. We stood there, not wanting them to find out the truth. I took a step back, when Mary shoved us into the water. In my moment of confusion my tail formed. I swam over to the other side of the pool. Althea followed my lead over to the side of the pool.
“Dude your tail is huge!” Althea noticed.
“I know! Sit on the bottom until they leave!” I retorted. A goggled head poked under the water. Above the water someone shouted “Mermaids!” Everyone dove under including Mr. Blue. We had to get out of there. I had an idea. I whispered to Althea to follow my lead.
I swam with all my might to the surface. I flipped and landed on my feet. Althea came out right after me. We grabbed our stuff and ran out to our bikes. We headed to my house so we could tell my mom.
“Mom! Mary pushed us into the pool at school and everyone saw that we were mermaids!” I shouted. Mom looked over at us.
“She did what?” Mom asked confused. I ran out onto the dock and jumped in with Althea. We swam all the way to Purple Rock.
“Dad, Sadye, Chris! We’re here!” I shouted. Nothing happened.
“DAD, SADYE, CHRIS! LET’S GO!” I screamed. Their heads appeared above the water.
“Yes sweetie?” Dad asked. I heard Althea gasped the word “dad” behind me.
“The whole school saw that we’re mermaids!” I yelled, aggravated.
“Althea is that you?” Chris gasped. She nodded. He smothered her in a hug. “My baby! Oh my princess! I missed you so much!”
“You need to see the queen right away!” Sadye told me. She pulled me down under the water. She began swimming towards the outcropping of rocks. She was leading me to the Coral City.
“Sadye stop! We can’t go to the city. Well at least you can’t .” I protested.
“Listen I appreciate that you care about my safety, but I’m only bringing you to the outskirts. From there go to the castle,” Sadye instructed. As we neared the lights of the city Sadye stopped.
“I’ll meet you at the rock when I’m done,” I told Sadye. She gave me a hug and started back to the rock. I swam to the city.
The castle wasn’t hard to find at all. Every street lead straight to the massive structure. I passed mermaids texting, talking, and shopping as I swam through the streets. I swam directly to the front door of the castle. I knocked on the door and a young mermaid met me at the door.
“Hello how can I help you?” She asked.
“I need to speak to Queen Madisyn right away.” I answered. She looked at her clipboard.
“Come on in! Would you like some tea miss?” She inquired.
“Sure I would love some tea,” I casually answered. I took seat in a chair in the parlor. The maid brought in some tea. Madisyn entered soon thereafter.
“Queen Madisyn I have a horrible problem.” I sadly told her.
“What’s the matter young Coral?” She questioned.
“My school saw that Althea and I are mermaids.” I answered.
“You must be removed from the situation and moved to an island for special people like you.”
“Can I bring Althea, my mom, and a few other guests?”
“Yes and question, are those guests Sadye, Chris, and your father?” I sighed.
“Yes, I freed them from Glowfish Prison, do they have go back to prison?”
“No you can take them with you to the island.”
“Oh, thank you! Thank you Queen Madisyn!” I gave her a huge hug.
“One of our men are going to the school to wipe the school’s minds of you ever being there.” She confirmed. I took a sip of my tea and set it back down. “You can go home and prepare your friends for departure.” I began my travel back to Purple Rock.
Sadye, Dad, Althea, Mom, and Chris were waiting for me when I reached the rock. They hugged me tight.
“Ok everyone we are moving to an island and you all get to come,” I announced. They looked at me awestruck.
“Mom can we ride the boat to the island?” I questioned. She thought for a second.
“Sure but we have to get everything ready to sail,” She replied with a smile. We cleaned started to clean up the boat and prepare for the trip.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11 12 Next »

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