Rise of the Elites

December 14, 2012
By Kaleshnikov, Atlanta, Georgia
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Kaleshnikov, Atlanta, Georgia
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Probable? It's inevitable...

Lightning flashed across the sky. Rain had fallen and soaked the city below the dark ominous cloud. Rain kept fallen for a few hours when lightning again flashed down the sky. What was different was that it seemed to leave a shadow that was darker and much more malevolent.

A vagrant huddles against one of the many buildings of Emory University. Emory was a prestigious school and did not typically allow the homeless on its campus grounds. Like many vagrants, he was a drug addict and was very near dead. He sat drenched with water but did not seem to care. A few hours had passed where the vagrant was undisturbed until a young female student stopped bye. Unlike many people, this student had a kind heart and pitied the vagrant. "Would you like to come inside and have a cup of hot chocolate with me?" She asked. When the vagrant did not answer, she moved in closer and nudged him to confirm whether or not he was dead. He slowly raised his head and stared. The young student jumped back startled. The man slowly got up and stared blankly at her. His eyes had no life in them and seemed to be dead until they flared red. His jaw opened wider than human limits could dictate until his cheek just shredded open. The student screamed but not for long.

"Listen up Elite team. We are approaching Emory Hospital/University because of a report of a disturbance happening on the grounds. We do not have clear details but it implies that this is no normal Elite mission. We have tried to contact armed campus guards with no luck. Aerial footage has shown many areas in the campus are covered in what is suspected to be blood. Your job is to exterminate the problem and if needed, torch and burn the grounds to ashes. Because of the nature of this mission. We do not know whether to put civilians or the completion of the mission as a priority. So try to extract civilians to safe places. If cannot, then collateral damage it shall be. Do what is deemed necessary. Kalesh shivered openly on those words. he was never comfortable with that term. It felt as if to do whatever it takes to complete the mission and most of the time, it was. He had been in a thousand missions but never got over the fear. He reminded himself that the fear was irrational. He was part of the elite spec. ops. team called the...Elites. Elites were the best of the best and made the SEALS look like a bunch of little girls with spray guns. These guy were the heavy duty hitters. Most were clad in mesh that was bullet/blade/fire/acid whatever the hell there was resistant. Emphasis on the resistant. There pants were made out of heavy duty Kevlar covers that were comfortable and protected the wearers lower torso parts. Over the legs were light weight mesh plating that were specifically connected to provide resilient armor and acted like a mini mechanical suit. They also donned a mask with a retractable visor that was ALSO bullet proof. To cover all that was a heavy duty Kevlar coat that went all the way down to a few inches above there ankles. Did it mention that is was also everything proof? After that, on there backs were small skinny backpack like things. All elites were issued a high tech module about the size of a chalk board eraser. Most emitted electromagnetic shields that resonated with special bits in the Kevlar and mesh to make somewhat of a second skin that protected them much better than any mesh or armor. There were also other kinds of modules that did different things later but more on that later. Elites start your and are deployed at 19. They were not scared of anything. Or they shouldn't be. But in Kalesh's case, he wasn't scared of dying. Remember the armor? He was scared of what he might have to do to complete the mission. Kill children? Kill elderly? Slaughter innocent lives? he had seen other Elites do that for the mission but he did not want to be part of it. Of course, this was the first time he should have been scared for his life but he didn't know it yet.

Elites also work in teams. One person in an Exoskeleton and the rest were hand picked by the board of missionary deployment. In this team there were a number of interesting people. Kalesh gazed at a fellow Elite that was clad in bright orange. Pyro Perry. Part of the scorched earth Elite division. Cackles constantly when relaxed. Whiny when agitated. Favorite weapon. Fire. Then there is Phil. He specializes in Fiber Optical weapons. It was kind of like laser tag. His weapon of choice was a rifle that emitted light in the gun which then was refracted, reflected, diffracted until it was strong enough to punch holes in bodies. Whats cool is that it is a solar panel weapon. Whats even cooler is it has a scope made up of convex and concave lenses. Bright guy. The heavy hitter of the group was a guy named Kyle. He specialized in weapons that knocked back huge crowds. He used weapons that were used in crowd control weapons. Weapons designed to push back huge crowds but not kill them. That was where he decided to have it modified. Now, its basically a glorified rocket launcher. Not a push-over. Finally was the exoskeleton of the group named Albert. He was, as you can guess, in a exoskeleton. He wore mesh under the exoskeleton. It wasn't exactly like the Spartans in Halo buy it came close. It covered his legs, chest and arms. It didn't cover his joints or his gut area. It also didn't cover his head but he had an Elite helmet for that. But that wasn't even the best part. Remember his arms? Minigun on one and a Energy Coil launcher on the other. Firepower and explosives. The team calls him fat Albert because of his bulky shape in the exoskeleton. They fought with each other at least once in various missions. Kalesh was a part of the Spec Ops and Recon Elites. Camo AND shielding modules. His weapons of choice was a Ice Sublimation Rifle. Basically, you put in a mag full of water, turn on the sublimation pack and you have an automatic ice rifle. The rounds explode after a few seconds but that isn't too fatal at all. One just hurts. A lot means a super combine. That's when they all explode at once and you get a nice icy corpse. They knew each other well and like all Elites, were a big happy family. Just a bit of a rough crowd.

The craft that the Elites were flying in was a Sabre craft. It can fly at VERY fast speeds and can act like a cargo plane. In this case, the cargo was very expensive and very dangerous. As the Sabre craft was landing, the hatch opened. Kalesh, being the captain of the group yelled,"Go! Go! Go!" With the Sabre still in the air, all Elites started diving out of the hatch. As they approached parachute zone, all Elites opened up and blue parachutes covered the air. With the exception of Albert, who was to heavy and had to wait for the craft to land, the Elites landed safely onto the gate area. When Albert got out, they raised weapons and ventured into the campus. "Wounded civilian." reported Albert, who, in his exoskeleton had sensors that would collect data as far as his eyes could see. As they ventured closer, the civilian also started coming nearer. It crawled on all fours making weird hissing noises. "Well, we have a mental one here." remarked Perry, who was known for his lack of social diplomacy. "This is a civilian. He needs help." replied Kyle who was always solemn and pompous about his responsibilities. "Just be careful." warned Phil. As Kyle got closer, the civilian stopped hissing for a heartbeat and leaped at an incredible distance. As it leaped, Kalesh could see that this was no ordinary person. It had multiple gashes on its body with its jaw ripped farther than the cheeks would allow. Then, it crashed into Kyle, who being an Elite, just grabbed its neck in midair. The forced made its neck snap but the body kept moving. "This is not a civilian." muttered Kalesh. "What the hell is this thing?" Replied Kyle who proceeded to gut it with the standard issued knife. "Sensors indicate that this was a civilian but my sensors are getting interference with something inside the body. Almost like a dark cloud." Albert reported. "Thanks for the scan." Kalesh said in thanks. "Well, no dilly-dallying, we should get a move on" Said Perry as he and Phil were trying to set the corpse on fire with a magnifying glass.

The team ventured farther into the grounds with caution. They met more of those things and killed them but they did not cause much trouble. They just tried to attack the Elites without much success. Kalesh and the rest were about to inspect an area under a mini bridge when he was overwhelmed by a voice. "So you enter my territory human. Have your kind not changed at all? You kill ruthlessly and without mercy. You are much more like me than your creator. So much more like me than you can imagine." "What are you?" Kalesh stammered. The voice laughed. A cold dark laugh with no warmth in it. "I am many things. I used to be human. I used to be an angel. I used to be holy. But now, I am the darkness in all of mankind's hearts. Oh how evil some of them were. Filled with feelings and thoughts of murder, rape, thievery, and sacrilege. Yet, I could not exploit them. I fought a holy battle with your creator and lost. I was disgraced and relegated to the tombs of the Earth. Locked away for thousands of years until I could find enough of evil hearts, thoughts to nurture me. I survived. But you will not."

Kalesh collapsed and held himself in a fetal baby position. He felt like he was 5 again. Wanting to do nothing more but to curl up in the warmth of his mother. But that could not be. "Kalesh! Are you okay?" Kalesh did not answer and waited for a minute when he opened his eyes again. He saw his teammates faces through the helmet and saw eyes glowing red with their faces twisted in grotesque expressions. Frightened, Kalesh scrambled backward and held his hands against his face. "Kalesh! Snap out of it!" His team shouted. He opened his eyes and he saw his regular teammates again. "Darkness lies in all of your hearts. I see evil in your heart. Fall from grace little one. Fall...." the voice whispered. "Y-Yeah. I-I okay." stammered Kalesh. "Listen, I heard this voi-" his words were cut off by a screech. All Elites whipped around and saw a horde of those monstrosities. "Fall...." the voice repeated. Kalesh pulled himself upright and held his gun straight. All the other Elites went back to back, having a 360 degrees vision. "Fire!" Kalesh shouted in a shaky voice. Gun shots rippled the air as they were fired onto the crowd. To the side of Kalesh, Perry let loose a round of his Incineration Expansion Laser. A few moments later, an orb expanded out of the crowd near Perry and incinerated the monsters in range. On Albert's side, he mowed them down in long bursts of his mini-gun and blew up large portions of the crowd into pieces. Yet, with all the fire power, it was not enough. The hoard started pressing in as the sheer number of them started overwhelming the Elites. "Direct fire on side in front of the Emory tower!" Kalesh screamed. All Elites turned to that side and blasted away a path to the Emory tower. Yet, as they ran to it, the hoard started closing in. "Kyle! Albert!" Fortunately, they understood and blasted the sides of the closing hoard with concussion rounds and Energy Coil explosives. As the Elites were nearing the doorway, Kalesh jumped and spent a spinning roundhouse kick onto the door. It bursted open like magic, knocking over a few demons to the wall. "Elevator!" Perry cried. Kalesh started mashing the up button onto the elevator. When the elevator came down, the door opened slowly. "JAMMED!" Yelled Phil. "Hold them off!" replied Albert. All Elites turned and fought for their lives.

Gunfire raged on as the horde started pressing in once again. The elevator was still opening with every second longer a second closer to their deaths. "Kalesh..." Albert started saying. "Yea" Kalesh replied. "We can't make it..." Albert continued." "Shut up and keep firing. As Captain I will make sure we all leave this mess alive." Kalesh tersely said with sweat dripping down inside his helmet. "Kalesh. It has been nice knowing you." Albert finished. "What?" Kalesh asked not knowing what he meant before it was too late. Albert ran using all of his exosuit's might to barrel through the horde. He almost made it to the door way. Almost. "ALBERT! NO!" Kalesh cried as he started sprinting forward. An arm caught him around the waist. "No Kalesh... Don't make his sacrifice in vain..." Kyle told Kalesh quietly. The rest of the Elites' eyes were wide as they tried to believe what their eyes were telling them. "Lets go..." whispered Kyle as Albert got out of his exosuit and slotted in a module. Kalesh watched with a blank look on his face as he was dragged into the elevator. As the doors closed, Kalesh saw Albert's shield go out in a flash indicating that it had taken to much damage. The monstrosities proceeded to tear him and his armor to shreds. "Goodbye..." Kalesh whispered almost inaudibly as the doors closed with a ring.

The entire team was silent as the elevator made its journey up to the roof of the building. When the elevator arrived, the team got out of the elevator. "Wait." Perry said. His voice was tight with anger. "Why did you not stop him?" "I..I.." Kalesh tried as his voice failed. "Its not his fault." Kyle stepped up. "Then why didn't he call for backup in the first attack so we could have gotten the hell out of here??" Perry countered. "That was the first attack. We have dealt with large amount of contacts before. It was not Kalesh's fault that he did not have enough intel. Look in your heart. You know you can't accept his death. You want to blame someone. Don't. We are a team." Kyle said with a more tight voice. Kalesh looked up gratefully while Perry shot him a dirty look. Kalesh fumbled for his radio as the rest reloaded and checked up on there weapons. "This is Captain Kalesh of the Elites. We are in the Emory Grounds right now and require a Sabre pickup and a Scorched Earth Procedure." Kalesh commanded in the radio. "Copy that. We have scanned your region and have detected a Landing Zone on the GSA soccer field near your position. We would require that you defend this point as the craft we are sending you has no attack capabilities since it is from the Glass Bomber." Replied an attendant from H.Q. Then static. "You have fought well, little soldier. But in the end, you will fail." intervened the demonic voice. "Who are you! You just killed 1 of my comrades and made my life a hell! I will take you on any day!" Yelled Kalesh. "Such Bravado." the voice hissed. On one of the walls, a red substance started dripping down. After it a dew minutes, it read, "The Fallen Angel" Kalesh blinked and it disappeared. "Lets go." Kalesh said in a weary tone.

"How are we going to make it down there?" Inquired Phil. The good news was the the soccer field was not too far away. In gliding distance in fact. The bad news was that they were up on the roof of a 50 story building. "Yeah............ Well, if you search in you coat, you will find Velcro hinges. Unstrap those" Answered Kalesh. When they did, flaps of Kevlar were hanging loosely. "Look on your pants. You will find Velcro on the. Strap the flaps onto the Velcro." Kalesh continued. When they all finished, it made the coat into a makeshift glider. "1" Kalesh said. "2" Kyle Muttered. "3" Phil said brightly. "Jump!" Perry shouted. The Elites jumped off in union and glided to the soccer. As Kalesh looked down, he saw many demons try to jump to reach them. He could not believe how far they could reach. As they were gliding lower, the Elites were forced to fire at the demons below. They had to spin and glide out of the way to miss the jumpers. It was much like dodging jumping Piranha on a boat. After what seemed like an hour of gliding out of danger's way, they finally reached the soccer field.

As the Elites reached the soccer field, they set up a defensive position. They rigged up ice and flame grenades. The Elites each had 4 of those and had to place them strategically. Ice grenades create a sphere of ice. They used those to block the entrance when the horde comes. If the horde passed that, which they probably would, the flame grenades would activate, making a fire show. After that, it would be down to the Elite's guns. Then to their fists. The spawns of hell reached the open gateway and the ice spheres activated. Phil and Kalesh picked off some of the hell infected beings outside the gates. After around 20 minutes, the ice spheres finally broke to the sheer power of numbers. The flame grenades were much less helpful. Although sending many of them into flames, the pressing of bodies, just smothered the flame before it could spread. Now, the Elites had to defend it directly. Again, gun shots rippled through the air. The shots went for 30 minutes when all guns went dry. "Well. This is it." Remarked Perry. "Maybe not." replied Kalesh, as a dark shape descended upon them. It was the Sabre craft. "Get On!!" the pilot screamed. The Elite team did not need to be told twice. As the Sabre craft was flying away, a huge warship materialized above them. It huge single gun turret swiveled and turned to the Emory campus. Light seemed to gather at a sphere at the tip of the gun. For a moment, it remained there, then a beam shot out to the grounds. It kept shooting and the sphere kept growing smaller, while a new one grew at the shot place. When the old sphere had finally gone, the new one was left standing. It imploded rapidly and all was calm. Then all hell went loose. It expanded to the size of the campus and beyond in less than a second incinerating everything there. The immense heat turned all stone or rock into lave and when it rapidly cooled down, it left huge crystal formations in the remain wasteland. Giving it a glass like feature. That was what the Elites meant by Glass Bombing Procedure. As the Sabre craft drifted away, Kalesh turned to the horizon. "Like me, you will fall..." whispered the Fallen Angel

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"with skill, care, respect, and compassion, we can ensure that there is still gain for our courses as well as become mentors for future generations, in all their beauty and variety. If we want to, and surely, we should."

I like it, keep it more mysterious and shadowy and drag on the reader's inquisitve nature to succeed. One suggestion, try to maybe pull the sections together into a few chapters, I know I have that issue as well with my book, "Vectors of Corruption," where I have hit 29 Chapters without really saying much more than necessary! Just try to squeeze them together instead of splitting them apart into differentiated sections.


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